Aliens Have Abducted Our Women

Aliens Have Abducted Our Women

Henry Makow Ph.D. _ Dec 11, 2012

Marie N. Robinson MD, a Cornell educated psychiatrist devoted her New York City practice to the treatment of frigidity. Her book, The Power of Sexual Surrender (1958) is a revealing study of the feminine psyche. It is out-of-print. Why? It is politically incorrect. 
Marie Robinson has disappeared down the memory hole. There is no information about her on the Internet, no Wikipedia entry. Why? Welcome to the NWO. 
Dr. Robinson says that millions of American women suffer from frigidity. Frigid women universally adopt the feminist view that a career as a wife and mother is demeaning and men exploit woman. This creates an “emotional logjam” which obstructs sexual response and psychological development. 
Dr. Robinson writes that a woman’s identity lies in an “essential feminine altruism.” 
Her self-expression and power are based on making her husband and children her first priority. Similarly, her sexual satisfaction and spiritual fecundity depend on self-surrender. 


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Census 2011: sharp rise in number of foreign-born residents

Steven Swinford – Dec 11, 2012

The number of people who were born outside the UK has risen by more than 50% to 7.5m since 2001, equivalent to more than one in 10 people.

Nearly 3m people in England and Wales live in households where no adults speak English as their main language, the data from the 2011 census has shows.

London had both the largest proportion of usual residents born outside the UK (37%) and non-UK nationals (24%.)

More than four in 10 people in Kensington and Chelsea, the highest proportion in the country, do not hold UK passports.

The census was sent to 26 million households in England and Wales in March last year.

The figures demonstrate the impact of immigration, particularly from Poland. In 2001, Poland did not even feature in the top 10 countries of people born outside the UK. 

In the 2011 census, it was second with more than 500,000 people from Poland now living in England and Wales. The highest was India, followed by Pakistan, Ireland and Germany.

England and Wales have also become more diverse. In 2001, 87% of the population were white British, compared to 80% today.

The number of people of mixed ethnicity has risen to more than 1m for the first time, while the number of Asian people has risen from 2.5m to 4.2m.

The proportion of people born abroad varies significantly across the country. In London, one in three people was born outside the UK was one in three, compared to one in 20 in the Northeast. 

Some two million respondents listed their partners or fellow household members as being of different ethnic groups – 47% more than in 2001.

Guy Goodwin, from the Office of National Statistics, said the message coming through from the census was “considerable change, but increasing diversity”.


UK is Primarily a Racist Society

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Dec 11, 2012

According to the 2011 Census only 45% of Londoners are now ‘white British’. The number of foreign nationals resident in Britain has risen by 3 million over the last 10 years……etc., etc.
Culture devastation has been inflicted on the UK and the process is irreversible.
Most Brits are angry. It has got to the point where it is probable that even the immigrant community itself is losing patience with the mass immigration being inflicted on us. There are few decent jobs out there and young people cannot afford to even rent, never mind buy, a property in which to live independently.
This will all be much discussed over the coming days but what you will not read in any of the mainstream press or TV is that the policies of mass immigration, cultural diversity and anti-racism are being imposed on us by an oligarchy in service of their own globalist agenda that (seeing that this oligarchy is dominated by Zionist Jews) can only be described as racist.
While we accept principles of selfless equality (humanitarian bombings excepted), these people are free to take it all.
The only ‘goyim’ that thrive are those that, maybe thoughtlessly, maybe cynically, go along with the fraudulent, deceptive attacks on ‘we the people’. People like Keith Vaz, my own gay-marriage-promoting MP Gavin Barwell, and far too many more to mention.
As a person who loathes racism of any kind, I strongly resent the fact that I have to exist within this fraudulent and, frankly, satanic reality.
The ‘anti-racist’ rhetoric we have to listen to is all giggle-behind-the-curtain bollocks on the part of those actually driving it.
…..and a good thing too
Jewish people need to recognise that they are being, as always, lied to and misled and that the ‘anti-Semitism’ they have been taught is an irrational and uncaused disease of the gentiles has always, in truth, been an inappropriate reaction and response to Jews as a group when populations came to understand (or at least perceive) that they had been taken over and destroyed by an “enemy within”. This has happened over 100 times over the last two millenia.
Gay marriage is more of the same divide-and-rule stuff. All that might unite us is being destroyed so that the only effective future unity will exist between the Jews at the top.
In the Soviet Union, the Banker-funded Jews that led the revolution shared power with Russian ‘workers’ (the white Russian middle and upper classes were simply exterminated).
In the USA/UK/EU power will be/is already being shared between a Jewish controlling class and ethnic minority bounders, with a sprinkling of supine indigenous sell-outs of the kind that fill our parliament today.
For evidence of why these things are happening……..
See here and here.


Unemployment Is Not Going Down: The Employment Rate Has Been Under 59 Percent For 39 Months In A Row

Michael – The Economic Collapse Dec 9, 2012

The mainstream media is heralding the decline of the official unemployment rate to 7.7 percent as evidence that the U.S. economy is improving.  But it is a giant lie.  The truth is that unemployment in America is not actually going down.  The percentage of working age Americans with a job actually dropped slightly in November.  During the last recession, the percentage of working age Americans with a job fell from about 63 percent to under 59 percent and it has stayed there for 39 months in a row.  In September 2009, during the depths of the last economic crisis, 58.7 percent of all working age Americans were employed.  In November 2012, 58.7 percent of all working age Americans were employed.  It is more then 3 years later, and we are in the exact same place!  So how in the world are they able to pretend that the “unemployment rate” is going down steadily?  Well, they get there by pretending that hundreds of thousands of unemployed workers “leave the labor force” each month.  According to the government, another 350,000 Americans left the labor force during November, and when you keep pretending that huge chunks of workers “disappear” each month it is easy to get the “unemployment rate” to go down.  But any idiot can see that there is something really funny about these numbers.  Barack Obama has been president for less than four years, and during that time the number of Americans “not in the labor force” has increased by nearly 8.5 million.  Something seems really “off” about that number, because during the entire decade of the 1980s the number of Americans “not in the labor force” only rose by about 2.5 million.  At this point the official unemployment rate is so manipulated that it is of very little value at all.

But the mainstream media is just eating up this “good news”.  They are very excited that the “unemployment rate” has fallen from its peak of 10.0 percent in October 2009 to 7.7 percent now…

But if unemployment was actually going down, we should be seeing the percentage of Americans with a job go up.

Unfortunately, that is NOT happening.

As I mentioned above, the “employment rate” fell below 59 percent during the last economic crisis and it has stayed there for 39 consecutive months… 

So all of that stuff about the employment situation getting better is just a load of nonsense.  The percentage of Americans with a job has stayed very, very steady since the end of 2009.  It is almost as if someone has hit a “pause button” and won’t let unemployment get better or get worse.

This is the first time since the end of World War II that we have not seen the employment-population ratio bounce back in a significant way after a recession has ended.

To me, that is a very bad sign.

I also find it very interesting that the government revised the “job gains” for September and October downward in this recent report…

The government revised down job gains for September and October by a total 49,000. September’s additions were revised from 148,000 to 132,000 and October’s, from 171,000 to 138,000.

So it turns out that the glowing employment reports from those months that helped get Obama re-elected were really not that great after all.

The truth is that it takes somewhere between 100,000 and 150,000 new jobs a month just to keep up with the growth of the population.  So at best we are treading water.

And who is “creating” those new jobs?

According to an analysis performed by, 73 percent of the jobs “created” over the past 5 months have been “created” by government.

But government does not create real wealth.

Real wealth is only created by the private sector.

It would be very nice if I could report a major employment turnaround, but it simply is not happening.

Instead, we continue to see an increase in the number of Americans living in poverty.

If things are getting better, then why are organizations like the Salvation Army seeing record numbers of families coming to them for help this holiday season?

For much more on the continued growth of poverty in the United States, just see this article.

Sadly, an increasing number of Americans find themselves forced to turn to the government for assistance, and the cost of caring for all of them has become extremely expensive

According to the Republican side of the Senate Budget Committee, welfare spending per day per household in poverty is $168, which is higher than the $137 median income per day. When broken down per hour, welfare spending per hour per household in poverty is $30.60, which is higher than the $25.03 median income per hour.

But if you think that things are bad now, you should brace yourself, because things are going to get even worse.

For example, how much worse will things get if a fiscal cliff deal is not reached and millions more Americans find themselves in desperate need of help?  According to ABC News, more than 3 million Americans will lose unemployment benefits by the beginning of April if Congress does not do something…

Millions of unemployed Americans have another reason to worry about “fiscal cliff” budget talks that seek to avoid looming tax increases and dire spending cuts come January.

About 2.1 million people will stop receiving jobless benefits immediately if Congress doesn’t reauthorize federal unemployment insurance programs by year’s end. Another 1 million will lose benefits over the first three months of 2013.

2013 is already shaping up to be a very tough year.

But the mainstream media is not really talking about how the middle class is systematically being destroyed or about how our once great manufacturing cities are being turned into desolate wastelands.

They just want us all to be happy, but the cold, hard reality of the matter is that the U.S. economy no longer produces enough jobs for everybody and it never will again.

Both of our major political parties have fully embraced the emerging one world economic system which puts average American workers into direct competition for jobs with workers in third world countries where it is legal to pay slave labor wages.

Millions of good paying American jobs have been shipped to countries where workers work very long hours in absolutely horrific conditions for as little as 45 dollars a month.

Are you willing to work for 45 dollars a month?

Meanwhile, Americans that still do have jobs are piling up more debt than ever before.  It appears that most people have not learned any lessons from the last major economic crisis.  It has just been reported that consumer borrowing in the United States has hit a new record high

Americans swiped their credit cards more often in October and borrowed more to attend school and buy cars. The increases drove U.S. consumer debt to an all-time high.

The Federal Reserve said Friday that consumers increased their borrowing by $14.2 billion in October from September. Total borrowing rose to a record $2.75 trillion.

Isn’t that lovely?

And of course the biggest offender of all is our federal government.  They just keep borrowing money as if there was no tomorrow.

During the first two months of fiscal year 2013, the U.S. government has run a deficit of $292 billion dollars ($57 billion worse than last year) and during that time it has borrowed an average of $4.8 billion dollars a day.

30 years ago, the U.S. national debt was about 1.1 trillion dollars.

Now it is more than 16.3 trillion dollars.

To get an idea how much money 16 trillion dollars is, just watch this 2 minute video.

How could we be so stupid?

Yes, much of America is still experiencing “prosperity” right now.  But it is a prosperity that has been fueled by the greatest debt bubble that the world has ever seen.

When that debt bubble bursts the pain is going to be unbelievable.

If you actually believe that America is going to prosper in the years to come, you are just fooling yourself.

Our economy is declining and has been declining for quite some time.  If you doubt this, just read this: “34 Signs That America Is In Decline“.

So that is the bad news.

But the good news is that even though the entire nation is not going to prosper, there will be those that will have prepared and that will have gotten themselves into position to take advantage of what is coming.  During the coming crisis a massive amount of money and wealth will change hands.  Instead of living in fear and cowering under a blanket, now is the time to figure out how you and your family can thrive during the hard times that are on the horizon.

During the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009, there were some people that actually did amazingly well.  So don’t lose hope just because the U.S. economy is headed for disaster.

Everything that can be shaken will be shaken.  But if you understand what is happening and you prepare for it, the times that are coming can actually be a great adventure and a great blessing for you and your family.

But if you just stick your head in the sand and have blind faith in the system and pretend that everything is going to be okay somehow, then you will be blindsided by the coming crisis and you will only have yourself to blame.


Khartoum allowing Iran to establish ‘Red Sea base’

JPost – Dec 11, 2012

Sudanese opposition groups accused Khartoum this week of reaching a secret agreement with Tehran to establish an Iranian military base on the Red Sea.

