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Bush and Blair are in Trouble

Blair must know his game is over. Bush’s reception in Britain demonstrated that; and the CIA has now announced that the Iraqi resistance is “broad, strong and getting stronger”

US soldier dies as doubts grow over Samarra

As another US soldier died in Iraq today, doubts continue to grow over the US military’s version of events, in the fighting in the town of Samarra on Sunday

Normalizing the Unnatural

The Illuminati run Hollywood. They use it distort our psyches and undermine humanity’s divinely ordained destiny. In the light of this, Henry Makow Ph.D. reviews two current movies

Tricky Stuff, Evil

As the occupation authorities in Iraq admit to re-hiring some of Saddam’s secret policemen to help hunt him down, Robert Fisk reflects on the friends we make and the evils we ignore

Bush Fears Assassination; North Korea to Attack After Iraq Pullout?

The latest from a news executive, who has leaked memos from one of America’s major TV networks, revealing just how the news is controlled, and how it is used to control us

A Jewish Defector Warns America

Nearly 40 years ago, Benjamin Freedman made a speech that has become a classic. Personally acquainted with Bernard Baruch, Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and the Kennedy’s, he had an insiders knowledge of the workings of modern political power

Assassinated Reuters Camaraman Uncovered Evidence of Mass US Casualties in Iraq

Was Reuters cameraman Mazen Dana killed because he had uncovered evidence of mass graves of US troops killed in Iraq? Felicity Arbuthnot investigates

Bush in Baghdad, Hitler in Paris: Comparisons

Bush in Baghdad, Hitler in Paris: Comparisons

Eric Mueller ponders the contrast between President Bush’s recent flying visit to Baghdad, and Hitler’s 1940 tour of occupied Paris

The "Kosher Nostra Scam" on the American Consumer

The “Kosher Nostra Scam” on the American Consumer

Shoppers may not realise it but they are paying a hidden levy which is indirectly going to fund Ariel Sharon…

The Real Cost of US Support for Israel: $3 Trillion

It is commonly reported that Israel recieves some 3 billion dollars every year from the US. However according to a recently published analysis the real cost may be far higher

Bilderberg 2003

It has taken more than half a century but the mainstream media has finally got round to reporting a Bilderberg meeting

It’s Not Over, Until It’s Over

Like they say: it is not over yet, and this war is far from being finished. In fact it may have only just begun

Bush Crucifies Christ’s Message

Is George Bush all that he seems? Or is he merely using his professed ‘faith’ as a cover to do the bidding of the global elite?

A New Type of Crime

A New Type of Crime

Although some examples have been reported few have noticed that, like serial killings, it is a crime that is both deliberate and recurrent.

Long road ahead for many wounded troops

7 months after President Bush declared the end of major combat operations, the wounded are still arriving at the American military hospital in Germany. And for many it is just the first step

Leviathan Unbound

Leviathan Unbound

We look at the driving force behind Bush’s apparent determination to go to war with Iraq.

Can You See Through The Spin?

Can You See Through The Spin?

What follows is an exercise in distinguishing the truth from subtle disinformation. At first glance this report may appear balanced and objective, but somewhere along the line someone has carefully edited it, resulting in a pivotal conclusion being obscured. See if you can spot it (photos added by us). Bell tolls for peace in ruins […]

‘The Royal Scam’

They say there are two sides to every story and that is certainly true of the emergent New World Order. At its core are two dominant factions whose heritage stretches back centuries, even millennia. And although both are very different and sometimes even at odds with each other they are nonetheless united by one common […]

Does God Play Dice with the Universe?

Research into particle physics is revealing a world full of almost magical qualities. Could it be that this mysterious, puzzling world is in fact the world of the spirit – the spiritual world that saints and mystics throughout history have sought to explo

Bread and Circuses

In ancient Rome they had bread and circuses, today we have bread and the modern media. A whole cavalcade of various entertainments: from TV talk shows and soap operas to films and newspapers of every description. They may appear a little different but the effect is the same: to divert attention with illusions and fantastic […]