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Lord Hutton’s Famous Church

The Rev. CD Thomson explores Lord Hutton’s background and his possible Masonic affiliations. In the process, revealing how various church groups have often been used as a cover for political purposes

And All it Said Was Love Your Race

It’s OK to say that “Black is Beautiful” but this had the mainstream media performing at its most paranoid. And all it said was “Love Your Race”, nothing more

Truth ‘will be hidden’ in Belgium killer trial

It is the one of biggest trials ever in Belgium. But a recent survey found that the overwhelming majority of Belgiums believed that it would not reveal truth about the string of child murders committed by Marc Dutroux and his accomplices

Two of a Kind

Xymphora charts the decline and fall of one greedy plutocrat. And the continued plundering of another

Anger as Gibson’s Christ film shown in UK

According to Neville Nagler, director general of the Jewish Board of Deputies in Britain: “It would have been better if this film had never been made.”

Hollywood Bosses Vow to Destroy Gibson

Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion’ is stirring strong feelings in Tinseltown. Sentiments that have long been hidden are now coming into the open

The Dancing Bear

Ariel Sharon plays games with the American bear. He makes him dance, jump, lie down and get up again, turn around and perform somersaults, much to the amusement of the Israeli public