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The Story They Don’t Want You To Read!

In a stunning admission, ignored by the mainstream media and unnoticed by just about everyone else, it’s finally been revealed why the US Airforce was unable to protect America on Sept. 11, 2001

George W. Bush Action Figure

Move and manipulate him, just as the Zionists and the oil industry do

Operation “Bloody Skulls”

Every individual American soldier I had a chance to meet in Baghdad was a nice fellow. However, this does not change one simple truth: any army sent in to control a civilian population inevitably commits war crimes

The Flight of the Bumble Planes

“Magic is the pretended performance of those things which cannot be done. The success of a magician’s simulation of doing the impossible depends upon misleading the minds of his audiences.”

Germans fed up with war legacy

Berlin–Almost 70% of Germans say they are annoyed at being held responsible for the Holocaust and many believe Jews use Germany’s Nazi past to their advantage, a survey showed yesterday. The survey by Bielefeld University showed 69.9% were irritated at still being held responsible today for crimes against Jews. A quarter of 3,000 people surveyed […]

Haliburton May Have Over Charged by Millions

Auditors revealed that Dick Cheney’s old company, Haliburton, may have overcharged the US Government by tens of millions of dollars

Red Symphony Part One

At midnight, Jan. 26, 1938 Christian G. Rakovsky, 65, was interrogated by Stalin’s secret police. The 50-page transcript was never meant to be made public, largely because it reveals plans to use communism to establish a global tyrany of the super rich

9/11: The BCCI Connection

In this landmark article, Chaim Kupferberg uses mostly mainstream sources to reconstruct the making of the Official 9/11 Legend. Here, Kupferberg hypothesizes a covert global infrastructure behind the events of 9/11 – and lifts the veil to catch the lingering scent of BCCI. With the above-stated hypothesis in mind, one should perhaps cast a discerning […]

Iraqi Commander Swears he saw USAF fly Saddam out of Baghdad

Author’s Note: This article first appeared on FarShores on 8/12/03. In the interest of accuracy, I have pulled that draft and replaced it with this updated version. Film will soon be made public of an Iraqi Army officer describing how he saw a US Air Force transport fly Saddam Hussein out of Baghdad. The explosive […]

Hussein Given Safe Haven in Belarus?

Evidence is mounting that Saddam Hussein fled the Iraqi capitol as coalition forces closed in on Baghdad

Israel Trains US Assassination Squads in Iraq

Israeli army urban warfare specialists are training US Special Forces in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, for “hunter killer” operations in Iraq

First Evidence of Foreign Fighters in Iraq

Robert Fisk reports that veteran Palestinian fighters are now being smuggled into Iraq, to fight in what many of them see as a holy war against the forces of America and Israel

Credit-card implant provokes criticism

Advocates of digital implants are now trying a new sales strategy. In response to opposition to the under skin digital ID, makers Advanced Digital Solutions are now talking about a ID implant that doubles as a credit card

The Iraq War Began, And Ended, On Occult Holidays

As with any occult undertaking, the Iraq War was conducted strictly according to occult holidays and occult numbers. Once you understand this reality, you will see that this war is likely Act I of a global war

US Troop Mutiny Possible Around Christmas

The latest from a news executive, who has leaked memos from one of America’s major TV networks, revealing just how the news is controlled, and how it is used to control us

Test confirms ‘sadhu’ abstained food, water for 66 years

The Press Trust of India claims that tests carried out on a Hindu holy man, confirm scientifically his claims to not having eaten for 66 years

Submerged city may be older than Mesopotamia

A submerged city has been discovered, about one mile off the Nagapattinam coast in India. Some estimate that it could be older than Sumeria in Mesopotamia, considered the birthplace of modern civilization

Massacre in Samarra: US lies and self-delusion

The recent fighting in Samarra — the killings themselves, the military’s claims and the media’s role — illustrate how a compliant media is being used the US government

Occupation Is a Lose-Lose Proposition

As long as the Iraqis can kill one or two Americans and Iraqi collaborators now and then, they will be “winning.” The Viet Cong could not defeat the US military either, but you see who left and who stayed

Inside story of how Washington is losing its bottle

Things are starting to go seriously wrong, in Iraq and Afghanistan too. With mounting US casualties in Iraq and a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, America maybe facing not one, but two potential Vietnams