Carter: American bunker busters ready for use on Iran

Carter: American bunker busters ready for use on Iran

Times of Israel — April 11, 2015

Sen John McCain and Defense Secretary Carter rub elbows at some 'hoidy-toidy' party for the elitist scum of DC. Click to enlarge

Sen John McCain and Defense Secretary Carter rub elbows at some ‘hoidy-toidy’ party Washington. Click to enlarge

American bunker busting bombs that can penetrate and destroy underground Iranian nuclear facilities are ready for use, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said Friday, reinforcing the threat of US military action should Iran shirk away from a final nuclear agreement with world powers.

“We have the capability to shut down, set back and destroy the Iranian nuclear program and I believe the Iranians know that and understand that,” he told CNN, referencing the Massive Ordinance Penetrator (MOP), one of the US military’s most powerful conventional weapons.

Asked if the weapon was capable of destroying Iran’s Fordo uranium enrichment plant, a nuclear facility built into a mountain, Carter answered “Yes, that’s what it’s designed to do.”

Carter added that any agreement with Iran would depend on Tehran allowing inspections of its nuclear facilities. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ail Khamenei said Thursday that the inspection of military facilities would not be permitted.

Carter noted that a negotiated agreement was preferable to a military strike since “military action is reversible over time” but said “my job as secretary of defense is to…make sure that the so-called military option…is on the table.”

Carter also spoke of US concerns that North Korea could be aiding Iran in its alleged quest to develop nuclear weapons.

“North Korea worked with Syria, helped it build a reactor… North Korea is a welcome all-comers kind of proliferator,” he said.

Earlier this month the Wall Street Journal reported that the US had recently improved its MOPs even as Washington conducted vigorous negotiations with Tehran for a framework agreement over its nuclear program/

According to the report, Pentagon officials had ordered a redesign of the 30,000-pound (13,608 Kg) Massive Ordnance Penetrator in 2013 due to concerns it was not powerful enough to penetrate some of Iran’s more fortified facilities. Testing of the new weapon, which sports an improved guidance system in addition to the upgraded firepower, was being conducted as recently as January of this year.

An attack would likely call for at least two MOPs to be dropped onto a target site in quick succession in order to penetrate and destroy it. The new guidance systems would prevent the enemy from jamming the bombs’ signals and knocking them off course.

US officials were reportedly now confident that the weapon, if need be, could successfully be used against Iranian and North Korean facilities. The report called the MOP one of the most destructive conventional weapons in the US arsenal. Improvements to the bomb, however, were ongoing.

Israeli sources said Friday Iranian leaders’ demand for the immediate lifting of all sanctions on the day a deal on its nuclear program takes effect represented proof that the US-led powers were adopting an unworkable approach to thwarting Iran’s push to the bomb.

A day after Khamenei and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani insisted that there would be no deal unless sanctions were lifted on the day it went into effect — contradicting what the US says were understandings reached in a framework agreement last week in Lausanne — Channel 2 News said Israel regards the Iranian leaders’ declarations “as proof of its central argument” against the emerging accord: “You can’t make a deal based on trust with a regime that can’t be trusted.”

Despite its relentless objections to the deal, which is supposed to be finalized by June 30, Israel actually believes that Iran will take it, the Channel 2 report said, because the deal as it stands is good for Iran and will pave its path to bomb. Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz told the TV station that Israel would spend the coming weeks “trying to get some of the loopholes” in the agreement closed. In a Times of Israel interview on Wednesday Steinitz complained that the deal, which he called “a big mistake,” neither full freezes nor fully inspects the Iranian program.

No written text was agreed and signed in Lausanne, but the State Department insisted Thursday that it had been decided between the parties that any sanctions relief for Iran would only come once curbs on its enrichment were verified, and when Iran’s potential breakout time to the bomb had been extended to a year or more.

On Thursday, Rouhani demanded that world powers lift sanctions the day a final accord is signed, indicating the issue could be a deal breaker. “We will not sign any agreement unless all economic sanctions are totally lifted on the first day of the implementation of the deal,” Rouhani said.

And Khamenei said the punitive “sanctions should be lifted completely, on the very day of the deal.”

In remarks Thursday, President Barack Obama said the Iran deal “is not done until it’s done. And the next two to three months in negotiations are going to be absolutely critical for making sure that we are memorializing an agreement that gives us confidence and gives the world confidence that Iran, in fact, is not pursuing a nuclear weapon.”

AP and AFP contributed to this report


Iran to unveil homemade rival to Russian S-300 missile system

By Fatih Karimov – Trend April 11, 2015

The Zoljanah heavy duty military truck thought to be designed to carry the Bavar 373 air defence system. Click to enlarge

The Zoljanah heavy duty military truck thought to be designed to carry the Bavar 373 air defence system. Click to enlarge

Iran will unveil the long-range Bavar-373 home grown missile defense system next week to rival the Russian S-300 system.

Commander of the Iranian Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defense Base Brigadier General Farzad Esmaili said that the Bavar-373 system will be unveiled on April 18, marking the National Army Day, Iran’s Tasnim news agency reported on April 11.

He added that the country’s latest achievements in missile, radar, and electronic signals intelligence will be unveiled on the same occasion.

Under a contract signed in 2007, Russia was obliged to provide Iran with at least five S-300 defense systems.

However, Moscow refused to deliver the system to Iran under the pretext that it is covered by the fourth round of the United Nations Security Council sanctions against Tehran over its disputed nuclear program.

Iranian officials say over the past years, the country has attained self-sufficiency in producing important military equipment and systems.

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly assured its neighbors that its military might poses no threat to other countries, insisting that its defense doctrine is based on deterrence.


Netanyahu told cabinet: Our biggest fear is that Iran will honor nuclear deal

Barak Ravid — Haaretz April 12, 2015

Netanyahu appearing before the UN General Assembly in 2012 to warn of the threat posed by Iran. Since then we've seen no hard evidence of Iran's nuclear weapons drive, although we've heard plenty more allegations. Click to enlarge

Netanyahu appearing before the UN General Assembly in 2012 to warn of the threat posed by Iran. Since then we’ve seen no hard evidence of Iran’s nuclear weapons drive, although we’ve heard plenty more allegations. Click to enlarge

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a recent meeting of the security cabinet that if a comprehensive nuclear agreement between Iran and the six world powers is indeed signed by the June 30 deadline, the greatest concern is that Tehran will fully implement it without violations, two senior Israeli officials said.

The meeting of the security cabinet was called on short notice on April 3, a few hours before the Passover seder. The evening before, Iran and the six powers had announced at Lausanne, Switzerland that they had reached a framework agreement on Iran’s nuclear program and that negotiations over a comprehensive agreement would continue until June 30.

The security cabinet meeting was called after a harsh phone call between Netanyahu and U.S. President Barack Obama over the agreement with Tehran.

The two senior Israeli officials, who are familiar with the details of the meeting but asked to remain anonymous, said a good deal of the three-hour meeting was spent on ministers “letting off steam” over the nuclear deal and the way that the U.S. conducted itself in the negotiations with Iran.

According to the two senior officials, Netanyahu said during the meeting that he feared that the “Iranians will keep to every letter in the agreement if indeed one is signed at the end of June.”

One official said: “Netanyahu said at the meeting that it would be impossible to catch the Iranians cheating simply because they will not break the agreement.”

Netanyahu also told the ministers that in 10 to 15 years, when the main clauses of the agreement expire, most of the sanctions will be lifted and the Iranians will show that they met all their obligations. They will then receive a “kashrut certificate” from the international community, which will see Iran as a “normal” country from which there is nothing to fear.

Under such circumstances, the prime minister said, it will be very difficult if not impossible to persuade the world powers to keep up their monitoring of Iran’s nuclear program, not to mention imposing new sanctions if concerns arise that Iran has gone back to developing a secret nuclear program for military purposes.

It was decided during the security cabinet meeting to try to persuade the Obama administration to improve the agreement. However, Netanyahu and most of the ministers agreed that the only way to stop the agreement, even if it was unlikely to succeed, was through Congress. Thus, a good deal of Israeli efforts will focus on convincing members of Congress to vote for the Iran Nuclear Review Act, proposed by the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Bob Corker, that could delay implementation of a deal if one is reached.

