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Virtual Love for Sale, on the Sly, on eBay

Want a girlfriend but can’t be bothered going through the motions involved in mating rituals. Don’t worry, help is a few key strokes away in the form of the virtual girlfriend

Fury over Blunkett`s New Terror Law Plan

Justice may be blind but although Britain’s Home Secretary is blind many would dispute his sense of justice. Recently he has revealed the temperament of a dictator as he pushes for draconian new legislation to fight the War Against Terror

What is Holocaust Denial?

It is outlawed in some countries and in recent years, more and more attention has been devoted to the supposed danger of “Holocaust denial.” But what exactly is “Holocaust denial”?

Teenage girl’s x-ray vision baffles scientists

Claims by a sixteen year old Russian school girl that she can see inside the human body have gripped the public’s attention in Russia — and they have yet to be disproved

Ike’s Open Field German Camps ‘Stretched For 10 Kilometers’

It was effectively genocide but you will hardly ever hear about it. In 1945 America and Britain froze and starved to death over a million German POW’s and civilians

Mexico Buys Missile Launchers from Israel

La Voz de Aztlan asks: Why would Mexico spend such large sums of money for weapons at a time when countless of Mexicans have no tortillas to eat? Particularly for such advanced, expensive weapons

Mystery Surrounds the Death of State Dept. Official

It has received barely any coverage but it’s eerily reminiscent of Dr David Kelly’s demise. A top Pentagon intelligence expert, who spoke out against the war in Iraq, was found dead in mysterious circumstances recently. And he is not the only one…

Connected Iraq War Opponent a ‘Suicide’

Gus W. Weiss (left), adviser to four presidents on top-secret policy matters, died violently in Washington, DC, on Nov. 25, 2003, but his death was not reported until December 7, 2003. And like David Kelly, he was “very, very opposed” to the war in Iraq

Veterans Bring Attention to Soldiers Killed

Families and friends of US sevicemen say the blackout on real body counts in Iraq, ordered by Prseident Bush, is an affront to their loved ones

Iraqi Whispers Mull Repeat of 1920s Revolt

Whispers of “revolution” are growing louder in Baghdad this month at teahouses, public protests and tribal meetings as Iraqis point to the past as an omen for the future