Anti-government newspaper Hurriyat Sudan cited an unnamed opposition source on Monday as saying that the Sudanese government had struck a deal with Iran for building a base on the Sudanese coast.

Meanwhile, Sudanese rebel group The Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) said on Sunday that Sudan’s President Omar Bashir has reached a “very advanced” arrangement with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to establish a naval base either in Port Sudan or elsewhere on the Red Sea, according to the Sudanese anti-government news outlet Al Rakoba.

The accusations came after two Iranian naval vessels, the 1,400-ton frigate Jamaran and the 4,700-ton support ship Bushehr, docked in Port Sudan on Saturday morning.

Mahjoub Hussein, a spokesman for the Justice and Equality Movement, said that the visit of the Iranian warships, the second in recent months, was not intended as a message to Israel but rather to test regional opinion regarding the establishment of an Iranian military base.

According to reports in the Sudanese press, Sudan’s army spokesperson Colonel Al- Sawarmi Khalid Sa’ad said on Friday that the visit by the Iranian military vessels is part of a “military exchange” with Iran. The ships are scheduled to stay for three days, during which they will be open for view by the public.

Iran has continued to push an aggressive naval strategy, which includes expanding its weapons systems and warships – including the Jamaran, a domestically-produced Mowj-class guided missile frigate first launched at Bandar Abbas in 2010. The ship combines anti-submarine assets, including a close-in anti-submarine torpedo system as well as surface-to-surface and surface- to-air assets.

The Iranian Navy has also extended its reach throughout the Strait of Hormuz, the Bab el-Mandeb strait in the Red Sea, the Suez Canal and the Strait of Malacca.

By extending its naval presence as far as Sudan and the Red Sea, Iran would gain several advantages, including in regards to combating Somali pirates in the Gulf of Aden but also in gaining control over the Red Sea shipping route, part of the channel through which Iran ships arms to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip. An Iranian naval presence in Port Sudan would also upset Iran’s Sunni rival Saudi Arabia, located just across the Red Sea.

For its part, Sudan has long courted deeper ties with Iran, with whom it signed a military cooperation agreement in March 2008.

Bashir has made several visits to Iran, the last in August when Tehran hosted the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). Bashir has held onto power for 23 years following a bloodless coup in 1999, but is increasingly under threat, as Sudan struggles to overcome a $38 billion debt, particularly after the secession of oil-rich South Sudan last year and the renewal of US economic sanctions last month.

Last month, Khartoum said it foiled a coup against Bashir masterminded by the former head of intelligence, Salah Gosh.

Meanwhile, Sudan’s army, overstretched as it fights insurgents in its South Kordofan and Blue Nile border regions, has been accused of looking to Iran for military assistance.

In March, anti-government rebels accused Iran of sending members of its IRGC to boost government forces. Tehran denied the claims.

While Bashir is keen to show the world his country is moving closer to Tehran, there are rifts within Sudan’s ruling National Congress Party about the risks posed by the country’s bilateral ties with the Islamic Republic

In November, Sudan’s Foreign Minister Ali Karti criticized the government for allowing Iranian warships to dock in Port Sudan, saying that he had not been consulted over the matter.

Iran previously dispatched warships to Port Sudan at the end of October, days after Khartoum accused Israel of carrying out an air strike against a munitions factory in the Sudanese capital. Jerusalem has neither confirmed nor denied striking the Yarmouk complex but officials have repeated accusations that Sudan and Iran are coordinating to smuggle arms to the Gaza Strip via Egypt.

In response to the air strike, Bashir threatened to work toward acquiring “advanced weaponry” to counter “repeated Israeli attacks.”

Echoing Tehran’s terminology and rhetoric, the Sudanese leader said that Israel was “the Zionist enemy and Israel will remain the enemy,” Sudanese news sources reported.

On Monday, opposition sources in Sudan again accused Khartoum of turning Sudan into an arena for Israel’s conflict with Iran.

Sudanese opposition group JEM also noted that the Iranian military vessels’ visit to Port Sudan risked upsetting the country’s delicate relationship with Gulf states, on whom it relies for aid. Karti has also said that Arab Gulf states are not happy about Khartoum’s ties with Tehran, and could deny aid.

According to a September report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Saudi Arabia pledged $240 million to Khartoum in the form of infrastructure loans over the last 18 months. However, so far only $80 million have been disbursed.


Doctors ‘cure’ leukemia by using HIV to rewire immune system

Russia Today – Dec 10, 2012

Doctors have successfully used a disabled version of HIV to modify a 7-year-old leukemia patient’s white blood cells to attack her cancer. The breakthrough procedure could potentially replace bone marrow transplant as a leukemia treatment.

Emma Whitehead was selected as a patient for the experimental technique after two years of battling with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the New York Times reported. Chemotherapy failed to either cure the disease or result in a period of remission long enough for a bone marrow transplant.

The process was previously tested only on adult patients. In April, Whitehead became the first child to undergo the treatment, her medical team revealed during an annual meeting of the American Society of Hematology in Atlanta last weekend. She was also the first patient to be treated for her kind of leukemia.

Doctors from the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia manipulated Whitehead’s immune system to make it target cancer cells. They took a batch of her own T cells – a kind of white blood cell – and genetically engineered them to kill the B cells – another kind of white blood cell – responsible for her disease.

­To do this, the doctors used a modified and disabled form of HIV, the virus responsible for AIDS, to alter the T cells’ genes, making them produce a protein called a chimeric antigen receptor on their surface. This artificial protein matches another protein encountered only on the surface of B cells. The alteration allows T cells to attach to B cells, and destroy them. The genetically engineered T cells were then injected back into Whitehead’s blood, where they could reproduce on their own.

Two months after the procedure, testing revealed there was no sign of cancer in the girl’s body. The altered T cells were still present in her blood, but in smaller quantities than during treatment. Six months later, Whitehead is still in remission and is now back in school.

­The experimental treatment has not yet been fully tested: Whitehead nearly died when the procedure caused a spontaneous high fever, and other near-fatal symptoms.

Not all of the 12 patients in the clinical trial responded to the treatment as well as Whitehead: Three adults with chronic leukemia had complete remissions; four improved their condition, but did not beat the disease completely; one is still in too early a stage to evaluate; two patients saw no effect from the treatment; another child initially responded, but eventually relapsed.

The treatment also kills healthy B cells along with malignant ones, making patients vulnerable to certain types of infections; patients require regular treatments of immune globulins to prevent illness.

T cell therapy appears to be a promising medical breakthrough that may replace older bone marrow treatments, the researchers said. They plan to conduct additional trials with at least a half-dozen patients over the next year.


8 quotes from a cancer surgeon that will set your hair on fire

Jon Rappoport – Natural News Dec 7, 2012

His name is Marty Makary. He’s a cancer surgeon and researcher at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the School of Public Health.

Propublica’s Marshall Allen interviewed him about patient harm, in conjunction with an ongoing propublica investigation.

Keep in mind that these quotes are coming from a mainstream doctor who is inside the system and who believes in the system. That makes Makary’s statements all the more shocking.

“…1 in 4 hospital patients are harmed by a mistake.”

“A cardiologist in Wisconsin was fired for pointing out that EKGs were misread more than 25% of the time.”

“We [doctors] are also evaluated by the number of ‘value units’ at the end of each fiscal quarter. Our management will sit down with us and say your work units are down or up and in order for you to receive a large bonus you need to increase the number of operations you do…”

“There is New England Journal of Medicine-level data that suggests that almost half of [health] care is not compliant with evidence.” [In other words, almost 50% of all health care in America isn’t even based on published mainstream studies…and, I should add, there is conclusive evidence that half of these studies are untrustworthy in the first place. Therefore, to say that conventional doctors are winging it is a vast understatement. JR]

“…up to 30% of health care in unnecessary…”

“I saw cases where a patient was not told about a minimally invasive way of doing a particular surgery because of physician preference or training, and the doctor would just hope the that he [the patient] wouldn’t find out.”

“Medical mistakes are fifth-or-sixth-most common cause of death in the United States, depending on the measure.”

“…The desire and reflex of docs to offer something to patients, even when there’s not much more else they can offer. There’s a strong financial incentive. Doctor groups pay for new equipment that they purchase on borrowed money.” [In other words, ‘we have this expensive equipment, we have to use it to pay for it.’ JR]

Since Dr. Makary works at Johns Hopkins, he is no doubt familiar with a landmark review done by the late Dr. Barbara Starfield, who also worked at Hopkins for many years.

On July 26, 2000, the Journal of the American Medical Association published Starfield’s review, “Is US health really the best in the world?” Starfield revealed the following facts:

In the US, the annual death rate, as a direct result of medical treatment, is 225,000 people. Of those, 106,000 are killed by FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs. The other 119,000 are killed by medical mistreatment in hospitals. This makes medically caused death the third leading cause of mortality in America.

In 2009, I interviewed Dr. Starfield.

She assured me that, since the publication of her review in 2000, no federal agency had contacted her to ask for help in fixing this unconscionable horror, and no agency had undertaken a significant program to reverse the third leading cause of death in the US.

Aside from the medically caused death rate, there is medical maiming. In 2001, the LA Times published a shocking article by Linda Marsa.

The article revealed that, in addition to the deaths, 2.1 million more people were admitted to US hospitals every year, as a result of severe reactions to pharmaceutical drugs. And, every year, there were 36 million adverse drug reactions in America.

Those people who support the onset of Obamacare might reflect on all these things. With millions of new people brought into the medical system, the horrific pain-and-death numbers cited in this article are going to escalate. And those numbers equal real human beings.

But don’t worry. You’re humane to want Obamacare. You’ll get a gold star on the blackboard for your sentiments.

Keep sending me your emails expressing those sentiments. I print them and tape them to my wall, right next to the death-and-maiming numbers. It’s a nice collection.

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at


Canada’ s “Truth and Reconciliation” Charade

Kevin Annett – Dec 10, 2012

Canada’s version of the Punch and Judy Show granted us more comic relief this past week.
On December 4, the self-appointed “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC, or Travelling Road Charade)  announced that it planned to sue the federal government to get them to release Indian residential school documents.
That’s a neat trick, you know: one branch of the government suing another. It’s like when the puppet Punch argues and fights with the other puppet Judy up on stage, beguiling the audience to think that there are two separate personalities in conflict.
So let’s pull back the stage and props, and look at what’s actually happening.
Two points, first of all:
1. The TRC was established by the Prime Minister’s Office and is funded and directed by Ottawa and the very churches that are being “investigated” by the TRC – like when a serial killer appoints his own judge and jury.
2. TRC officers have no power or authority to subpoena or demand any document or evidence, from anybody, including their government paymasters. That’s right in their mandate, section two.
Such a gross example of criminals investigating themselves would never have been allowed under any legitimate and fair system of law and government. But hey, this is Canada. The foxes not only guard the chicken house, but they also convince themselves that they`re just trying to help all those poor unfortunate birds.
Even with years of earnest showmanship and millions of dollars worth of the cheap duplicity that Canada is so renowned for, the TRC has been digging itself into a quagmire that is inevitable when a lie as big as theirs needs to be maintained.
For one thing, a lot of aboriginal survivors of Canada`s Christian death camps genuinely expect the TRC to do what it claims to be doing, and that is conduct a genuine inquiry into the more than 50,000 children who died in them.
Of course, the opposite is happening, as countless TRC participants have described: the TRC is systematically ignoring evidence of mass graves of these kids, suppressing evidence, and silencing any survivor who accuses the churches of genocide.
That’s the Commission’s purpose after all: to exonerate the guilty and keep the witnesses censored, controlled and cowed. It’s what the guilty do.
Nevertheless, one day there will have to be a public accounting of what exactly the rotund TRC Commissioners did for five years and what they spent $68 million on, besides sumptuous smorgasbords and ritzy conferences where few survivors actually spoke. And that day is fast approaching: by May 2013, the final report of the TRC’s years of verbiage and posturing is expected to be issued.
So what would you do if you were Murray (“Eats Many Muffins”) Sinclair, the chair of the TRC, when he’s asked to explain what exactly they’ve unearthed after five years?
Simple: you create a big, distracting smokescreen by shifting the blame onto someone else.
Murray may be in a panic, or have shitty advisers, since who he’s blaming for the TRC’s failure happens to also be the very people who pay him: the government of Canada, who he claims has “concealed” crucial evidence from him!
Well, no shit, Sherlock. That’s what you agreed to, remember?
Now at first blush, that whole scenario looks pretty stupid. But don’t forget, it’s all part of the Punch and Judy Show. Murray isn’t really taking a whack at the other puppet on stage. That’s all just for our entertainment and befuddlement. 