Corker’s bill calls for a 60-day delay in implementing any signed nuclear deal, during which time Congress would scrutinize all the agreement’s details. The bill requires senior administration officials to provide Congress with detailed reports on the deal as well as attend Congressional hearings on the subject. Corker’s bill also states that American sanctions that were imposed by law would only be lifted if within the 60 days allotted for scrutiny of the agreement, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Committee on Foreign Affairs declared their support for the pact.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is to meet Tuesday for its first vote on the Corker bill, after which it will be voted on by the entire Senate. The White House is opposed to the bill and is threatening to veto it. At this point, in addition to all 54 Republican senators, nine Democratic senators have also expressed their support for the bill, leaving it four Democratic senators short, so far, of the 67-vote majority that would make the bill veto-proof.

The pro-Israeli lobby AIPAC, which coordinates its activities with the Israeli embassy in Washington and the prime minister’s bureau in Jerusalem, has begun over the past few days to exert pressure on Democratic senators – both publicly and privately – to get them to vote for the Corker bill.

AIPAC also claimed over the weekend on its official Twitter account that the framework of the current agreement would make it possible for Iran to become a threshold nuclear state within 15 years and therefore pressure should be brought to bear on Congress to vote for the Corker bill.

Netanyahu and Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, want to see changes inserted in the bill that will make it more binding, and even turn it into one that prevents an agreement with Tehran rather than delaying it.

One change Netanyahu is seeking is a new clause that the deal with Iran be considered a treaty; an international treaty signed by the United States must be approved by a two-thirds majority in the Senate.

The Republican senator from Wisconsin, Ron Johnson, reportedly intends to demand at Tuesday’s meeting of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee that this clause be added to the bill.

Meanwhile, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, considered one of the Republican Party’s potential candidates for the 2016 presidential campaign, wants to see an amendment to the bill adopting Netanyahu’s demand that Iranian recognition of Israel’s right to exist be part of any comprehensive agreement signed at the end of June.

However, if the Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes in favor of one or both of these amendments in its meeting Tuesday, it could lead Democratic senators, who had already agreed to support the original deal with Iran, to change their minds.



My Invitation To Participate In Israel’s VIP Big Brother TV Show

Gilad Atzmon — April 11, 2015

Israeli Big Brother TV showA few days ago, I was approached by the casting supervisor of Israeli TV Channel 2. He offered me a part in the next VIP Big Brother Show.  For those who don’t know, Big Brother is a top rated reality show that follows a group of people who live together for six weeks in a sealed house while the general public spies on them 24/7.
Though I was flattered that some Israelis see me as a ‘celebrity,’ there was no chance that I would consider the ‘opportunity.’ I have not visited Israel for 20 years and have vowed not to do so until Israel is once again Palestine. The Israeli TV representative tried to persuade me with various incentives. First, he made me aware of a financial reward that promised to be generous. I explained to him that Jazz artists are not attracted to mammon; he would have to try something else. He then argued that Big Brother would provide an excellent platform for me and my ‘politics.’ The TV program enjoys 1.5 million followers in Israel and is by far the most watched Israeli TV program. I told him that I do not see any point in talking to the people of Israel, I am much more effective in talking about Israel.  After three telephone conversations the Israeli TV guy understood that I was not voluntarily schlepping to Eretz Yisrael to be locked in a televised concentration camp for six weeks.
And yet, this peculiar episode highlighted one of the differences between Israel and the Diaspora. For the last decade I have been subjected to a relentless harassment campaign by Diaspora Jews both Zionists and the so-called ‘anti.’  Supporters of Israel and their Jewish opponents have been united in their futile efforts to silence me and wreck my career. They have failed completely. Over the same time period, Israeli media outlets have repeatedly offered me uncensored opportunities to share my thoughts with the widest possible Israel public.
Is it that Israelis are far more tolerant than our imaginary Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists allies (e.g., JVP, Mondoweiss, Max Blumenthal & Co)? The answer is clearly ‘yes.’ While Zionism is a proud celebration of Jewish particularities, Jewish ‘anti’ Zionism is a tyrannical attempt to conceal problematic Jewish cultural symptoms. The Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists are determined to block any attempt to grasp the root of Zionism in the light of Jewish culture, ideology and history.
This finding that has now been overwhelmingly documented has led me to believe that the Jewish anti Zionists are not a part of the solution, they are actually at the core of the problem. They have been paralysing the solidarity movement for years and they have managed to frustrate adequate scholarship into the root cause of Zionism and Jewish political power in the west. Jewish Anti Zionism is at best a controlled opposition apparatus.
Ten years ago at a performance by Artie Fishel & The Promised Band, my satirical musical project that mocked Jewish self-love, a Jewish progressive follower of my music approached the band after the concert. She said, “everything you say about us the Jews is spot on but why to share it with the Goyim?” At the time we were an Israeli band. None of us saw any problem in mocking ourselves or criticising ‘our people’ (I was then still a Jew).  My recent invitation to participate in the Israeli Big Brother emphasises this dichotomy between Israel and the Diaspora. You can say whatever you want as long as you stay within the ghetto walls. But don’t you ever blow the whistle, don’t you dare share your insights with the Goyim.

Watch Artie Fishel & The Promised Band:


Students banned from cannabis coffee shops ‘more likely to pass exams,’ a Dutch study claims

Liamat Sabin — The Independent April 11, 2015

It is legal to smoke cannabis in Amsterdam coffee shops like this one. Click to enlarge

It is legal to smoke cannabis in Amsterdam coffee shops like this one. Click to enlarge

Students who were banned from smoking legal cannabis in Dutch coffeeshops were found to be more likely to pass exams, specifically maths-based ones, according to researchers.

The findings were worked out during a temporary “partial-prohibition” of cannabis cafes in the city of Maastricht, in which people were not allowed to enter on the sole basis of their nationalities.

Students who were banned from the 13 coffee shops in the city have been 5.4 per cent more likely to pass their courses, economists at the University of Maastricht found.

The effect is “five times larger” for courses requiring quantitative thinking and maths-based tasks, the researchers wrote.

Lower performers – who had a pre-study GPA below the median of 6.62 – were most impacted by the ban with a 7.6 per cent increase in probability of passing a course. This may be down to ‘high’ achievers already getting top grades, regardless of cannabis consumption, they added.

The study<> comes after 20 US states legalised the use of medicinal cannabis and 14 others took some steps to decriminalise possession. Uruguay is planning to become the first nation in the world to fully legalise all aspects of the cannabis trade.

Women were also found to have higher improved grades than men, which researchers Olivier Marie and Ulf Zölitz believe is down to differences in processing high amounts of THC found in Dutch weed, which is often twice as strong as that in the US.

They also claim that grade improvements are not in correlation with any increases in effort or amount of study hours. The undergraduates have a median age of 20.6, and most of the improvements were also found in those who were the youngest.

Online evaluations filled in by the students showed that overall understanding of their courses improved the most when they did not smoke in coffeeshops.

“The effects we find are large, consistent and statistically very significant,” Marie told the Observer. “For example, we estimate that students who were no longer able to buy cannabis legally were 5% more likely to pass courses.

“The grade improvement this represents is about the same as having a qualified teacher and, more relevantly, similar to decreases in grades observed from reaching legal drinking age in the US.”

The seven-month policy implemented by the Maastricht association of cannabis-shop owners (VOCM) from October 2011, after pressure by local authorities, had sought to control weed smoking by “drug tourists” from neighbouring countries.

Continues … 

Ukraine “Disappears” Opponents of the Kiev Regime. Abductions of Independent Journalists

Eric Zuesse — Strategic Culture Foundation April 9, 2015

Many pro-Russian protesters died when the Trade Unions building in Odessa. Click to enlarge

Many pro-Russian protesters died in the massacre at the Trade Unions building in Odessa. Click to enlarge

In Odessa — the same city where the Ukrainian civil war started on 2 May 2014 with a massacre of opponents that had been carefully planned by a team connected to the U.S. White House — there are reported to be two bloggers for the “Voice of Odessa” political site who were seized by the Security Bureau of Ukraine on April 7th, and whose “whereabouts are unknown.” This report appeared in the local Odessa News. 

The “Voice of Odessa” site was formed right after the massacre, in order to get an independent investigation and prosecution of the perpetrators of that massacre, in which officially 46 people were burned, shot and clubbed to death, but unofficial estimates run over 200, all victims who have not been heard from since, and some of whom had allegedly even been abducted from hospitals after the massacre.

This report’s translated headline reads “SBU Detained Activists at Kulikov Field.”  Kulikov Field is the square or plaza in front of the former Odessa Trade Unions Building, which is the building where the massacre-victims, who had been printing and distributing pamphlets opposing the newly installed government, were murdered, by Right Sector troops in plain clothes, and also by mercenaries in the private army of Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky, who had allegedly announced in advance that he would pay $5,000 per corpse. (There has been no reported follow-up, regarding whether he actually paid everyone who participated, or how he paid them.)

