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An Open Letter To Tony Blair

Heart attacks, strokes and coronary thrombosis are probably the number one cause of death in the Western world. Every year millions suffer and thousands die. Yet there is a cure, in fact there is a way to prevent these ailments before they even occur; it’s cheap and easy to administer and most importantly it is […]

Cold Fusion Cover-Up?

Editor’s note: Cold fusion first garnered international attention in March 1989 only to become quickly embroiled in scientific controversy and, eventually, relegated to obscurity. On Sept. 11, 2000, the BBC ran an interview with futurist Sir Arthur C. Clarke asserting that cold fusion is important and media coverage of its scientific value and laboratory progress […]

Earth Far Older Than Scientists Thought

“Scientists may have to rewrite theories on what the Earth was like four billion years ago after new research by geochemists at Edinburgh University. Until now, scientists had believed that the planet was a boiling ocean of magma. But by studying minerals, the researchers have found that the Earth was cool enough to have had […]

And the Spin Goes On

“They have been a source of mystery and amusement to students of the bizarre for years, but yesterday crop circles attracted the attention of a new audience – the long arm of the law. A 29-year-old Wiltshire man last night became what is believed to be the first person in Britain to be accused of […]

Magnetic Solution to Crop Circle Puzzle

Once again the BBC has proved itself a veritable font of disinformation. In the summer of 2000 it announced that a “solution” had been found to the mystery surrounding crop circles: “Scientist Colin Andrews says 17 years of work has revealed that about 80% of the formations are man-made,” announced the BBC. “But he believes […]

Merkeba I

My wife and I believe that the Hall of Records is not something to be dug up and found in the traditional sense as most Hall of Record researchers are claiming. Rather we strongly believe that this store house of knowledge exists in a higher field of consciousness and can only be accessed spiritually and […]

Merkeba II

Merkeba II

Why does mankind have amnesia about his past and the glory of his ancient heritage and knowledge? Why for the past 10,000 years have we been lurking in universal darkness? I have a theory that we have lost everything because during the last pole shift the magnetic field collapsed taking with it the DNA memory […]

DU: The Deadly Cover-Up

The controversy over Depleted Uranium raises serious questions not only about DU itself but also about the integrity and independence of our so-called ‘free press.’ As far back as 1984 warnings were being sounded about DU and its effects. An FAA Advisory Circular 20-123, dated 20/12/84 is entitled “Avoiding or Minimizing Encounters With Aircraft Equipped […]

The Crack House on Our Doorstep

Hackney resident Damian Duggan Ryan describes how crime and drugs have moved into his neighborhood . . . and how the police are responding. We have got a new arrival in the next street. He’s only just moved in, but it seems he’s dealing crack cocaine. The street’s a bit run down, what with an […]

Hollywood Invades!!!

There’s a new weapon in the military’s arsenal: it’s called “spin” and with the advent of satellite and cable TV it is now pivotal to any conflict. The opening phases of military conflicts now often begin in the media as people are conditioned to assume the appropriate mind set for military action. This was seen […]

The Eagle and the Hang Glider

Extracts from: Earth Changes, Get Ready When I was born my Grandfather took me down to the local stream at the appropriate time to bathe me in the water and give me my name. As he dipped me into the water a large Golden Eagle landed on the opposite side of the stream. To my […]

Revealing exchange at elite thinktank

On July 12-13 (2000), the New York Council on Foreign Relation held, at its exclusive mansion headquarters in Manhatten, a conference on “The Next Financial Crisis: Warning Signs, Damage Control and Impact.” The conference examined the potential for a global financial crash; it drew together 250 people, most of them bankers, investors, corporate officials and […]

Military Trained for Police Ops

First published in The SPOTLIGHT A high-ranking retired Special Operations Command officer told The SPOTLIGHT that elite military units have been undertaking urban warfare manoeuvres in cities and towns across the United States in preparation for assuming the duties of U.S. law enforcement. The retired colonel confirmed for the first time that the mysterious training […]

The Cattle Rancher Who Wont Eat Meat

I am a fourth-generation dairy farmer and cattle rancher. I grew up on a dairy farm in Montana, & I ran a feedlot operation there for 20 years. I know firsthand how cattle are raised and how meat is produced in this country. Today I am president of the International Vegetarian Union. Sure, I used […]

Operation October Surprise

Operation October Surprise

The following was extracted from a report by attorney Paul Wilcher, a report that eventually cost Wilcher his life. Duped by the Illuminati strategy of ‘divide and rule’, Wilcher simply believed he had uncovered evidence of a vast ‘right-wing’ conspiracy; little realizing that at the highest levels ‘left wing’ and ‘right wing’ are no more […]

U.S. Combat Forces Disproportionately White!

Front-line troops disproportionately white, not black Numbers refute long-held belief WASHINGTON The American troops likeliest to fight and die in a war against Iraq are disproportionately white, not black, military statistics show contradicting a belief widely held since the early days of the Vietnam War. In a little-publicized trend, black recruits have gravitated toward non-combat […]

New System to Barcode Babies at Birth

Gulf War II or World War 2.5

Bigfoot Believers

After enduring decades of ridicule, Bigfoot researchers are enjoying support from some of the world’s most respected scientists

The Piri Reis Map

The Piri Reis Map

The Piri Reis Map, which is a genuine document, not a hoax of any kind, was made at Constantinople in 1513 CE. It focuses on the western coast of Africa, the eastern coast of South America, and the northern coast of Antarctica. Piri Reis could not have acquired his information on this latter region from […]