150,000 protesters take to streets around the country calling for reform of welfare state

150,000 protesters take to streets around the country calling for reform of welfare state

Ilan Lior, Jack Khoury, Gili Cohen , Eli Ashkenazi, Nir Hasson and Yanir Yagna – Haaretz July 31, 2011

More than 150,000 protesters took to the streets in 12 Israeli cities, calling for a change in the division of wealth and the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In Tel Aviv, an estimated 100,000 protesters marched from Habima Square to the Tel Aviv Museum. “We are happy to see the people of Israel taking to the streets, each in their own city, each with their own troubles, but many troubles that are common to all of us,” said one of the organizers, Yonatan Levy.

The 10,000-strong rally in Jerusalem set a precedent for the capital. As well as being one of the largest in recent years, it was almost entirely without the participation of the ultra-Orthodox, and backed by no organizations or political parties.

The author David Grossman said: “People are loyal to the state but the state is not loyal to them.”

In Haifa, the protest cut across ethnic lines, as indicated by a greeting from one of the organizers to the cheering crowd of around 12,000: “Good evening, Jews and Arabs, good evening secular and Orthodox, good evening young and old.”

In Modi’in, the protest drew some 600 protesters. In Ra’anana, some 350 protested, mainly students from nearby Beit Berl College, and Be’er Sheva attracted a crowd of about 3,000.

In the north, around 40 people demonstrated in Spring Square in Nazareth, mostly Jews from nearby towns. Kiryat Shmona’s protest drew a crowd of some 2,000, who blocked traffic intermittently.


Russia Today talks to one of the protest’s organisers:

 ‘Netanyahu stressed, may start war to get protesters off street’ 

Out of Control Weather

Mark Sircus., AC, OMD – Natural News July 31, 2011

Bizarre reports of weather extremes continue to come in from all over the world. As the northern hemisphere bakes in record breaking heat the southern half of our earth is suffering record breaking cold. In South Africa, for instance they have just experienced one of the worst storms and extreme weather conditions with snow and ice in areas never seen before. A week of the COLDEST freezing weather in 100 years has created a national emergency with roads closed everywhere with thousands of motorists stranded.

Dreadful Combination of Man and Nature

Russel Mead writes, “Politics, economics, international relations, religion: Everything in our world is getting weirder, and the weirding is happening faster all the time. This change is rapidly propelling us into a century that will be radically different from everything humanity has known before. We have all been given tickets on the wildest rollercoaster ride in the history of Planet Earth. Our governing classes, our academics, our journalists, and our professionals mostly hate this and, with eyes firmly fixed in the rear view mirror, try to pretend that the world of the 20th century can never, will never break up.”

Climate catastrophes, harvest failures, droughts, dust and firestorms are raining misery on an increasingly unstable earth. What do we expect when our entire planet has shifted on its axis and unexplainable increases in gamma radiation are being detected, both affecting the weather? Everything is changing around us; even thousands of miles beneath our feet the earth is rumbling loudly with a record number of volcanoes now in various stages of eruption. Floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and other extreme weather have left a trail of destruction during the first half of 2011.

There were jaw-dropping heat indexes — measured asa combination of temperature and humidity — across the Midwest. It felt like 131 degrees in Knoxville, in central Iowa, and 124 in Freeport, Ill., the Weather Service said.

These “extreme weather” events will become more numerous and deadly as atmospheric conditions across the planet become more and more unstable. The sheer force of Nature is increasing (for some reason) and she is deadly, often striking without warning. In the space of hours or even minutes, in the case of tornadoes, unbridled forces of nature can obliterate everything man has created. It’s time to face the fact that the weather has changed dramatically in a very short period of time and it’s threatening to spin out of control.

In Chicago those looking for some kind of a break from the heat of the last week got it overnight — a rainstorm that dropped temperatures into the low 70s. But like the heat wave that preceded it, this rainstorm was anything but ordinary. According to ChicagoWeatherCenter.com, the total rainfall at O’Hare — 6.91 inches as of about 6:50 a.m. — is the largest single-day rainfall since records began in 1871. Chicago Tribune

Reports of these kinds of storms have been pouring in from all around the world. Some people are calling them cloudburst storms, which are very intense thunderstorms. In many instances these storms appear to come out of nowhere. Most of them develop late at night where the atmosphere has been heated by record daytime temperatures. They are characterized by very intense lightning strikes. Some unleash hailstones and monstrous amounts of rainfall that often lead to dramatic flash-flooding events like we witness in the video below where we actually see, to our horror, people getting swept away by a very sudden flood.

Video: Patalpani Accident, Indore India (Live)

Climate change is dramatically increasing the scale of natural disasters threatening world security as predicted years ago by a 2007 Pentagon study. Though science cannot yet explain all the reasons behind the radical changes in the world’s climate, “a changing climate is a reality,” and one that effects all sectors of society, said Achim Steiner, director of the U.N. Environment Program.

While Chicago dealt with too much water, Arkansas was preparing for forest fires due to drought. Fires have been burning down millions of acres around the world. Some 40,000 wildfires have torched over 5.8 million in the United States alone and conditions threaten to worsen through the summer months.

The hot weather in the nation’s breadbasket also posed a threat to farmers’ top cash crop, corn, as it enters its key growth stage of pollination. The wet spring led to late planting of corn, and dry hot weather was adding concerns. “Right now we are seeing real stress in the corn plants,” said Mark White, adviser to the Missouri Corn Growers Association. Drought, unlike earthquakes, hurricanes and other rapid-moving weather, could become a permanent condition in some regions.

Temperatures in many states have spiked to more than 100 degrees for days at a stretch. And the day of dust storms is suddenly back as dryness overtakes much of the country. Dozens of wildfires raged across much of northwestern Ontario on the weekend as hot, dry weather swept the province, leaving forests tinder-dry. The provincial Ministry of Natural Resources says there are 92 active fires burning in the remote northwestern region.


Overnight rains dumped nearly seven inches of rain on Chicago early Saturday, breaking a record for the city, canceling flights, and causing parts of highways and train lines to shut down.

July 18, 2011SCOTLAND – A flash flood created havoc for residents and businesses in Perth by turning streets into rivers. About a foot of water collected in some places around East Bridge Street during the one-hour downpour. Chris McCulloch, 44, said: “I’ve never seen rain like it in Scotland. All the streets coming down off the hill turned into streams.” – BBC

July 13, 2011CANADA – Heavy rains in central Alberta caused flooding in the town of Eckville Monday. “People are just kind of dumbstruck,” resident Sharon Walker said. “We have had washouts of roads. Some people have got 10 to 14 inches of water in their basements … we’ve never seen anything like it.” On the same day we saw flash floods in New Brighton Minnesota burying people and cars waist-high in water.

July 12, 2011NIGERIA – Lagos experiences 178 mm of rain in 18 hours. It was destructive, but the rains will boost harvest. The Sunday heavy downpour that continued up until yesterday has thrown some families into mourning as no fewer than ten persons lost their lives in the accompanying floods. Last Sunday Lagos experienced a torrential downpour that literally grounded the entire city, sacking homes and paralyzing economic activities. – Business Day

July 10, 2011SEOUL, (Yonhap) – At least eight people were killed and four were missing after torrential rains hit southern parts of South Korea over the weekend, emergency officials said Sunday. Since Friday, as much as 40 centimeters of rain has fallen in South Gyeongsang and Jeolla provinces, leaving tens of thousands of hectares of farmland submerged and nearly 90 homes flooded. – Yonhap News

July 22, 2011PYONGYANG (BNO NEWS) – Heavy rains and resulting landslides last week have caused widespread damage in parts of North Korea. Some areas received more than 400 millimeters (15.7 inches) of rain. “Footage from other regions showed flooded fields and damaged crops. Landslides in Sunchon, Tokchon and Pukchang destroyed bridges and railways, scores of homes, public buildings, roads, and tens of thousands of hectares of farmland. Dozens of coalmines were also flooded throughout the country.” – Irish Weather Online

It’s not just extreme weather but changes in an areas basic climate that is concerning people. For instance lengths of winter, summer and rainy seasons in Bangladesh have increased, while spring has decreased, changes that are likely to have an adverse impact on agriculture, said a study based on farmers’ perceptions. Winter, traditionally around two-and-a-half months long, now prevails for three-and-three-quarters, while summer takes five months, almost double the past usual length. On the other hand, rainy season, normally two-and-three-quarters, prevails for around three-and-a-half months, while spring is now one-and-a-half months, nearly half a month less than before.

Record Hot and Cold

North Korea’s food shortage has reached a crisis point this year, aid workers say, largely because of shocks to the agricultural sector, including torrential rains and the coldest winter in 60 years.

Just when it is hottest and we are totally convinced that global warming is not just a hallucination we get a report urging motorists in Europe to pre-order cold-weather tires because next winter will “break all records” in terms of snowfall and freezing temperatures. Specialist long-range forecaster James Madden, of Exacta Weather, correctly predicted the harsh conditions experienced over the last two years and gave his forecast. He warns: “The U.K. is to brace itself for well-below-average temperatures and widespread heavy snowfall throughout winter 2011/2012 which will result in the fourth bad winter in succession, and will prove to be the worst of them all. “I fully expect records to be broken, with the Highlands of Scotland being once again particularly hard hit. It is vital to start preparing now.”

You might have thought not too much out of the ordinary about these super storms if you have not lived through one yet. Lightening striking down from the heavens from these storms is killing unusual numbers of people and a few days ago we had a lightning strike actually cause the derailment of a train in China. We have heard of planes having problems occasionally with lightening, but trains?


The weather has changed dramatically in a very short period of time. One has to be almost brain-dead to not get the implications to our civilization as the world’s climate careens out of control. We can’t say we did not have any warning but no one alive saw how violent the weather would turn out to be in this first half of 2011. In 2007, NASA scientists also developed a new climate model that indicated that the most violent severe storms and tornadoes may become more common.sun has been in a low activity phase so something else has to be the cause of warming even as we suffer through cooling due to diminished solar output. So the question remains, what is causing our violent weather?sources and more articles, please visit Dr. Mark Sircus blog.

The media has been falling all over itself denying any connection between these historic, violent storms and climate change. Most meteorologists have been claiming the storms have been due to an out-of-place jet stream. The

For all the references,

About the author:

Mark A. Sircus, Ac., OMD, is director of the International Medical Veritas Association (IMVA) http://www.imva.info/.

Dr. Sircus was trained in acupuncture and oriental medicine at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Sante Fe, N.M., and at the School of Traditional Medicine of New England in Boston. He served at the Central Public Hospital of Pochutla in Mexico, and was awarded the title of doctor of oriental medicine for his work. He was one of the first nationally certified acupuncturists in the United States. Dr. Sircus’s IMVA is dedicated to unifying the various disciplines in medicine with the goal of creating a new dawn in healthcare.

He is particularly concerned about the effect vaccinations have on vulnerable infants and is identifying the common thread of many toxic agents that are dramatically threatening present and future generations of children. His book, The Terror of Pediatric Medicine, is a free e-book offered on his web site. Humane Pediatrics will be an e-book available early in 2011 and then quickly as possible put into print.

Dr. Sircus is a most prolific and courageous writer and one can read through hundreds of pages on his various web sites.

He has recently released a number of e-books including Winning the War Against Cancer, Survival Medicine for the 21st Century, Sodium Bicarbonate, Rich Man’s Poor Man’s Cancer Treatment, New Paradigms in Diabetic Care and Bringing Back the Universal Medicine: IODINE.

Dr. Sircus is a pioneer in the area of natural detoxification and chelation of toxic chemicals and heavy metals. He is also a champion of the medicinal value of minerals and seawater.