The report on these disappearances says that the names of the missing bloggers are Svetlana Naboka and Marina Zhavoronkova, and that both women were seized at around 10 in the morning of April 7th. Furthermore, “one of the detainees seized during the search is now lacking her home computer, telephone and other personal belongings,” which presumably, were also taken by the state security force.

Whereas none of the perpetrators of the massacre has been prosecuted, the regime is trying to eliminate its opponents. On the same day that the two bloggers were seized, there was a related headline, “SBU reported on the closure of a number of sites for anti-Ukrainian propaganda.” That news report carried the following statement, from the SBU:

“The security service of Ukraine … has discontinued operation of a number of Internet sites that were used to perpetrate information campaigns of aggression on the part of the Russian Federation aimed at violent change or overthrow of the constitutional order and territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.”

Presumably, the abduction, and perhaps elimination, of Svetlana Naboka and Marina Zhavoronkova, was part of that “discontinued operation” by the SBU against “aggression of the Russian Federation.”

Victims of the massacre at the Trade Unions House in Odessa. Click to enlarge

Victims of the massacre at the Trade Unions House in Odessa. Click to enlarge

The coup-established regime was not ‘the constitutional order’ in Ukraine. It overthrew the constitutionally elected President, and violated the Ukrainian constitution. However, “Big Brother” is based upon the Big Lie. So, it’s ‘the constitutional order.’ A good video shows the coup being carried out, but it actually started much earlier, in Spring of 2013. The same videographer also did a good video of the Odessa massacre.

Resistance to America’s Russia-hating Ukrainian regime is increasing, and it’s not only in Donbass — the region that has formally declared its separation from Ukraine, after Viktor Yanukovych, who had received 90+% of the vote there in the last democratic Ukrainian election, 2010, was overthrown by Obama. For example, barely more than three weeks ago, on March 12th, a column of Ukrainian tanks on trucks was blocked by overtly pro-Russian Ukrainians, who even showed the pre-communist (1710/1721-1858 &1883–1917/1918) flag of the then-single nation of Russia (from the time when Ukraine was part of Russia), which was until the Bolshevik Revolution. The video of this event, the courageous blocking of those trucks, was headlined “People stop military, sent by Kiev government, at Volnovaha.” The people who were blocking it are visible in the video carrying the three-striped — white, blue, and red —  flag of the Russian Empire. Russian Television on March 16th headlined about this, “Defensive blockade: Activists stop Kiev’s military trucks heading to Russian border,” and reported that, “Activists in eastern Ukraine in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions [but not in the part that’s in liberated Donbass] are blocking columns of heavy military equipment heading from Kiev to the border with Russia.” Ukraine is massing tanks on the Russian border to either invade Russia (which Ukraine repeatedly has threatened to do) or else to defend against a Russian invasion (which Russia has not threatened to do). These truckers encountered such hostility that they backtracked and took an alternate route (presumably more northerly).

Officially in Ukraine, all opponents of the Obama regime there are ‘terrorists.’ (Thus, the government’s constant bombings of them are in an ‘Anti Terrorist Operation’ or ATO.) The Obama team told its people to use this terminology because gullible individuals anywhere will oppose anyone who is merely labeled a ‘terrorist’ — even when the actual terrorism is on the part of the U.S. Government and its installed regimes, such as is the case in Ukraine.

The United States has become George Orwell’s Oceania. He got all the basics right. He is already the modern Nostradamus. However, Big Brother, the U.S. aristocracy, isn’t publishing that fact. Now, why would that be the case? Publishing that fact would confirm that they’re collectively Big Brother. That explains why the Brookings Institution is urging Obama to bomb Donbass longer and harder, and why over 98% of the U.S. Congress are urging him likewise, even though over two-thirds of the U.S. public who have any opinion on the matter, are against it. Obama, who did the coup, hasn’t pursued the extermination-program with the persistence that Big Brother demands. Big Brother demands more follow-through on his part. And, apparently, they’ll get it.

Eric Zuesse,


Virtual Sex Will Put Porn on Steroids

by David Richards — ( April 10, 2015

Virtual reality headset. Click to enlarge

Virtual reality headset. Click to enlarge

The next phase in the Illuminati’s agenda to separate sex from reproduction, and break down the family unit, is the introduction of virtual sex. The use of virtual reality headsets combined with robotic devices will make a limitless number and variety of sexual experiences possible.
People will explore the side streets of sexuality but they will do it intellectually. Sex won’t take place in the bed necessarily; it’ll take place in the head.


Continues …

US military commander: Russian military ‘far more capable’ than Soviet Union’s

Fox News — April 8, 2015

A top U.S. military commander warned that Russia’s modern military is now “far more capable” than that of the Soviet Union, saying Moscow is “messaging” the United States that “they’re a global power.”

The warning over Russia’s military might from Adm. William Gortney, head of U.S. Northern Command, is the second in as many months.

Gortney disclosed to Congress in March that Russian heavy bombers flew more “out-of-area patrols” last year than in any year “since the Cold War.” On Tuesday, he affirmed that Russia’s “long-range” flights are rising – and occurring in places they haven’t before, like near Canada, Alaska and the English Channel.

He also confirmed there are two Russian Navy ships off the shores of the United States, reportedly near Cuba and Venezuela.

The comments are the latest sign of military and other tensions rising between the U.S. and Russia, which is accused of stoking the fighting in eastern Ukraine despite international sanctions and condemnation.

Gortney described Russia’s intervention in Ukraine as part of a “new doctrine,” which they’re employing.

“The Russians have developed a far more capable military than the quantitative, very large military that the Soviet Union had,” he said.

In sheer numbers, the Soviet Union’s military was still much bigger than Russia’s today. According to statistics published in The Washington Post, the Soviet Union in the mid-1980s had more than 5 million in its armed forces, and even more in its reserves. Today, its armed forces number fewer than 1 million, with its reserves at 2 million – roughly comparable to the total forces of the U.S., but smaller than the total NATO force.

“We watch very carefully what they’re doing,” Gortney said, while noting that Russian aircraft are “adhering to international standards that are required by all airplanes that are out there.”

CNN also reported Tuesday that Russian hackers were able to breach a White House computer system after a successful cyber-attack on the State Department. The White House has not publicly confirmed this.

Meanwhile, Gortney revealed Tuesday that China has three ballistic missile submarines capable of hitting the U.S.

On the bright side, he said: “China does have a no-first-use policy, which gives me a little bit of a good news picture there.”


Nordic countries extend military alliance in face of Russian aggression

AFP — April 10, 2015

A Swedish warship searches for a suspected foreign vessel in the Stockholm archipelago in October. Click to enlarge

A Swedish warship searches for a suspected foreign vessel in the Stockholm archipelago in October. Click to enlarge

The Nordic countries have pledged to step up military cooperation in the face of increased Russian aggression, which they described as the “biggest challenge to European security”.

The defence ministers of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, plus Iceland’s foreign minister, signed a joint declaration published in the Norwegian daily Aftenposten that said the bloc “must be prepared to face possible crises or incidents”.

The ministers said they were responding to an altered security situation caused by Russia’s involvement in the Ukraine conflict and increased Russian military activity in the Baltic region.

“Russia’s conduct represents the biggest challenge to European security,” the ministers wrote. “As a consequence, the security situation around the Nordic countries has significantly worsened during the past year.”

The countries have reported a rise in Russian military activity over the past year, including several airspace violations and incidents of war planes allegedly flying without their identifying transponders.

“We must be prepared to face possible crises or incidents,” the declaration said, adding that Russia’s leaders were prepared to use “military means in order to reach their political goals.

“The Russian military is acting provocatively along our borders, and there have been several border violations of countries around the Baltic Sea.”

Norway, Denmark and Iceland – which does not have an army – are Nato members, while Finland and Sweden are non-aligned, but have increased their cooperation with the alliance, including joint exercises, amid internal debate on the merits of membership.

Sweden, Denmark and Finland are part of the European Union.

The ministers said “Russia’s propaganda and political manoeuvering are contributing to sowing discord” within both organisations.

The increased Nordic cooperation will include more joint military exercises and intelligence exchanges, as well as stronger defence industry ties.

“Closer cooperation in northern Europe and solidarity with the Baltic states will contribute to stronger security in our region and raise the threshold for possible military incidents,” the ministers said.


Minneapolis police records shed light on 2014 military training

Matt Ehling — Twin Cities Daily Planet April 8, 2015

In August of 2014, military helicopters flew low over residential neighborhoods of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, engaged in a series of night-time training exercises. The exercises involved the Naval Warfare Development Group – a “special forces” component of the U.S. Navy – and were aimed at enhancing urban combat tactics.

