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Do Jews Suffer from False Consciousness?

Throughout history some Jews have aroused enmity by serving as pawns and middlemen for the elites. But today, says Henry Makow Ph.D., many Jews, like himself, are opposed to being used by the NWO and wish to find out who they really are

The Shadow of Zog

The Shadow of Zog

Zog is one of a few words that kick the fearsome Thought Police of ADL into action, activate FBI like Anthrax, and can send IDF assassins in hot pursuit. This name came back to me with the impending instalment of General Jay Garner as Viceroy of Iraq

MSNBC Reveals Facts on Israel’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

America invaded Iraq on the pretext that it possessed WMD. They still haven’t been found, however, Israel’s WMD is an open secret. Click on the interactive map for a breakdown of its arsenal

U.S., U.K. Waged War on Iraq Because of Oil

London, May 1 (Bloomberg) — The U.S. and U.K. went to war against Iraq because of the Middle East country’s oil reserves, an adviser to British Prime Minister Tony Blair said. Sir Jonathan Porritt, head of the Sustainable Development Commission, which advises Blair’s government on ecological issues, said the prospect of winning access to Iraqi […]

Mind Games

Extracts from a leaked document expose the pro-Israel lobby’s cynical manipulation of US public opinion. Essential reading for anyone who wants a deeper perspective on Middle East affairs

God’s Banker

From 1979 to 1989 he was one the of the most powerfull men in Rome, constantly seen accompanying Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul I and Pope John Paul II. Now he is almost unknown, but still giving mass and implicated in many crimes