Transdermal Magnesium Therapy, his first published work, offers a stunning breakthrough in medicine, an entirely new way to supplement magnesium that naturally increases DHEA levels, brings cellular magnesium levels up quickly, relieves pain, brings down blood pressure and pushes cell physiology in a positive direction. Magnesium chloride delivered transdermally brings a quick release from a broad range of conditions. His second edition of Transdermal Magnesium Therapy will be out shortly. In addition he writes critically about the political and financial crises occurring around us.

International Medical Veritas Association: http://www.imva.info/


Researchers Concerned about the Creation of Human/Animal Hybrid “Monsters”

Selwyn Duke – New American July 26, 2011

When we hear about the implantation of human genes in animals, it may conjure up images right out of the story The Island of Dr. Moreau. Of course, present-day experiments of this kind take a more modest form, such as the Chinese’s introduction of human stem cells into goat fetuses or U.S. scientists’ proposal to create a mouse infused with human brain cells. Yet the possibility that H.G. Wells’ nightmare could one day be made reality is troubling some researchers, prompting them to ask for new regulations governing the humanization of animals. Writes Reuters:

Scientific experiments that insert human genes or cells into animals need new rules to ensure they are ethically acceptable and do not lead to the creation of “monsters,” a group of leading British researchers [from Britain’s Academy of Medical Sciences] said on Friday…. Extreme scenarios, such as putting brain cells into primates to create talking apes, may remain science fiction, but researchers around the world are constantly pushing boundaries.

The academy also conducted a poll showing that the general public shares their concerns. As Reuters reports, “There were serious concerns voiced [by the respondents] about experiments involving the brain, the potential fertilization of human eggs or sperm in an animal, and giving animals human characteristics such as facial features or speech.”

But as for our far less dramatic, present-day experimentation on animals with humanized traits, its supporters point out that it is an indispensible tool in improving human health; for instance, it has facilitated the development of new cancer drugs and neural stem-cell therapy for stroke patients.

These benefits are undeniable, of course, and some use them as Exhibit A in an argument to give science free rein; they will say that science mustn’t be constrained by Luddites who talk of “morality.” As one of the commenters under the Reuters piece wrote, “Non-scientists should keep their noses out of science. Their perspective is like that of indigenous people who think a camera will steal their soul.”

Perhaps — in some cases.

But I am more concerned about soulless people who think morality will steal their camera.

Science has given us great things, from the extension and improvement in quality of human life to labor-performing machines that give us more free time to the litany of luxuries we use to help fill that time. But science is not God. And I don’t just mean that it has also given us bad things, such as entomologist-turned-“sex researcher” Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent research or the more recent Climategate scandal. I don’t just mean the more innocent missteps, such as many scientists’ long-held but mistaken belief that because males’ single Y chromosome cannot repair its DNA through the process of conventional recombination, which is when DNA is exchanged in pairs of chromosomes, it would progressively deteriorate, leading to the disappearance of men and hence the human race. (They later learned that the Y has a very fascinating way of recombining within itself and thus repairing its own errors. So, ladies, don’t wonder at why men may not ask for directions. We do things singlehandedly even on the genetic level!) No, it’s not news that scientists are like the rest of us, with frailties, egos, reason-clouding emotions, agendas, and a great capacity for rationalization. The point, rather, is that while a scientist can be a moral being, “science” itself has no acquaintance with morality.

Science deals only with what can be done, not what should be done. This is because no moral position can be proven scientifically; you cannot discern the wrongness of theft through a microscope or find a respect-for-life principle in a Petri dish. Thus, adhere to only what can be scientifically determined and you end up like a man I know of who once said, “Murder isn’t wrong; it’s just that society says it is.”

And how would you rebut? You could say that murder is wrong because it hurts others, and he’ll respond, “Prove that that’s wrong.” You may say, “Well, you’re doing something that is bad for society” and he’ll again demand, “Prove that that’s wrong.” And you could ride this merry-go-‘round of futility forever until you realized that morality, properly defined (i.e., not just consensus human preferences), is a matter of faith. So unless science can somehow gain access to the spiritual realm, proof of Natural Law, divine injunction — call it what you may — will elude it.

Thus, let science go where it may, governed only by insatiable human curiosity, and soon you have the inhumanity of a Dr. Mengele experimenting on twins, Shiro Ishii’s Unit 731 and the vivisection of living people, or “The Monster Study” on orphaned children in Davenport, Iowa. Science will tell us what we can do. But as to what science should, the sky — or maybe I should say Hell — will be the limit unless we look beyond science for guidance.

As to the matter of infusing animals with human parts, one obvious problem arises when the parts are taken without consent. This is the case with fetal stem cells. Of course, many will say that concern about using microscopic cells is much ado about nothing. But does size matter? Let’s examine the issue.

Virtually all of us find the practice of harvesting organs from people without their consent, as sometimes happens in China, barbaric. And we certainly wouldn’t want to see a person’s leg amputated to benefit another over his cries of objection. But what about if we just took a foot? How about a toe? And however many cells constitute a toe, how about one less than that? And, then, how about one less than that, and then one less, and so on? Obviously, this line of reasoning takes us to the point at which we’re asking the question about one microscopic cell. And then there are only two possibilities: One is that it’s wrong to non-consensually use a person’s body parts no matter how small. The other is that, somehow, it is wrong to do so with X number of cells, but all right if it is X minus one. And, well, if size matters to you, that is a huge moral leap between two microscopic cells.

Now, note that this can also be applied in reverse. If it’s okay to non-consensually use that one cell, how about two? Then, how about one more than that, and then another, and so on? And unless we can somehow draw a line (and on what would be it based?), this leads to the conclusion that non-consensually using that grouping of cells called a leg, heart, lung or kidney can be morally licit, too.

The problem here is that people are very influenced by size and tend not to trouble over what they cannot see. This is no doubt why many scoffed at Louis Pasteur when he claimed that microscopic organisms can kill you just as surely as can an elephant. But just as a thing’s size shouldn’t influence our respect for its deadliness, it also shouldn’t govern our respect for its life — or for the life from which it may be taken.  

Of course, one area where size does matter is intellect and hearts. May ours be large enough so that we can figure out the “should” — and want no other part of the “can.”


Hewitt wants Met to reopen case of Diana’s stolen letters

James Hanning – The Independent July 31, 2011

James Hewitt, the former lover of Diana, Princess of Wales, last night reignited his dispute with Britain’s tabloid press – and the former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan in particular – by demanding that the Metropolitan Police reopen its investigation into the theft of love letters written by the Princess. He has instructed solicitor Charlotte Harris to pursue the matter.

The letters were stolen from a safe at Mr Hewitt’s home in Bratton Clovelly, Devon, in 1998. They were sent between 1989-1991 at the height of the couple’s affair

The letters were taken by Anna Ferretti, a former girlfriend of Mr Hewitt’s, who tried to sell them to the Mirror for £150,000. The paper refused to pay this, but did pay £1,000 to secure them. They were then sent on to the Princess’s private office at Kensington Palace. The paper claimed it was serving the public interest by making sure Mr Hewitt would be unable to sell them himself. Police interviewed Mr Morgan and Ms Ferretti at the time and decided to take no further action. Mr Hewitt told The IoS last night: “I am hoping now, after so much has come out about unscrupulous press methods, that there will be an appetite on the part of the police for reopening the case.”

Mr Hewitt says, and lawyers confirm, that while the letters themselves are his property, the contents and copyright are not, so any opportunities for him to make money would have been limited in any event.

“I had no intention of doing anything with them,” said Mr Hewitt. “Whether Piers Morgan put Anna up to it, I can’t be certain, but I know that they turned up at the Mirror. The idea that I was trying to sell them… is nonsense. It is also ludicrous to pretend he was performing some… act of national service to return them to Kensington Palace.”

Piers Morgan has been the subject of much media attention recently, prompting him to deny having ever been involved in phone hacking and other unlawful activity, but a further charge against Mr Morgan emerged yesterday with an admission from one of his own books. In The Insider, published in 2005, he wrote that he had once been told by James Hewitt that he had not been paid for his collaboration on a book. Mr Morgan replied: “Yes you did – I saw your bank statements”, at which Mr Hewitt conceded defeat. Mr Morgan declined to comment last night.


Mr Apocalypse and his Walking Stick

Reflections in a Petri Dish – July 30, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

It goes on behind closed doors. At least that is how it has always been until now. This character has appeared who is half Fred Astaire, half Buster Keaton and half Michael Jackson moving backwards; you do the math. What I mean to say is that it is all by way of Monty Python, with synchronized Jesus Krishna/Ted Bundy attitude. It’s Mr. Apocalypse. Mr. Apocalypse is what should have been when it wasn’t permitted by those who should not have done what they did AND Mr. Apocalypse is here. Mr. Apocalypse is the greatest public servant of all. He has rectitude and integrity like Rothschild has paper; paper, rock, scissors? Mr. Apocalypse is ultra-abled; he’s got fire and water too.

The reason Mr. Apocalypse has so many features and dimensions is that he has a consort who assists him in his public actions that take place behind closed doors on the stage of contemporary presence. She is called Lady Nature and she brings the force to bear upon circumstance. You can think of Mr. Apocalypse as a David Copperfield kind of a guy that has a slinky, shimmering and attractive presence in the person of an assistant who makes shit happen and I messed this up somewhere and that is why I am doing it in a Petri dish.

Things have to operate within their dimensions. They are required to operate within a certain construct of limitation in order to operate. You can talk about rules and regulations. You can talk about walls and blocks. You can talk about foundations. You can talk math and you can shoot around the corner with algebra and engage trigonometry and you can go and go and go like the Energizer Bunny but you are in a system.

You depend on systems. When you drive over a bridge you depend on the math and mechanics that support your travel. Some systems are temporary and some endure. Some systems are eternal and may not be systems but simply 1010101010 out of which systems emerge and then there are dimensions.

Of course you are going to have a new world order and of course things are going to repeat themselves and of course it is going to go on and on. That is what it does. The Earth goes on and on. The planets go on and on and demonstrations of life go on through the colorful envelope of culture and commerce and there you are.

I have been a bit of a warrior in my life and I have been on mad escapades. I would say endurance is my signal strength. I have fallen down three or four times in my life from exhaustion and it wasn’t connected to drugs or age, it was just max point. I used to go out into the McKenna Beach area on Maui and throw kicks at the cactus plants and knock the parts off of them and you have to be careful with your aim, given that the spikes can find their way through the sneakers but I was just testing myself against Nature, the same way I used to dance with the desert serpents who used the wind dervishes for psychedelic gladiator school. I have an idea about systems; methods of delivery, compression and release and all kinds of things but I am not a tool and die man, or a banker but I can see some things and my observation is that the thin air fiat system is flammable and corrosive and right now and there is no getaway.

I don’t mean to intrude myself into the mix but we are all myself aren’t we? We all have our systems and habitual behavior. I hope your system is in tune with the cosmos or that you are considering getting in tune with the cosmos because the cosmic imperative, Mr. Apocalypse, is moonwalking on the accordion licks and this system has come to the end of its intention and now the beast is looking to close the doors of the casino so the whores of Babylon can cloister and party, while you suffer at your own expense. Not only are they stealing from you but they are blaming the cause of the condition on you and they are intending to make you pay for their excesses.

Ordinarily this kind of shit just goes on and on. It migrates when times get dicey and it works over long periods of time and across long stretches of country but… presently all of these things have run out and the veils are lifting. I have no idea of what is intended to occur, but August brings us more inevitable push and shove, meeting irresistible force and Mr. Apocalypse is walking though the town, tapping his stick. He is using his stick to lift the skirts of the banker whores and when he does this it’s a public thing. Mr. Apocalypse is no uncatchable Jack the Ripper. Mr. Apocalypse is the good guy. It’s most interesting how Jack would operate and how Mr. Apocalypse operates, given the present situation.

