Jimmy Savile scandal

The late Jimmy Savile left hundreds of victims in his trail of abuse that lastest decades and which the powers that be helped conceal until after his death

Lord Janner arrives at Westminster Magistrates Court, Friday August 14, 2015

Lord Janner makes first court appearance over child sex abuse claims

The 87-year-old finally appears in court to hear 22 separate allegations of child abuse after judge warns he could be arrested if he doesn’t attend

Lord Janner fails to appear at sex abuse trial

The former Chairman of the Zionist Federation faces 22 charges of child sex abuse. However, after not attending the first hearing he has been ordered to attend the next

Top Conservative MP ‘revealed secrets of Bloody Sunday to Northern Irish rent boy’

Apart from spilling state secrets and seeing male prostitutes, the former Attorney General also protected high-ranking paedophiles

Calls Made To Ted Heath Child Sex Abuse Line

More allegations against the former prime minister emerge following police appeal for witnesses and/or victims to come forward

Sir Edward Heath. Click to enlarge

Man accuses Sir Edward Heath of raping him as a boy

Allegations of sexual abuse are reaching ever higher against those in the British establishment. Now former conservative prime minister Ted Heath has been accused

BBC forced out team behind Savile exposé, says ex-Newsnight journalist

BBC forced out team behind Savile exposé, says ex-Newsnight journalist

Journalists told: “you won’t be sacked, but … you’ll realise you are being treated as an outsider, that you will never be trusted because you blew the whistle”

Video: BeechWood Survivor Melanie Shaw Exclusive Interview

Video: BeechWood Survivor Melanie Shaw Exclusive Interview

Child abuse victim says “If you’re a paedophile and you’re a Mason, or you’re very wealthy, or have a lot of influence … It’s like diplomatic immunity.”

Head of MI5 Child Abuse Child Abuse “Cover-Up” Allegation

Claims of child abuse and cover-up at the highest levels of power in the 70s and 80s. Those allegedly involved include head of MI5 and a former home secretary

John Seeley. Click to enlarge

John Seeley: Canada”s Pied Piper of Pedophilia

Pedophilia is an established system of vetting, grooming and controlling the men in power. Seeley was part of this process.

Lord Greville Janner. Click to enlarge

Police seized abuse evidence to protect Lord Janner – ex-officer

Police accused of confiscating evidence of paedophilia by Greville Janner as part of a massive cover-up

Janner non-prosecution ‘overturned’

A decision not to prosecute Lord Janner over allegations of historic child sex abuse will be overturned after an independent QC reviewed the case, according to reports

Lord Greville Janner ‘violated, raped and tortured’ children in the Houses of Parliament

Like Jimmy Savile while he was still alive, Lord Janner is obviously being shielded from prosecution

Michael Jackson is given a guided tour of the British Parliament by paedophile, Greville Janner (right). Click to enlarge

Lord Janner wrote to Michael Jackson congratulating him on being cleared of molesting a child

The letter from Janner was penned on House of Lords paper

Police in new Janner probe: pressure grows to charge peer despite his ill health

New revelations come amid claims that Janner’s alleged child abuse may have gone unchecked because of his powerful political contacts

Kincora: calls for abuse to be included in UK inquiry

Court hears that British intelligence service MI5 shielded and blackmailed child sex abusers at a notorious Belfast care home

Court had ruled that Lord Janner was unfit to stand trial because of dementia.

Lord Janner takes stroll after being ruled ‘too ill’ to face child sex claims

Pictured out and about in north London days after court ruled that dementia had rendered him unfit to stand trial

Janner: Police take first step in bid to overturn ‘no charge’ decision

He may not be out of the woods just yet. As Leicestershire police prepare to challenge a decision not to put Lord Janner on trial for alleged sex abuse dating back decades

Esther Baker. Click to enlarge

Victim breaks silence with ‘very serious’ claims of abuse by politician

Politicians, a judge and a Lord all allegedly involved. Victim waives anonymity and claims police stood by and sometimes participated in the abuse

Lord Greville Janner. Click to enlarge

Labour peer Lord Janner was re-appointed to a parliamentary committee last JUNE – despite being ‘too ill’ with dementia to be interviewed by police over child sex claims

And he’s still been attending in the House of Lords

Known Pedophile Instrumental in Promoting Holocaust Hoaxer and Plagiarizer Denis Avey’s New Book

The Holocaust has been used to give credibility to the most unworthy politicians, writes Carol Yeagar. Greville Janner was one such