Tehran Claims Data Decoded From CIA Drone Captured In 2011

Ali Akbar Dareini – Associated Press Dec 10, 2012

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard on Monday said it has decoded all of the data from an advanced CIA spy drone captured last year.

The Guard’s aerospace chief, Gen. Ami Ali Hajizadeh, told state-run Press TV that that the RQ-170 Sentinel craft had not carried out missions over nuclear facilities before it went down in December 2011 near the eastern border with Afghanistan.

Tehran had previously said it recovered information from the top-secret stealth aircraft, but Monday’s announcement suggests technicians may have broken encryptions.

“All data from the drone have been completely decoded. We know where it travelled step by step,” Hajizadeh was quoted as saying. “After decoding, our experts discovered that this drone had not carried out even a single nuclear mission over Iran.”

Hajizadeh said Iran had captured the drone and decoded its data without any assistance, including from its allies China and Russia. Iran has said it would reverse-engineer the drone and build its own version.

Last week, the Guard claimed it captured another U.S. drone after it entered Iranian airspace over the Persian Gulf, showing an image of what it said was a Boeing-designed ScanEagle drone on state TV.

The Islamic Republic has been trumpeting its possession of the drones in an attempt to embarrass Washington over its alleged surveillance of Iran’s disputed nuclear program.

Hajizadeh said Iran had previously acquired a ScanEagle drone and produced a copy of that, but did not provide evidence to back up the claim.

Last month, Tehran claimed that a U.S. drone violated its airspace. The Pentagon said an unmanned Predator aircraft came under fire at least twice while flying over international waters but was not hit.


The Satanic Schematic and the Devil Inside

Smoking Mirrors – Dec 10, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
This is a very important situation and something Mr. Apocalypse is concerning himself with, as a high priority matter. From this we can see how very obvious it is that a world wide Satanic network has taken control of the governments and religions of the world …in the larger sense. I am not saying this is total by any means but it is wide spread to say the least. We note the connection that is made between the Dutroux affair in Belgium and the conditions in the Netherlands. It seems clear that demonic mentalities are sacrificing young people in horrible rituals. We know so little …but we suspect a great deal. How bad is it really? It must be pretty bad and most likely even worse than we think.
Since I first read this article yesterday, it has come to mind repeatedly. It is terrifying to see how deep it runs and how high (low down) it goes. Now it is the most natural thing in the world for me to suspect just about every world leader I hear about, as being engaged in this kind of thing, at least as far as western powers go. I think of Hilarious Clinton, Leon Panneta, the military high command and these compromised and corrupt heads of the various law enforcement bureaus. I think about the overpowering ambitions that drive them and how greatly they are advantaged by entry into the Satanic Schematic. Surely they are courted by peers and superiors. Surely they weigh their options and surely with facile and convoluted consciousnesses, they easily find a way to justify all sorts of things to themselves. Its a Faustian construct and it’s been a signal propensity of those in power, to be indifferent to, or unconscious of, the cost of their shit for brains decision, made to advance their interests, in total defiance of their best interests. The long term resolution of their best interests, suggests they should have never gotten into that game in the first place.
I look at the policies and actions of these well educated and intelligent men and women and I find very little that indicates intelligence or useful education. To me it makes no sense whatsoever, to be in these positions and to behave as they do. It’s a given, if you serve the dark side in Kali Yuga, then your material interests will be advanced. It’s simple physics. We don’t even have to call it metaphysics. If you magnetize to the onyx lodestone, the attractive resonance is active in the external theater. The goodie cabinet is unlocked and you can wine and dine your ass, all the way to the front porch of Armageddon Acres.
There are a few basic tenets to Satanism. One is that sort of traveling motto, “Me first, you later, maybe, baby”. The idea is that you are like one of the large predators of the veldt, a lion or a leopard perhaps. You kill what you want, when you want and you take your fill and then maybe the carrion feeders step in, according to an established pecking order. One of the main tenets has to do with the despoiling of innocence. In a similarity to wearing upside down crosses, displaying an upside down pentagram, or reciting The Lord’s Prayer backwards, it is considered an imperative to engage in all practices that offend Heaven. This creates a reversed polarity that attunes you to the infernal powers. As you engage in ever greater perversity, in the toxic atmosphere of your developing contempt for all things spiritual, you advance in the ranks. Those who rises to the highest position in this order, are not necessarily those of the highest ranks in the temporal order. It’s all about ability and the head of the order could be only a shopkeeper or a TV announcer, as might be the case with Jumping Jimmy Savile, ‘you go run girl’!
One you are securely in the embrace of this process; digressing to example a little irony- The Process Church of the Final Judgment. Once you are fully in the embrace of this process, you are compelled to do the biding of your superiors, or else some very unpleasant things might just happen to you; will happen to you.
Quite often people get into this sort of thing as a thrill; something kinky and novel. Other time people are attracted to it through extremity and appetite. You might be in some kind of deep shit and since you are not getting any help from the divine side of the equation, or haven’t even bothered to ask, you go to the other side of the fence. It may be that you have an overpowering desire for certain things and you can sit down and eat your fill or order takeout. Those who recruit new meat can be very convincing in their arguments, handing out some version of, “better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven”. You’re given the idea that The Devil takes care of his own. Proof is given to you in the lives of other members, who are examples of someone getting away with all kinds of things, for a long period of time. New aspirants will be familiar with the names and positions of members who have been around for awhile. It all looks good on the surface.
As I have pointed out- and which you don’t hear anywhere else- The Devil works for God. He is an employee. The reason I mention that you don’t hear it anywhere else, is not to seek to attribute any unique singularity to myself but to say that you don’t have to believe me. Maybe I’m wrong (I’m not). Maybe I’m wrong, you be the judge …until the real one comes along. The Devil’s job is to suck you into things, give you ideas you might not have had on your own, set up convenient situations and then snare you into an ongoing journey into your own dark id. Meanwhile he gathers evidence against you. He is the repository for the remembrance of all that you do. Then comes the final denouement, when The Devil puts on his prosecutors outfit and walks into the courtroom; “but, but… you promised”. “I did but I am a liar. Am I not called The Father of Lies”? Then transforming into an angel of light at the given moment.
To me, this kind of dumbass tradeoff, exchanging the priceless for the worthless; getting yourself a big bowl of worthless pottage, is the kind of thing that might be attractive to a hood ornament but certainly not to anyone with any real intelligence or insight. It’s both tragic and amusing how people who think themselves so hip and aware can get themselves into such a world of hurt, never seeing the simple and logical outcome of this kind of thing. Another thing that mystifies me is how they can slavishly support the Synagogue of Satan, to the detriment of their own country and other members of their national and cultural demographic and do it in public with the whole world watching. This treasonous, ‘I’m your bitch’ behavior is a monstrous thing, in the service of monsters and the world is waking up. All things hidden are about to become known and all of these traitors are to be marked by their words and deeds. When the public sees to what an extent they have been manipulated and abused, there will be Hell to pay.
This is the thing about giving up your independence of thought and the loss of your moral compass in the pursuit of material gain and a temporary position above your fellows You get the idea that it will never end but it has never been anything but for the purpose of demonstration; to show what happens when you carry on in this manner. In former times, whatever judgment attended these follies, often took place out of sight. That will no longer be the case where and when everything is uncovered and seen. I know this may not be apparent to a great many people, whose eyes are occupied with the glittering garbage in the landfill of a doomed culture. You can see it all falling apart. All you need is a little hindsight, by which to make comparisons …but this gets in the way of what you hope to get out of the whole affair, as you get carrot and sticked down the highway, wishing in one hand and shitting in the other.
It is so clearly the way it is. It is so obvious but, for some reason, it doesn’t get through, or it hasn’t gotten through until now. Now it is starting to get through and all the suppressed rage and reaction is beginning to boil. It won’t be long now. Time remains to change and get with the program. The difference in potential destinies is extreme. There’s going to be a lot of regret and recrimination one of these days real soon. I surely do hope the greatest possible number of people catch on before it’s too late.
End Transmission…….

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Dutch pedophile exposer to stand trial, high-ranking pedophile still walking free

Quoriana – World Dec 8, 2012

December 10 marks the trial of investigative journalist, activist and foremost Dutch Bilderberg Group hunter Micha Kat. The 49-year-old faces the Court in the Hague for alleged insults to the Dutch royal family, alleged discrimination of a lawyer whose fraudulent and corrupt activities he exposed, two alleged false bomb threats, alleged death threats against a journalist of Dutch mainstream newspaper Telegraaf, overall “instigation”, and for writing “danger: pedophile in Dutch language on the house of known Dutch pedophile Joris Demmink who has been the most powerful man of the Netherlands for the last decade.

When arriving at Schiphol airport from Laos where he then lived, Kat was arrested in April this year over the above allegations. He was imprisoned until the beginning of September and his case was suspended till December 10. UPDATE: According to a message on Kat’s website, the December 10 trial is postponed with no new given date due to illness of his lawyer.

Kat is particularly known for his website (meaning “”) where he mainly exposes and denounces national abuses. Some external links to his articles however redirect to the website (“”), the official website of the High Council of the Netherlands, as a result of censorship of certain topics by the Court of Amsterdam, including pieces that exposed the dark secrets of the Dutch royal family. Some of these secrets are published in an excellent 2010 article at, authored by Kat and investigative writer Jurriaan Maessen, which article contains the following disturbing and -even in the Netherlands- largely unknown facts:

The great-grandfather from [prince] Friso’s mother’s [queen Beatrix] side, a German prince named Hendrik, raped his own daughter, the mother of queen Beatrix, as a result of which a daughter was born. The father of Friso, Claus, was a homosexual who also used children for sexual pleasure. The lawyer of the Queen and main guardian of the crown prince, Friso’s brother, was a sadistic pedophile against whom even testimony of child executions exists.

In a December 2 message at his website, Kat writes in Dutch language on his upcoming trial:

December 10, 2012: The day justice will die? – On 10 December, the Dutch State wants to finally deal with whistleblower Micha Kat. Will he get a fair trial as also has been promised in vain to Jasper S.? [an innocent scapegoat recently used in one of the biggest murder cases in the Netherlands, namely the -likely lust or even ritual- murder of 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra in 1999]. Or will he be put in a straitjacket and sent to a psychiatric prison unit, as demanded by Peter R. de Vries? [A famous Dutch crime reporter and royal puppet who hijacked many murder and abuse cases].

In the below video (partially English and partially Dutch with English subtitles), Micha Kat provides a revealing look at the activities of the Bilderberg Group which was founded by the father of Dutch queen Beatrix, prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld (1911-2004), a former member of the German Nazi NSDAP. Queen Beatrix is said to hold the third position in the current Bilderberg hierarchy and never fails to attend the annual Bilderberg Group meetings, accompanied by her oldest son and future Dutch king prince Willem-Alexander. The video shows at 8:55 how Kat was arrested in 2010 when he confronted the president of the Dutch Bank, Nout Wellink, during a hearing with his membership of the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission.