Some things have been going on for a long time in the same old places. You get the idea that those same old places aren’t really there anymore but they are. It’s always new and improved. It winds up rehabilitated, like The Vatican. They don’t burn witches and heretics now because they are spiritual. The fundamentalists are good to go with Jesus, because Jesus is their skateboard. The banks and the military, along with the religions and the marketplaces, along with the governments and every other system (did I leave somebody out?) are what they are based on but it is the people who are operating them. They are as good or bad as the people who control the system and whatever controls them. The generals in Turkey are resigning, or are they resigning? Why are they stepping down? Mr. Apocalypse knows why they are stepping down.

The reality is that you will get your house in order, or else. Mr. Apocalypse can dance like nobody can dance. When Mr. Apocalypse dances then you know what the margin is. Did I say margin? Can I get a hedge? Don’t hedges create privacy? Is that some kind of irony? I’m sure the metaphorical royals of our world have hedges and I will bet they have hedge clippers. Mr. Apocalypse has got all those things too and Mr. Apocalypse owns the joint so… Did I say something about you do the math?

I like to sing and dance. I like to be alone. I like all kinds of things and mostly I don’t get to do them but one of these days I will. I hope that everyone gets what they want and more in every sense of the word because if you can\t wake up when Mr. Apocalypse is working his stick. If you can’t wake up and see what is in front of you and call it for what it is then… then…. I expect you get what you deserve. We’ll see, because that is Mr. Apocalypse’s job and he is on the job, as I write these words. You just might see him walking past you in his top hat and tails, that’s how very present he is.

End Transmission…….

♫ The Love ♫


Former French FM: Israel Controls French Intelligence, Lobby Pressures US President

ABNA.co – July 27, 2011

Former French Foreign Minister Roland Dumas referred in a book he published entitled “Coups et blessures” (Assaults and Injuries), that “The “Israelis” are doing whatever they want in France, and are controlling the French Intelligence with what serves them”.

On another hand, Dumas confirmed that the “Israelis” are mistaken not to negotiate with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, even if the latter refuses any kind of agreement. He also added, “I made some special relations with him [Bashar al-Assad] like those I had with his father (President Hafez Assad)”.

Furthermore, Dumas revealed in the same book that when current Zionist President, Shimon Perez was still the entity’s Foreign Minister, he advised Dumas to pay President Hafez Assad a visit in 1992. At that time Perez was aware that the US is seeking a new way to understanding with Damascus, so he [Perez] believed that France could also gain interest through being involved in the Middle East peace process.

In this context, Former French Minister added, “The deceased Syrian President had little faith in Perez, and he knew the mazes of the internal “Israeli” relations”. Hafez al-Assad was aware that the “Israeli” Foreign Minister might adopt unilateral initiatives, and therefore it won’t lead into anything effective”.

In his “Coups et blessures”, Dumas also mentioned the Islamic Republic of Iran, which he had visited several times and met its former Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Wilayati, and former President Hachemi Rafsanjani. Dumas strictly affirmed, “The Iranian atomic bomb is in my view similar to the weapons of mass destruction possessed by former Iraqi President Sadam Hussein, i.e. I don’t believe in all of that. I believe that all what occurred was a misleading of facts”. He also referred to that, “The confusion in the French policies goes back to known interferences, where “Israel’s” close presence makes all analysis suspicious”.

On the same level, Dumas defended the Iranian point of view regarding the need to possess nuclear energy reactors, where its oil reserve might not last for more than 60 years. He confirmed that Iranian seek their civil nuclear program at the time when all reports refer to the non-existence of any nuclear weapons. In the context of his book, Roland Dumas clarified that former French Foreign Minister François Mitterrand had close relations with the “Israelis”, even if he wasn’t open about it.

On another level, he confirmed that the “Americans did indeed plan to kill Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi through raiding him with planes in the 1986, referring to that France did not allow them to exploit its airspace for that. Gaddafi had thanked France for delaying the arrival of the US drones for more than 15 hours because of the French refusal, which gave Gaddafi time to leave the target place”.

Regarding the “Israeli” policy adopted in the region, Dumas stated, “I don’t agree with the “Israeli” policy, and I was loyal to the balance principle founded by General Charles de Gaulle in the Middle East. The principle states that the Arab nations also have the right to respect, in addition to that the current “Israeli” policy inspired by activists close to Zionists is not on the right path”.

Roland Dumas affirmed that the negotiations between “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and PA President Mahmoud Abbass, will not lead to anything. He reiterated that the Palestinian-“Israeli” conflict is unsolvable, where US President Barak Obama stepped back from his pressures and warnings to “Israel” due to the Jewish Lobby pressure surrounding the US President”.

Dumas indicated, “Any president or Western official to approach the Palestinian-“Israeli” conflict will collide into the settlers, and that is why they would reach the drastic end where “The solution is found in the absence of any solution”.

Roland Dumas also criticized French President Nicolas Sarkuzy’s decision to include France in the united leadership of the NATO, believing that Sarkuzy made a big mistake in France’s traditional position set by Charles de Gaulle.


What’s really in the food?

Mike Adams – Natural News July 28, 2011

Ever wonder what’s really in the food sold at grocery stores around the world? People keep asking me, “What ingredients should I avoid?” So I put together a short list that covers all the most toxic and disease-promoting ingredients in the food supply. These are the substances causing cancer, diabetes, heart disease and leading to tens of billions of dollars in unnecessary health care costs across America (and around the world).

If you want to stay healthy and out of the hospital, read ingredients labels and make sure you avoid all these ingredients:

Acrylamides – Toxic, cancer-causing chemicals formed in foods when carbohydrates are exposed to high heat (baking, frying, grilling). They’re present in everything from bread crusts to snack chips, and because they aren’t intentional ingredients, acrylamides do NOT have to be listed on labels.

Aspartame – Chemical sweetener that causes neurological disorders, seizures, blurred vision and migraine headaches. (http://www.naturalnews.com/030918_a…)

Autolyzed Proteins – Highly processed form of protein containing free glutamate and used to mimic the taste-enhancer chemical MSG.

BPA (Bisphenol-A) – A hormone mimicking chemical found in nearly all food packaging plastics. Active in just parts per billion, BPA promotes cancer, infertility and hormone disorders. It also “feminizes” males, promoting male breast growth and hormone disruption (http://www.naturalnews.com/032860_B…).

Casein – Milk proteins. Hilariously, this is widely used in “soy cheese” products that claim to be alternatives to cow’s milk. Nearly all of them are made with cow’s milk proteins.

Corn Syrup – Just another name for High Fructose Corn Syrup (see below). Frequently used in infant formula products (http://www.naturalnews.com/029863_S…).

Food Colors – FD&C Red #40, for example, is linked to behavioral disorders in children. Nearly all artificial food colors are derived from petroleum, and many are contaminated with aluminum.

Genetically Modified Ingredients – Not currently listed on the label because the GMO industry (Monsanto and DuPont) absolutely does not want people to know which foods contain GMOs. Nearly all conventionally grown corn, soy and cotton are GMOs. They’re linked to severe infertility problems and may even cause the bacteria in your body to produce and release a pesticide in your own gut. If you’re not eating organic corn, you’re definitely eating GMO corn. (http://www.naturalnews.com/026426_G…) Learn more at www.ResponsibleTechnology.org or watch my GMO music video (hilarious) at www.NaturalNews.com/NoGMO

High Fructose Corn Syrup – A highly processed liquid sugar extracted with the chemical solvent glutaraldehyde and frequently contaminated with mercury (http://www.naturalnews.com/032948_h…). It’s also linked to diabetes, obesity and mood disorders. Used in thousands of grocery items, including things you wouldn’t suspect like pizza sauce and salad dressings.

Homogenized Milk – The fats in the milk are artificially modified to change them into smaller molecules that stay in suspension in the milk liquid (so the milk fat doesn’t separate) (http://www.naturalnews.com/022967_m…). While it makes milk look better on the shelf, it’s also blamed for promoting heart disease and may contribute to milk allergies. Raw milk is healthier, which is why the government had outlawed it (http://www.naturalnews.com/029322_r…).

Hydrochloride – When you see anything hydrochloride, such as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride or Thiamin Hydrochloride, those are chemical forms of B vitamins that companies add to their products to be able to claim higher RDA values of vitamins. But these are synthetic, chemical forms of vitamins, not real vitamins from foods or plants. Nutritionally, they are near-useless and may actually be bad for you. Also watch out for niacinamide and cyanocobalamin (synthetic vitamin B-12). (http://www.naturalnews.com/032766_c…)

Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein – A highly processed form of (usually) soy protein that’s processed to bring out the free glutamate (MSG). Use as a taste enhancer.

Partially Hydrogenated Oils – Oils that are modified using a chemical catalyst to make them stable at room temperature. This creates trans fatty acids and greatly increases the risk of blocked arteries (http://www.naturalnews.com/027445_f…). It also promotes what I call “sludge blood,” which is thick, viscous blood that’s hard to pump. This is usually diagnosed by doctors as “high blood pressure” and (stupidly) treated with blood-thinning medications that are technically the same chemicals as rat poison (warfarin) (http://www.naturalnews.com/023149_d…).

Phosphoric Acid – The acid used in sodas to dissolve the carbon dioxide and add to the overall fizzy-ness of the soda. Phosphoric acid will eat steel nails. It’s also used by stone masons to etch rocks. The military uses it to clean the rust off battleships. In absolutely destroys tooth enamel (http://www.naturalnews.com/021774.html). Search Google Images for “Mountain Dew Mouth” to see photos of teeth rotted out by phosphoric acid: http://www.google.com/search?q=moun…

Propylene Glycol – A liquid used in the automotive industry to winterize RVs. It’s also used to make the fake blueberries you see in blueberry muffins, bagels and breads. (Combined with artificial colors and corn syrup.) See shocking “Fake Blueberries” video at: http://www.naturalnews.tv/v.asp?v=7…

Sodium (Salt) – The processed white salt lacking in trace minerals. In the holistic nutrition industry, we call it “death salt” because it promotes disease and death. Real salt, on the other hand, such as “dirty” sea salt or pink Himalayan salt, is loaded with the trace minerals that prevent disease, such as selenium (cancer), chromium (diabetes) and zinc (infectious disease). Much like with bread and sugar, white salt is terrible for your health. And don’t be fooled by claims of “sea salt” in grocery stores. All salt came from the sea if you go far back enough in geologic time, so they can slap the “sea salt” claim on ANY salt!

Sodium Nitrite – A cancer-causing red coloring chemical added to bacon, hot dogs, sausage, beef jerky, ham, lunch meats, pepperoni and nearly all processed meats. Strongly linked to brain tumors, pancreatic cancers and colon cancers (http://www.naturalnews.com/007024.html). The USDA once tried to ban it from the food supply but was out-maneuvered by the meat industry, which now dominates USDA regulations. Sodium nitrite is a complete poison used to make meats look fresh. Countless children die of cancer each year from sodium nitrite-induced cancers.

Soy Protein – The No. 1 protein source used in “protein bars,” including many bars widely consumed by bodybuilders. Soy protein is the “junk protein” of the food industry. It’s made from genetically modified soybeans (often grown in China) and then subjected to hexane, a chemical solvent (http://www.naturalnews.com/026303_s…) that can literally explode.

Sucralose – An artificial chemical sweetener sold as Splenda. The sucralose molecule contains a chlorine atom (http://www.naturalnews.com/027491_a…). Researchers have repeatedly found that artificial sweeteners make people fat by actually promoting weight gain (http://www.naturalnews.com/024543_h…).

Sugar – The bleached, nutritionally-deficient byproduct of cane processing. During sugar cane processing, nearly all the minerals and vitamins end up in the blackstrap molasses that’s usually fed to farm animals. (Blackstrap molasses is actually the “good” part of sugar cane juice.) Molasses is often fed to farm animals because every rancher knows that farm animals need good nutrition to stay alive. Amazingly, conventional doctors don’t yet realize this about humans, and they continue to claim that eating sugar is perfectly fine for you. Sugar promotes diabetes, obesity, mood disorders and nutritional deficiencies.