Just as they had two years earlier, military personnel had come to the Twin Cities to conduct counter-terrorism training operations in an urban environment. And just as before, those operations commenced with little advance notice to the public.

Follow-up to 2012 exercise

Anthor example of the increasing militarisation of U.S. law enforcement: Fort Pierce Police Dept's new armoured vehicle. Click to enlarge

Anthor example of the increasing militarisation of U.S. law enforcement: Fort Pierce Police Dept’s new armoured vehicle. Click to enlarge

Records obtained from the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) by Public Record Media (PRM) indicate that, in many ways, the 2014 training was built upon foundations laid two years earlier.  Correspondence between the U.S. Navy and the MPD involved many of the same figures who participated in the 2012 operation – most centrally, those tasked to the Minneapolis SWAT unit.

An April, 2014 e-mail from MPD’s Jonathan Kingsbury to SWAT Commander Robert Skoro references the upcoming military exercise, and notes that “it is very similar to the August 2012 event.”  Kingsbury also states that the operation “has been briefed and approved by the Mayor’s office … and is being hosted by the SWAT officers of the Minneapolis Police Department.”

As referenced by Kingsbury, the 2014 exercises had been solicited by the U.S. military via a letter delivered to Minneapolis mayor Betsy Hodges.  The letter requested the Mayor’s support for “low-intensity urban tactical training” by special forces personnel who are “constantly refining tactics to learn how to most effectively engage the enemy while ensuring the safety of non-combatants.”

As with the 2012 exercises, it appears that plans were made to provide cross-training exercises for Minneapolis police officers.  “Hopefully,” Kingsbury’s states in his e-mail, “we will have the opportunity to get some of our folks into the game like we did last time.”

Low-profile sought

Throughout the MPD documents, repeated references are made to the Navy’s desire to keep the profile of the event as discreet as possible.  A January, 2014 e-mail from MPD Deputy Chief Edie Frizell characterizes the training mission in just those terms.  “This is a highly respected and security sensitive effort,” Frizell writes.  “The training was conducted in 2012 in Minneapolis with little or no fanfare – that is the way they want it.”

Frizell’s message states that strict security protocols extended even to the Navy’s initial, written solicitation.  Frizell recounts that the Navy’s letter was hand delivered, and that face-to-face planning conversations were required “because of the sensitivity of the training.”

The Navy’s letter to Mayor Hodges expands on the security concerns surrounding the exercise, and explicitly requests that advance notice of the event be limited.  “Due to the sensitivities of this training,” the letter states, “we respectfully request that any information pertaining to this training be excluded from automatic public release.”

Documents written seven months later – just prior to the the training itself – indicate that the Navy’s wishes appear to have been adhered to by the MPD.  An e-mail from Jonathan Kingsbury to Robert Skoro notes that a memo on the exercise had been disseminated to precinct commanders, but that it did not contain “much info.”

Training schedule

Messages traded among MPD personnel indicate that police were directly involved in portions of the Navy operation, and also provided perimeter security at the various training sites.

The presence of low-flying, black helicopters was the most obvious sign to the public that military training was underway, but records show that Naval exercises had already been occurring a week previous to this.  Naval forces had commenced ground operations on August 11th, independent of aerial support.  Helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft arrived on August 17th, and the “full mission profile” of combined air-ground operations ran from August 18 to 21.

A closing ceremony for the exercises was held at the Air National Guard museum on August 21st, just prior to the commencement of the final exercise.  An unidentified federal official notified MPD personnel that the event was a closed ceremony, but that “DOD specifically invited all of you to attend.”  Chief Harteau’s administrative assistant replied that her schedule was not open at that time, but that the Chief “sent her best.”

Closer military-police collaboration?

While much about the 2014 exercise appears to have paralleled its 2012 predecessor, MPD documents indicate that there were some notable – and perhaps significant – changes to the training regime.

Documents obtained by PRM in 2012 suggested that the Navy’s training operation was – at the time – undertaken for the purpose of preparing special operations forces for foreign deployment.  However, records relating to the 2014 exercise include hints that some aspects of that training may have had a domestic focus.

According to an e-mail from an anonymous federal official, “There is a significant change in our ‘template’ since the August 2012 exercise,” and as such “we are under new DOD regulatory guidance for this type of training.”

The military’s solicitation letter to Mayor Hodges included a list of training specifics that mirrored language in its 2012 letter.  Those specifics included training for “low visibility movement, low-altitude precision helicopter operations, surveillance, and counter-surveillance.”  However, the Navy’s 2014 letter also stated that its exercises would help its personnel in “preserving evidence for criminal prosecution” and that the relationships established with urban law enforcement professionals would be critical to the Navy’s “future success.”

“Evidence collection” highlighted

Due to the existence of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, federal military personnel have largely been barred from participating in civilian law enforcement in a direct, operational capacity.  While Congress has provided Posse Comitatus exceptions for logistics and counter-narcotics support, federal law still prohibits military personnel from engaging in arrests, evidence collection, and other tasks in support of domestic public safety and criminal prosecution.

Do the references to “evidence collection” by Navy personnel indicate that the military is actively preparing to undertake such operations on the domestic front?  Or do the references point to some other function?

One possibility might be that Navy Special Forces personnel are being trained to preserve material from foreign combat zones in the service of later, federal terrorism prosecutions.  It should be noted that criminal prosecution was a cornerstone of the Clinton administration’s approach to counter-terrorism.  During the 1990s, multiple foreign nationals were brought before American courts, including the principals in the bombings of the USS Cole and the U.S. Embassy in Kenya.

In more recent years, military personnel have been instrumental in the removal of computers and material from foreign combat zones.  For instance, in May of 2011, Special Forces personnel obtained thousands of pages of documents from the raid of Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan – material that held a high (and ongoing) intelligence value.  The same material might also yield valuable evidence for possible criminal trials of al-Qeada operatives upon their later capture.

At the same time, references to the Navy’s increased collaboration with “urban law enforcement professionals” clearly indicates a domestic purpose to some of the training, but the extent is impossible to determine from the MPD documents alone. PRM has two other pending record requests related to the 2014 exercise, and hopes to make available additional details about this matter soon.

MPD inquiry into training event

Despite the Navy’s wishes for a low-profile event, the fact that training missions occurred over residential areas spurred more public attention and media coverage than in 2012.  That coverage registered a high level of public concern about the safety and implications of the operation, and also generated a strong response from city officials who had been kept out of the communications loop.

Minneapolis City Council Member Blong Yang was quoted on KSTP TV as saying that the Minneapolis City Council was “not notified of the event.”  Likewise, Council Member Cam Gordon told the City Pages newspaper that he felt “like an idiot” for being unable to respond to constituent questions with specific information.  In the aftermath of the event, Council Member Yang called for public hearings.

MPD records indicate that inquiries had also commenced within the police department itself.  An August 29, 2014 e-mail from MPD’s Tony Schoenberger to SWAT chief Robert Skoro indicates that Chief Harteau had commissioned a “review” of events surrounding the training exercise.  Schoenberger’s message states that the review “is not an investigation  and there is no allegation of misconduct or inappropriate action by anyone involved.” Instead, he notes that the intention of the review is for the Chief to “better and more thoroughly understand the role of MPD in this training.”

The existence of this inquiry apparently delayed PRM’s access to police records for a time.  September, 2014 e-mails from MPD’s David Pena to PRM stated that documents related to the training exercise were part of an “internal investigation” and thus could not be disclosed at the time.

PRM will be posting additional training documents as it receives them from the St. Paul Police Department and federal officials.