Now that the whistleblower in an Orwellian twist of justice has to stand trial while the criminals he exposed are still walking free, let’s take a look at one of the main cases Micha Kat among a few others has brought to light:

The Joris Demmink case

Largely unknown outside of the Netherlands and having his crimes well covered up by the Dutch authorities and the royal family, is the homosexual Joris Demmink, born December 11, 1947, the most powerful man of the Netherlands until he retired as highest official of the Dutch Ministry of Safety and Justice on November 1, 2012. During Demmink’s farewell party, Micha Kat and six other journalists were arrested in order to prevent them from interviewing Demmink.

Demmink finds himself in the center of a pedophile scandal that is far more powerful, evil and far reaching than even the majority of the Dutch know. On the Dutch website (“”), an audio fragment says in Dutch language: “During conversations with (Dutch magazines) Panorama and Gay Krant behind closed doors last week, he (Demmink) admitted he had sex with young gay boys, and that he hadn’t always asked about their age”.

Below is an extensive though incomplete overview of Demmink’s carrier as a homosexual pedophile, partially taken from the overview in Dutch language which is available at

1978 – 1982

At the District Court in The Hague work at least two pedophile judges: Mr Stolk and Mr Rueb. This fact is about to come out during the case of alleged Dutch serial killer Koos Hertogs. His case contains the killing of three young girls, a police officer and the wife of Mr Stolk. Though Hertogs never confessed to committing these crimes, he is sentenced to life imprisonment in 1982, the year in which Demmink made his entrance to the Ministry of Justice.


Dutch female pediatrician Joyce Labruyère is killed. The still unresolved murder is associated with a network of pedophiles operating within the Netherlands. Investigative journalists report of a connection between the murder and “authorities who sexually abuse underage boys” and claim that Mrs Labruyère had become aware of child abuse by Dutch officials.


After police investigations, a Dutch newspaper mentions “the involvement of a top official from the Hague” in the abuse of minors.


The Susurluk scandal takes place. Micha Kat’s 2007 article “Nederlandse Staat Gechanteerd door Turkije” (“The Netherlands Blackmailed by Turkey”) analyses the scandal and claims Turkey has evidence proving that Demmink organized sex parties in Turkey during which minors were abused. The article states that the sex parties were organized in collaboration with drug offenders who had contacts with the Turkish government, including with then Prime Minister Tansu Ciller.


Kurdish businessman Hüseyin Baybasin is arrested in the Netherlands for “criminal activities” related to “drug trafficking, extortion and murder” and is sentenced to life imprisonment in 2002. PKK sympathizer Baybasin has always claimed to be the victim of a conspiracy against him by the Turkish state. He said that Turkey had put pressure on the Netherlands to arrest him by threatening to disclose information on Demmink’s abuse of minors in Turkey.

A Dutch television program mentions that young boys were smuggled from Poland to the Netherlands with the assistance of “a top official of the Dutch government”. It adds that a top official named “Joris” (Demmink’s first name) for that reason has been sentenced to 240 hours of community service and six months of conditional imprisonment. Later the media claim this was “another Joris”.

Amsterdam authorities investigate on a pedophile network which includes a former lawyer of the Dutch queen, two main prosecutors, a former minister and a professor. In the wake of this research, Dutch intelligence agency BVD (currently: AIVD), receives messages regarding the sexual escapades of Demmink. Documents also state that Demmink tried to sabotage the investigation by transferring information to suspects.


Demmink attracts the attention of the research editors of Dutch NOS News who investigate whether the Dutroux affair had branches in the Netherlands.


Kurdish businessman Hüseyin Baybasin is sentenced to life imprisonment on the basis of falsified tape conversations.

Demmink is appointed Secretary-General of Justice which is the highest possible rank in Justice in the Netherlands. Dutch intelligence agency AIVD (formerly: BVD) says that prior to this appointment, they investigated on “circa 40 rumors about the lifestyle of Demmink”. A sister organization of the AIVD reportedly tried to obstruct the appointment because of Demmink’s “sexual lifestyle”.


Pic: A Dutch TV program broadcasts a documentary on the unjust process against Baybasin. The magazines Panorama and GayKrant decide on a collective independent investigation of Demmink. They publish articles revealing that Demmink abused children in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and in a sex bar in Prague. A man named Frank Leenders comes forward as a witness and victim. He says Demmink has been present during the filming of a porn movie in the Czech Republic where a child has died as a result of penetration with a dildo. Leenders files a complaint against Demmink and Dutch NOS News names Demmink as a suspect of child abuse. As a result of this, then Minister of Justice Donner threatens to prosecute all media that mention the name of the “suspected official”. Subsequently, the Dutch Public Prosecutor declares that the complaint against Demmink is false, which is contradicted by Leenders.

The chief editors of Panorama and GayKrant conduct an interview with Demmink at his home. Demmink refuses publication of the interview, but NOS News intercepts emails revealing that Demmink during the interview admitted to “having visited gay bars in Prague”, “having had a relationship with a young Czech boy who acted in porn movies” and that he is “attracted to young boys”. Panorama and GayKrant nonetheless give in to Demmink’s request and don’t publish the interview. Later it comes out that the editors of Panorama and Gaykrant are no longer allowed to talk or write about Demmink on penalty of a fine of 100,000 Euros. They even start to call their “source” unreliable.

However, one of the editors starts to have qualms of conscience and reveals the entire story to a NOS News journalist, saying that he has become part of a cover-up. On November 5, NOS News reports that “the top official has admitted to abusing children”.


In January, Demmink files a complaint against NOS News, which complaint is declared admissible. Meanwhile German newspaper Die Welt also reports on a connection between the Dutroux case and a Dutch pedophile network in its article “Kein Einzeltäter” (“Not an individual act”). Die Welt writes of a film in which a 13-year old German boy was forced to have oral sex with multiple men, which made the boy choke and die. This film was found in Zandvoort, the Netherlands, at the house of a pedophile named Gerrit Ulrich, who later has been murdered. A close friend of this man also was the guardian of the children of queen Beatrix…

The Ministry of Justice announces it will prosecute Frank Leenders for making “false accusations”. A TV program claims Leenders was paid to make a complaint against Demmink, which Leenders himself denies. He however is convicted for “making false accusations” and is sentenced to two months’ probation.

Demmink’s personal driver “suddenly dies” after he started to have “growing moral problems” with Demmink.


The Turkish media publish several articles on the Turkish government’s blackmail of the Dutch government at the end of the nineties, saying the Demmink case was used to “deal with Baybasin”.


Baybasin files a complaint against Demmink concerning “pedophile activities, repeatedly committed since at least 1990 in Turkey and other countries, incitement resp. (co)perpetration of intentional and unlawful detention and participation in a criminal organization”. The complaint is based on a yet secret report on the Turkish government’s blackmail of the Dutch. A Dutch Member of Parliament asks the Minister of Justice for parliamentary questions following Baybasin’s complaint. The Minister orders a so-called “exploratory investigation” by the Public Prosecutor, which is a term that legally actually doesn’t exist.

Micha Kat’s website publishes the article “Nederlandse Staat Gechanteerd door Turkije” (“The Netherlands blackmailed by Turkey”) .

Several reports appear in the Dutch media concerning Demmink’s participation in Dési Bouterse‘s coup in Suriname in 1981, when Demmink was still working at the Ministry of Defense. Sources say Demmink was in an “intense relationship” with a young Suriname soldier from the Bouta team that was responsible for the December murders in 1982.

Demmink visits Baybasin in prison which angers his lawyer, Ms Adele van der Plas. Via the Dutch Socialist’s party she requests that Demmink should be excluded from getting in touch with Baybasin, but the request is declined. Van der Plas files a complaint against Demmink.

Several parliamentary inquiries regarding Demmink take place, some of them explicitly ask about the presence of Demmink at sex parties in Turkey. Some Dutch newspapers and TV programs pay attention to the Demmink case via exposing articles and footage. In response, one of the leading Dutch newspapers, NRC Handelsblad, publishes a flattering profile of Demmink in which prominent politicians call him a decent man, saying that they “have never heard anything negative regarding Demmink’s private life” and that it is “a fact that up to now Demmink has refuted all accusations”. A journalist who is investigating the case reportedly receives death threats.

Turkish investigative journalist Burhan Kazmali is detained at the airport in Istanbul to prohibit him from testifying against Demmink in the Netherlands regarding Baybasin’s complaint.

NRC Handelsblad publishes an article with headline “Topman justitie is schoon” (“Top Justice Official is clean”). It argues that several investigations by Dutch intelligence agency AIVD didn’t provide any evidence of Demmink’s involvement in “criminal activities”. However, Baybasin’s lawyer states that there has not been any investigation at all.

The Public Prosecutor announces that Demmink will not be prosecuted.

This is how Dutch politicians react when being asked about Joris Demmink (English subtitles):


Baybasin’s attorney again tries in vain to prosecute Demmink, partially based on new evidence collected by a Dutch journalist who investigated the Turkey case. Demmink again receives much media attention. Leading Dutch newspaper Telegraaf which used to criticize Demmink, suddenly starts to protect him and claims that Demmink has become the victim of a demonizing campaign against him. In November, Dutch newspaper Volkskrant asks readers for topics their journalists should write about, and many readers reply with “the Demmink case”, but Volkskrant refuses to do so.

Dutch radio station Arrow Classic Rock interviews Micha Kat on the Demmink case on July 10, which causes a flood of responses but the mainstream media remain silent. On September 1, Adam Curry, the DJ who conducted the interview with Kat, is fired. Curry currently lives in the U.S.

On October 31, a Hyves page is launched with the purpose to mobilize the Dutch people against Demmink. Within 12 hours the site has almost 1,200 members. On November 2, the site disappears. On November 3 at noon the site is back online.

A judge writes to Micha Kat that Demmink, accompanied by the former and current Dutch Minister of Justice, has visited a sex club in Breda, the Netherlands.

A former detective who investigated into Demmink’s activities in Turkey declares in a Dutch crime magazine:

“I am aware that this is an extremely sensitive case. But it is not my job to make the evidence conclusive. All I have to do is to bring on enough “ammunition” to make the Court of the Hague decide to further investigate the case. I am confident that this will happen. If someone claims on camera that he has been sexually abused at a young age by a senior Justice official, it simply can’t be ignored by pretending nothing happened, right? We know this boy, we know where he lives and how he can be contacted.”

The Court of the Hague however decides not to prosecute Demmink. Reports say the Court actually refused to take a look at the evidence.

After Baybasin and Leenders, a Turkish boy named Mustafa Y. also files a complaint against Demmink.

On December 30, Leenders’ lawyer “falls off his bike” and dies.


Throughout the first months of the year, several media start to pay attention to the Demmink case again. He is often mentioned in connection with child abuse and the remarkable role he played in the Bouterse coup in Suriname. In May a television crew confronts Demmink near his house with the accusations of child abuse. Demmink flees in his service car.

Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad publishes an article on Demmink’s extremely high invoices which are paid by the Dutch state.

It is revealed that a Turkish TV-station is trying to conduct an interview with Baybasin since three years. The Dutch embassy has urged them not to talk about the Demmink case, or about the Dutch royal family…

A Turkish man who played an important role in creating “evidence” against Baybasin and who also intimidated witness Mustafa Y. is arrested in Turkey.


The Institute for the Study of Globalization mentions in its article “A closer look at child abuse networks in the Netherlands and Belgium” that Demmink “on a top level” is involved with pedophile networks in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In June, Dutch Dr J. Poot publishes his book De Demmink Doofpot (The Demmink Cover up). The main purpose of the book is to bring about a parliamentary and judicial investigation into the pedophile practices of the highest official of the Dutch Ministry of Justice, Joris Demmink.