Textured Vegetable Protein – Usually made of soy protein which is extracted from genetically modified soybeans and then processed using hexane, an explosive chemical solvent (see Soy Protein, above). Widely used in vegetarian foods such as “veggie burgers” (most of which also contain MSG or Yeast Extract, by the way).

Yeast Extract – Hidden form of MSG that contains free glutamate and is used in many “natural” food products to claim “No MSG!” Yeast extract contains up to 14% free glutamate. You’ll find it in thousands of grocery store products, from soups to snack chips. I even once spotted it used on fresh meat!

Food label tricks

Here’s a trick food companies frequently used to pack more sugar into their products without making sugar look like the first ingredient:

Ingredient labels, you see, must list the most prominent ingredients first, and some consumers might freak out of they saw a box of cereal that said, “Sugar, whole grain wheat, corn” and so on. Instead, the company uses 3 or 4 different forms of sugar to distribute them farther down the label, like this:

“Whole grain wheat, sugar, corn syrup, corn syrup solids…”

This way, the first ingredients looks like “whole grain wheat” when, in reality, the cereal might be over fifty percent sugars!

How to buy honest food

• Shop are your local farmer’s market, food co-op or CSA.

• In the USA, look for the USDA Organic label on foods. This is a legitimate claim to being certified organic. It’s one of the few programs run by the USDA that actually has integrity.

• Read the ingredients labels! If you see names of chemicals you can’t pronounce, don’t buy it.

• Buy more unprocessed food ingredients and make your own meals rather than buying ready-to-eat, processed foods, which are almost universally formulated with disease-promoting ingredients.

• GROW some of your own food! The best food you can ever eat is food from your own garden.

How to learn more about what’s really in your food

Read NaturalNews. I’m the editor of NaturalNews, and I cured my own borderline diabetes, high cholesterol and near-obesity using nothing but healing foods.

The more you read NaturalNews, the more you’ll learn about what to avoid in your foods and what to BUY that’s loaded with nutrition! We cover natural cures, superfoods nutrition, juicing, raw foods, nutritional supplements, healing herbs and much more.

We teach you what the mainstream food industry doesn’t want you to know (and what the mainstream media won’t dare report).

If you want to learn the truth about food, read NaturalNews. Lots more to come…

Some of my favorite nutrient-rich superfoods include…

(No, these are not sponsored links. Just stuff I personally enjoy and purchase on a regular basis to blend into superfood smoothies!)

• Boku Superfood (www.BokuSuperfood.com)
• LivingFuel (
• Enerfood (
• Pure Synergy (
• Rejuvenate! (
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• X-Balance (


GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt, The Head Of Obama’s Jobs Council, Is Moving Jobs And Economic Infrastructure To China At A Blistering Pace

The Economic Collapse blog – July 29, 2011

Jeffrey Immelt, the head of Barack Obama’s highly touted “Jobs Council”, is moving even more GE infrastructure to China.  GE makes more medical-imaging machines than anyone else in the world, and now GE has announced that it “is moving the headquarters of its 115-year-old X-ray business to Beijing“.  Apparently, this is all part of a “plan to invest about $2 billion across China” over the next few years.  But moving core pieces of its business overseas is nothing new for GE.  Under Immelt, GE has shipped tens of thousands of good jobs out of the United States.  Perhaps GE should change its slogan to “Imagination At Work (In China)”.  If the very people that have been entrusted with solving the unemployment crisis are shipping jobs out of the country, what hope is there that things are going to turn around any time soon?

Earlier this month, Immelt made the following statement to a jobs summit at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce….

“There’s no excuse today for lack of leadership. The truth is we all need to be part of the solution.”

Apparently Immelt’s idea of being part of the solution is to ship as many jobs overseas as he possibly can.

A recent article on the Huffington Post documented how GE has been sending tens of thousands of good jobs out of the country….

As the administration struggles to prod businesses to create jobs at home, GE has been busy sending them abroad. Since Immelt took over in 2001, GE has shed 34,000 jobs in the U.S., according to its most recent annual filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. But it’s added 25,000 jobs overseas.

At the end of 2009, GE employed 36,000 more people abroad than it did in the U.S. In 2000, it was nearly the opposite.

GE is supposed to be creating the “jobs of tomorrow”, but it seems that most of the “jobs of tomorrow” will not be located inside the United States.

The last GE factory in the U.S. that made light bulbs closed last September.  The transition to the new CFL light bulbs was supposed to create a whole bunch of those “green jobs” that Barack Obama keeps talking about, but as an article in the Washington Post noted, that simply is not happening….

Rather than setting off a boom in the U.S. manufacture of replacement lights, the leading replacement lights are compact fluorescents, or CFLs, which are made almost entirely overseas, mostly in China.

But GE is far from alone in shipping jobs and economic infrastructure out of the United States.  For example, big automakers such as Ford are being very aggressive in China.  Ford is currently “building three factories in Chongqing as part of $1.6 billion investment that also includes another plant in Nanchang”.

Today, China accounts for approximately one out of every four vehicles sold worldwide.  The big automakers consider the future to be in China.

Just a few decades ago, China was an economic joke and the U.S. economy was absolutely unparalleled.

But disastrous trade policies have opened up the door for a mammoth transfer of jobs, factories and wealth from the United States to China.

China has become an absolute powerhouse and America is rapidly declining.

Beautiful new infrastructure is going up all over China even as U.S. infrastructure rots and decays right in front of our eyes.

You can see some amazing pictures of the stunning economic development that has been going on in China here, here, here and here.

America is being deindustrialized at lightning speed and very few of our politicians seem to care.

Back in 1979, there were 19.5 million manufacturing jobs in the United States.

Today, there are 11.6 million.

That represents a decline of 40 percent during a time period when our overall population experienced tremendous growth.

We used to have the greatest manufacturing cities on the entire globe.  The rest of the world was in awe of us.

Today, most of those formerly great manufacturing cities are decaying, rotting hellholes.

The following is what one reporter from the UK saw during his visit to Detroit….

As you pass the city limits a blanket of gloom, neglect and cheapness descends. The buildings are shabbier, the paint is faded. The businesses, where they exist, are thrift shops and pawn shops or wretched groceries where the goods are old and tired. Finding somewhere to have breakfast, normally easy in any American city, involves a long hunt. ‘God bless Detroit’, says one billboard, just beside another offering the alternative solution: liquor.

You can see some really shocking images of the decline of Detroit right here.

Our politicians insisted that globalism would not result in a “giant sucking sound” as millions of jobs left America.

But that is exactly what has happened.

Sadly, most American families still don’t understand what has happened.  Most of them are still waiting for things to get back to “normal”.

Millions of unemployed Americans are dealing with incredible amounts of stress right now as they wait for jobs to start opening up again.  But the jobs that have been shipped overseas are not coming back.  In a globalized economy, it doesn’t make sense to hire American workers when you can legally pay workers slave labor wages on the other side of the globe.

Millions of good middle class jobs have been replaced by low paying service jobs.  Today there are huge numbers of Americans that are cutting hair or flipping burgers because that is all they can get right now.

Many others are only able to survive because of the safety net.  One reader named David recently left a comment in which he shared his story.  David did everything that the system asked him to do, but the promised rewards never materialized.  Now David is broke, unemployed and he feels deeply frustrated….

A year ago I had a job, we were struggling, but bills were getting paid, and somehow we were getting by. Then I made the mistake of getting sick, one day before my company insurance kicked in. An auto-immune illness almost killed me, if it weren’t for the amazing efforts of my physicians and an emergency spleenectomy, I would not be here.

My wife would have been a single mother,raising two young sons, one of which is autistic. Instead, I pulled through. The disease damaged my liver, leaving me with a chronic condition, and even after a year, it is hard to get up and go some days. My “employer” dumped me as soon as I left the hospital, and I haven’t worked since. It isn’t for lack of looking. There just isn’t anything.

Oh, I get my government cheese money. Here I am college educated, unable to find something that can pay the bills better than the money that we get from the government. It sickens me to be this dependent on the system like this. But the system de-incentivizes work, and makes living on the dole make a perverse economic sense.

I used to have dreams, but I have given up on them. My wife and I have no savings, we have no life raft and if it weren’t for the generosity of her parents and mine, things would have ground to a halt a long time ago.

I believed every thing adults told me. Work hard, I did. Get an education, I did. Find a nice girl and settle down, I did. Two cars, a dog, a cat and couple of kids, a nice townhouse…the american dream. Yep.

I love my country. My heart is broken, broken because I have been betrayed. I did what you asked, I played by the rules. I did what you said to do; I submitted, I conformed, I stopped dreaming. Now what?

I am willing to pay for my faults and transgressions; my failures are my own, I get that. My children should not have to suffer for my failures, they did not do anything wrong. My youngest boy is autistic, we hope he will be able to integrate into society, but the fact is we may have to take care of him for the rest of his life. How do I do this with nothing, and no opportunity in the foreseeable future?

Depression, stress…yep, I’ve got all that. I used to be hopeful and optimistic about the future. Now all I am is afraid.

As the United States continues to bleed good jobs, stories like the one you just read are going to become much more common.

So what are our politicians doing about all of this?

They tell us that we need even more “free trade”!

Barack Obama says that we need more free trade.

The Republicans say that we need more free trade.

In Washington D.C. our politicians do not agree on much, but one thing they do agree on is that we need to keep shipping jobs out of the country.

Until the American people wake up and start demanding an end to the globalization of the U.S. economy, the job losses are just going to continue to get worse.

The United States has lost a staggering 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000.  If this trend continues, millions more Americans will soon be surviving on food stamps or living in tent cities.

The American people are deeply concerned about the economy, but they still have not connected the dots on these issues.  The mainstream media and most of our politicians keep telling them that the globalization of the economy is a wonderful thing.

It is so sad that people just do not understand what is going on right in front of their eyes.

Whether you are a conservative or a liberal or a libertarian, you should be against the deindustrialization of America.

Allowing our industrial base to be raped is not a good thing.

Allowing big corporations and foreign governments to pay slave labor wages to workers on the other side of the globe making things that will be sold inside the United States is not a good thing.

Allowing the destruction of our industrial capacity to threaten our national security is not a good thing.

Allowing millions of precious jobs to leave the country is not a good thing.

The biggest corporations are making some extra profits by exploiting cheap labor on the other side of the globe.  Corporate executives love to shower themselves with larger and larger bonuses.

But our current trade policies are not working for American workers.

We need “fair trade”, not “free trade”.

The United States is being taken advantage of, and the Democrats and the Republicans are both laying down like doormats and letting it happen.

If you want to know where all the good jobs went, it is not a big mystery.

They have been shipped out of the country and they are not coming back.

Unless fundamental changes are made, things are going to get worse and worse and worse for American workers.

So what is going to happen next?

It is up to you America.


Mystery over Libyan rebel commander’s death

Al Jazeera – July 29, 2011

The head of the Libyan rebels’ armed forces and two of his aides were killed by gunmen on Thursday, creating a power vacuum at the top of the opposition military hierarchy and raising questions about who was responsible.

The killing, in circumstances that remain murky, has shaken Western confidence in the movement to oust Libya’s leader, Muammar Gaddafi, and constitutes a blow for the US, Britain, France and other countries backing the under-trained and divided opposition alliance.

Abdel Fattah Younes was killed after being summoned to the de facto rebel capital of Benghazi to appear before a judicial inquiry, opposition leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil announced at a press conference late on Thursday night.

He told reporters that rebel security had arrested the head of the group behind the killing but had not found the dead men’s bodies.

By Friday, however, it appeared that the bodies had been found and returned to their relatives. Tens of thousands of people gathered in Benghazi’s central Courthouse Square – renamed Tahrir Square by the opposition – to observe Friday prayers and mourn Younes.

