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Since When Has Arab Become a Dirty Word?

In Australia they’re even trying to prevent Hanan Ashrawi from receiving the 2003 Sydney Peace Prize

The Winds of World War IV: Mobilization Underway

A US Army Reserve mobilisation is currently underway that is bigger than the Gulf War mobilisation. Could we be in line for another, bigger war?

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The Pentagon keeps dead out of sight; because the Bush team doesn’t want people to see the human cost of war. Even body bags are now sanitized as ‘transfer tubes’

Explorers on the trail of Lost City of Atlantis

An expedition to the Strait of Gibraltar
may solve one of the world’s greatest mysteries

The Pentagon Crosses the Lexicon

As the horizon in Iraq recedes, the U.S. military’s language adapts. Certain words and phrases along, with less surprising terms like “WMD”, are missing in action, at least from the Pentagon’s briefings

The Bigger the Crisis, the Bigger the Lies

It was, in the words of one commentator: “a desperate effort by a White House that’s trying to stem serious erosion in public support for its handling of Iraq.”

EU poll: Israel ‘biggest threat’ to world peace

Voters believe U.S. beats out ‘axis of evil’ in causing global instability

“This is a Resistance Movement, Whether We Like It or Not”

Robert Fisk talks to Amy Goodman about the increasing resistance faced by US troops in Iraq. And counters Bush administrations claims that attacks are coming from foreign fighters

Too Much Secrecy

The Bush administration is so secretative it’s almost paranoid, writes Charley Reese. And it is not safe to have mentally unhealthy people wielding great power

“Go to the West Bank” Yelled the Soldier

It is not only Palestinians who are feeling the heavy hand of the Israelis. Bedouins are too. Nick Pretzlik with an eyewitness report from Wadi al Naam

The Masters of Disinformation

Don’t let anyone tell you that the BBC and CNN are in the business of reporting objective news. Both organisations excell at burying hard fact beneath “coverage” and selling spin as “news”. Here are two examples

Your Home Is My Castle

Ran Ha Cohen reflects on the cruel absurdity that Israel’s ‘Apartheid Wall’ will bring

Ramadan revenge – a message sent and a lesson learned

Robert Fisk on the spate of bombings and attacks in Iraq, all at the start of the holy month of Ramadan