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Archaeological Cover-ups?

Who controls history? The public servants who make it, or the people who hire them and to whom are they accountable? Editorial, New York Times. 19 Nov, 1983. Most of us are familiar with the last scene in the popular Indiana Jones archaeological adventure film RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK in which an important historical […]

Interview with Richard Tomlinson

(Although the following interview was conducted before Judge Herve Stephan’s inquiry announced its findings, we feel that it provides some useful background and serves as an effective introduction to ‘Princess Diana: The Cover-up Turns Deadly’, by Jeffery Steinberg, Ed) After months of cloak-and-dagger spying, arrests and claims of dirty tricks against him, former British spy […]

The Short Road To Chaos And Destruction

An Expose of the Federal Reserve Banking System Many consider the author of the following article a near legend. Gunther Russbacher flew George Bush across the Atlantic in ‘Operation October Surprise’, and it was Russbacher who gave attorney Paul Wilcher the information on Waco featured in the Wilcher Report. The son of one of the […]