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US Lies Shouldn’t be Leading us into Battle Again

So you wonder why so many Canadians are opposed to the U.S. plans to attack Iraq? It’s not that we’re weak-kneed wimps of Canuckistan, or bleeding-heart pacifists, or saps who actually believe Saddam, to repeat some of the more boorish epithets. Whatever our other reasons for opposing the war, we’re also skeptics, remembering the long […]

A Nation Divided, With No Bridges Left To Build

A Nation Divided, With No Bridges Left To Build

In Austin, Texas, Robert Fisk sees at first hand the vast gulf between the pro- and anti-war movements in the United States

A Conflict Driven By the Self-Interest of America

We are tired of being lied to. Tired of being talked down to, of being fed with false information and student essays dressed up as “intelligence”.

Debunking Conspiracy Theorists


Only once before have I eaten a breakfast as good as the breakfast in Abu Ahmed’s coffee shop in Qalqilya and that was five years ago in Yemen. Abu Ahmed’s is not a fancy place; quite the reverse. It is where men gather to smoke a sheesha (hubble bubble), play cards, backgammon and draughts. They […]

What a Coincidence

What a Coincidence

12 February 2003 Isn’t it a strange coincidence that on the same day that British troops and armoured vehicles ring British airports, the Israelis ban Palestinians from entering Israel? Both are due, the media assures us, to an increased threat of terrorist attack. Yesterday and today US troops and missile launchers are deployed around Washington […]

Global Demonstrations Against War With Iraq

Global Demonstrations Against War With Iraq

London’s Police Chief said it was the capital’s biggest ever demonstration with at least 750,000 taking part, while organisers put the figure closer to two million. Protesters also took to the streets in Glasgow, Belfast and a host of other cities across the Britain. As protesters gathered in London Prime Minister Tony Blair warned of […]

New submarine discoveries spark interest in submerged cities

Once dismissed by experts as folklore, the release of photographic evidence has experts re-examining theories about the legendary continent of Mudalu

Greek Thoughts

“The Israelis now possess all the nuclear secrets of the United States…Compared to this …the Jonathan Pollard(left) case is insignificant.”

We Are Being Set-Up For War Against Saddam

The inspections are going unhindered. And what does Bush tell us? ‘The signs are not encouraging’

Night of the Living Dead

One by one, they pull themselves from there rotting graves. They are the gruesome remains of an earliar time, returning once more

Dissenting from the Zeitgeist

Dissenting from the Zeitgeist

EVEN before President Bush signed into law the Homeland Security Act this week, creating a governmental behemoth that swallows 22 existing agencies and turns them into one giant fist poised to crush civil liberties, the national media knew very well what the law that stitched together the new department meant. Here is what the Christian […]

When it's Cool to be Evil

When it’s Cool to be Evil

“Evil is unreal…Sick and unwholesome, it resembles a dilapidated shed. Kick in the door and the whole rotten structure will collapse!”

Bush “Moron” Controversy Continues to Sputter

Canada’s Morons are reportedly outraged over Bush being likened to them. “He no moron”, said one, “we’re nice people.” But note the hand signal left

Throwing Einstein for a Loop

Throwing Einstein for a Loop

She talks about physics like it’s cooking. Yet the attractive 31 year old is being hailed as one of the world’s most promising physicists

Ariel Sharon has walked into a trap. And we are following him.

The Independent, December 1, 2002 Osama bin Laden is writing the script in the war against terror Time was when Bali would have been the story of the year, the most violent act in 12 months, to be recalled with horror in December as the most terrible of crimes. But Bali was just the story […]

Mossad Bombs Paradise Hotel in Mombasa

The precise anatomy of the attacks only made it “appear” that Jews were the targets. Joe Vialls investigates

Henry Kissinger: The Wanted Man

First Printed on Monday, April 29, 2002 Henry Kissinger’s dark past seems to be enclosing around him as various countries in South America and Europe have sought to question him about actions taken by the Nixon and Ford administrations in which Kissinger was National Security Adviser and Secretary of State respectively. The latest move to […]

Who Really Runs The World? Part II

Secrecy and Private Forums Everywhere you look – government, big business and any other institution seeking to exercise power – the key is secrecy. Meetings such as those of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the G-8, World Trade Organisation, World Economic Forum, Central Banks, the European Union Council of Ministers and the […]

Exciting Undersea Discoveries Off Taiwan’s Coast