Jimmy Savile scandal

The late Jimmy Savile left hundreds of victims in his trail of abuse that lastest decades and which the powers that be helped conceal until after his death

Bill Cosby: more woman have now come forward to publicly accuse the entertainer of sexual assault. Click to enlarge

Former DA says he believes Bill Cosby can’t be prosecuted

Why? Is Cosby being protected from prosecution, the way Jimmy Savile was while he was still alive?

Britain is no longer just a Christian country, says major report

The report’s conclusions are none too surprising. However the real question is why Baroness Butler-Sloss was chosen to oversee this report and what her real agenda was

Ex-flatmates support 'Jane' over Leon Brittan rape claim

Ex-flatmates support ‘Jane’ over Leon Brittan rape claim

BBC Panorama and the Times caught lying to protect the reputation of the late Home secretary accused of rape

Singer Cliff Richard. Click to enlarge

British singer Cliff Richard questioned again over alleged sex crimes

Like Jimmy Savile, Cliff Richard was also knighted. Is he also being protected the way Jimmy Savile was while he was still alive?

Fiona Barnett speaks to the media in Sydney.

Victim of alleged paedophile ring claims she was abused at parties attended by political elite

Alleged victim claims a “well-coordinated international paedophile ring” served Australia’s political elite

Police investigating claims of ‘multiple sexual crimes’ involving Leon Brittan, says MP Tom Watson

Don’t be fooled by the establishment campaign to whitewash the former Home Secretary. Because he has been accused of multiple sex crimes by a number of unrelated alleged victims

Mike Smith. Click to enlarge

The Mysterious Death of Mike Smith

The Jimmy Savile scandal may have been the tip of the iceberg. A string of unexplained deaths may have been part of the cover-up

Scotland Yard accuses the BBC of hampering its investigations into historical child sexual abuse

Metropolitan Police issues unprecedented statement claiming BBC documentary on alleged VIP paedophile ring could jeopardise investigations

Revealed: BBC Plans to Smear Survivors of Child Abuse

Revealed: BBC Plans to Smear Survivors of Child Abuse

Publicly funded broadcaster fights rearguard action to protect elite paedophiles. Details of BBC attempt to discredit victims of child abuse aired on Tuesday night

Alan Yentob 'branded BBC journalists traitors over Savile exposé'

Alan Yentob ‘branded BBC journalists traitors over Savile exposé’

MP demands an investigation into the allegation. If true, Philip Davies says the revelation made Mr Yentob’s £330,000-a-year position as BBC Creative Director ‘untenable’

Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski

Murder Highlights Pedophilia and Liberalism in Vatican

Ex-Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski died mysteriously two weeks ago aged 66 before he could testify about a pedophile ring operating in the Vatican

Doug Richard: David Cameron advisor and Dragons’ Den star charged with child sex offences

Trouble is he’s not the first. Is this a reflection of the sort of character now being attracted to the realm of governmental power?

British government surveilling 3-year-olds for ‘extremism’ while defending pedophile elitists

Toddlers on the terror list while serial child molesters are protected

Former MP Harvey Proctor

Harvey Proctor accuser ‘distressed’ by former MP’s denial

An admitted homosexual, former Tory MP Harvey Proctor has issued a furious denial that he was involved with a depraved Westminster sex ring

Savile and former prime minister Ted Heath share a joke at BBC rehearsals in 1980. Click to enlarge

Heath fixed it for Savile to receive OBE and attended Paedophile Information Exchange meetings

The former British prime minister now under investigation for child abuse claims

Lord Janner arrives at Westminster Magistrates Court, Friday August 14, 2015

Lord Janner makes first court appearance over child sex abuse claims

The 87-year-old finally appears in court to hear 22 separate allegations of child abuse after judge warns he could be arrested if he doesn’t attend

Lord Janner fails to appear at sex abuse trial

The former Chairman of the Zionist Federation faces 22 charges of child sex abuse. However, after not attending the first hearing he has been ordered to attend the next

Top Conservative MP ‘revealed secrets of Bloody Sunday to Northern Irish rent boy’

Apart from spilling state secrets and seeing male prostitutes, the former Attorney General also protected high-ranking paedophiles

Calls Made To Ted Heath Child Sex Abuse Line

More allegations against the former prime minister emerge following police appeal for witnesses and/or victims to come forward

Sir Edward Heath. Click to enlarge

Man accuses Sir Edward Heath of raping him as a boy

Allegations of sexual abuse are reaching ever higher against those in the British establishment. Now former conservative prime minister Ted Heath has been accused