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Troops in Iraq get high-tech noisemaker to keep enemies away

It could almost be taken from a horror movie or an apocalyptic vision of the future, but it’s not. Dubbed “The Sound of Force Protection”, US units in Iraq will soon be equipped with high decibel “sound generators”, to blast and disperse hostile crowds

Bush or Kerry? No difference

Both are strong supporters of Israel, both went to Yale and both were members of Yale’s Skull and Bones. Although Kerry may have Jewish ancestry while Bush is descended from English nobility, they are essentially different sides of the same coin

Israelis better at manipulating media

Dr Toine van Teeffelen, a Dutch educational consultant living in Bethlehem, says the Israelis have taken “spin” to new heights. So much so that the reality of the situation in Palestine has been totally obscured

All This Talk of Civil War, Now This

. Odd, isn’t it? There never has been a civil war in Iraq. I have never heard a single word of animosity between Sunnis and Shias in Iraq

The Second Front and Mel Gibson’s Movie

Professor Patrick McNally argues that today’s Judeo-Nazis are committing something akin to the fatal mistake of the German Nazis

Intelligence and Wisdom

There is a difference. One counselled caution and restraint. The other urged the US and its allies to invade Iraq.

Martian Plain Once Soaked in Water

NASA’s robot explorers have found clear evidence that water once flowed in abundance over the surface of Mars

Once taboo, erotic ceramics a link to ancient Peru

The huacos eróticos, or erotic ceramics from pre-Colombian Peru, were smashed during the inquisition or hidden away. But now they are beginning to see the light of day

Explosive RFID Tags in New US Notes

Explosive RFID Tags in New US Notes

A letter sent to Henry Makow Ph.D. recently, relates how RFID tags in new US notes exploded when exposed to microwaves

Ten Years After

A decade on from the end of apartheid and life for the average South African is far worse than before. But don’t expect to hear much about this from the mainstream media. Their allies in the Trans National Corporations are too busy profiting from it

Brothers of the Shadows

Gore Vidal has suggested that the public have been conditioned to respond to the word ‘conspiracy’ with a smirk and a chuckle. Conspiracy, in other words, is for the nuts and the loners, and is not to be taken seriously.

Secret NSA Tapes Could Provide Sensational Testimony to Support Princess Diana’s Dramatic Letter

In the months before her death, Diana was under surveillance by America’s NSA. She also made video tapes in which she spoke about Britain’s royalty which are, according to intelligence sources, “explosive”

Sensational Memos Lift the Lid on News Control

Memos from an executive at a major TV network have been leaked. If authentic, says Henry Makow Ph.D., they reveal just how much of our ‘news’ is controlled. And how it is used to control us…

Kerry relatives killed in Holocaust

He may be trying to be all things, to all men. After playing on his Irish origins, John Kerry has admitted that not only was his paternal grandmother Jewish, but that a couple of his relatives also died in the Holocaust

Why The BBC Ducks The Palestinian Story

A former BBC Middle East correspondent examines how the corporations coverage of events in the occupied territories, is virtually in lockstep with the government and the policy-makers at No.10 Downing Street

Looking to Dogs for Family

A man has a strong instinct to “look after” other creatures, writes Henry Makow Ph.D. As he reflects on the adoption of “Raffi”, a one-year-old Retriever/Spaniel

Hollywood, Israel and “the Jews”

As the controversy over Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion’ continues, Mark Bruzonsky recalls the activities of Hollywood’s own Zionist lobby

Movie Review of Mel Gibson’s “Passion”

Despite allegations of anti-Semitism, ‘The Passion’ seems set to have a big impact. “This was not simply a movie” declares one reviewer, “it was an encounter, unlike anything I have ever experienced…I am passionate about ‘The Passion'”!!

DARPA’s Creepy Bioengineering Program

It could come from Star Wars or a Terminator movie, but it is not a fantasy. A Pentagon funded bioengineering program, seeks to turn soldiers into cyborgs

‘Kelly was murdered’ says UK intelligence insider

More on the above interview…