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We Report: You Get It Wrong

According to a major new study: the more television you watch, the more likely you are to be mistaken over the situation in Iraq

News, but not as we know it

More than 100 newspapers have been launched in Baghdad since the war, and the Iraqi media have revealed stories that need to be told. So why are the US-backed authorities imposing heavy-handed censorship?

US Gave Israel Greenlight for Attack

The recent Israeli air strike on an alleged terrorist camp in Syria, is another deadly step on the road to a much wider war

White House Knew Saddam Was No Threat

Here is the evidence that John Pilger claims could spell the end of the line for George W. Bush and Britain’s Tony Blair

The Politics of Christian Persecution

The NWO champions multiculturalism, inter faithism and homosexuality because they undermine the hitherto dominant heterosexual majority. This is necessary so that no one group is able to challenge the power of a few wealthy Illuminati families

Television and the Hive Mind

It could almost have been taken from an episode of the X-Files. The trouble is that it may be for real, and it’s in your home, tonight

Israel’s strike on Syria threatens to widen Israel-Palestinian conflict

Yesterday’s Israeli airstrikes on alleged Palestinian training camps in Syria, could herald the begining of a much broader conflict

Blair ‘Knew Iraq Had No WMD’

Former cabinet minister, Robin Cook (left), reignited the controversy surrounding the war with Iraq, with fresh revelations that may even threaten Tony Blair’s continued leadership

The Wise Raven is Dead

It takes an enemy to eulogise a great warrior and it happened this past week, when even even committed Zionists paid him tribute. Israel Shamir laments the passing of Edward Said

Study into near-death experiences supports theory of a ‘sixth sense’

According to Dr Peter Fenwick, a neuro-psychiatrist at London University, “There is now convincing evidence to challenge the current theory that consciousness can only exist inside the brain…”

Police Expert Claims Bigfoot ‘Proof”

A forensic investigator who specialises in fingerprints and footprints, claims that the footprints said to have been made by Bigfoot, are genuine

US Wounded in the Shadows

Health care workers treating US servicemen wounded in Iraq can be jailed for even talking about them. So it’s difficult to gauge the real extent of combat losses, but one thing is certain: the numbers are growing daily

Oil, war and a growing sense of panic in the US

While the major oil companies in the US stand to cream off billions of dollars if oil production resumes in earnest, the Bush overall budget of $87bn which now horrifies Congress is likely to rise towards a figure of $200bn

A Study in Art I

The museum of Modern Art in Bilbao was supposed to contain Gernica, Picasso’s modern version of the Last Judgement. Instead, it is stuffed with corrugated iron. It is a good place to contemplate the present decay, nay, demise of the European visual art

A Study in Art II

Photography is to painting as pornography to real women. Both create an illusion of real thing, but leave a lingering emptiness. In the long run, the ‘real thing’ suffers. Pornography undid many happy unions

The Strange Death of Anna Lindh

Was the killing of Sweden’s foreign minister in Stockholm recently, a Zionist inspired assassination?

Missiles Strike at the Heart of US Occupation

A single Iraqi, launched a one-man missile attack on the very center of US power in Iraq: the most fortified compound in Baghdad and now home to US proconsul, Paul Bremmer

A lesson in obfuscation. Just don’t mention the oil. Or ask about the victims

Interviewed on breakfast TV recently Tony Blair became effusive: “The right thing…a magnificent job…heroes…pride”. But he didn’t talk about the gunshot victims, obviously executed, rolled into Basra morgue every day. And not a word about WMD

Iraqi Fighters Ambush U.S. Convoys

Iraqi insurgents ambushed U.S. convoys with roadside bombs and rocket-propelled grenades yesterday, triggering an eight-hour battle in which the Americans sent in fighter jets, helicopters and tanks

Lies, mischief and the myth of Western intelligence services

We’ve been fed so much of this tosh about WMD that I don’t think anyone – other than the Blairs and Bushes and their idiotic spooks – really believes it. As for the “intelligence community”, maybe this is the moment to close it down