Memory Lane Can Intersect with Amnesia Road

Visible Origami — April 10, 2015

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
“Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in.”
It occurs to me now and again that if our evolved self could see us as we are in the times of the moment we would be thoroughly embarrassed by ourselves. We are kept in a certain degree of blindness so that we can live with ourselves. It makes it possible for us to do things we shouldn’t do and evade what we should do. We’re given levels of logic and reasoning, which make it possible for us to explain anything, however we need to, in order to rationalize our course. This is an unavoidable byproduct of Karma and the attendant samskaras that accompany our Karma. Samskaras have been likened to scarves tied over our eyes and they come in various stages of thickness, from near transparent, to entirely opaque and this accounts for why some people cannot see at all (metaphorically speaking) and why some people can see better than others.
Karma sometimes puts us places where we do not prosper for the purpose of learning; because our Karma insists that we be there, also for reasons having to do with learning and sometimes for debts owed. Sometimes it is for the greater good… if we should be so employed and some of us are. Sometimes we are put into prisons; both actual and what is experienced in a similar way- a measure of confinement that obviates a greater freedom which might distract from whatever it is that we are there to accomplish. I’ve been in both permutations of this more than once.
When it became clear that I was going to Europe for what might prove to be an extended stay, I was somewhat excited at the possibilities, especially since I had been announcing I was going to go for some months before the opportunity came about to make that possible. There was no reason for me to think or imagine that I was going to actually go to Europe but somehow I knew. My life is not my own and hasn’t been since I met The Man on the Beach. It was probably so always but I was much less aware of it. There were many times that I was unaware of this after but the knowledge of this would intrude here and there… sometimes dramatically.
My certitude that I would be leaving came about during my observation of a news report on Bushligula running for president. I knew that horrific bad shit was going to happen and… it did.
Suddenly, in the late summer and fall of ’99, things came together to make Europe a reality and in the very country I was announcing as a destination, prior to my knowing anything about it. For some weeks before it became a certainty I was discussing the exact circumstances that occurred to bring it about with Lady Nature; speaking into the foliage at the jungle resort that I was managing at the time.
I thought I would play my music in Europe and it would all happen for me there. I knew it had happened to others and I wrote many songs as soon as I arrived but… it went very wrong for me there or it didn’t move at all. It seemed like bad luck was tattooed on my being. My economic situation went from being upscale and comfortable, to making me reliant on others because things just would not move for me. The torturous agony of getting my books to print was gruesome. I was a displaced person in every sense. It was as if I were behind glass and every decision I made went south on me. It was not pleasant and there was an ancient darkness that did not like me at all. My consort could not understand what I was going through. Near the end, a very intuitive and elderly man who had been my consort’s elementary school teacher, showed her how to test the room I worked in and she said the negativity reading was off the charts.
Regardless of the invisible resistance I was up against, I got a lot of work done and some of you have been around for a good part of that. I tried very hard to make it work, even to the point of deciding to stay in Germany, even after my life, such as it was, was no longer such as it was. I wound up at the mercy of a psychopath and had a bad accident, which served to send me on my way. In the process of trying to get out of there, I wound up at the mercy of another psychopath, who stole from me and caused me to lose a good portion of my possessions as well. I soldiered on because that is all you can do, or you can just perish by the roadside. Still, I remained and went through the changes necessary to pass the language test and be granted permanent European citizenship rights. Now a reader wants to fly me in to Europe this summer so that we can share some time together. This means I will likely travel to my former locations, however briefly that may be. What kind of sense does that make?
Out of the blue, a reader, offered me a landing place here. It seemed initially that I might have to stay with him for awhile but in less than a week I was mobile and had a place, which has proven to be a very, very nice place. It was difficult at first, seeking to integrate into this location, where I had never been, though I had lived on a nearby island for some while before I moved to Europe. It got extreme for a time here and then? Then it has since gone from good to better and better. I am eating food in amounts that are astonishing. I am working out intensely. I am gaining significant weight. I am focused in a very serious way and the forces of light here are much greater than the forces of darkness I was used to before. I hardly know what to say about any of this. I’m certainly not taking it for granted that it will just always be like this but… maybe it will be, more so than I have seen in awhile.
Yesterday, I had a wonderful talk with my good friend, Patrick Willis. The conversation revealed things that I was very glad to discover. Tomorrow I will have a talk with my good friend Ken O’Keefe. I’ve been keeping to myself for three months but that seems about to change I kept to myself for 15 years before that, once I saw how it was with the social interplay.. It seems that a lot of things are about to change but I am looking only directly in front of me and intend to maintain that.
I’m using the autobiographical vehicle, as I occasionally do, because of the resonance that exists between so many of us here. It seems that, with great frequency, we are often thinking the same things at the same times. So many times that it is ridiculous, something gets said here that readers were just thinking that very day. That has been demonstrated here more often than one can remember. A lot of unusual synchronicity takes place here. I expect that there is going to be an increasing intensity of this that we have not seen before. There is so much darkness and violence loose in the world that it can color our perspective in a powerful way. We can forget that however much the darkness may proliferate in times of darkness that the light also concentrates intensely in certain locales and personas. We forget that, as we are right in the critical phase of the changing of an age, the light is naturally growing and the darkness is breaking up. We rely so much on what our senses report that we forget about the law of precipitation and how everything we can see comes from a place that we cannot see. We forget.
Speaking only for myself, I can say that there were periods where conditions were so bad that I despaired of escape from them. There were times when what stretched in front of me seemed truly unmanageable and beyond my power to do anything about. On some number of occasions, divine agency intruded upon the matter and resolved it wonderfully. No one could believe what happened and often came up with the most ludicrous explanations for why it happened the way it did. When I walked away from a life sentence through legal miracles that had never happened in those environs before and has not happened since, some people said that I, a pauper, had bought the jury. They could not credit any other possibility and some of them badly wanted to see me go down. God has always been there for me and even though god has beaten the living shit out of me for dreadful extents of time- and admitted to it- god has always come through when it was needed and ALWAYS will. This applies no less to the rest of you than it does to me. “By your faith be it unto you.” and if we do not have that faith? If god cares for us, God will put us through whatever is necessary to gain that faith and it might not be pleasant.
I have read in various places certain corroborating things and I have been told directly by my invisible friends, the following; “if you could see how it turns out, if you could see the resolution to all of what you have endured, the way that we see it, you would not mind anything you were being put through in order to come to that end.” “Visible, I can laugh at what you are going through (and you can think me cruel and unfeeling) simply because I KNOW how it ends. I know where it leads so… I do not suffer from the same subjective ignorance of it all as do you. Nor shall that be the case with you for too much longer.”
“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.”
“The sea gave up the dead that were in it, and death and Hades gave up the dead that were in them, and each person was judged according to what they had done.”
and my favorite… “Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.”
Things happen to us that we cannot explain. Sometimes we are meanly persecuted, slandered and reviled. Sometimes we lose control over our own behavior and cannot understand how it came to happen. Life can be very hard and it can be very easy. It is impossible to say (except for the elevated and awakened few) which of those two courses are the more desirable in the end. We have to trust and we have to believe, because the conditions of our life will be dramatically affected by the extent of our possession of these capabilities. There is much we might not have to be put through too, depending on that. One thing we can accept as so, even when it does not seem to be so, is that the almighty is exceedingly merciful to us, even in our trials, often more so than we deserve.
I will never forget standing in that construction zone I was living in, in Eastern Germany; working so very hard, when I discovered what kind of a man I was dealing with and then… standing in the middle of that room and crying out with a passionate intensity, over and over, “Lord, get me out of here!” It was a matter of hours before I fell from a considerable height to the tiles and concrete below and I have no memory of how that came to happen. That man was usually always around but on this day he was gone from dawn to dusk, so I sat there or I crawled in great pain, unable to reach the computer and my cellphone was dead. It was none of it accidental. The next day when they held up a mirror to my face, the entire left side of my face was black.
As I sat in that construction site, I knew that everything had changed. Now I know why, too. One day we shall know all of the why and wherefore of our extended journeys on this plane. Peace be unto you all.
End Transmission ….


Obama: Iran spends $30 billion on defense; U.S. about $600 billion — April 10, 2015

Obama at the US Military AcademyAs President Barack Obama tries to win support for a nuclear deal with Iran, one of his arguments is that this strategy of negotiation comes with minimal risk. In an interview with the New York Times, Obama made the point that America is and will remain much more powerful than Iran.

“Iran’s defense budget is $30 billion. Our defense budget is closer to $600 billion,” Obama said. “Iran understands that they cannot fight us.”

As part of the promise we made during our Kickstarter campaign, we gave a reader the chance to pick from a list of possible claims, and the reader asked us to look into Obama’s comparison of the Iranian and U.S. military budgets.

We asked the White House for the source of the president’s statement. The press office staff was checking but as of the time we published, we had not heard back.


Iran has about 500,000 people in its military, including many conscripts with limited training and some elite forces. According to the U.S. Defense Department’s annual review of Iran, “Iran’s military doctrine is defensive. It is designed to deter an attack, survive an initial strike, retaliate against an aggressor, and force a diplomatic solution to hostilities while avoiding any concessions that challenge its core interests.”

A summary from the Congressional Research Service, the nonpartisan analytic branch of Congress, says “Iran lacks the logistical ability to deploy its own ground forces across waterways such as the Persian Gulf, but Iran is able to project power throughout the region by recruiting, advising, and arming Shiite fighters from around the region as a force multiplier.”