A regional newspaper writes that the Dutch Public Prosecution Service is willing to cooperate in filing a complaint against Demmink regarding the Mustafa Y. case. Y. says he has been abused and raped by Demmink when he was 12 and 13 years old (which was in 1994 and 1995). However, no complaint is filed.

In August, the author of The Demmink Cover up publishes a large advertisement in NRC Handelsblad, asking Demmink why he is “silent like death” after the publication of the book. In September he reveals via another advertisement in the same newspaper that a whistleblower in the Demmink case has received death threats. The Officer of Justice gives the whistleblower the advice to go abroad for six weeks , telling him his life is not save in the Netherlands.

A Rotterdam university professor asks the Minister of Justice to clarify the Demmink case. The Minister replies by saying that he sees no reason to do so.


Demmink retires as Secretary-General of the Ministry of Security and Justice on November 1.


During the week of his retirement, Demmink’s crimes finally caught some international media attention. The American Spector‘s Peter Hannaford published an article on the case saying:

In the Jerry Sandusky case Penn State officials closed their ears for years to rumors about his behavior. In the Netherlands, the alleged pedophile Joris Demmink, Secretary-General of the Dutch Ministry of Justice, has had a close friend thwart official investigations into his behavior. That friend? Himself. This cozy arrangement may be about to come to an end.

while CBN News broadcast some of the testimonies of Demmink’s victims to a Capitol Hill audience on October 26.

A more detailed description of Demmink and the Dutch nightmarish tale of corruption, abduction, child pornography and murder can be found in the below documentary.

Part 1

Demmink, prince Friso and the Marianne Vaatstra murder: A short look at an extensive case

Joris Demmink’s name popped up again regarding one of the most sensational murder cases in the Netherlands. In the night of May 1, 1999 -the day after the Dutch Queen’s Day celebration- 16-year-old Marianne Vaatstra was raped and killed in a rural area in the province of Friesland. She was found naked with her throat cut later on that day. Some of the initial suspects were two Turkish young men together with two German men who traded drugs and porn material. The Turkish men by then lived in an asylum center close to the site of the murder and they appeared to have influential family and friends in Turkey. As Dutch asylum centers are known as a breeding ground for criminal activities such as prostitution and human trafficking, it is unlikely that the Turks, if they were part of a large web of criminal activities, deliberately chose a Dutch girl to rape and kill and thus took the risk of having many other crimes at the asylum center exposed – unless they were protected by the Ministry of Justice itself. Taking in consideration that the Turkish government has blackmail material on high-ranking Dutch officials including Demmink, it isn’t far-fetched to conclude that the Turkish men may have been involved in the murder of Vaatstra.

Subsequently, in an epic exchange of identities, a Turkish man with the common Turkish name Ali Hassan has been regarded as one of the suspects by Dutch officials and media right after the murder, while one of the real suspects, the asylum seeker whose name also is Ali Hassan, has been smuggled out of the Netherlands shortly after the crime took place. One should remember that it was impossible to send any asylum seeker back to their country or to any other country without the approval of one man: Joris Demmink.

In the meantime the trailer of the German drugs and porn traders went up in flames. A volunteer firefighter has declared that he was not allowed to immediately extinguish the fire, and a young girl has testified that the trailer was a gathering place for all alleged suspects in the murder case – including some friends of Vaatstra whose testimonies on the night of the murder have proven to be highly contradicting and suspect. However, the young girl was explicitly told by officials that she was wrong and that the trailer did not belong to the Germans.

There is more than one possible scenario to this still unresolved murder. Micha Kat again came forward as a pioneer of truth when he had the courage to publicly relate the Vaatstra murder with a member of the Dutch royal family: the controversial prince Johan Friso who has been notably accompanied by Demmink during both official and unofficial events. A truthful profile of the shadowy second son of queen Beatrix can be found in the above-mentioned Infowars article Grim Tidings From the Netherlands: Prince Bernhard’s Grandchildren Continue Bilderberg Legacy, co-authored by Kat. Friso used to work as a part time director of TNO Space, an organization which specializes in developing techniques for controlling the population from outer space, and is married to Mabel Wisse-Smit, director of George Soros’ Brussels-based Open Society Institute and also highly controversial for her former (romantic) liaison with “the founding father of Dutch drugs trafficking” Klaas Bruinsma who was shot death in 1991. As Friso has been frequently spotted as a homosexual, especially during his student days in the United States, many -including Kat- have suggested that his marriage to Wisse-Smit is not only a cover up for his homosexuality but also for the fact that the royal family may have close ties with the organized crime Wisse-Smit has been part of.

Marianne Vaatstra was killed in the night from 30 April to 1 May, which wasn’t only the night after Queen’s Day – that night is also known as Walpurgis Night in large parts of Central and Northern Europe. Moreover, it was full moon during the night of the murder. Kat exposed the direct relationship between the worshipping of Satan and child sacrifice during Walpurgis Night and what he considers as the ritual murder of Vaatstra, and has stated that Friso may have been the one who ordered “the killing of a virgin during Walpurgis Night” in a Satanic ritual. Kat bases his statement on the testimony of a “super witness” who has declared that prince Friso was the instigator of the sacrifice of Marianne Vaatstra and that many “officials” were present during the satanic event. At his website Kat wonders if the Satanists from the Hague use Dutch girls for their perverted lusts.

The still unsolved Vaatstra case was reopened early this year. Around the same time, during a holiday in Lech, Austria – initially only with his gay friend and later with his family – Friso was caught in a bizarre avalanche accident and has been in a coma in London’s Wellington Hospital since then. In September a large DNA research project took place regarding the Vaatstra murder. Eight thousand men who lived within a radius of five kilometers of the site of the murder voluntarily took part in the research, and on November 18 the Vaatstra case was declared solved after the arrest of 45-year-old farmer Jasper Scheringa based on “matching DNA evidence”. Sources however have declared that the DNA of dozens of men has been found on Vaatstra’s body…

The day after the “solution” of the murder, the Dutch media reported that prince Friso for the first time after his avalanche accident in February had shown “signs of minimal consciousness”.

…was he trying to make something clear?

When I write this, it is the evening of December 6, 2012, another black day in the history of justice in the Netherlands as the Public Prosecutor just told the media that Jasper Scheringa has confessed to the murder of Marianne Vaatstra. According to Dutch media, he said that he “did not know her but accidentally ran into her”, whereafter he “took her to a meadow under threat of a knife” and subsequently raped and killed her.

Micha Kat’s first reaction in Dutch language, right after the news of the confession appeared in the media:

Ministry of Justice forces confession * The Netherlands has become a judicial horror state with torture chambers * What torture methods were used? * Biggest provocation of the law ever by criminal pedophile mafia inside the Ministry of Justice * Jasper was on the verge of getting a new lawyer; the Ministry of Justice must have panicked * Was is torture, or the promise of the villa in Paraguay and a new identity? * The real offenders were smuggled out of the country by the Ministry * Demmink was directly involved in the Vaatstra murder.

Demmink’s victims speak out

On the eve of the trial of Micha Kat who has been detained and pestered numerous times for exposing many of the above horrible facts, let’s in conclusion take a look at a very important hearing which took place on October 4, 2012, and which has gone largely unreported by both mainstream and independent media:


3,000 US troops secretly return to Iraq via Kuwait

Press TV – Dec 10, 2012

Over 3,000 US troops have secretly returned to Iraq via Kuwait for missions pertaining to the recent developments in Syria and northern Iraq, Press TV reports.

According to our correspondent, the US troops have secretly entered Iraq in multiple stages and are mostly stationed at Balad military garrison in Salahuddin province and al-Asad air base in al-Anbar province.

Reports say the troops include US Army officers and almost 17,000 more are set to secretly return to Iraq via the same route.

All US troops left Iraq by the end of 2011, after nine years of occupation, as required by a 2008 bilateral security agreement between the two countries. The troops left Iraq for the neighboring Kuwait.

Washington decided to pull out all its troops from Iraq after Baghdad refused to grant legal immunity to the remaining US soldiers.

Washington claims that the only US military presence left in Iraq now is 157 soldiers responsible for training at the US Embassy, as well as a small contingent of marines protecting the diplomatic mission.

US-led forces attacked Iraq in 2003 and toppled Saddam Hussein on the pretext of possessing weapons of mass destruction. But no WMD was ever discovered in Iraq. At the peak of the US-led military operation in Iraq, there were 170,000 US troops and more than 500 bases in Iraq.

More than one million Iraqis were killed as the result of the US-led invasion and subsequent occupation of the country, according to the California-based investigative organization Project Censored.



Sex Obsession as Occult Possession

Henry Makow – Dec 9, 2012

Those of us who believe in the benevolence and wisdom of the Creator sometimes wonder why He didn’t consider birth control. 
Why would He give people sex drives that would result in more children than they could provide for?
The Communist writer Berthold Brecht seized upon another design problem to explain why he was an atheist. 
He said no Divine Intelligence  would place the excretory and sexual functions in such close proximity. Or as a wag put it, God put the snack shop too close to the outhouse.
The explanation is that sex was not meant to become the popular recreation and fulltime obsession it is today. Ideally, people were intended to evolve to the point where sex was something married couples did when they wanted to have a child. 
This would explain why God tucked this function away in an efficient place, and didn’t worry about birth control. 
As usual, it is our lack of wisdom that requires scrutiny, not God’s.  
For many centuries, humanity aspired to do God’s will. The proscription of sex outside of wedlock ensured the procreative function would be used for procreation, or at least to strengthen the procreative bond. 
Christian religion and culture channelled the sex drive to uplift men and women and ensure that children would be raised in a secure environment.  When sex was confined to marriage, women were protected from sexual exploitation. 


Continues …

If Sodomy, Why Not Necrophilia?

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Dec 9, 2012

If Sodomy is as culturally acceptable as it seems to be, then why not necrophilia?
After all, an individual gets to exercise their human right of sexual self-expression and, if the other party is as entirely passive as it inevitably must be, we can state with certainty that no feelings have been abused and, therefore, no suffering was inflicted.
Thus, according to enlightened 21st century moral sensibilities, all criteria for acceptable sexual behaviour are met.
There seems to be no possible moral objection that can arise that might impede the dedicated necrophiliac from marrying his (or her?, let’s be fair) preferred corpse.
But maybe one is missing something in this analysis. Let us strain our imaginations.
What reasonable objections to necrophilia could possibly arise?
Perhaps the corpse in question might not have wished, while it was alive, for such a relationship after death. Perhaps he or she might have been very antagonistic to the idea that their inert bodies be allowed to participate in such a relationship.
We must surely admit this as a real possibility.
What principle, in this situation, is thus agitated by the desires of the living?
That we must take cognisance of and give due deference to the expressed wishes while living of those now deceased?
Umm, tricky.
We’ve already ditched this one.
Six thousand years of human hostility to sodomy carries no weight whatsoever in modern cultural or parliamentary discourse.
Perhaps we can find a compromise whereby individuals can hold true to personally held principles and thus western cultural development can be projected forward in a reasonable manner while the integrity of all persons can be preserved?
Perhaps government might licence the construction of two different types of mortuary.
One kind for those who reject the injunctions of God-given nature and see the sating of desire as a human right provided no harm is done (necrophilia in this mortuary [obviously] permitted).
The other for believers who object to these kind of activities in principle (necrophilia not permitted).
Solved it!
Now everybody can be happy.
Let’s admit it folks. Jimmy Saville, with his privileged access, his sets of keys and his midnight trips to Stoke Mandeville and Leeds General hospital morgues, was an enlightened trailblazer in so, so many ways.


