Jimmy Savile scandal

The late Jimmy Savile left hundreds of victims in his trail of abuse that lastest decades and which the powers that be helped conceal until after his death

Margaret Thatcher Didnt Turn Blind Eye To Pedophile Politicians, SHE PROMOTED THEM!

Jimmy Savile regularly visited Thatcher and she appointed many known perverts to key posts — where they were obliged to do as they were told. Or face exposure

Oxford whistleblower's attempt to protect young victim of a sadistic gang went unheeded

Oxford whistleblower’s attempt to protect young victim of a sadistic gang went unheeded

Like Jimmy Savile, it almost seems as if these abusers were being protected. While the media omits to mention the full facts

Abused Russian kids from Hampstead spoke of ritual sacrifice and murder

Horror in Hampstead? It Happened.

Features un-aired Discovery Channel documentary “Conspiracy of Silence. Pedophilia in high places”. Plus much, much more

Sir Cliff Richard police probe: Pop star facing more allegations

Police investigation into the singer have “increased significantly in size” following further accusations of sexual abuse

Kincora scandal: Abuse victim seeks Judicial Review over MI5 link to Belfast boys’ home

Another case of historic sexual abuse linked with elements of the British establishment. In this case MI5

Police force apologises to 59 alleged victims in 30 child abuse cases over bungled investigations

Were 30 cases really “bungled”? Or were they deliberately sabotaged in order to protect high level abusers?

Rotherham: Where Some Cultures Are More Equal Than Others

Rotherham: Where Some Cultures Are More Equal Than Others

Our politically correct culture made this problem. Our politically correct culture is too well indoctrinated to be capable of fixing it

Many of the victims, some as young as 11, came from troubled backgrounds. Click to enlarge

PC under investigation over Rotherham sex abuse scandal dies in crash

Is a deadly cover-up underway in Rotherham?

Savile and the Duke of Edinburgh at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, where Savile carried out many of Savile's crimes. Click to enlarge

Rotherham leaders resign as child sex abuse report brands council ‘not fit for purpose’

Like revelations about Jimmy Savile, the more that is revealed the worse it looks

Top British diplomat was focus of secret file sent to Margaret Thatcher about ‘unnatural’ sexual behaviour

Another high level paedophile has been exposed, a former High Commissioner to Canada with links to MI6

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Elm Guest House – A Ticking Time Bomb

The late home secretary Leon Brittan’s real legacy: a cover-up of murder and child abuse involving high ranking members of the British establishment

Leon Brittan ‘attended paedophile parties in notorious brothel’

The former home secretary has also been criticised after files containing evidence of a high level paedophile ring, handed to him in 1983, went missing

Anger as Brittan is branded a multiple child rapist only days after his death

The former home secretary has been accused of rape and child abuse and compared to Jimmy Savile

‘Sex slave case': Prince Andrew may regret friendship with financier who had dark secret

The Independent doesn’t really question it but was Prince Andrew entirely ignorant about Epstein’s activity?

New Year’s Honours: row as Scots lawyer forced to quit child sex probe is made dame

Is this a reward for her part in helping to cover-up cases of historic sex abuse?

John Mann MP. Click to enlarge

Five Westminster paedophile rings probed by Scotland Yard

Not one but FIVE paedophile rings thought to be active at the nexus of political power in Britain

Sexual abuse inquiry: Investigation into Jimmy Savile’s years of abuse at the BBC delayed for a third time

Is the delay being used to protect someone?

Police probe child abuse ‘murders’

Serious investigations are now underway into allegations of historic sex abuse. These go back decades but will they result in many prosecutions?

Now police investigate two undercover officers over claims they abused former child actor at guest house ‘used by VIP paedophile ring’

Two officers investigating allegations of child abuse also visited the notorious Elm Street Guest House — in a personnel capacity

Paige Young.

New Information About Dead Playboy Playmate Reveal Life as a Beta Kitten Slave

Allegations against Bill Cosby prompt a new look at the ‘suicide’ of a Playboy Bunny who left a note, “Hugh Hefner is the devil”