The reports adds that Iran “is developing increasingly lethal systems such as more advanced naval mines, submarines, coastal defense and anti-ship cruise and ballistic missiles, and attack craft.”

We found several estimates of Iran’s military spending. The Congressional Research Service said the country spends about 3 percent of its GDP, which translates into about $11 billion. Reuters reported that Iranian President Hassan Rouhani plans to spend 282 trillion rials on defense. At the current exchange rate, that equals about $10 billion. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute database has a similar figure.

Long-time Middle East analyst Anthony Cordesman with the Center for Strategic and International Studies wrote that after accounting for Iran’s support for its defense industry, the money it spends on Shiite paramilitary groups in other countries, and its nuclear program, the total could reach $14 billion.

The highest estimate we found came from the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation, a Washington think tank and advocacy group. It put Iran’s total spending at $17.7 billion in 2013.

U.S. military spending

Most of the military budget falls under the Defense Department. The actual total includes portions of the country’s nuclear program at the Energy Department and defense-related spending in other departments.

For the Defense Department alone, the Congressional Budget Office’s summary of the budget bill passed last December shows $520 billion in outlays with another $64 billion (good for two years) to cover overseas contingency operations, such as fighting the Islamic State group. That yields a total of $584 billion.

Laicie Heeley is policy director at the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation. By Heeley’s tally, after you add in $19 billion for nuclear weapons and $7.5 billion in other departments, the total comes to $621 billion.

For fiscal year 2016, the president is requesting nearly $612 billion.

“It’s hovered around the $600 billion for the past two years and hit almost $700 billion in FY12,” Heeley said.

Our ruling

Obama said that “Iran’s defense budget is $30 billion. Our defense budget is closer to $600 billion.” The highest estimate we found for Iran’s total defense spending was $18 billion. That is significantly less than Obama said, although if anything, it supports his argument more than the number he used.

Obama gave himself some wiggle room on American defense spending. It is actually a bit higher than $600 billion but his phrasing is pretty close.

With the caveat that Obama overstated Iran’s military spending, we rate the claim Mostly True.

Note: This claim was fact-checked as part of a reward to our Kickstarter campaign to live fact-check the 2015 State of the Union. Thanks to all who contributed

Perfume’s “Pick Me Up” Brings Illuminati Mind Control Symbolism to Japan

VC — Vigilant Citizen April 9, 2015

Perfume Pick Me Up

J-Pop is a force to be reckoned with in Asia and, like all major musical markets, it is not exempt from the occult elite’s Agenda. Perfume’s “Pick Me Up” is all about Illuminati symbolism and the elite’s favorite theme: Portraying artists as mind controlled slaves.
In the span of a few years, I published several articles on K-Pop (Korean pop) and J-Pop (Japanese pop) music videos as they are intensively used to propagate the elite Agenda in Asia. Perfume is a Japanese girl-band that has been pushing that Agenda for years (I wrote about how they were all about that one-eye sign in 2011 and about how they promoted transhumanism in 2012). Perfume is now back and is more blatant and ever. Pick Me Up has indeed all of the elements of a typical Illuminati narrative and, as usual, they are concealed behind a fake premise.
For the unsuspecting viewer, the video of Pick Me Up appears to be about a timeless philosophical theme … shopping. The video indeed begins with the girls walking around while holding shopping bags and whatnot. Then, things get weird. While most YouTube comments say “Wow, that was so creative”, the truth is that there’s nothing creative about Pick Me Up. It is yet another video as portraying pop stars mind controlled slaves who are coerced into saluting their oppressors. (If you never heard of Monarch mind control, read this first).
Let’s look at the video.

Pick Me Up

Continues …

Tom Cotton’s Limited War Against Iran

News Brief — April 10, 2015

“An attack on Iran “would be something more along the lines of what President Clinton did in December 1998 during Operation Desert Fox. Several days [of] air and naval bombing against Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction facilities for exactly the same kind of behavior. For interfering with weapons inspectors and for disobeying Security Council resolutions. All we’re asking is that the president simply be as tough as in the protection of America’s national security interest as Bill Clinton was.”
–Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), interview on the Family Research Council’s Washington Watch radio program, April 7, 2015
Senator Tom Cotton. Click to enlarge

Senator Tom Cotton. Click to enlarge

Tom Cotton’s comparison of an attack on Iran with Operation Desert Fox in 1998 is completely misleading. Probably deliberately so.
It is also downright dangerous because if it was decided to launch even a limited strike the U.S. and its allies would risk walking into a trap. One that could easily escalate into a much, much wider conflict.
Ever since the First Gulf War, Iran has viewed Western military intervention in Iraq with a keen interest that has been sharpened by the knowledge that one day it too might face a similar fate.
As a result Iran has spent the past few decades assiduously developing its own defence industry. In that time it has made considerable headway in building up its indigenous weapons technology. To the point where there is now absolutely no comparison between Iran’s defence capability and those of Iraq under Saddam Hussein.
Having watched the opening phase of the First Gulf War, Iran has put special effort into developing an integrated national air defence network. This includes long-range over-the-horizon radars, phased array radar systems and passive radars, which don’t emit radar signals and are therefore immune to anti-radar missiles.
The effectiveness of these systems can be seen in the number of times Iran has brought down U.S. and Israeli drones in recent years. Not only were many state-of-art, like the U.S. RQ-170 and an Israeli drone, thought to be the Hermes 900, but having a lower radar signature than most combat jets and cruise missiles their detection also attests to the efficiency of Iran’s radars.
Then we have Iran’s air defence missiles. We know that Iran has at least four Russian made S-300 air defence systems. It is also getting ready to field its own version of Russia’s “game-changer” air defence system, the Bavar 373, which Iran claims is even more formidable than the original S-300.
In addition to its long range air defence systems, which have an effective range of nearly 200kms and are able to track up to 100 airborne targets at once, Iran has also deployed multiple medium range air defence systems. These include the Russian made Tor missile system and its own locally developed Raad air defence system, which has been compared with the Russian Buk..
Moreover, Iran has also deployed around its cities and nuclear installations shorter range air defence systems. Like the Russian SA-22 Greyhound and the locally developed Mersad, Ya Zahra and the Herz-9.
Saddam Hussein had nothing like these weapons during the Gulf War.
Nor should we overlook Iran’s naval assets such as its submarines, which would undoubtedly be used against any U.S. Navy vessels in the region, such as its aircraft carriers. Iran has 3 Russian built kilo-class submarines, which are reputed to be some of the quietest submarines in service. It also has 20 or more mini-submarines capable of laying mines and firing torpedoes.
Iran submarine launched cruise missile. Click to enlarge

Iran submarine launched cruise missile. Click to enlarge

However Iran has been very quiet about its naval trump card, the locally developed Besat submarine, which is about the same size as the Israeli Dolphin and capable of firing cruise missiles while submerged.
Nor should we forget Iran’s locally developed anti-ship missiles, which have a range of up to 200kms and can be fired from mobile coastal missile launchers or Iran’s own F4s.
All of the aforementioned weapons could be used to close off the Straits of Hormuz, which would have devastating impact on the global economy. This in turn opens the prospect of a more long-standing involvement as amphibious landings might be required to ensure the Straits remained open. Thereby risking a wider escalation of the conflict.
Moreover, none of this takes into account how Iran might retaliate with its surface-to-surface missiles against U.S. bases in the region, including Afghanistan where there are still more than 10,000 U.S. troops based. Or for that matter if it would strike at Israel.
Again Saddam Hussein had nothing like the weapons currently in Iran’s arsenal. The best he had were Russian made Scud missiles which in terms of accuracy, range and destructive power don’t compare with Iran’s indigenously developed cruise and ballistic missiles. Such as the Soumar, which with a range of 2,500 to 3,000 kilometres can easily reach Israel and U.S. bases in the gulf states.
The likely targets of any U.S. strike would not only be heavily defended, they have also been fortified and buried deep underground in anticipation of Western air strikes. So it may take more than a few days to render them inoperable, assuming that Western air power could first overcome Iran’s air defences.
Trouble is the more time involved in neutralising the designated targets the more likely Russia would be to intervene, alongside Iran.
In other words Senator Tom Cotton’s envisaged strikes may take longer than a few days and could easily escalate into World War III.
On the face of it Senator Tom Cotton may masquerade as an “American patriot” but in reality, like John McCain, he’s just another paid for Zionist warmonger.
Generously funded by Zionist hawks the senator has been enlisted to coax America into another war on Israel’s behalf. However, despite Cotton’s comparison, Iran is not another Iraq and U.S. forces would face problems from the opening moments of any action and it would only be a matter of days, if not hours, before Russia joined in with Iran.