After attending weekly Muslim prayers, they carried coffins bearing the deceased through the square and chanted, “the blood of martyrs will not be spilled for nothing”, under the nervous gaze of security forces.

Abdul Hakim, a nephew of Younes, told the Reuters news agency that Younes’s body had been returned to his family on Thursday, burned and bearing bullet wounds. He said Younes had called to say he was coming to Benghazi around 10am Thursday morning.

Questions over killing

Rebel security reportedly arrived at Younes’s operations room near the rebels’ eastern front and arrested him and his aides early on Thursday.

Security officials said at the time that Younes was to be questioned about possible ties to Muammar Gaddafi’s regime.

Younes was Gaddafi’s interior minister before defecting to the rebels early in the uprising, which began in February.

Jalil said that Younes had been summoned for questioning regarding “a military matter”. He said Younes and his two aides, a colonel and a major, were shot before they arrived for questioning.

Al Jazeera’s Tony Birtley, reporting from Benghazi, said that the body had not been handed over yet.

“One of the assailants was captured. [The groups] were described as pro-Gaddafi units.”

“Now there is a hunt going in Benghazi to find those people,” he said.

Jalil called Younes “one of the heroes of the 17th of February revolution”, a name marking the date of early protests against Gaddafi’s regime.

He did not say Gaddafi’s forces were directly responsible for Younes’s killing but said Gaddafi was seeking to break the unity of rebel forces. He also issued a stiff warning about unaffiliated “armed groups” in rebel-held cities, saying they needed to join the fight against Gaddafi or risk being arrested by security forces.

‘A man who was a target’

After Jalil finished his remarks, without taking questions, there were reports of fighting and gunfire in and around the Tibesti Hotel, where the press conference was held.

A witness told the AFP news agency that supporters of Younes grouped outside the Tibesti, fired their weapons in the air and attempted to enter the hotel, where they were confronted by NTC security.

Some of the men shouted, “You killed him”, in reference to the NTC. 

“[Younes] is a man who was a target,” Birtley said. “It is a question of who was he targeted by: Pro-Gaddafi loyalists or people on the opposition side who didn’t actually like his politics because there were questions about where his loyalties truly lay.”

“This was a man who was the interior minister for Gaddafi. He was a personal friend for 40 years and that friendship shone through.” 

“When I [interviewed] him, he said he changed sides because the Gaddafi he knew was not the Gaddafi that was leading the country any longer.”

Within an hour, at least three loud explosions shook the centre of the Libyan capital, Tripoli. Two explosions were heard at 10:20pm local time, followed by another blast several minutes later, as Libyan television reported that planes were flying overhead.

Tripoli has been the target of repeated NATO air raids.

Rebel offensive

Meanwhile, Libyan opposition fighters in the western mountains launched attacks on several government-controlled towns, hoping to push out loyalist troops and open a route to the border.

The attacks began around dawn as rebels descended from around the towns of Nalut and Jadu in an attempt to expel forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi from the Nafusa mountain foothills.

By midday local time, rebels had taken and lost the town of al-Jawsh and reached the outskirts of Ghazaya, a significant base for Gaddafi’s troops near the Tunisian border.

Four rebels were killed and 10 injured, while 18 loyalist troops were captured, according to opposition sources.

Al Jazeera’s James Bays, who approached al-Jawsh with the rebel advance, said fighters initially took the town and moved on but were caught by a surprise counterattack.

“At the very time that they have the setback death or Mr Younes, they had a military victory in taking a large area here near the Tunisian border,” our correspondent said.

“But a short time ago they had reports that possibly there was a Gaddafi counter-offensive coming down the road,” he said.

Despite hitting al-Jawsh with artillery fire and attempting to clear out Gaddafi’s troops, some 2,000 regime forces apparently remained in town, while others fired Grad rockets after the rebels entered.

Farther west, Ghazaya had been bombarded by rebel tanks and “long-range guns” throughout Wednesday night in preparation for the attack, an opposition source said.

The fight for Ghazaya continued into Thursday afternoon, and rebels claimed to have seized the nearby town of Takut.

A rebel spokesman in Jadu claimed rebels had taken Ghazaya, but that claim was not confirmed by other sources.

Trucks carrying hundreds of fighters were involved in the operation at al-Jawsh, Bays said.

It appeared to be the largest attack by opposition fighters in the Nafusa Mountains since the conflict began.


De-Zionification Now

Gilad Atzmon – gilad.co.uk July 29, 2011

“It (immigration) was a politically motivated attempt by ministers to transform the fundamental make-up and identity of this country (Britain). It was done to destroy the right of the British people to live in a society defined by a common history, religion, law, language and traditions.” 

(Melanie Phillips, as quoted by mass murderer, Anders Breivik, in his manifesto)

Melanie Philips, a rabid Zionist and the author of “Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within” is not happy to be singled out by Andres Breivik in his 1500 pages manuscript.   Are they suggesting that “my writing provoked the mass murder of some 93 Norwegians?” she wonders righteously on her blog. I guess that Phillips knows the answer, as much as she knows how to play with words. But I will use this opportunity to reiterate it for her, and for the rest of us – there certainly is a clear and strong resemblance between Breivik’s views and Philips’ writing. The most obvious and immediate comparison is that both oppose Islamic immigration and multiculturalism of course, but it goes much further in that both identify the enemy within the ‘left political circuit’.

Breivik cites Philips’ take on Labour’s immigration policy: “It was done to destroy for ever what it means to be culturally British and to put another ‘multicultural’ identity in its place.”

I should clearly state here that I do not think that Philips provoked Breivik’s murderous inclination. I also believe that Phillips is fully entitled to express her thoughts and ideas. Yet, it is surely reasonable to suspect that Phillips , amongst others, might have contributed to inspiring Breivik,  ideologically and spiritually.

Though Phillips writes on her blog that the “the forces of spite, malice and venom (within liberal media) have been unleashed in a terrifying display of irrationality,” it is obvious that it is completely rational to elaborate on the significant resemblance between Phillips’ and Breivik’s ideas.

Jewish media outlets in Israel and around the world are already aware of the deeply worrying fact that Breivik was inspired by right wing ideologies associated with Israel and Zionism. The JTA (The Global News Service Of The Jewish People) was quick to admit that numerous online postings, including Breivik’s, attack a “mishmash of anti-modern principles” that call for “the deportation of all Muslims from Europe as well as from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.” Whether we like it or not, this ‘mishmash’ of ‘global Islamophobia’ and Israeli expansionism is the true face of contemporary Zionism and Israeli ideology.

And yet, there is a further central question that no one in the media has addressed yet: how is it that Melanie Philips is getting away with openly promoting vile Islamophobia in our midst? How is it that she and other Zionists prevail, exactly where the EDL and the BNP fail? Why is Melanie Phillips a celebrity, whilst the BNP’s Nick Griffin is regarded as a vile racist, and a social outcast?  Similarly, I find myself wondering what on earth the board of ‘progressive’ Guardian editors had in mind when they nominated the Zionist, pro-war and openly  Islamohopbic Harry’s  Place as one of their favourite political blogs  in 2005 –  bear in mind that The Guardian’s nomination was made  at more or less the same time that the very same Harry’s Place blog won the  ‘Annual Islamophobia Awards 2006,’ within the UK section of the Islamic Human Rights Commission’s ‘Annual Islamophobia Awards.’

I believe that the answer is devastating: within our so called, liberal democratic, allegedly ‘tolerant’ discourse – it is only right wing Jews who are entitled and allowed to spread  xenophobia and hatred.

This is hardly surprising, because unlike contemporary Westerners, who seem to be more than confused by their colonial heritage and notions such as nationalism, racism, expansionism, biological determinism, religion, and self-loving, Israel and Zionism actually celebrate all of these symptoms, in the open.  It is far from surprising then, to see Israeli flags and Jewish symbols popping up in many far right gatherings in the UK and in other European countries, because Israel, it seems, makes racism look kosher.

The shocking ideological resemblance of the thoughts and ideals of the fearsome mass murderer Breivik and mainstream Zionist advocates such Melanie Phillips, Daniel Pipes, David Horowitz, and Harry’s Place  should surely be a bright red alert for any sensible humanist. If we want to save our society from being dragged into a violence with no end, we must de-Zionise every possible aspect of our culture, media and political institutions. 


Palestine and the Irresistible Winds of Change

Smoking Mirrors – July 29, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

The Palestinians are going to declare statehood, or nationhood, in September, regardless of whatever does or doesn’t happen, concerning the international backing being sought. Right on cue, the Ashke-Nazi’s have come up with their own final solution to the problem they created. What this does is make the time frame between now and then a very critical phase; stinking of possible massive false flags, to usurp the timeline in whatever way possible. The one thing of which we are certain is that these genocidal mass murders will stop at nothing to achieve and maintain their ends. There is nothing they will not do and the specter of hidden nukes is a terrifying thought. Given the harm they cause every day, one can reason out that they have dropped nuke equivalents all round the world already. One has only to look at history’s greatest recorded holocaust in Soviet Russia to see the truth of that. They were the architects and perpetrators of that and no denial of responsibility can be made. The historical record is clear.

For the longest time the dark lords and their willing agents here have met with little resistance to their horrible activity on this planet. Since 9/11, which they orchestrated with the help of the CIA and British intelligence and which includes other compromised and rogue players around the international circuit, they’ve had a free and unopposed run to the horrorshow finale they have been intending for all of us. Now, some light is breaking in places around the world and especially in the places where it is needed most. It is a joy to read these things and see the groundswell of push back and revolution coming out of the backwoods of the American bedrock.

People are revolting against the TSA and the behavior of the government and the police have got the place into an unreported uproar across any number of countries. The Canadians are pushing back against Zio-Nazi hate laws and the masses are rumbling under the Zionist controlled, media blackout of public outrage. A storm is brewing and even if the first target is the puppets of these fascist world controllers, there is no way it doesn’t push all the way back up the line to London and whatever holes they are hiding in.

As I have mentioned many a time before, there is a force coming down from the inner planes that is operating off of the clock of the arriving Aquarian Age. This is forcing the powerful astral vampires out of the spider holes in the unseen realms and forcing them into human bodies. The resonance of this forcing out is vibrating in counterpoint with a cosmic urge that is awakening in the heart of humanity to be free of their oppressors, once and for all. It’s the inevitable consequence of centuries of lies and plundering at the hands of an enduring criminal class whose moment has arrived. This is inevitable. It is a sequence in the cosmic process and what is coming cannot arrive while conditions remain as they are so… conditions must change. There is no wiggle room concerning this. It is already a fait accompli in the mind of the cosmos, now it is just a matter of precipitation to fulfillment.

The world is changing because it has to and because it is programmed to. The Earth is shifting itself under the skin of its being. The weather is heralding the approach of a great unknown that cannot be defined or predicted until we see it before us. The political and social world of the status quo is in a state of transformation. The resistant and unwilling are up against irresistible change. The Sun is playing its part and the lid is coming off of all the lies that were engineered for yet further offenses against humanity; whatever the liars and killers attempt, it all turns against them. Rupert Murdoch has not skated away to safety. His fall is in progress. Norway is not returning to business as usual, with all of the usual subterfuges proving equal to the task of maintaining the fabrications surrounding it. That continues apace as well.