Not the Wisest Phil Around

Gilad Atzmon – Dec 9, 2012

God bless Philip Weiss, the progressive Jewish blogger brave enough to admit in public those things other Jewish ethnic activists prefer to shove under the carpet. A year ago, Weiss was brave enough to confess to me that it is Jewish self interests’ that stands at the core of his pro Palestinian activism. Also, a few weeks ago, the same Weiss was honest enough to announce that his Jewish ‘progressive’ internet journal, Mondowiess, changed its comment policy and “will no longer serve as a forum to pillory Jewish culture and religion as the driving factors in Israeli and US policy.”
But this week, the very same Weiss published a new polemic on his website. He now thinks that “it’s time for the media to talk about Zionism.” So, now Weiss is happy to join with the rest of us in talking about Zionism – so long as we avoid discussing ‘Jewishness’. Well, I’m afraid that Philip Weiss may have missed the train since, by now, many of us have already grasped that the time is ripe to talk about Jewishness and the role of ‘Jewish culture as the driving factor in Israeli and US policy.’
Weiss’ logic is no doubt fascinating. This Jewish ethnic activist does provide us with an insight into the level of deceit that is, unfortunately, inherent to Jewish left politics.
Weiss thinks Jews should ask themselves whether they really are ‘unsafe’ in America. Well, Weiss must know plenty about ‘safety’ since it was he himself who felt that it may be ‘risky’ to discuss Jewish culture and religion on his own Mondoweiss.
“Zionism,” he continues, “draws on a person’s worldview and has a religious character, it supplies meaning to his or her life.” Well again, Weiss should know because, like all Zionists, both overt and covert, he operates within a Jews-only political cell namely “Jews Voice for Peace’ (JVP). For some reason, just like his less enlightened brethren, this very ‘progressive’ activist prefers to surround himself with members of his own tribe.
Weiss well knows why the media avoids discussing Zionism, “it would involve a lot of squeamish self-interrogation on the part of Jews,” and Weiss knows what this means. That’s why he, and his Jewish partner Adam Horowitz, banned Jeff Blankfort from commenting on their site – Blankfort was critically discussing Jewish related topics. Weiss couldn’t allow it.
Weiss is brave enough to admit that “the acknowledgment of Jewish prominence in the Establishment, and of the power of Zionism, would make a lot of Jews uncomfortable”, but he isn’t bold enough to admit that the problem is far worse, since Jewish anti-Zionists like himself and JVP are relentlessly seeking a similar hegemony within the Palestinian solidarity discourse and openly campaign against prominent activists who challenge Jewish power. Is it possible that what we are dealing with here is a tribally-driven, power seeking tendency that is inherent to Jewish politics? The answer is a categorical yes, and I provide all the relevant information on this in my latest book The Wandering Who.
Weiss regards himself as an anti-Zionist while, as far as his language is concerned, he actually manifests every possible Zionist symptom. “Silence” on issues to do with Zionist power is “bad for Jews,” says Weiss. Like any Hasbara parrot he repeats the old mantra of ‘good’ vs. ‘bad’ for the Jews. But then isn’t this just what you would expect from a Zionist?
It doesn’t take Weiss too long to drop his political bomb: the silence over Zionist power “allows people who are justifiably angry over our foreign policy to believe that all Jews support Israel.” Here, Weiss is absolutely correct. It is about time to deliver the message to the American people and the entire world – Not all Jews support Israel! In fact, at least two dozen American Jews including Weiss oppose Zionism because, as Weiss confesses, because “it is really bad for the Jews.”
If you think you’ve had enough of Weiss’ Judeo-centrism read this: “Zionism came out of the real condition of Jews in Europe in the late 19th and 20th centuries. I can well imagine being a Zionist at other periods of Jewish history. I would have been a Zionist if I had been in Kafka’s circle in Prague in the 19-teens with the rise of anti-Semitism. I would have been a Zionist if I had been born into the family of my mother’s best friend in Berlin in the 1930s.”
In this embarrassing passage, Weiss, the so-called ‘anti’ Zionist, actually admits that considerations of Jewish safety would justify the colonization of Palestine. This non-ethical vision is also apparent in JVP’s latest ‘educational’ video. It is clearly consistent with the Zionist take on the primacy of Jewish suffering. Which is exactly what you would expect from a Jew who operates politically within Jewish racially-segregated cells. There is only one possible conclusion – Jewish anti Zionism is a myth. Jewish opposition to Zionism is just another form of Zionism-lite that, just like it’s right-wing counterpart, locates Jewish self-interest firmly at its core.
Weiss is a pretty clumsy spin-doctor. He argues that the current militant and totalitarian aspects of Israeli society flow from a ‘Zionist belief system’. Here, Weiss misleads his readers and I think he does this consciously. Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and as the true embodiment of Jewish culture. Its barbarism is the direct outcome of its interpretation of Jewish texts and spirit. If anything, Zionism was born to ‘civilize’ the Diaspora Jew who, certain 19th century emancipated secular Jews found so repellent. So it is not Zionism that makes Israel barbarous, it is the way Israelis interpret their cultural, spiritual and textual heritage. Of course, Weiss is welcome to suggest that there is another possible interpretation to Jewish heritage, but he should be precise and point to those Jewish texts that preach universal ethics and world peace.
Weiss reckons that once we should be brave enough to deal with Zionism, “liberal Zionists will be pressed to decide what they believe in more, liberalism or Zionism.” But still I’m puzzled. If Weiss is so open and tolerant, surely he would allow discussion on his own website concerning the Jewish character of the Jewish State. He would invite a discussion concerning the Jewishness of the Jewish Lobby. I believe that Philip Weiss is operating unwillingly and unwittingly as a Zionist fig leaf. He invests all his intellectual energy diverting attention from the root cause of the problem – namely Jewish culture and Jewish identity politics. And why? Probably because of his own unease with is own Anti Zionist Zionist behaviour. 
The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics and  progressive spin …  or


The Essential Posture of Liberty

Visible Origami – Dec 9, 2012

Please click to sign Visible’s Petition to The Obama administration:

“That the US Government recognises that Israel authored the 9/11 Terror attacks…”

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
I live in a small town, which is the central town for half a dozen towns or more in the area. It’s a kind of government seat thing. There are some number of rest homes here and some of them are fairly large. This is a town with a lot of old people. Lately, younger families have been moving in and building homes; not cheap homes either but… it has been an old folks town and one of those old folks is Susanne’s mother, Liselotte. She was in one of those homes this past week because Susanne went off to Berlin to see friends. I was here and I often take care of Liselotte, feeding her and putting her to bed, getting her up in the morning. However, when that extends to several days, there are various concerns and her modesty is one of them. She gets a free month in the care home every year. Sometimes we will just have a nurse come in in the morning and evening to get her up and get her ready for bed, where I will take her at the end of the evening.
I told this little tale for a reason. I’ve had a lot of time to study the care homes here and they are something else. The staff is friendly and professional. Her room is large and filled with windows.. She is very alert, more so than just about any of the other residents. Then again she lives at home and has the benefit of people who love and care about her. Every day I would go down to the home a little after noon and bring her her newspaper and an ice cream. I don’t stay too long because her attention wanders and once the ice cream is gone, it’s not long before she gets into the newspaper. She loves to read and I attribute her hanging on to her senses to this feature of her being.
Coming into the care home, as I do, a couple of dozen times a year, grants me ample opportunity to study the occupants in this care facility. I see the state people come to, when they can no longer be cared for in their homes, or there is no one to care for them, or no one who wants to care for them. They degenerate and a part of them goes away. Even though they are getting excellent care, they no longer have an anchor in the world of family and a social dynamic. I suspect in America, care homes are not anywhere near the standards that they are in Europe. Certainly if you have a whole lot of money you will get care commensurate with your investment. For years I have read about nursing home scandals in the US. Of course, these are all a part of the medical, pharmaceutical combine of maximizing profit, while reducing quality and service. The old in America are warehoused and fed drugs that put them on the expressway to death. I’m not saying that isn’t often the case over here. I just haven’t seen it.
The police here are friendly and helpful and seldom seen unless you need them. It’s a whole other world. People can doubt this all they want, or rationalize it to their satisfaction. That doesn’t change anything. I am amazed at the length people will go to, to defend both the people and the systems that abuse them. Recently I posted a video narrated by Ed Asner, about how the super rich steal from everyone who is not super rich. There was a concerted mob effort from various respondents, jeering at those who were in agreement with the video, telling them they simply weren’t working hard enough and were nothing more than petty jealous of those with a greater industry and sense of purpose. You see, the super rich, actually deserve everything they have stolen and also shouldn’t be inconvenienced by taxes because they already contribute so much to the system.
It amazes and dismays me, the length people will go to to convince themselves of the things they want to believe in. It doesn’t matter if these things are true or not. What matters is that they want them to be true. They have to be true because otherwise the actual truth has to be considered and that can be extremely inconvenient. What is actually true, forces change upon you. It demands ever greater states of refined awareness. They say there is no rest for the wicked, well, there is no rest for the righteous either, which is based on that eternal vigilance being the price of liberty model.
The days are slipping by. Things are coming to a head all over the place. What’s going to happen? We don’t know. Some are fearful, some are optimistic and some are indifferent. With the first two there could well be reasons for either state but for the third there are no good reasons. It’s the life answer to having headphones on all the time.
In the wider world, they are banging the gong and stirring up more of their relentless mischief in Syria. The Russians have had enough at this point and so, we think, have the Chinese. You can only push the river so much before it backs up over you.
I’ve tried to have a life of my own making throughout my life and that has not been permitted. I was allowed to bang my head against the wall in all directions, until I found the center of the room and located my place of power, as Don Juan likes to call it. On the one hand, the progression from there to here has been an exercise in frustration. When you are trapped in the redundancies of doing the same thing over and over, albeit from a different angle and with a different goal in mind, it begins to feel and smell like failure. Of course you can blame it on conditions and oppositions but that’s only going to result in a Pyrrhic state of mind. Failure is only operational until you get the point. The center of the room is a metaphor and what it does is weave all of your previous seeming failures, into a tapestry of success; leaving you, at the same time, free and independent of the circumstances and attachments of what might have been but was not. When things go right, it is as if they have never been wrong.
If you want a guide book to the game of life, there is no better consultant from across the ages than Lao Tzu (this is ‘the’ edition). Everything he said, 2600 years ago, is still relevant and applicable today. When Confucius was asked about his impressions from his meeting with Lao Tzu, he said, “I met a dragon”. The one thing I most clearly remember from their engagement, was Lao Tzu asking Confucius, “Why did you bring all these other people with you”? Confucius was ‘seemingly’ alone at the time.
I know I’ve been hammering on the same things for some weeks now. I’ve been doing it because these things are very, very important. Either we are seeing things the way they are being presented to us, or we are seeing them as they are. The purpose of all the monumental effort to make us see things the way they are presented, is the point of the exercise. Some collected, organized group of someones, is going through a lot of trouble and expense to make this happen. Of course, the trouble is all about maximizing their profits and the expense is simply the outlaying of funds stolen from you in the first place.
Seeing things as they are, is the essential posture of liberty. Seeing things as they are, can be initially painful and alienating. You become, “The Outsider’. You are also forced to learn things about yourself. You are forced to surrender fundamental illusions about yourself, which are shared by the common herd (and herd it is- though a school of fish seems just as appropriate). We associate this surrender with a loss of self. The self being lost, is a cradle to grave prison cell. It needs to go but once it’s gone, so is your protective coloration, for a little while anyway. This false self resonates to the way things are presented to be, engaging you in a danse macabre. The other self does not resonate with this. It actually destroys it because it is more powerful than appearances. This is the true magical art of existence. It reflexively brings about the disintegration of the unreal without any effort required to do it. Getting there is the difficult part, given that you are already there but not.
In an age of pervasive materialism, the separated personal will is preeminent or seems to be. The point is to ride roughshod over the competition and everyone is seen as competition. This perception is enhanced by the social engineers and reformers of the times. The arts exemplify the alienation. The philosophers drone on and on about various forms of nihilism. It all becomes an abstraction. Things seem pointless, outside of the drive for immediate gratification and insulation (put on the headphones and thumb fuck the cellphone). Don’t forget to cross your legs and bounce the one leg on top of the other. There you go. The pointlessness is emphasized by the malicious manipulation of the financial system, attended by the shrinkage of the job market, the loss of the manufacturing base and the housing crash, followed by the desperation of homelessness. The whole dynamic is to break the spirit and make you malleable to dangerous influences. So it goes.
Here is a riveting read. You will see it again in tomorrow’s Smoking Mirrors (hopefully written later this day). This is the kind of thing that is going on in the upper echelons of depravity. Consider well what else is lurking in the world wide Satanic corridors, of temporal power. Mr. Apocalypse is more than the sum of his parts and he is unstoppable and here because his time has come. He will not be denied.
End Transmission…….
There will be a radio show later this evening. 


