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Diana In Fear Over ’95 Crash

It has just been revealed that Princess Diana was involved in a car crash — which she blamed on sabotage — two years before her fatal crash in Paris

American Karma & the River of Tears

“Karma” is a sanskrit word which simply means “action,” but it carries with it the implications of the Biblical phrase, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” In other words: the consequences of your actions will come back to haunt you

Hitler’s Death Camps And The Reality of Human Soap

Once they were central to Holocaust remembrance. Today though, what Prof. Norman Finkelstein calls the ‘Holocaust Industry’ is quietly distancing itself from the whole episode. We examine why

TV Crew Stumbles Upon Forest ‘Ghost’

A frightened television crew had to be rescued from the dark depths of Epping Forest after allegedly coming across the ghost of a legendary local highwayman

Saddam Ouster Planned Early ’01?

According to former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill (left), the Bush Administration began making plans for an invasion of Iraq within days of President Bush’s inauguration in January 2001

China Made

What the powers that be have done is in effect create a hallucinatory drug concocted of cheap imports and ideology to make the American people think that they are more prosperous than they really are

Prince Charles Implicated in Murder of Princess Diana

The revelations that Princess Diana feared for her life may not be all they seem. Indeed, a closer look at the note being touted as evidence of a royal conspiracy reveals that it may well have been forged

Is this a Fighter over NYC just after the first plane hit the North Tower?

I stumbled across this image while searching for images of the first plane crash. Take a close look. To my untrained eye, it looks a lot more like an F-16 than a passenger plane

Eisenhower’s Holocaust – His Slaughter Of 1.7 Million Germans

In September 1944, Dwight Eisenhower wrote to his wife “God I hate the Germans…” In the years following his hatred would exact a terrible toll — one that today is barely acknowledged

Why the Titanic Sank - The Story of an eRumor

Why the Titanic Sank – The Story of an eRumor

What you get, is not necessarily what you see. And what appears to be wonderful, at first glance, sometimes turns out to be a manipulated fraud

Nice Guy?…Or the Devil’s Spawn?

He snorted cocaine. He dodged the draft. His friends knew him as an alcoholic womanizer with a bad temper….a failure until his wealthy friends rescued him. Yet suddenly he’s President. How has he done it? I submit that George W Bush is the Anti Christ

“My Husband is Planning an Accident”

“My Husband is Planning an Accident”

He’s back, and Britain’s Royal Household must be rueing the day they first employed him. On the eve of an inquiry into her death, Princess Diana’s former butler has reappeared and begun naming names

Zionists Do Not Represent Jews

Since its foundation, the impression has been created that Israel is a Jewish State. But not all Jews agree with this. In fact some are openly antagonistic to the idea and dispute the claimed link between Israel and the Jewish people

Diana Driver’s DNA And Blood Test Doubts Grow

British police have serious doubts about the authenticity of a blood sample which French magistrates say proves that Diana, Princes of Wales, died because her chauffeur was drunk, it was reported today. No DNA tests were carried out by French authorities to prove that the specimen belonged to the chauffeur, Henri Paul, who was driving […]

Much farther down the road to hell

Americans ignore U.S. atrocities in Iraq at their peril, warns John Kaminski

Experts: U.S. Military Overstretched, Morale Risked

“We have stopped treating the reserves as a force in reserve”, says director of the Center for Research on Military Organization at the University of Maryland. “Our volunteer army is closer to being broken today than ever before in its 30-year history,”

War, Lies and Videotape

Misrepresenting evidence is hardly new in the annals of war. But how long can one deceive the world? Just as the Vietnam war crimes were never acknowledged, the world is currently being defrauded by the western mainstream media.

American Terrorist

Forget the Hutton Inquiry into the death of Dr Kelly, writes John Pilger. It will not reveal what the US and UK authorities really don’t want you to know: that radiation illnesses caused by uranium weapons are now common in Iraq

Royal Fury at Diana Inquiry

Members of Britain’s Royal Household, are said to have reacted with disbelief, as it was announced that Diana’s death would be reinvestigated. “We never saw this coming”, said one royal aide

The Conspiracy is Against God

The Conspiracy is Against God

The ruling elite and their agents, such as Condeleeza Rice, owe their positions and power to far darker forces. Nothing would disturb them more than a revival of genuine belief in God