In the meantime, indifferent to the obvious trends in operation right in front of their eyes, the malefactors plot greater and greater outrages against the public, as they continue to expose themselves, without recourse to their previous invulnerability, to the impact of the truth upon them. Their day has come and as such it shall be irrefutably proven, the temporal is no match for the cosmic. I can appropriately quote from Ecclesiastes at this time; “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, a time to reap that which is planted;”

The problem with mortals, among whose number I do not count myself (grin), is that they see everything in the short term. They imagine that things will always be the same as they ever were, even though things are never the same as they ever were. Most people see existence through a curtain of desire and appetite, which blind them to the dangers inherent in the mortal mindset. They pursue their own loss and destruction with blinders on. The power seekers seek power, indifferent to the fact that the pursuit and possession of power corrupts and destroys. The acquisitive seek possessions, indifferent to the fact that possessions are a weight in an unpredictable sea of shifting fortunes. The fame maddened seek publicity, indifferent to the double sided effect of being saddled with it. Those in love with money are indifferent to the conditions it inflexibly places them in. Those who sow destruction and havoc upon the affairs of their fellows are indifferent to the harvest that approaches. People see things only in the context of the false legitimacy of their passions.

We spend our time obeying or breaking the temporary laws of whatever time we find ourselves in and pay little enough attention to the real laws that these laws are bad reproductions of and which were only intended to serve the agendas of those who created them. Well the cosmic laws also exist only to serve the agenda of what created them and we shall see which of these weathers the passage of time with a greater measure of endurance and efficacy.

You can’t play chess with death or poker with the devil and expect to go home a winner. You can’t beat a system that is designed for the purpose of demonstration. In the short term all manner of results and perspectives are possible and the latter serves to convince the players to continue. Las Vegas exists because the odds overwhelmingly favor the house. The same principle applies on all levels. The only sane position is to be the house, that is, until the house is coming down and the house will come down because a new house is going up.

Ages change and conditions change. The rules change. There is no ‘if’ ‘and’ or ‘but’ about it. You can argue and scheme all you want and that might have been good enough in the operative schematic but the schematic is in the process of irresistible change. Change or be plowed under.

Short sighted observers, basing their view on short term circumstances, can argue all they want but these arguments account for nothing. The bad guys have painted themselves into a corner and by whatever exit they seek to leave, their footprints will follow them. No matter how they spin it and no matter how intricately they plot and maneuver, their day is at an end. It’s not going to be easy for any of us because all of us have to change to some degree, or be changed but… for them, the changing is going to be unbearable and that’s just what it needs to be; for the purpose of demonstration and as a lasting lesson for those of us who remain and come after. So it is and so it is.

End Transmission…….

And We Could all be Free


DNA samples of the innocent will be kept after all

Daily Mail – July 28, 2011

DNA samples from up to one million people who have not committed any crime will be retained – despite a government promise to bin them.

The Coalition have backtracked on proposals to get rid of all the records for innocent people and have instead pledged to keep them in ‘anonymised’ form.

However, it would still be possible for police forces to match the sample to individuals.

DNA samples are taken for everyone arrested in England and Wales and currently they are detained.

More than five million samples are currently held – including one million for people who have committed no crime. Under the reforms, if someone is not charged the sample will be scrapped unless it was a sex crime or violent offence.

The revelation has angered civil liberty groups after the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats pledged in their Coalition agreement to get rid of the samples.

James Brokenshire, a Home Office Minister, has told MPs that samples will be retained but will be ‘considered to have been deleted’, the Daily Telegraph revealed.

However, the records will have a barcode on them which can be matched up with documentation held by the individual police forces.

Mr Brokenshire told MPs: ‘It is therefore theoretically possible that a laboratory could identify an individual’s profile from the barcode, but only in conjunction with the force which took the original sample, by giving details of the barcode of the force and asking for the individual’s name.’

The Minister added that if this was done it would ‘not be legally acceptable’ as evidence because it would be in breach of the Data Protection Act.

Isabella Sankey, policy director at Liberty, told the Telegraph: ‘Anonymising intimate genetic information is nowhere near the same thing as destroying it.’

Daniel Hamilton, director of the campaign group Big Brother Watch, said: ‘This is a disgraceful u-turn on the part of the government. Destroying physical DNA samples is a pointless gesture if the computer records are to be retained.

‘Despite paying lip service to freedom and civil liberties, this government is fast proving itself to be every bit as illiberal as its predecessor.’

A spokesman for the Home Office said that the samples were to be deleted completely – but it was not practical to get rid of all the information held by individual police forces.

In Scotland samples are already destroyed for people who are not charged with an offence.


Israel Subsidies Untouched by US Budget Crisis

John Glaser – Anti War.com July 27, 2011

Israel is suing a group of poor Bedouin Palestinians in the Negev desert for over $500,000, the claimed costs of demolishing their village each time they rebuild it. Israeli authorities have destroyed, and the Bedouin have rebuilt, the homes in al-Araqib more than 20 times.  

In a statement issued by the Israeli government, the civil lawsuit was launched to “reclaim” the “heavy costs to the state” which includes heavy equipment and police security for each demolition. But the Bedouin remain defiant, promising to continue to rebuild their makeshift homes and refusing to pay the Israeli state for their own oppression. 

The Bedouins aren’t the only ones being asked to pay for this kind of subjugation, as American taxpayers are slated to send Israel $3.075 billion in fiscal year 2012, an amount that has not been reduced despite budgetary cutbacks. President Obama and Congress are adhering to a deal made by former President George W. Bush and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to send $30 billion to Israel over the course of 10 years, starting in 2007. Despite a severe financial crisis and concerns about federal debt, aid to Israel passes with little dissent. 

The other piece of American support for Israel’s policies against Palestinians is diplomatic commitments. Palestine’s historic application for membership status at the United Nations, scheduled for a vote in September, will be opposed by the United States, despite the expressed support of over 120 nations.  

With both aid and dedicated diplomatic support, Israel may continue to be able to demolish the homes of Palestinians and perhaps even make a habit out of charging reimbursement fees for such treatment. 


5.8 million Israelis Get 100 Billion In US Tax Dollars

Israel is paying internet workers to manipulate online content


Iranian shot dead was nuclear specialist

George Jahn – Associated Press July 29, 2011

A man shot dead on a Tehran street by motorcycle-riding gunmen last weekend was a scientist involved in suspected Iranian attempts to make nuclear weapons and not a student as officially claimed, a foreign government official and a former UN nuclear inspector have told the Associated Press.

The man was shot Saturday by a pair of gunmen firing from motorcycles in an attack similar to recent assassinations of two nuclear scientists that Iran blames on the United States and Israel. State-run media initially identified him as Darioush Rezaei, a physics professor and expert in neutron transport, but those sources backtracked within hours, with officials subsequently naming him as Darioush Rezaeinejad, an electronics student.

An official from a member nation of the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency verified that the victim was named Darioush Rezaeinejad but said he participated in developing high-voltage switches, a key component in setting off the explosions needed to trigger a nuclear warhead. An abstract seen by the AP and bearing the name Darioush Rezaeinejad as a coauthor appears to back that claim.

Two other men, both of them nuclear scientists, were killed last year by assassins on motorcycles. While the possibility remained that there may be two Darioush Rezaeinejads, a senior Western diplomat in Vienna said the three assassinations, as well as the “back and forth by the Iranians’’ on the latest victim’s identity, had sharpened suspicions in his capital of a possible coverup. The diplomat asked for anonymity because he was relaying confidential information.

Iran denies it seeks nuclear weapons and insists its activities are geared only to generate fuel for a future reactor network and other peaceful purposes. But it refuses to cease activities that could be used to make such weapons, despite UN sanctions, and is stonewalling International Atomic Energy Agency attempts to probe intelligence-based allegations that it worked on components of such arms.

Because of UN embargoes prohibiting the sale to Iran of sensitive nuclear technologies, it has tried to secure components clandestinely, including high-voltage firing switches for possible weapons applications.

The official described Rezaeinejad as a physicist who had worked in the past for the Iranian defense ministry on projects linked to nuclear weapons development, including the switches.

Rezaeinejad succeeded on his project, according to an abstract of an article he coauthored three years ago and presented to the 16th Conference of Iranian Power Engineering. News of the claimed success has apparently not been previously reported. If accurate, it would move Iran a step closer to the technology needed to set off a nuclear explosion.

The abstract shared with the AP says the article, titled “Designing, Manufacturing and Testing a Closing Switch’’ provides “details about the designing, simulating, building and testing’’ of such hardware.

Such switches also have uses in medical and nonmilitary scientific applications. But a former UN nuclear inspector – who also asked for anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information – said the title of the document would make “an explosive application’’ likely.


U.S. missile shield may be precursor for Iran attack – Rogozin

RIA Novosti – July 28, 2011

Russia’s envoy to NATO said on Thursday that the United States might use the European missile defense project as preparation for an attack on Iran.

Washington has said its nuclear missile defense plans were designed to prevent any possible missile strikes from Iran or North Korea.

“The missile defense system is not purely a defensive system,” envoy Dmitry Rogozin said. “There are serious and authoritative experts in Russia and in other countries who fear that the creation of a European missile defense system, officially assigned the task of blocking a threat from Iran, may in fact be a pretext for preparing an attack on Iran.”

Western nations have accused Iran of pursuing a clandestine nuclear weapons program while Iran said its nuclear research was purely civilian. Russia has favored negotiations as a way to resolve the issue.

“It is absolutely clear that a missile defense aimed against virtual and nonexistent weapons and nonexistent threats can only aggravate the situation,” Rogozin said.

He added that Russia maintained contacts with Iran and supported its “peaceful nuclear program.”

Rogozin, who is meeting with the Turkish leadership in Ankara on the U.S.-led missile defense project, said the U.S. pursued its missile defense plans regardless of negotiations with Russia or European partners.

“The Romanian government and the U.S. recently signed an agreement to set up a base of interceptor missiles near Bucharest and shortly afterward a USS Monterey missile cruiser entered the Black Sea waters,” Rogozin said.

He added that Washington also planned to deploy data processing and weapons systems in other European countries by 2018.

U.S. experts are also in talks with the Turkish government on deploying an early warning radar system in the southeast of the country.

An interceptor missile base is to be opened in Poland in 2018 and equipped by 2020 with new missiles, which will be capable of threatening Russia’s strategic nuclear potential.

Rogozin said no other NATO country had interceptor missile technologies, so NATO countries have no choice but to buy missile defense elements from the United States.


Be and Become what you Aspire To

Visible Origami – July 28, 2011

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

“May your nose be in the fifth density when your body enters the fourth”.

I’ve been thinking about a few things over recent times. They have to do with the unique mathematics of The Mayans, aboriginal dreamtime, transmissions from star clusters, contemporary ayahuasca and Native American rituals. Despite occasional criticisms from those who have never taken accelerated inward journeys, I am convinced of the validity of such forays. I’ve mentioned, more times than I can recall, that in former times; in earlier times, it’s possible that such additives may not have been necessary. Then again, these experiences are a part of human history as far back as we have presently been recording, altering and fabricating it, in the interest of bankers and the Khazar psychopaths, who have profited from the distortions and… profited handsomely in the only coin they value. Their time is coming to an end.

It stands to reason that people have made internal quests with the assistance of the plant kingdom for this length of time because this length of time has all been Kali Yuga and is the warmest and dampest darkness, in which vile bacteria, masquerading as human, has breed and plundered at will.

I’m not going to talk about available comestibles and the employment of them.  I don’t do that except in rare anecdotal moments, where I am providing some back story to things that I go through. What people may choose to engage in on their journey is not my affair. My affair and concern is the goal itself and certain mindsets that I believe also accelerate and validate ones progress and successes. That’s what I’m going to talk about today. I’m going to talk about the single most important practice and perspective that one can possess, in my opinion. This is inspired by my work on “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World”, which I am finalizing at this time and which I have been writing about at the book’s end.

I get a lot of emails, of all kinds. One type of email that I get has to do with the slow progress and elements of confusion, desperation and despair that enters into the hearts and minds of the seekers in this time. The main problem that I notice, and the cause of the states of being just mentioned, appears to be due to reaching; trying to get somewhere so that something will finally exist or happen. It’s a Sisyphean endeavor. It’s one of the primary deceptions of the separated mind. It’s the idea that there is somewhere you have to arrive at when you are already there. It’s the recognition factor that’s missing. It’s the surrender and utter reliance factor that’s not being employed. Instead we have more of the ‘driven mechanics’ that I have spoken about and mentioned witnessing, as I travel through the illusionary world of desire fueled appearances.

