‘False flag attacks’

Daily Mail Headline: Now force Google to block sick websites of hatred

If nothing else the Woolwich horror could lead to tighter control of the web as British MPs demand tighter control from internet giants.

Woolwich: Fake Terror in London

Woolwich: Fake Terror in London

A false-flag terror event is an intelligence test for the populace. Nick Kollerstrom asks: are you really dumb enough to believe the latest?

Was The Attack In Woolwich A Hoax? – Morris

Sandy Hook, Boston and now London. Is a new type of carefully staged false flag emerging?

The obvious flaws in the Woolwich psy op

The obvious flaws in the Woolwich psy op

Here we have the scene with no blood, and the body in the road

Woolwich London Killing: Terrorism or False Flag?

Questions continue to mount over the “beheading” in London. Stephen Lendman wonders if it was staged to stoke public sentiment against Islam?

London Beheading Hoax Confirmed?

London Beheading Hoax Confirmed?

Was the London beheading a hoax? After Sandy Hook anything is possible and the authors present a very convincing case that it was. Judge for yourself

Man with ties to Boston bombing suspect shot during FBI questioning

U.S. law enforcement investigations into the Boston bombing have been heavy handed, to say the least. In the latest incident, FBI agents shot dead an associate of Tamerlane Tsarnaev during questioning, allegedly after he attacked them

National Scout Jamboree 2013 False Flag Insider Warning

We leave readers to decide whether this warning is authentic. But a FEMA mass casualty drill is scheduled for the same time and could go live, just as at the Boston Marathon. Overseeing the drill, a responder to 9/11

Bloody confession: Tsarnaev ‘wrote note’ inside boat prior to arrest

Of course nobody actually saw Tsarnaev write his confession. Nonetheless it neatly ties up all the loose ends in what increasingly looks like a frame up

Saudis held over Tanzania church blast

Are elements in Saudi Arabia, like those U.S., Israel and the UK now actively trying to incite a “clash of civilisations” between Islam and Christianity?

Don't be CIA's Next Patsy - 10 Preventative Steps

Don’t be CIA’s Next Patsy – 10 Preventative Steps

An increasingly common pitfall in modern life is finding that you have been blamed for a CIA false flag. These practical steps will help avoid this perilous predicament

Man carjacked by Boston bomb suspects says he was threatened if he spoke Chinese

Man carjacked by Boston bomb suspects says he was threatened if he spoke Chinese

As three more suspects are arrested, the Boston bombers ‘carjack victim’ tells his story. But is he really who he says he is? Or is he just another actor?

Boston Marathon Bombing: Now They Go After The Mother And The Wife

Boston Marathon Bombing: Now They Go After The Mother And The Wife

Is Katie Russell about to be framed and linked to the Boston Marathon bombing to silence her too?

US internal security forces conduct sweeps in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing. Click to enlarge

US False-Flag Frameups Are Political Murder In Disguise

His death has prompted some ugly revelations but this is the ugliest by far. A damming indictment of modern America. Insider info on Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s murder. WARNING: contains graphic images.

Revealed: Mother of Boston ‘bombers’ was put on CIA terrorist watchlist 18 months before attacks and is now a ‘person of interest’

This looks like an attempt to discredit the alleged ‘bombers’ mother after she accused U.S. authorities of trying to frame her sons

Dzokhar emerges from underneath boat cover during his arrest, apparently uninjured. Click to enlarge

GREAT way to keep the lid on a lie: Jewish medical center treated ALL BOMBING ‘VICTIMS’

As the photo here illustrates: Dzokhar appeared uninjured when arrested. So where did he sustain throat injuries that prevented his speaking? Includes video

Boston suspects ‘planned to set off bombs in Times Square’

The latest line being spun is that had they not been stopped the Boston bombers would have killed many more. At least that’s what the authorities would like you to believe

Something’s Rotten In Boston, by Dave Lindorrf

Something’s Rotten In Boston, by Dave Lindorrf

Given the authorities record of orchestrating terror plots, which are then scripted and publicised by the corporate media, what’s the betting that the Boston Marathon bombing is more of the same?

Now officials claim Boston bombing suspect was NOT armed in boat showdown – despite police account of firefight and him ‘shooting himself’

Official accounts at odds over Dzhokar Tsarnaev’s capture

The Official Tsarnaev Story Makes No Sense

As former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray explains, there are gaping holes in the official account