US: Iran sanctions will be removed in phases

AFP — April 10, 2015

The United States warned Thursday that sanctions on Iran will be lifted in stages as a nuclear deal is implemented, after Tehran demanded they be removed as soon as it comes into force.

“We’re not going to respond to every public statement made by Iranian officials or negotiate in public,” State Department spokesman Jeff Rathke said.

“Sanctions will be suspended in a phased manner upon verification that Iran has met specific commitments under a finalized joint comprehensive plan of action.”

Earlier, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani had declared that Iran would not sign any final nuclear agreement unless “all economic sanctions are totally lifted on the same day.”

But Rathke insisted that the framework agreement agreed on April 2 between Tehran and six world powers including Washington foresees a gradual lifting of international sanctions.

“The process of sanctions suspension or relief will only begin after Iran has completed its major nuclear steps and the breakout time has been increased to at least a year,” he said, referring to the estimated time it would take Iran to deploy a nuclear weapon.

“So that’s consistent with what we said over the last week or so, and that was agreed upon by all the parties in Lausanne,” he said.

Under the outline agreed with Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and the United States — Iran must slash its array of nuclear centrifuges in exchange for a suspension of sanctions.

Centrifuges enrich uranium to a level at which it can fuel power plants or, at greater levels of purity, form the core of a nuclear bomb.

The outline deal was hailed as a major breakthrough in a 12-year crisis over Tehran’s alleged quest for nuclear weapons, and has raised hopes among Iranians of a lifting of economic sanctions.

But a full detailed agreement between the parties has yet to be drafted, with June 30 set as the new deadline for the ongoing negotiations.


Hoax? Blog Reveals Judaism’s Ugly Secret — April 9, 2015

The article as it appeared in the Times of Israel. Click to enlarge

The article as it appeared in the Times of Israel. Click to enlarge

Soon after this blog appeared Thursday, the Times of Israel took it down. They said it was written by an impostor. The real Josh Bornstein, an Australian lawyer, said he didn’t write it. “I deplore racism,” Bornstein said. “I have fought racism since I was four-years-old.”
Indeed, this probably is a hoax. The article is just too extreme. Nonetheless, it accurately reflects the core beliefs of many Zionist Jews. The phony “Josh Bornstein” is correct that, based on the Talmud, Judaism is a religion of hate. It teaches that non-Jews are animals destined to serve Jews. (See Note below article.)
“Josh Bornstein’s” love of the Talmud is ironic since the real Josh Bornstein is the President of an organization that combats sexual abuse of children in the Jewish community. The Talmud promotes incest and pedophilia.
Illuminati Jews are trying to convince the goyim that Islam is the religion of hate. It’s called,”Divide and conquer.” In fact, Judaism as defined by the Cabala and Talmud is responsible for many of humanity’s woes. (The world central bank cartel is owned by Cabalist, i.e. Illuminati Jews.) Judaism is a satanic cult masquerading as a religion. First Jews, then humanity were inducted into this cult in the guise of “secular humanism.” This is the key to understanding the world.

by “Josh Bornstein” — (abridged by

The real Josh Bornstein

The real Josh Bornstein

Recently, I have begun to intensely study the Talmud, and it has proven to be a very spiritually enlightening experience. The Talmud has much to teach us about God, Jews, Israel, and daily life.
“It’s a central pillar for understanding anything about Judaism, more than the Bible,” says Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, one of the world’s best known Talmudic scholars. “The Talmud is not a divine gift given to people. The Jewish people created it. But on the other hand, it created the Jewish people. In so many ways, we’re Talmudic Jews, whether we believe in it or not.”
All practicing Jews are Talmudic Jews, as the Talmud is the very core of Judaism. The Talmud is the rock which forms the base of Judaism and Jewish law. We can see the Talmud’s influence all over Israel today, from Israel’s calendars to its legal codes. In the words of Herman Wouk: “The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs or ceremonies we observe – whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists – we follow the Talmud. It is our common law….Again, the Talmud is the foundation of all Jewish beliefs. How important is the Talmud? So important, in fact, that Israel is now basing much of its legal system on the Talmud.”
1) Under Talmudic law, Israel actually has the right to FAR more power than it currently has.

Continues …

MI5 and police partly to blame for radicalisation – say four in 10 British Muslims

John Bingham — April 10, 2015

Police escort Islamist demonstrator marching to protest outside the US embassy in London on September 11, 2011. Click to enlarge

Police escort Islamist demonstrator marching to protest outside the US embassy in London on September 11, 2011. Click to enlarge

Four in 10 British Muslims believe that police and MI5 are partly responsible for the radicalisation of young people who support extremists, new polling has found.

A survey commissioned by Sky News, also found that more than a quarter of British Muslims have some sympathy with those who have left to join fighters in Syria.

Among Muslim women and those under the age of 35, the figure rises to a third.

While almost three quarters of Muslims polled said they believe “values of British society” are compatible with those of their religion, one in seven said they were not

But the polling of 1,000 Muslims and 1,000 non-Muslims by Survation, also pointed to a growing sense of alienation between members of Britain’s fastest growing faith group and wider society.

A third of Muslims said they experience more suspicion from others than a few years ago.

The perception is backed up by polling of non-Muslims, of whom 44 per cent of non-Muslims – and 49 per cent of men – admitted they were more suspicious of Muslims than they were.

Strikingly, only one in five (22 per cent) of non-Muslims saw Islam as compatible with British values with just over half saying it is not.

It also exposes a major mismatch in views over integration with two thirds of Muslims believing that they are doing enough to integrate into British society but only 18 per cent of non-Muslims agreeing.

While six out of 10 Muslims polled strongly condemned those who left the UK to join fighters in Syria, 28 per cent expressed sympathy with those who did so.

That includes eight per cent said who they had “a lot” of sympathy with those who did so and a further fifth who said they had “some sympathy”.

Notably one in seven non-Muslims also expressed sympathy with those who travelled to fight.

But the research also suggests widespread support in some areas for the idea that the actions of the police or security services were partly to blame for the actions of those who travelled to Syria to join terror groups.

Earlier this year, the pressure group Cage claimed that harassment by the security services had contributed to the radicalisation of Mohammed Emwazi, the London student identified as “Jihadi John”, the killer from the so-called Islamic State.

Downing Street, condemned the claims as “completely reprehensible.

But the polling found that 39 per cent of British Muslims agreed with the idea that the actions of police and MI5 are contributing to radicalisation and only 28 per cent disagreed.

The finding was similar when the results were broken down by age and gender.

Meanwhile 16 per cent of non-Muslims polled also agreed with the idea and only half disagreed.

A spokeswoman for the Muslim Council of Britain said: “This poll once again confirms that Muslims feel British and have a strong affinity with our shared universal values.

“We are sad, however, that the survey also shows that non-Muslims are more suspicious of Muslims, reflecting a growth in Islamophobia in the country to the extent that it is now socially acceptable.

“We need collective action to heal the rifts amongst our communities: we must continue to build bridges between communities and explain the true meaning of our faith; but we must also ask whether the discourse amongst the media and politicians has played a role in dividing the community.”

She continued: “The poll also highlights the missed opportunity our law enforcement authorities have in working more closely with British Muslim communities, especially in relation to counter-terrorism.

“For many, current counter-terrorism measures, particularly related to the Prevent strategy, actually lead to greater alienation as Muslims are seen through the lens of security, rather than tackling the scourge of terrorism itself.”

And, she added: “We do not know the motivations of people who wish to go out to Syria or those who sympathise with those who do travel to Syria to fight.

“What is certain is that leaders across British Muslim communities and scholars have all warned against going to the region.

“The Syrian people are best served by lobbying and raising money here in the UK.”

Eureka! Complex organic molecules found in a young star system

Amina Khan — Los Angeles Times April 8, 2015

Falling meteor. Click to enlarge

Falling meteor. Click to enlarge

Our solar system may not be as special as we thought. A new study of a young star’s protoplanetary disk finds the same kinds of complex organic molecules that are found on the comets in our own solar system.

The findings, published in the journal Nature, show that the same chemical building blocks that support the kind of life as we know it may regularly form around far-off stars.

“From my point of view, it’s really good news that we’re not that special,” said lead author Karin Öberg, an astrochemist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. “We know that life originated somehow in the solar system — and it would be very exciting if it also originated somewhere else.”

“Having the same kind of chemistry present,” she added, “removes one more barrier to that being true.”

Scientists have long wondered what life around other stars, if it exists, might look like. Life on Earth is based around carbon and a handful of other key elements, including nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen. But it’s unclear if the same kind of life-friendly chemistry has arisen on other worlds outside of our own backyard.