This being and thing we call the divine, or refer to by any number of names, sexes and indefinable singularities, is a part of us. It’s not out there somewhere, apart from us in some kind of a distant heaven. It’s not separate from us. It’s not something other than us. It composes and animates everything and is (contradiction alert) also apart from us in a certain sense. Its power and presence make up everything and there is never a time in the cosmic order when there is more power manifest than there is in reserve. This is always the case. The material sun is the source of all physical life on Earth and symbolizes the internal spiritual sun that is the true source of everything, including the manifest sun, which obtains all its power and virtue from it. Those who have worshipped the material sun over the centuries are also afflicted with that same sense of separation, confusion, desperation and despair that I’ve alluded to. The true sun is within and that is the being we need to come into the presence of. We are already in that presence but our awareness of this is not activated. It’s the awareness of the indwelling that has to be ignited, as if it were a candle, or something lit that grants illumination in the darkness of the mind.

You become what you identify with. The key to unity is merging. If the mind defines itself as separated from something then the perception is of distance and separation. One would be greatly informed by reading the works of yogis and mystics, concerning their relationship to the divine. So long as you see yourself at a distance from the thing you seek then you are at a distance, at least in the way you understand it.

The idea is to go about all of your actions as if it were the divine who was engaged in them. When you eat, you eat as if it were the divine who was engaged in it. When you commit any action you carry it out as if the divine were doing it. The divine actually does everything since there is no power to act outside of the divine. Whatever you interact with, you interact with it as if it were the divine. You encapsulate the whole of your existence as if it were an interplay with and as the divine. This is how you overcome the sense of separation. You recognize that there is none.

If you are reading these words from outside that construct then the sensation is that their meaning is something apart from you. If the mind insists on continuing that perception then it will continue. We can only experience fully that which we fully embrace. Success (as stated in the Bhagavad-Gita) comes quickly for the energetic. This does not mean only operating at extreme capacity for union. It also means consistency and determination of purpose. Extreme capacity can only be maintained with consistency and determination.

As has been stated at other times, it may take trauma to bring us to a place of acceptance and understanding. Sometimes this is accomplished by weltzschmerz, or a loss of interest in all of the promises and attractions of the world. Sometimes it is accomplished by the growth of divine love, which possesses all of the attributes of the exercise within it. Sometimes it is accomplished through selfless service. There are a number of ways to come into the fullness of what is being discussed here. You have to find one of them. You have to go about your days as if you were already a resident of Heaven and already in possession of the company and qualities of the divine. Sooner or later it will become true in fact.

There is no other effort worthy of our time and interest. Everything else is a waste of time and we discover the truth of that sooner or later. There is a hunger within that can only be satisfied by the presence of the divine. It will trouble us until we have attained to it. People may deny the existence of this presence and they may war against the recognition of it but that is about as effective as shooting arrows at the sun. May you arrive sooner than later and awaken by the streamside at Cold Mountain and be warmed by the internal sun.

End Transmission…….

Everlasting Love


The Friday 22 Massacre

By Israel Shamir – Shamireaders July 28, 2011

When the tears will dry and the cries fell silent we’ll recognise the cinematic quality of Utoya Massacre being drawn from trashy horror movies. In the Friday 13 Screams at Elm Street, we saw many times a serial killer stalking a peaceful summer camp and murdering innocent youths. Friday 22 killer translated the celluloid to life completing mutual penetration of art and reality, of gory movies, of shooting arcade games, of unmanned drone attacks in far-away lands and finally this long shoot-out on the fjord island.

Shooting people who can’t shoot back is the ultimate vileness of mass killers, of executioners, and of NATO soldiers. For two hours the killer safely, professionally, confidently, coolly stalked the unarmed youths killing them one by one like sitting ducks; for one hundred days the killer’s classmates in the air force safely, professionally, confidently, coolly stalked unarmed Libyans. Breivik hated Muslims, hated Socialists, probably hated Qaddafi, a Muslim Socialist, but his deed better than a thousand Qaddafi-dispatched terrorists should remind the people of Europe that wars abroad will bring war home, too. There are too many licences to kill being produced.

Why did he do it? We can answer the question: the massacre was essentially a publicity stunt for the killer’s opus magnum, 1500 pages of compendium “2083”. This is not a great achievement of human spirit, rather a copy-paste hotchpotch of Neocon writings on Islam and violent anticommunism. However, it deserves our study just because so many people were killed in order to make us read it. If this Breiwick was a Herostratus, let us see why he burned down the temple of so many lives. Moreover, we should see where he was wrong.

2083 reveals a new vicious political virus designed in genetic engineering labs of the Neocon think-tanks. For many years it was thought that a Nazi should hate Jews and befriend Muslims, because this was the case with Hitler’s Nazism. A Nazi was not supposed to hate Commies because Communism was a similar totalitarian ideology according to Karl Popper and George Bush. A Neo-Nazi should love Adolf Hitler and upheld racism.

Long labour of Jewish ideologists connected to Neocons succeeded to reverse the attitudes. Today we have a whole string of parties and movements which connect far-right ideas with sympathy to Jews, tolerance of gays, hate of Islam. The writer of 2083, too, is pro-Jews, pro-gays, violently anti-Muslim and anti-Communist. He is nearest to Pim Fortuyn, the assassinated Dutch far-right Judeophile gay politician. He marched with EDL, a British strongly pro-Jewish anti-Muslim militancy.

Breivik’s 2083 is heavily influenced by far-right Neocon Jewish writing. As is often the case with copy-paste compilations, it is difficult to fully separate words of the compiler and those of compiled authors. If it ever will be published, probably copyright of David Horowitz and Bat Yeor, Daniel Pipes and Andrew Bostom should embellish its page three.  These writers inspired him to commit his mass murder.

Just a few hours before the attack, Gilad Atzmon wrote, Joseph Klein published in the FrontPage magazine an article entitled “The Quislings of Norway,” (here) with additional incitement to murder. Klein wrote: “The infamous Norwegian Vidkun Quisling, who assisted Nazi Germany as it conquered his own country, must be applauding in his grave… Norway is effectively under the occupation of anti-Semitic leftists and radical Muslims, and appears willing to help enable the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.”

These are fighting words, and Breitvik heeded them while loading his guns. 2083 proves these sources. Quotes from Frontpage of David Horowitz and its authors take hundreds of pages. Bernard Lewis has a place of honour. The notorious Bat Yeor, an Egyptian Jewish woman living in Switzerland, who coined the term “Eurabia” (an alleged conspiracy to subjugate Europe to Arabs) and did much to promote fear of Islam, corresponded with the killer, and she “kindly” advised him and sent him her unpublished texts. She is the only person named in his Declaration of European Independence, and her advice the newly independent Europeans should follow, according to Bat Yeor.

Robert Spenser, a sidekick of David Horowitz of Jihad Watch is another great love of the killer, and so is an American Zionist, Andrew G. Bostom, self-proclaimed expert on “Islamic anti-Semitism”. Daniel Pipes is presented with his thesis that “The Palestinian phenomenon was created with the intention to justify Jihad”. Melanie Phillips, the British far-right Zionist and a friend of the BNP leader, and other pro-fascist Islam-haters are also present. (Funnily, these guys repeatedly condemned me for my “anti-Semitism”)

Politically, the killer’s sympathies lie with “the United States and Israel. The creators of Eurabia have conducted a successful propaganda campaign against these two countries in the European media. This fabrication was made easier by pre-existing currents of anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism in parts of Europe.” Economically, he preferred Milton Friedman, disliked taxes, was against welfare system.

He hated Palestinians, and speaks of “Palestinian terrorist jihad”.  Like every good Zionist he ranted: “Muhammad Amin al-Husayni, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Arab nationalist leader, a leading force behind the establishment of the Arab League and a spiritual father of the PLO, was a close collaborator with Nazi Germany and personally met with Adolf Hitler. In a radio broadcast from Berlin he called upon Muslims to kill Jews wherever they could find them… he had visited incognito the gas chambers of Auschwitz.” Among the first things the independent Europeans should do is to stop any assistance to the Palestinians.

For Breivik, like for his Jewish teachers, Adolf Hitler is ultimate evil. He accepted and upheld antiracism, at least for tactical reasons. His dislike of multiculturalism is culture, nor race-based. He was not a racist: he killed blue-eyed Norwegians as well as their brown guests. He even hated David Duke – for being anti-Jewish. His hatred to Islam is not limited to borders of Norway, or Europe – like Neocons, he hated Muslims wherever they are to be found.

He spends many pages on describing evils of Turkey including massacres of Armenians, Greeks and Kurds. There is a long chapter on modern history of Lebanon, where curiously Israeli wars are missing, and the troubles of the country are presented via Christian/Muslim division. His favourite historical hero is Vlad the Impaler, Romanian prince better known as Count Dracula.

His logic is primitive and faulty: “If all ethnical groups and all cultures are equal, why is it black Africans, Afro-Caribbean blacks, Pakistanis, Indians, Chinese, and Eastern Europeans want to abandon their own lands en masse to live in the lands of the West?”

A simple explanation, “because the West constantly robbed and robs their countries” does not occur to Breivik.

He asks: “if we’re all truly equal, why does the rest of the world want to live the Western lifestyle, a lifestyle created in the main by white people? Just why exactly, do they want to be part of capitalism, run businesses, work for the white man’s industries, claim the white man’s welfare and buy and use goods created by the creativity and ingenuity of Western – white – people?”

The correct answer: “no, they do not. But they are bombed or besieged if they want to follow their own way of life, like in socialist Cuba, North Korea or Libya”.

Breivik can’t be characterised a Christian fundamentalist, not even as a Christian nor Christian Zionist. His feelings towards Christianity are lukewarm at the best. He can’t even decide whether he is a Christian, he is still “struggling with this myself. Some of the criticism of Christianity…is legitimate.” As Jewish activists, he approves of “the Second Vatican Council from the 1960s …for reaching out to Jews”, which is usually detested by the conservative right.

Breivik is livid against Muslim immigration – though his arguments are valid for immigration in general, he always stresses “Muslim” element. But he does not call upon his country to stop tormenting Muslim states, though this is the main reason for Muslim immigration.

 However, the immigration dispute is practically over in Europe. Understanding that immigration carries huge social costs penetrated into all strata of European society. Immigration presents a big problem to Europe on the background of low native birthrate. It is universally disliked, but by the wealthy people of privilege. If years ago immigration could be seen as a magic wand saving citizens from boring chores, something similar to slaves of ancient Greece or to machines, people do not see it this way anymore, as immigrants become enfranchised though not integrated. They certainly cause more unemployment and drop of salaries, if they choose to work; otherwise, they overload welfare budgets. Perhaps rather late, but now this debate is over in Europe. Today, a Norwegian does not have to shoot one’s fellow citizens in order to express disagreement with immigration: this became a commonplace.

 A Counterpunch writer Vijay Prashad wrote: “the [killed] Labour youth had among them children of migrants from Sri Lanka and North Africa. Their Norway was not Breivik’s Norway.” Well, that is why, probably, Breivik did not like them: he did not want their Norway to displace his Norway. Prashad condemned European conservatives who “cannot fathom that human beings are able to live convivial lives with those who are different” but history of Sri Lanka is not the best recommendation for peaceful conviviality. If however people of Sri Lanka want “to live convivial lives with those who are different”, they will have to practice that at home, not in Norway. Prashad may call Merkel and Sarkozy “Nazis” for refusing to let in more immigration, but the Utoya Massacre did sent a strong signal that many people feel bad about immigration and want it stopped.