Death of a nurse: ‘I am devastated by the loss of my beloved wife’

Introduction – Dec 9, 2012

Coming from a stable home with two teenage children and close family ties, the nurse who is reported to have killed herself following a prank phone call does not seem the suicide type.
Hospital managers had not reprimanded Jacintha Saldanha after the call from two DJs posing as British royalty because, even though she was duped, she said absolutely nothing that could embarrass her patients.
(See a transcript of the phone call here)
So why did she commit “suicide”?
It doesn’t make sense. Or as one neighbour who lived close to her put it:
“I can’t help thinking there is more to this. It just doesn’t make sense when you have two children depending on you.”
Whatever the reason for Jacintha Saldanha’s death you can be sure her untimely end will deter others from trying to embarrass British royalty for the foreseeable future.
As the BBC puts it:

“Accused of having blood on their hands by furious listeners, the Australian DJs at the centre of the UK royal hospital hoax tragedy have been taken off air as the public backlash intensifies.” 

Emily Dugan, Andrew Buncombe – The Independent Dec 9, 2012


When Jacintha Saldanha’s husband made his daily phone calls home to their family in Mangalore last week, everything had seemed exactly as normal. He chatted to his mother about the usual things and there were no signs of the tragedy that was about to engulf them.

On Friday morning Mrs Saldanha, 46, was found dead after an apparent suicide and her husband, Benedict Barboza, had to make a very different phone call home.

The events that led to that moment have been all too public. Three days before she was found unconscious at staff accommodation near the King Edward VII’s Hospital in central London, the hard-working nurse had been on duty early in the morning and put through a telephone call from Australian radio DJs posing as the Queen and Prince Charles. The DJs went on to obtain personal information about the Duchess of Cambridge, who was being treated there for severe morning sickness and the ensuing furore about the hospital and the radio station led news bulletins around the world.

While the world chattered about the events, a silent, personal tragedy was unfolding. Even those closest to Mrs Saldanha did not see it coming. Carmine Barboza, the nurse’s mother-in-law, who lives in southern India, said her son had not mentioned the call or the controversy it had caused. “Benedict used to call every day but neither he or Jacintha said anything about what had happened. Everything seemed normal,” she told the website.

The exact reasons for Mrs Saldanha’s death are still little understood. A post-mortem to be held this week are likely to provide a medical explanation, but bigger questions remain over what might have caused her to take her own life.

Meanwhile, her husband, known to friends as Ben, and their two teenage children, Junal, 16, and Janice Lisha, 14, were at their home in Southmead, Bristol, yesterday, struggling to come to terms with the sudden loss of a wife and mother.

The 49-year-old hospital accountant posted on his Facebook page yesterday: “I am devastated with the tragic loss of my beloved wife Jacintha in tragic circumstances. She will be laid to rest in Shirva, India.”

The nurse’s sister, Cerolin D’Souza, told reporters that they were still waiting to receive detailed information. “We were wondering what happened, whether she met with an accident, when she was returning home from the hospital,” she said. When she spoke to her sister’s husband he was overcome with emotion. “When I asked what happened, he was not able to communicate and he broke down,” she said.

Originally from India, the family moved to the UK from the Mangalore region nine years ago. Mrs Saldanha worked hard, splitting her time between the family’s home in Bristol and staff lodgings at the hospital in London where she worked.

Working in an age when nurses are often criticised for not caring, Mrs Saldanha was quite different. Friends described her as a “lovely, lovely person” who was so dedicated to the profession that she used to spend her days off walking a neighbour with dementia to the shops.

She qualified as a nurse at the Father Muller College of Nursing in Mangalore and registered as a nurse in Britain in 2003. She married Mr Barboza in 1993 and the couple moved to Muscat before settling in the UK.

Neighbours of Mrs Saldanha’s family suggested yesterday that there may have been more pressing concerns, unknown as yet, on the mind of the nurse. Dudley Todd, 79, who lives nearby at Coldbeck Close, said: “I can’t help thinking there is more to this. It just doesn’t make sense when you have two children depending on you.”

Neighbour Mary Atwell, 56, said: “She was a lovely, lovely person who always spoke to you when you saw her in the street. The kids were always polite and well behaved. The boy often played football on the green outside with his friends.

“She must have taken the whole thing very badly because I don’t think the hospital disciplined her for what happened. She simply couldn’t live with herself, I suppose. But you could always see that she was very dedicated to her job. She was a lovely person. She used to walk an elderly neighbour who has dementia, who lives a few doors along, down to the shops and back.”

She answered Tuesday’s call from Australia’s 2Day FM DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian only because she was on night duty, and at 5.30am there was no receptionist. It was not even she who divulged the personal details about the duchess; she transferred the DJs to another nurse, who gave details of her condition.

Flowers were left outside the King Edward VII’s Hospital’s nurses’ block yesterday. Attached to the red, white and blue flowers, a note from nurses at the hospital read: “Dear Jacintha, our thoughts are with you and your family. From all your fellow nurses, we bless your soul. God bless.”

The hospital sent a strong protest letter yesterday to the owners of the radio station, condemning the prank phone call that led to her death. The letter concluded: “I appreciate that you cannot undo the damage which has been done but I would urge you to take steps to ensure that such an incident could never be repeated.”

RCN chief executive Dr Peter Carter said in a statement: “This is tragic news, and the thoughts of all at the Royal College of Nursing go to the family of Jacintha Saldanha. It is deeply saddening that a simple human error due to a cruel hoax could lead to the death of a dedicated and caring member of the nursing profession.”

Rhys Holleran, chief executive of Southern Cross Austereo, said the DJs were “completely shattered” by her death. He said at a Melbourne press conference: “This is a tragic event that could not have been reasonably foreseen and we are deeply saddened by it. I spoke to both presenters early this morning and… they are completely shattered.” Since the prank, recorded and cleared by lawyers before it was aired, the station has been inundated with complaints. It has now pulled all its advertising and taken the show off air.

Many of the nurse’s relatives posted messages of condolence online. Below Ben Barboza’s tribute on Facebook, Jenson Alex Paid said: “Heartfelt condolences to you, Ben Uncle. May the good God grant her soul eternal peace.” Suzanna Gomes wrote: “Dear Benedict uncle and family, Very sorry to hear the news. Our heartfelt condolences. May her soul rest in peace.”


Child porn and pedophilia to be legal soon, by Pandora Pushkin (Not satire)

Pandora Pushkin – Dec 8, 2012

 Alice in Wonderland

ALICE:  Help! I’ve just been raped by Jimmy Savile disguised as the Mad Hatter!
MAD QUEEN:  Too many complaints—off with her head!

If Jimmy Savile had lived a few more years—say ten at the most—he could have found himself living in a world in which pedophilia was legal. Instead of being vilified for his creepy sexual activities, Jimmy could have found himself a national hero.
Resorting to the same tactics used by gay rights activists, pedophiles have begun to seek a similar legal status, arguing that their sexual desire for children is just a natural “sexual orientation”. If homosexuals like going to bed with their own sex and that’s okay, why is it so wrong if a 70-year-old man wants to go to bed with a 7-year-old girl?
“If a guy offers the kid candy and she consents to sex, what’s the big deal?” it’s now being asked. It’s not like he’s forcing her, is it? Shouldn’t the child have a choice to say Yes or No?
Critics of the homosexual lifestyle have long claimed that once it became acceptable to identify homosexuality as simply an “alternative lifestyle” or sexual orientation, logically nothing would be off limits. Gay advocates have taken offense at such a position, insisting this would never happen.
Well, it’s happened.
Pedophiles are using exactly the same brand of logic as homosexuals once used to get their preferred form of sex legalized. Sodomy is just an alternative lifestyle. Gay sex is cool. Sure, we all know that. Like the world is round, gay sex is cool. Nothing wrong with gay sex. Gays are made like that. They can’t help it.
It follows from this argument that if a guy in his seventies fancies a 7-year-old girl, or boy, there’s nothing wrong with that, either. Heck, that’s how he’s made! It’s his sexual orientation. And what harm is he doing if the 7-year-old girl (or boy) doesn’t mind being specially nice to him for a little extra pocket money?
Calling him a “dirty old man” is sooo wrong! It shouldn’t be allowed. That’s hate speech, like calling someone a “kike” or “nigger”.
Come to think of it, what’s so wrong if this same guy is into corpses, like Jimmy Savile is reported to have been? Corpses can’t say “No”. So there’s no question about getting cadaveral consent.
Let’s consider necrophilia for a moment. This is not off-topic. It’s highly relevant.
I guess it’s possible to argue that sex with corpses can also be pretty cool and awesome. Like it’s just an alternative lifestyle. I mean, if you happen to be born with a natural sexual orientation for sex with the dead, maybe society should be a bit more tolerant and not start making moral judgments.
Maybe necrophiliacs ought to put in for protected minority status, just like pedophiles and homosexuals…?
I guess one way to settle this vexed question about necrophilia, if it’s right or wrong, is to ask yourself: if YOU were a corpse, how would you like someone to make use of your dead body for sexual purposes? It can easily be argued that most people are not going to mind, for no other reason than this: they’re going to be dead! How can you mind if you’re dead? When you’re dead, what do you care? If you don’t mind being burned to ashes or put six feet under, why should you mind being used as a sex object that gives pleasure to a necrophiliac?
Thus the smooth casuist will be able to argue.
I foresee certain problems of course with legalized necrophilia, but I am sure these can be overcome easily enough with advertizing campaigns on TV assuring the public that sex with corpses is just fine and dandy — just like killing innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan and Palestine is fine and dandy, if you can con people into thinking these people are very wicked.
I mean, if torture is okay — and torture IS perfectly legal in America and Israel — there’s absolutely no reason why necrophilia (or pedophilia with dead children) shouldn’t be legal too, is there?
I can understand that the relatives of the corpse might get a bit upset. That’s to be expected. Relatives can be like that. Uncooperative. But the responsible necrophiliac is never going to misbehave with  a corpse, is he?  If he’s got any self-respect, he’s going to check it out with the deceased’s relatives first. To ask if they mind. To get their compassionate consent.

