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Farah tried to plead with the US troops but she was killed anyway

Her death was slow and agonising but, perhaps most shocking of all, it was so unremarkable to the soldiers who killed her, that they barely bothered to report it

Sleeper Agents Mobilizing for 9-11 Anniversary

Israel is secretly mobilizing its sleeper agents in the United States in the run-up to the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks

Lights! Camera! Exploitation!

President George Bush is performing like none of his predecessors. His re-election campaign kicks off in the next few days with a shameless 9-11 docudrama

We Were Warned About This Chaos

As the situation in Iraq deteriorates and the British government announces that more troops are to be deployed, Robert Fisk writes that the neocons arrogant push to war has led to a quagmire

”’Blueberry’ Soldiers to Fight Anti-Semitism Creatively”

A new coalition has urged the Israeli army to fight both anti-Semitism and the rising tide of Palestinian anger, in new and novel ways

N.W.O. Elite has Big Plans for Arnold

He may be running for Governor but behind the film star profile, lies a background of occult rituals, backing from the Bohemian Grove and meetings with members of the Rothschild family. There is indeed more to Schwarzenegger than his celluloid image

The Parade of the Body Bags

The Parade of the Body Bags

The body count was once an integral part of warfare but not anymore. The Pentagon appears intent on phasing them out, lest they alarm the US public. However this author does body counts, Coalition body counts

Subliminal Media Mind Control

Another Fine Mess

Iran has been named as a potential target in the ‘War on Terror.’ But fifty years ago Britain and America were involved in an operation to protect their interests in the oil business there. Fifty years later and Robert Fisk reflects on the outcome

Number of Wounded in Action on Rise

US military spokesmen rarely mention wounded casualty figures now, and with good reason. Because the number of US servicemen wounded in action has risen dramatically in the face of increased attacks on US forces

A Failed Israeli Society Collapses While Its Leaders Remain Silent

A Failed Israeli Society Collapses While Its Leaders Remain Silent

The time for illusions is over, admits Avraham Burg, one time speaker for Israel’s Knesset. The countdown to the end of Israeli society has begun.

Di’s DNA Shocker: Her Lover IS Harry’s Father!

Di’s DNA Shocker: Her Lover IS Harry’s Father!

The National Examiner is revealing some of the stories from a newly published book called: “Diana, Secrets and Lies” A SIZZLING NEW BOOK that tells what the others are afraid to!

Mugabe Bends Minds in Hatred Camps

THE title of the first lesson was Patriotism. “Tony Blair is a pig and we don’t want to associate with the pig and his gay playmates,” the class was told

Israel Implements Actively Anti-Christian Policies

(It may come as something of a surprise to many of Israel’s Christian supporters in the US, but as Israel Shamir reveals Sharon’s government is pursuing an actively anti-Christian policy. Ed.) The Attorney General of Israel, Dr Eliyakim Rubinstein, and police and government bodies intend to press criminal charges against a leading churchman, the spiritual […]

Hate Speech!

Bourgeoisie Israeli supporters prowl the internet and the media shouting “hate speech”. The truth is “hate speech” only to those who have something to hide These phrases, “hate speech” and “anti-Semite”, are well-worn devices to shut up a critic of Israel without having to answer the criticisms. Indeed they have been used so much that […]

Positive Discrimination?

Question: when is a racist attack not a racist attack? Answer: when the BBC reports it. On Saturday 16 February 2002 at 12:44 pm BBC Online reported breaking news that: “A white teenager severely beaten in an alleged racist attack in Oldham, has died from his injuries.” Two hours later though someone had carefully edited […]

Alleged “Racism” Used Hide Even Greater Evil?

“Racist behaviour is unacceptable. The constabulary is now taking a proactive stance in relation to racist offences rather than waiting for people to report them to us.” Chief Inspector Dean Walker Chief Inspector Walker was commenting on a covert surveillance operation to look for “racist” behaviour amongst the patrons of ethnic restaurants. Of course it […]

‘A Racial Program for the 20th Century’

“We must realise that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tension. By pounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by the Whites, we can mould them to our program. The terms ‘colonialism’ and ‘imperialism’ must be featured in our propaganda. In America we will aim for […]

Green Card Soldiers

Many US troops in Iraq do not speak English as their first language. Instead, the first language for a growing number of US soldiers is Spanish

Civil War

In Iraq, they go for the jugular: two weeks ago, the UN’s top man, a few days ago it was one of the most influential Shia Muslim clerics. So who exactly wanted him dead?