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Massacre in a Lawless Land

Trapped and outnumbered, six British soldiers hoped for help that never came and were murdered by the mob. Jon Swain in Majar al-Kabir and Nicholas Rufford in London investigate a tragedy with worrying omens for Iraq

Zionism Is The Root Problem

Zionism! An ideology that is antithetical to Judaism, one fomented by unabashed atheists, heretics and even some ostensibly “religious” collaborators who have sold their souls to the irreligious Zionists for money and power.

Kansas City company settles charge related to boycott of Israel

A Missouri company has been fined $6,000 for answering a customer’s question and not reporting it to the federal government. The question that’s punished by law is: Are any of these products made in Israel, or made of Israeli materials?

Observations from Baghdad

Nic Rosen reports from a devastated urban wasteland, where anarchy and horror hold sway, revealing what many in the mainstream media would prefer to ignore

Al-Fayed Wins Diana Crash Order

Al-Fayed has won the first round of a legal contest to have a public inquiry into the car crash that killed his son, Dodi, and Diana. A crash that the Harrods boss maintains was not an accident