Jimmy Savile scandal

The late Jimmy Savile left hundreds of victims in his trail of abuse that lastest decades and which the powers that be helped conceal until after his death

Jimmy Savile photographed with a younger Tony Blair. Click to enlarge

Satanist Pedophiles Rule Great Britain

The case is closed. The only question that remains: are Brits ready to face the truth and do something about it?

Lord McAlpine Plays the ‘Victim’

Lord McAlpine Plays the ‘Victim’

By way of an obitutuary2: accused of molesting young boys, Lord McAlpine made a very profitable play for public sympathy

Sabotage of Whistelblower’s Car?

The child abuse scandal currently unfolding in the UK takes a sinister and deadly new turn

Care Home Abuse Victim Tells of Sex Parties

The abuse scandal continues to unfold. Now a man who was abused in children’s care homes tells how he was routinely taken to London and forced to take part in sex parties

Scallywag Magazine article on Lord McAlpine and Derek Laud

Scallywag Magazine article on Lord McAlpine and Derek Laud

By way of an obituary: photocopies of article citing Lord McAlpine in the abuse of young boys at care homes, revealing police complicity in hiding the findings of the original investigation

Abuse Victim Says He Was Not Abused by Lord McAlpine

Abuse Victim Says He Was Not Abused by Lord McAlpine

Former care home resident who alleges that boys at a North Wales care home were abused by a senior Tory Party member says Lord McAlpine was not involved

Lord McAlpine: abuse allegations ‘wholly false and seriously defamatory’

Former Tory treasurer strenuosly denies he has ‘ever visited any children’s home’.

Savile’s Chauffeur Arrested Over Rape Claim

The late TV presenter’s 71-year-old former chauffer arrested over allegations of rape

Cameron Warns of Witch Hunt

Cameron Warns of Witch Hunt

David Cameron warns that accusations of child abuse could turn into a Witch-hunt” against gays. To which we can only ask: whom is he trying to protect? And how much longer will the cover-up continue?

Savile: North Yorks Police/Council Cover-Up?

Questions are being asked at grass roots level: did the authorities “fix-it” Jimmy Savile? As this article from a local Whitby publication reveals, questions were being asked decades ago but nothing was done

The Real BBC: “Cesspit of Depravity”

The Real BBC: “Cesspit of Depravity”

It’s not a pretty picture. But in the wake of Jimmy Savile’s exposure even more of the can of worms that is the BBC is coming to light

Alleged ‘leading Tory from Thatcher years was part of paedophile ring who raped boys at Welsh children's home'

Alleged ‘leading Tory from Thatcher years was part of paedophile ring who raped boys at Welsh children’s home’

But the cover-up continues with the assistance of the police, senior politicians and the media as the BBC fails to name those politicians involved

The BBC and Jimmy Savile: Just Ask The Dam Question

What is it – about that simple foundation-stone of journalism – just asking the damn question – that is so difficult for 99% of today’s journalists?

Jimmy Savile: Thompson’s Office ‘Was Warned’

Staff at the office of former BBC boss and now chief executive of the New York Times were ‘warned’ at least twice about Savile’s abuse

Chairman questions the corporation he represents

Chairman questions the corporation he represents

We never held the BBC in any regard. However, the current chairman’s admission reveals how many institutions and individuals once held in high regard are now being seen in an entirely new light

Savile: Celebs ‘Frightened By Police Probe’

As we’ve noted, a lot of other minor ‘celebrities’ may well have been involved and in the coming weeks we can expect them to be exposed. However, they will be revealed and effectively sacrificed to save others higher in the power hierarchy

‘Arrests due’ over Savile scandal

Hundreds have now come forward with allegations of sexual abuse as police prepare to make arrests. And although this report doesn’t says so, we believe some prominent names will be exposed

Savile sex scandal hits horrific new low

Former colleague claims that DJ was a ‘necrophiliac’ and questions why the media didn’t report the story when they knew. Adding: “Who vetted the Knighthood (Savile’s)? Coco the clown?”

Mark Thompson’s future at New York Times questioned after Savile scandal

The outgoing BBC head – who famously banned the broadcast of a Palestinian charity appeal claiming it was ‘political’ – says he was unaware of Savile’s reputation. But another BBC staffer says she informed him

Jimmy Savile Scandal Has the Potential to Spiral Beyond Control

Even as the controversy rages the cover-up continues. So why are we not being told about Jimmy Savile’s abuse of young boys?