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“Tony Blair’s Leaked Speech”

A leaked copy of the so-called “The Blair Declaration” could have a profound impact on Palestinians and completely change the Middle East

Politics – The Latest Kissinger Outrage

Christopher Hitchens asks: Why is a proven liar and wanted man in charge of the 9/11 investigation?

Bin Laden, Bush Serve the Same Master

Henry Makow asks: Are the Globalists Fabricating a “War of Civilizations”?

Bush's Hidden Message

Bush’s Hidden Message

A postcard to oil rich Iraq from the Bush family and their friends in the oil industry.

We’re Not Going To Take It Anymore!!

The world is dramatically changing … we’re entering a New Age – a New World Order. How do we fight back? Asks Victor Thorn

Briton Killed in Jenin ‘Pleaded for Ceasefire’

Questions were mounting yesterday over the death of Iain Hook, the British United Nations relief worker killed in Jenin refugee camp, after it emerged that the Israeli army had failed to react to repeated telephone calls from Mr Hook pleading for a ceasefire so he could evacuate staff from the UN compound where he died. […]

Who Really Runs The World? Part I

An overview of what’s really behind the “New World Order” “The world is governed by far different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes” Benjamin Disraeli THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA “There is no such thing… as an independent press… There is not one of you who dares to write your […]

New World Order or Occult Secret Destiny?

Is the new age movement part of a hidden agenda? Is it in fact part of a plan lure humanity into the service of a much darker design?

The Captain Kirk Principle

“Intuition is the key to knowing without knowing how you know,” says Michael Sharmer as he examines the relationship between the rational and irrational

True Lies About US Aid To Israel

What the mainstream media doesn’t tell the public, at least not in full. Richard H. Curtiss breaksdown the real cost of US support for Israel

The Boogie Man is Coming!

Warnings of terror attacks by Muslim extremists are becoming almost routine. So if one does happen, or is staged, we automatically know who to blame

Americans Don’t Have a Clue “What’s Coming”

(FTW) — There are a multitude of dangling questions about Tuesday’s election results. Widespread anecdotal accounts of voting irregularities, disenfranchised voters and absolutely accurate and, in many cases, understated criticisms of abysmal leadership from Tom Daschle and the Democratic Party are not difficult to find. While pundits are trying to spin that the Republicans don’t […]

Prelude to Desert Storm

“What is at stake is more than one small country, it is a big idea – a new world order…to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind…based upon shared principles and the rule of law…. The illumination of a thousand points of light…. The winds of change are with us now.” President Bush – In his […]

The Annals of War I

OVERWHELMING FORCE What happened in the final days of the Gulf War? THE WAR Barry McCaffrey has the best resume of any retired combat general in the United States Army. The son of a distinguished general, he attended Phillips Academy, in Andover, Massachusetts, and West Point, and in 1966 was assigned to South Vietnam as […]

The Annals of War III

THE CAUSEWAY IMMINENT ATTACK While other American soldiers and their commanders stopped and cheered the ceasefire, McCaffrey quietly continued to move his combat forces. On the morning of the ceasefire, February 28th, they were approximately twenty-five miles west of the Lake Hammar causeway; by the eve of the Battle of Rumaila, two days later, he […]

The Annals of War IV

COMMAND DECISION McCaffrey’s official headquarters was the division’s mobile tactical command post, but he directed the war from what is known as an assault command post, a unit of four tanks and three or so tracked vehicles which stays in the front lines with the advancing troops. At intervals, the vehicles would stop together, and […]

Bali Micro Nuke Buried By Western Media

An extensive report on the investigation into the Bali blast, with recent updates on a story that has been all but suppressed by our ‘free press’. Joe Vialls investigates

Columbia Crash Caused By Fire in the Left Wheel Bay

Claims by NASA that a ten-pound chunk of soft water-resistant foam caused “severe damage to the heat tiles on Columbia’s port [left] wing” are absurd.

UK/USA Employ Fear and Panic As Instruments of War

The Bush administration, together with the government of Tony Blair in Britain, has over the past week launched a concerted campaign to sow fear and terror among the American and British people in an effort to overcome widespread opposition to the impending invasion of Iraq. Following the Homeland Security Department’s declaration of a “code orange” […]

“When Victims Rule”

Last week, The Boston Globe “outed” Sen. John Kerry’s Jewish ancestry. Henry Makow Ph.D.examines the ramifications