“I’m dead and in the cooler
But I wanna come back
As a serial killer
Or a necrophiliac.”
— Anon, Kinky Graffiti

Psychiatrists are now beginning to advocate redefining pedophilia in the same way homosexuality was redefined several years ago.
In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. A group of psychiatrists recently held a symposium proposing a new definition of pedophilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders of the APA.
They decided that pedophiles were to be called “minor-attracted people” from now on. “Pedophile” was thought to be too harsh a word. It had negative connotations. So a clear attempt is now being made to “prettify” pedophilia and make it not only socially acceptable but a harmless and trendy “alternative lifestyle.”
Just like homosexuality.
The idea is this: if people can be brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is nice and normal, why can’t they be brainwashed into thinking pedophilia is nice and normal too?
In ten years time, it is hoped, the public will be ready for the legalization of pedophilia. In the meantime, they need to be softened up. The stigma attached to pedophilia needs to be removed. Not only this, but the same stigma will need to be subtly transferred to those who oppose pedophilia and feel pedophilia is morally wrong and repugnant. These child protectors will need to be portrayed as desperately out-of-touch cranks, as reactionary crackpots hostile to the child’s right to free sexual expression.
Will a new word of abuse and contempt, like “homophobe” and “anti-Semite”, have to be invented for the nasty people who disapprove of pedophilia? I don’t think so. There’s already a word that will do beautifully: PEDOPHOBE.
Loosely translated, this means “child hater”. By extension, it  also means “pedophile hater”. The word can be applied to anyone who opposes pedophilia and thinks it is disgusting.
 The word “pedophobe”, in other words, will soon be applied as a term of abuse to anyone who opposes pedophilia. If you don’t like pedophila, you will soon find yourself labeled a “pedophobe” — an object of disgust and contempt which will put you into the same category as a “homophobe” or “anti-Semite”.
As far back as 1998,  the APA issued a report claiming that “the negative potential of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from childhood sexual abuse experiences.”
Only earlier this year two psychologists in Canada declared that pedophilia was a sexual orientation just like homosexuality. So there was nothing to worry about. It ought to be accepted.
Mr Van Gijseghem, psychologist and retired professor of the University of Montreal, told members of Parliament, “Pedophiles are not simply people who commit a small offense from time to time but rather are grappling with what is equivalent to a sexual orientation just like another individual may be grappling with homosexuality.”
Dr. Quinsey, professor emeritus of psychology at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, agreed with Van Gijseghem.  Quinsey said that pedophiles have a definite sexual preference for children. “There is no evidence that this sort of preference can be changed through treatment or through anything else,” he said. (See here)
In July, 2010, Harvard Health Publications chipped in and gave pedophilia another boost. “Pedophilia is a sexual orientation and is unlikely to change,” they said. Harvard is now 25 percent Jewish, and the most influential part too, so one can expect a trendy contempt for Christian values to emanate from this ivory tower. Indeed, it was only last week that a sex bondage club, catering for student sadists and masochists, was set up at this august university. (See here and here)
Linda Harvey, of Mission America, said the push for pedophiles to have equal rights will become more and more common as LGBT [Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender] groups continue to assert themselves. “It’s all part of a plan to introduce sex to children at younger and younger ages.” (See here)
It’s only a matter of time before Harvard university and its Ivy League imitators begin to set up student clubs for pedophiles and child porn enthusiasts, provided they can first give the whole enterprise a veneer of academic respectability—which of course they will be able to do, given all that Jewish talent at their disposal.

THE SEXUALIZATION OF CHILDREN BY THE JEW-CONTROLLED MEDIA. Children like this are being deliberately groomed for pedophilia. Toxic hormones are being surreptitiously introduced into junk foods, soft drinks, and the water supply so as to produce early puberty and sexual precocity on an epidemic scale.

Milton Diamond, a University of Hawaii professor and director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society, stated that child pornography could be beneficial to society because, “Potential sex offenders use child pornography as a substitute for sex against children.”
I am not surprised that a man with a name like “Milton Diamond” should put in a good word for child pornography. We know what ethnic group benefits most from the promotion of pornography. And Milton Diamond obviously belongs to this elite group of cultural Marxists who would like to see the entire world take up compulsive masturbation as a hobby.
Dr Diamond is a distinguished lecturer for the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. The same institute lists, on its website, a list of “basic sexual rights” that include “the right to engage in sexual acts or activities of any kind whatsoever, providing they do not involve nonconsensual acts, violence, constraint, coercion or fraud.” Another thing they praise is “the freedom of any sexual thought, fantasy or desire.” The Institute also states, significantly, that “no one should be disadvantaged because of  age.”
Dr Diamond makes it crystal clear what kind of brave new world he would like to see us all living in.  It is reassuring to know that no one will be left behind —  that “no one should be disadvantaged because of age.”
Dr Diamond sees the protection now extended to toddlers as a “disadvantage”. Why are these adorable little creatures, full of life’s promise, being denied the pleasures of sexual intercourse with wise old coots ten times their senior?
Just think what a 7-year-old child could learn from entering into intimate relations with a 70-year-old senior citizen! To deprive the child of the benefits of his superior wisdom is positively cruel!
Penis size will of course have to be taken into account, and men with exceptionally large penises will obviously have to be disqualified from intercourse with toddlers. Or maybe they can be encouraged to use vaseline and special lubricants which will help to anaesthetize the three sexual orifices likely to be utilized.
In any case, it’s early days. Not to worry. The experts will work it all out. Leave it to the boffins.
Here’s more good news for you if you happen to be a pedophile: Dr Diamond says he would like to legalize child porn so that you can enjoy the innocent pleasure of masturbating over children. Isn’t that kind of him? He thinks this will stop you raping and killing children.
Gosh, why didn’t someone think of this before? For more information on this fascinating topic, click on:
Legalizing Child Pornography reduces child sex abuse crimes (Scientific study by Dr. Milton Diamond, U. Hawaii)
Sex offender laws protecting children have been challenged in several states including California, Georgia and Iowa. Sex offenders claim that the laws prohibiting them from living near schools or parks, for example, are unfair because it penalizes them for life.

“Why’s that pedo flashing at me from behind that tree? Hmm, I guess flashing at kids is pretty cool… an awesome alternative lifestyle.”

Let’s face it, friends: perversion is cool. I mean, anything can be perceived as cool — even eating shit. If you’re born a perv, you need respect and understanding from the community. You need special facilities laid on for you so that you can indulge your perversion as a human right.
Child porn is just a stepping stone toward even greater liberties. Child brothels, regulated by the state, will obviously be the next step on the Noble Eightfold Path. Even cannibalism and murder, provided you get the written consent of your victim, ought not to be ruled out.
As they say in New Zion or USreal, every option should be kept on the table.
This is the way the word ends…not with a bang but a whimper…as one pushes beyond the borderlines of the banal in the ultimate quest for mystical union with the divine — or diabolical

Beautiful 6-year-old Jersey Bridgeman, from Arkansas, was found raped and murdered last week a few doors from her mother’s home. She is here seen wearing LIPSTICK. Why has this child been so needlessly sexualized and made to look more like an adult? If her mother hadn’t bought her that lipstick, would she still be alive today? (See here)

Is this little girl “asking” for it?
Is she being groomed for pedophilia?

If you have time to watch this 10-minute video
about the sexualization of young children,
click HERE.

Pandora Pushkin is a freelance writer who sometimes uses the pen name “Lasha Darkmoon”. (Feedback here)


Destroying Libya: A War for “Human Rights”?

Maximillian Forte – Global Research Dec 9, 2012

The war in Libya never happened. At least that is what one might think, considering the dearth of serious analysis and critical reflection in Canada since our participation in NATO’s bombardment campaign ended a year ago. Yet in Libya, in many ways the war is still happening. If we (we as in all the federal political parties) thought we could bomb a country into democracy and respect for human rights, we were worse than just naïve. We were guilty of hiding our motivations, and guilty of ignoring the consequences of our actions.

How the war was sold to the public needs to be revisited lest we treat war as merely a temporary spectacle of no consequence. We were told that Muammar Gaddafi threatened mass atrocities, even “genocide,” against Benghazi. We were told that he fueled his troops with Viagra, so they could go on a systematic spree of mass rape. We were told that he used the air force against unarmed, peaceful protesters. We were told that he imported African mercenaries to butcher his opposition. And we were told that our military intervention would save lives and was designed to protect civilians.

The problem is that none of that was true.

This was instead a series of “incubator baby” stories on steroids: exaggerate and repeat such fabrications often enough and some of it might seep into public “consciousness” as if it were fact.

We were also told that if we failed to act in “stopping” Gaddafi, that it would make us complicit and responsible for allowing his atrocities to happen. Failure to act, makes us responsible for the actions of others. Yet when we did act, we refused to be held accountable for our own actions. This “logic” is the kind of moral dualism that interventionists swear by. No one else is allowed to kill civilians: that’s our prerogative.

NATO member states, such as Canada, and their chief spokesmen never failed to label every armed action against Libyan forces as “protecting civilians.” What NATO’s “protection” actually involved should alarm and upset everyone.

On numerous occasions, NATO refused to protect innocent civilians and knowingly let them die. This was the case with over 1,500 African refugees who died at sea, fleeing Libya, while in close proximity to NATO vessels that monitored all traffic and blockaded Libya’s ports, with some vessels coming into direct contact. The European Council, the Italian government, Amnesty International, and a report by Goldsmiths all faulted NATO for violating international law in ignoring the pleas for help of refugees that were adrift and dying. This is a serious crime under international law. No one has been held accountable.

On other occasions, NATO jets and drones specifically and knowingly targeted civilians. These were the findings of both an Independent Civil Society Mission to Libya and even Amnesty International. In a case that occurred in Sirte on September 15, 2011, NATO missiles struck and killed 47 civilian rescuers. This is what is now referred to as “double tapping,” an established U.S. practice that was shockingly documented in the “Collateral Murder” video from Iraq and by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Civilian men coming to the aid of those who have been attacked have been redefined by the U.S. government as not being civilian, merely for being able-bodied men of combat age.

In other cases, NATO along with their allies on the ground, the Libyan insurgents that we illegally armed, announced phony ceasefires to allow civilians to leave targeted cities (yes, we targeted cities, and we demolished them too: e.g. Sirte). This was merely to allow the resupply of the insurgents, and NATO in some cases did not cease its bombardments. Nor were the aerial attacks as “precise” and “surgical” as was claimed (language we choose to make us sound like healthcare providers).

Our intervention not only prolonged and escalated Libya’s conflict, it enabled mass atrocities by the insurgents we supported. Mass detentions, abductions, torture, racist lynching, and the ethnic cleansing of whole towns have resulted. Never under Gaddafi had such widespread atrocities been reported. Yet we would not be accountable. Indeed, we don’t even like to talk about such matters.

We acted to bring about regime change. We specifically targeted Gaddafi and his family for assassination. And then, like Hillary Clinton, some of us gloated.

We make others suffer, so we can fancy ourselves as nurses bearing a cure. Benghazi was “saved,” but only so that Sirte could be reduced to rubble—jaw-dropping destruction that had many visitors draw parallels with Stalingrad and Grozny. We claimed this was for “human rights,” but our actions tell the opposite story. We did this to destroy independent African integration efforts, to return Africa to its proper place as our foreign reservation, with its petroleum, minerals, and construction contracts placed in our hands. You might not like to read such things, but that is no excuse for the absolute silence on Libya, and what we did there. Lest we forget.

Maximilian Forte is an associate professor of anthropology in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Concordia University, where he teaches courses on the anthropology of politics and “the new imperialism.” He is also a founding member of Anthropologists for Justice and Peace. His latest book is Slouching Towards Sirte: NATO’s War on Libya and Africa, published by Baraka Books


Zionists are the Worst Anti-Semites

Henry Makow P.hD. – revised from Nov 27, 2012

“Oh, my people ! They who guide you lead you astray.”  (Isaiah 3:12)

The worst anti-Semites are Zionists who create anti-Semitism and use it to dupe and coerce Jews into advancing the Illuminati bankers’ plan for world government dictatorship.
In the past, I have argued that Zionism is a protection racket and conspiracy against Jews. Today, I will suggest they have suppressed normal Jewish cultural/spiritual expression and hijacked the Jewish people to serve their perverted cause.
Before Zionists took over the US government, they took over the  American Jewish community and made it their instrument.
Henry Hurwitz’s  Menorah Journal and  Menorah Societies  were  an  attempt  by American Jewry to see itself  culturally and spiritually as an end in itself, rather than  a  support system for the “Jewish homeland.”  Zionists  suppressed this  free  and democratic  group,  in the same way as they have deprived all Americans of their  political and cultural  freedom.


 Continues …