Öberg and her colleagues had been using a radio telescope array called the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array in Chile to study a star system called MWC 480, which lies roughly 455 light-years away in the constellation Taurus.

MWC 480 is very young, and so it still has a wide disk of protoplanetary debris surrounding the star. The stuff in the protoplanetary disk will eventually coalesce to form planets, moons, asteroids, comets — the typical denizens of a fully fledged planetary system.

Our own solar system went through the same process, and so MWC 480 offers something of a snapshot into what our sun’s protoplanetary disk might have looked like before the planets were formed.

The scientists hadn’t been looking for signs of such complex organic molecules, Öberg said. But when they went through the data they found a surprising signal — one that appeared to be coming from cyanides, particularly complex cyanides. Along with the simplest molecule, hydrogen cyanide (HCN), they also found cyanoacetylene (HC3N) and methyl cyanide (CH3CN).

The discovery involved “a bit of luck,” Öberg said. “We weren’t actually looking for these complex organics.”

These chemicals were found pretty far from the star, ranging from about 30 to 100 astronomical units (also known as the Earth-sun distance), which is right around where icy comets should be forming out of MWC 480’s protoplanetary disk.

These types of molecules, made of carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen, are also found in comets in our own solar system. Comets, which reside so far from the sun that they’ve remained relatively unchanged, are fossils from our young solar system, when it was just 1 million to 10 million years old, Öberg said.

Comets might also have been among the vehicles that brought water and organic compounds to a young Earth, giving it the ingredients to start cooking up some primordial soup.

And while cyanides may not sound like a healthy sort of organic molecule, they’re highly reactive, Öberg said, and thus important precursors for pre-biotic chemistry. The carbon-nitrogen bonds in these chemicals, particularly in methyl cyanide, are crucial in the formation of amino acids, the building blocks of proteins.

“The molecules that are good for sustaining life are not necessarily the same ones that are good for the origins of life,” Öberg said. While cyanides, she added, “are of course very bad for life today … actually having cyanides there really helps that chemistry get going. So it’s a bit of a paradox.”

There are some key differences between this star and our sun, Öberg said. For one thing, the star is 1.8 solar masses and is putting out far more ultraviolet radiation than our sun does. But studying those differences can be useful for better understanding exactly how stars affect the chemistry taking place in their protoplanetary disks, Öberg said.

The work “demonstrates that protoplanetary disks are active engines of chemical synthesis, and that such environments are vital for building chemical complexity long before a planetary surface is created,” Geoffrey Blake of Caltech and Edwin Bergin of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, wrote in a commentary on the paper. “The potentially prebiotic chemistry traced by asteroids and comets in the Solar System is therefore replicated, at least in part, in other young planetary systems — suggesting that planets are supplied with these life-bearing elements as they are born.”

The next step, Öberg said, is to study the protoplanetary disks around other stars to see if the same sort of chemistry crops up around other stars.

“We definitely need a survey, since it’s difficult to know from a single system whether it was just luck or whether we saw it in the single system because it’s really quite common,” she said.



Iran will only sign nuclear deal if sanctions lifted ‘same day’: Rouhani

Parisa Hafezi — Reuters April 9, 2015

Iran's President Hassan Rouhani. Click to enlarge

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani. Click to enlarge

Iran will only sign a final nuclear accord with six world powers if all sanctions imposed over its disputed atomic work are lifted on the same day, President Hassan Rouhani said in a televised speech on Thursday.

Iran and the powers reached a tentative agreement last week in the Swiss city of Lausanne aimed at restricting Tehran’s nuclear program in return for removing the economic penalties.

All sides are working toward a June 30 deadline for a final deal on the nuclear work, which Western powers fear is aimed at developing an atomic bomb but Tehran says is purely peaceful.

“We will not sign any deal unless all sanctions are lifted on the same day … We want a win-win deal for all parties involved in the nuclear talks,” Rouhani said.

Since the preliminary agreement was reached, Iran and the United States seem to have different interpretations over some issues, including the pace and extent of sanctions removal.

“Our goal in the talks (with major powers) is to preserve our nation’s nuclear rights. We want an outcome that will be in everyone’s benefit,” Rouhani said in a ceremony to mark Iran’s National Day of Nuclear Technology .

“The Iranian nation has been and will be the victor in the negotiations.”

Iran insists all nuclear-related United Nations resolutions, as well as U.S. and EU nuclear-related economic sanctions, will be lifted immediately once a final accord is signed.

But the United States said on Monday that sanctions would have to be phased out gradually under the comprehensive nuclear pact.

The U.S. and EU sanctions have choked off nearly 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd) of Iranian exports since early 2012, reducing its oil exports by 60 percent to around 1 million barrels a day.

“Our main gain in the talks was the fact that U.S. President Barack Obama acknowledged that Iranians will not surrender to bullying, sanctions and threats,” Rouhani said.

“It is a triumph for Iran that the first military power in the world has admitted Iranians will not bow to pressure.”

Negotiators from Iran, the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Russia and China will resume negotiations in the coming days to pave the way for the final deal.

(Writing by Parisa Hafezi; Editing by Larry King and Andrew Heavens)


The Illuminati strategy of tension and release — March 2015

sexmagicIn the course of looking into the Greek situation, I came across an International Business Times article which contained something that caught my eye…

>>> ANEL [Panos Kammenos’ Independent Greeks Party] opposes immigration, a trait it shares with a lot of Europe’s right wing, while Syriza is in favor of a multicultural society. The Independent Greeks also favor a greater role for the Greek Orthodox Church in education, something that Syriza secularists, led by a man who’s been widely described in the press as an atheist, will hardly stomach. Kammenos is also prone to embarrassing conspiracist statements. In December, he said, according to a report in the London-based Daily Telegraph, that Jews paid fewer taxes.

ANEL “has a track record of xenophobic, homophobic and anti-immigrant policies, whereas, for example, Syriza has traditionally supported a separation of church and state, civil partnerships for same-sex couples and giving second-generation migrants Greek citizenship,” Gerodimos wrote in an email. <<<

What struck me about this passage is the subtle job it does in bashing ANEL on the surface while actually promoting it in the mind of the fed-up reader. How does it do this, you ask? Let’s think it through…

For years now, the Western public have had to helplessly watch as:

> their nations have been intentionally flooded with third-world immigrants while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled as “xenophobic,”

> radical homosexual activists have shoved their agenda down the public’s throat while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled as “homophobic,”

> atheists have used legal maneuvers to ruin cherished traditions while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled as a “religious extremist,”

> race-baiters have created interracial havoc while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled a “racist,”

> Israel and the Ziojewish network have engaged in rampant criminality while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled an “antisemite,” and

> giant conspiracies have been playing out while anyone who reasonably objects is labeled a “conspiracy theorist.”

After many years of observing such outrages and being unable to do anything about them, the public have had a great deal of tension build up in their minds, and this is no accident. The Occulted Powers have intentionally created this tension so that it can be released at a time, and in a direction, of their choosing. This article, and a million more like it, reflect that strategy.

On its surface, the article presents the “Left” (represented in this case by Syriza) in a favorable light while denouncing the “Right” (represented in this case by ANEL). But if we look beyond the surface to the psychological subtext, it is actually associating Syriza with the things that are causing outrage in the public mind while associating ANEL with the public themselves. Putting it a bit more plainly, the article is promoting these mental associations:

Syriza and the “Left” = all the outrages that have been pissing you off

ANEL and the “Right” = YOU, because like you, ANEL stand in opposition to the outrages and are being marginalized and demonized for it.

So what articles like this actually do is get the battered public to identify with the battered political party / political figure that is out there saying what the public wants to say and doing what the public wants done. And when the “Left” finally collapses and the “Right” stands up to “save the day” (per the NWO script), all the tension that has been building will finally find its release.

Given that the OPs are into sex magic

“Sex magic is any type of sexual activity used in magical, ritualistic or otherwise religious and spiritual pursuits. One practice of sex magic is using the energy of sexual arousal or orgasm with visualization of a desired result. A premise of sex magic is the concept that sexual energy is a potent force that can be harnessed to transcend one’s normally perceived reality.”

…it should come as no surprise that they use a strategy of building up tension and channeling its release to aid in the creation of their monstrosities.

If you look around you at the tense and ever-escalating world situation, you will see that it is building up to a climax. And when that climax comes, the OPs intend to channel the release of all the pent-up tension into solidifying their multilateral New World Order. We are witnessing the buildup to a gigantic global psychospiritual orgasm.

Bashing Le Pen into the French Presidency

Continues …