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Frightening winds swirl around the House of Saud

Almost unreported, the Riyadh Government’s own “war on terror” is now provoking bombings, gun battles and killings almost every day in the kingdom

Portrait of a Modern Slave Trader, Ludwig Fainberg

According to one of the king pins of modern slavery: “You can buy a woman for $10,000 and you can make your money back in a week if she is pretty and she is young. Then everything else is profit.”

Soldier going home calls Iraq “a quagmire”

Hostility thrives in a place like Ar Ramadi. It’s a guerrilla’s paradise of deserted factories, twisted alleyways and overgrown vacant lots on the banks of the Euphrates. When the Guardsmen first arrived, they gave it the name the name RPG Alley

US media subservient to the state

CNN’s Christiane Amanpour says the US media allowed themselves to be ‘intimidated’ into following the US official line in Iraq. But others disagree, according to one journalist ‘the American mass media put itself at the service of the state’

Ayahuasca vs Cocaine Addiction

A new treatment is reverting to the ancient way of the shaman, to help fight a modern malaise

Shocking Images Shame US Forces

A series of shocking pictures revealing US soldiers tying up Iraqi women and children in their own home has provoked international outrage

Jessica Lynch Rape Claim Challenged by Doctors Who Saved Her Life

The claim that Jessica Lynch was raped, has been disputed by the Doctors who treated her. “Why are they saying such things?” Dr. Khodheir al-Hazbar said. “We were good to her.”

Baghdad George

Charley Reese reflects on the growing mess in Iraq, and exactly how President Bush handling it

Ruins show ‘lost city’ of the Incas was part of vast complex

Archaeologists are being forced to revise their views of the ancient past. As sensational new discoveries are made around the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, high in the Andes

Jessica Lynch Criticizes U.S. Accounts of Her Ordeal

For the first time since her rescue, Jessica Lynch has spoken publicly of her ordeal. But what she says is distinctly at odds with military spokesmen

Turning the Page on Iraq’s History

History tends to get rewritten by the victors in war and it’s already happening in Iraq. Where, later this month revised history books will be introduced into Iraq’s school curriculum

Waiting for the command to start killing Americans

Sitting in his shop drinking a 7Up he has bought, it is difficult to grasp the depth of his anger. Despite his Masters degree in computer science, Ithir wants the Ayotolah to declare Jihad, so he can go and kill American soldiers.

The Wounded Come Home

For every soldier killed in battle, many more are injured. The number of US soldiers wounded in Iraq is mounting daily, and for some the battle only really begins when the shooting is over

Something’ felled an M1A1 Abrams tank in Iraq – but what?

Mystery behind Aug. 28 incident puzzles Army officials

Israeli Troops Shoot Peace Activist

Another peace activist has been shot by Israeli troops. Fortunately Ulrika Anderson was hit by a rubber bullet, unlike Rachel Corrie and Thomas Hurndall, but it reinforces suspicions that Israeli troops are deliberately targeting peace activists

Chinook Down: Sounds Like Vietnam

A 27-year veteran of the CIA, who regularly briefed George H. W. Bush as vice president and, earlier, worked with him closely when he was director of CIA, looks at the growing parallels between Iraq and Vietnam

Osama doesn’t like us

Charley Reese examines the latest statement from Osama bin Laden, one that is addressed directly to the American people

Corporate Media Abandons Washington’s Sinking Ship-of-Fools

The corporate-media is distancing itself from the war it wanted all along. Burning it’s U.S. and U.K. lapdog-governments along the way – with headlines that scream about the injustice of this ill-conceived, criminal war

The Cancer Cells

Now we are back in the ghetto. Again we are poor, fearful Jews. Even when we are in uniform. Even when we are armed to the teeth. Even when we have tanks, airplanes, missiles and the nuclear option.

What else are they trying to hide?

What else are they trying to hide?

In response to former butler Paul Burrell’s revelations last week, Prince William and Harry have issued an unprecedented statement. But it prompts even more questions