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Passengers Sucked out of Plane over Congo

Passengers have been sucked out of a Russian-made plane over the Democratic Republic of Congo after a door opened accidentally during the flight, a military official has said

US Soldiers Shot in Baghdad

A sniper and a close-range gunman have shot two United States soldiers in separate incidents here. At least one other soldier was injured when an American vehicle hit an explosive device near the city’s airport – an area thought to have been cleared of landmines. US Central Command in Qatar said that a soldier from […]

Britons are enslaved by their mobile telephones

THEY were supposed to provide freedom, independence, control and fun. But instead it seems that mobile phones have enslaved us. We are emotionally dependent on them for our identity and feelings of self-worth and incapable even of going to the shops without whipping them out at regular intervals to call family and friends for advice. […]

America’s Librarians Fight for Freedom

Everybody knows that old stereotype of librarians as meek bookworms, but now that image is being replaced by a new one of librarians as fighters for freedom

Beautiful Women: Sex and Social Control

At the mall my wife and I passed a 30-foot-high banner suspended from the ceiling. It didn’t say “Obey.” Rather it displayed a 19-year-old girl wearing nothing but a bikini.

Russia’s new ‘Warsaw Pact’

While the world’s attention has been focused on the recent war in Iraq Russia has resurrected military ties with the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan

Our Humanity in the Balance

By Carel Moiseiwitsch, Gordon Murray and Drew Penland WE recently returned from the Occupied Territories of the West Bank and Gaza where we volunteered with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM). Upon returning to Vancouver, we were shocked by the disconnection between our experience of Palestine and its portrayal in the Canadian media. During our stay […]

North Korea Has 100 N-Weapons Aimed at US

North Korea has at least 100 nuclear missiles aimed at the United States and will use them if new economic sanctions are imposed against it, a propagandist for the Stalinist state claimed Sunday

Betrayed by Leaders: Iraq Readies Grassroots Resistance

The war is not over; it has not even begun. Iraq has been betrayed from within, the regime having cut a deal with the invaders. The resistance now remains deferred

A Tank Called “Hostile

A first hand report from occupied Iraq: revealing unexpected attitudes and tensions between Coalition forces and ordinary Iraqis

Why Eastern Europe Supported War

Why Eastern Europe Supported War

Slovakian President Rudolph Schuster gets his marching orders with a friendly slap on the back from Bruce Jackson (right) at a Washington soiree. Christopher Bollyn on why Poland and the Vilnius ten supported the war with Iraq.

Massive Multinational Assault on Alternative Medicines

In the wake of the SARS crisis an all out assault has been launched against natural health products in Australia. The only beneficiaries will be the transnational pharmaceutical cartels who are using Australia as a testing ground for future strategies

Ted Turner Calls Murdoch “Warmonger”

In a sudden turn around media magnet Ted Turner now says that too few people own too many media organisations

Germany, France are Not Angels

All governments are projections of elite economic power; all are instruments of a bizarre program to dehumanize and enslave us, writes Henry Makow P.hD.

And You Thought The War in Afghanistan was Over?

“Your tax dollars at work. We’ve acquired actual footage of an attack on a stronghold in Afghanistan” AC-130 Gunship Footage filmed in Afghanistan [2003]

Pentagon’s response to the explosion in Baghdad: Oops!

Pentagon’s response to the explosion in Baghdad: Oops!

Last Saturday a huge explosion at an arms dump in Baghdad left many dead, injured and homeless. Pentagon spokesmen claim that it was started after Iraqis fired a rocket propelled grenade at the storage facility. But was it? investigates

Coming Soon: Iraq’s Missing WMD

According to a retired CIA intelligence analyst: “Some of my colleagues are virtually certain that there will be some weapons of mass destruction found, even though they might have to be planted”

Media Accused of Aiding U.S. Propaganda

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – It is one of the most famous images of the war in Iraq — a U.S. soldier scaling a statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad and draping the Stars and Stripes over the black metal visage of the ousted despot. But for Harper’s magazine publisher John MacArthur, that same image of U.S. […]

The Ideology of Death

Terrorism is the child of a borderless world and open borders are helping it spread, writes Joe Sansone. Just as they helping to increase the numbers of those infected with SARS

Embedded Reporters A Good Idea

Embedding reporters — assigning journalists to specific military units — was a good idea — for the Pentagon, writes Charley Reese.