 Actually, immigration into Norway slowed down to a trickle. The government of Norway – like many West European governments – made immigration almost impossible. In a famous case, a young girl from Caucasus lived for some ten years in Norway, completed her university studies, wrote a novel in Norwegian – and still was deported as illegal alien. Multiculturalism is a slogan of yesterday, so Breivik is as outdated as Prashad.

 (to be continued)

Most experiments on monkeys have little medical benefit

Nick Collins – The Telegraph.co.uk July 27, 2011

A review of experiments on non-human primates over a ten year period, led by Sir Patrick Bateson, president of the Zoological Society of London, found that nine per cent resulted in no scientific or medical benefit.

In addition a majority of the 3,000 experiments on monkeys funded by Britain’s three chief funding bodies between 1996 and 2006 did not have a significant medical impact.

This was in part due to the fact most studies were dedicated to learning more about how the brain works, and may have made significant scientific progress without directly contributing to human medicine, experts said.

The review, conducted on the recommendation of a 2006 report, added that medical research on monkeys was justified and most work was of good quality.

Tests on monkeys have helped scientists successfully develop a vaccine for polio and life-changing “deep brain stimulation” therapy for Parkinson’s patients.

But other studies, such as experiments on vision, “led nowhere” and should never have been conducted, the review said.

Sir Patrick said: “In my view, the funding of work on non-human primates should not be continued if no effort has been made to demonstrate plausibly the potential medical and social benefits of the work.”

Animal welfare campaigners said the “chilling” findings strengthened the argument for an outright ban on tests on primates in Britain.

Academic research accounts for about ten per cent of the 3,000 tests conducted on monkeys in Britain every year, with industry accounting for the lion’s share.

In comparison, American scientists carry out about 60,000 experiments on primates per year.

Last week scientists warned that researchers could risk creating Planet of the Apes-style monkeys with human speech or consciousness unless new ethical boundaries for experiments on animals are established.


Comment – July 28, 2011

Even someone who is not an “animal rights” campaigner should be able to see that there is more to vivisection than just experiments on animals.

Our ancestors sacrificed animals and sometimes-even humans too, to appease their gods. Today science does much the same thing.

In esoteric terms, our ancestors sacrificed animals to various entities that would in turn feed on the energies released by the animal’s death.

For by dying prematurely the animal’s still unused life force was released, to be utilised, one might even say harvested by the entity in whose name the sacrifice had been carried out.

In return these entities would use their powers of influence as payback to those who carried out the ritual.   

Essentially, what modern science does is no different. Only the names have changed.

So instead of sacrifices being carried to appease some ancient god they are now carried out for the benefit of science and all its lesser servants. Meaning that in the name of medical research and scientific experimentation millions of animals are killed every year.

As the article above reveals, 60,000 “experiments” were carried last year in America on primates alone. And that is not counting any of the other species like mice and rats that were “experimented” on.

Rudolph Steiner taught that Ahriman sought to root mankind entirely in the material world and that this would become more evident with the passage of time.

For those unfamiliar with Steiner’s work, Ahriman and Satan are one and the same. 

Given that scientific materialism has been elevated to the point where its conclusions cannot be questioned by anything other than modern science, one might say that Steiner’s prophecy has almost been fulfilled.

The ‘Rape’ of Rachel North

Nick Kollerstrom – Terror on the Tube June 29, 2011

On the morning of July 7th, 2005, while journeying into London on the Piccadilly line, just before the train she was on exploded, Rachel North claimed to have been reading an account of her rape which she had written up, in the women’s magazine ‘Marie Claire,’ which had coincidentally been published that day.

She is a victim in both cases of dark-skinned young men: Germaine Lindsay who allegedly blew up the carriage she was on, came from Barbados and was 19 years old at the time; while the Jamaican who allegedly raped her in 2002 was 17 years old at the time. One happened on July 17, the other on July 7th. Her book ‘out of the Tunnel’[1] compares these two experiences. I suggest the rape story is largely fictitious.

After her alleged rape, RN was hypnotically regressed by a police psychologist [2], to help her remember:

“When I couldn’t remember, I gave permission for a Professor of forensic Psychology to work with the police using new  techniques on me in interview to unlock the suppressed memories locked down by masssive trauma-amnesia.”

Hmm, that does seem a good basis for putting a 17-year old  Jamaican immigrant into jail for 15 years.

She got home late from a Stockwell pub, to her ground-floor flat in Wood Green, quite drunk on vodka (‘I realised I was drunk’) at around 12.30 at night (page 13, Out of the Tunnel). She took a painkiller to lessen her headache, went to bed and fell asleep.

She is woken up at around one am by a knock on the communally-shared door. Her partner had stayed out late and she is alone in the flat. She sees his silhouette, and guesses he is a Jamaican young man (in reality, I would say, she has just invited a young Jamaican home with her, from Stockwell). Would a single woman – drunk, woken up from sleep, with a headache – really open two doors, her own flat and the main front door, to a Jamaican stranger in the early hours of the morning?

Or, would a single man not ring a doorbell, but instead bang on a main front door, a building with three floors of detached flats in it – after midnight – hoping to rape someone? We are here at an extreme limit of absurdity. What would he have said if someone from another flat had answered? Or, if Rachel’s partner had answered the door?

Apparently, he wants to enter a home and start raping the person who opened the door – on the landing! He would surely have had to expect that some guy would be at her home also. Rapes are usually done by people who know the victim closely, or at least by a man who has been tailing the woman for a while, to have a chance to get aroused.

After opening the  main front door to the young Jamaican, if indeed he had begun to assault her, RN would have started shrieking her head off – she is quite a big lady, not easily shut up. That would have woken up other house occupants. The idea that her ‘rapist’ can pull here through the communal passageway, in silence, then into her flat, and then start assaulting her on her hall-landing – do you want to believe that?

Then, having been thoroughly raped and all her clothes stripped off and her hands tied behind her back – did he bring some rope with him? – RN finds he is trying to kill her – again for no reason. Does that seem likely behaviour for a young immigrant, newly arrived in England? So she feigns dead, and thereby survives. Then she has an out-of-the-body experience. (This, maybe, is being recalled under hypnosis by a police psychologist). Time goes by, and we are to assume the rapist has gone, as suddenly as he came (‘The man muttered “Shit!” and then left.’ (3)) – no motive is given for this act in RN’s story, though it destroys his whole life.

RN regains consciousness ‘perhaps two hours later’ (p.23) so let’s surmise it’s around three o’clock in the morning. Bloody and naked, she goes out of her flat and upstairs, where she starts banging hard on the door of the upstairs flat. Perhaps it’s fortunate the occupants did not open the door, they would have had a shock.  Eventually despairing – with her man still not having returned – she goes out of the front door still naked and ‘flings’ herself down the steps (The Times[3]) then ‘flings’ herself across the bonnet of a police car (Daily Mail[4]) which – get this – just happens to have drawn up as she emerged – and utters a blood-curdling scream. Would a woman who has just received forty separate injuries from a rapist/killer really throw herself naked across a car bonnet? Would the car draw up at the exact synchronous moment?

We’re here meant to believe that the upstairs residents, while declining to open the door on which she was banging, yet called the police.

Some have surmised that maybe she did maybe ‘fling’ herself down the steps, after all her man would have to see some bruises when he returned, to believe the story. From the young man’s pleas in the courtroom, as narrated in RN’s several accounts, we could gather that RN after getting drunk[5] at her local, found herself wondering what it would be like to get laid by a young black man, and invited him home. He averred in his trial that he was not guilty and that the event had been ‘consensual’.[6] RN:

“He had no explanation for the injuries on my body, and there were over forty, nor could he explain why I was found tied up and covered in blood with a wire noose around my neck.”

Hang on, Rachel: if you were ‘found’ tied up and covered in blood, then how come you ‘flung’ yourself across the police car bonnet? And, maybe the bewildered young man had no explanation for the injuries on your body, because he left before you had flung yourself down your own steps in order to get those injuries? Did he bring some rope with him to tie you up, with your hands behind your back, as your book describes?

Doubt has been expressed over this rape story, eg:

  • “How exhausted do you have to be to sprint out of the house naked and throw yourself over the front of a police car? I would think it was the sight of their lives.”
  • “What are the odds against running out of your door, at any random moment and a Police Car coming down the street??”
  • “Why she ever flung herself about the road in the nude is a big question since we learn that her accused “rapist” was already gone half an hour before the police arrived”
  • “Techniques in interview to unlock surpressed memories about a rape? If you get raped you recall it, surely.”
  • “Looks like: she let him in, had a good romp which she later denied, then paints her accused attacker to be a maniac on the loose.”
  • “There is no bias here or anything personal. We think the brain injury aspect is very relevant in respect of Rachel’s confabulations.” [7]

Julian Ennis Williams should now be released from Bedford jail, for two reasons. Firstly, RN allegedly could not remember the event. Secondly, the story that she has woven about it is quite incredible. He should be given some reparations for having had his life ruined, being innocent of the charge.

He is in jail because he is black, poor and could not afford proper legal counsel. It’s our business to get him out.

Our evaluation of this rape story may impact upon narratives of the 7/7 event. For example, RN started blogging about 7/7 on the evening of the 7th, then a few day later found that, after watching the BBC news, she was starting to get ‘flashbacks,’ which enabled her original, not-very-plausible story to be coloured in or enriched:

“It was like a dream you can’t remember, a puzzle you can’t solve. But then I saw a television documentary about the bombings. Immediately I began to have flashbacks.”[8]

That is an extremely strange remark, about ‘memory.’ It is I suggest very comparable to her having to be hypnotically regressed to ‘remember’ her rape. This is the person who has functioned as the main spokesperson of the government’s view about the London Bombings.

Contextual Postscript

Anyone who has followed this unedifying story will be aware that a Ms Felicity Jane Lowde expressed doubt over whether RN had in fact been raped, and ended up being put in jail for three months for the crime of ‘stalking’ RN – in July 2007. I would not wish to doubt what various persons have testified to on the web, that correpondence with FJL can be a distressing experience: however, that is not a crime. It is untrue that she ‘stalked’ RN – that term (a) normally implies someone of the opposite sex, and (b) implies that the stalker is attempting to make contact. Neither of those applied, and anyone tormented by unpleasant emails can simply block them. I here wish to argue, that RN has had two people put in jail, both on false pretences.

Memory-recall: on July 7th 2005, RN starts blogging that very evening, averring she was on the front carriage – then a couple of days later, maybe realising that her story does not seem very convincing (eg, ‘we walked out via the front, and people laughed at the idea of reporting late for work’ – well I don’t reckon anyone was laughing)- she then starts getting ‘flashbacks’ Uh-huh. These flashbacks enable her to gave a more graphic account, of course. Listen carefully:

“It was like a dream you can’t remember, a puzzle you can’t solve. But then I saw a television documentary about the bombings. Immediately I began to have flashbacks.”[1]

Does that remind you at all, of her being regressed after her rape, to remember it?

People have commented on the nearly-complete absence of scars on her face or any where else, and the two pictures in Marie Claire show a quite scarless face – though not showing her forehead. When I met her, when she barged into the 911-truth meeting at the Counting-House pub where David Shayler was speaking winter 2005/6, no-one noticed any scars. despite her gruesome accounts of both the bombing and the rape. BUT there is indeed one scar, which some have felt may be relevant: two one-inch scar-lines forming a cross, on her forehead.

Where did they come from?

She told me she was a theology student, when I met her six months after the 7/7 event (her father’s a vicar), and started warbling on about religious beliefs of young Brititsh Muslims; then she gave me her email (not quite sure why but she did) as rachelupthepole@ etc, and next thing I’m reading in The Times about her giving a pole-dance class, women getting in touch with their sexuality etc: a rape victim? We are not allowed to allude to her real name because she is a rape victim? I sensed a rather blurred self-identity.

This is the woman who has always functioned as the main government spokesperson for their 7/7 story.


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