Jimmy Savile scandal

The late Jimmy Savile left hundreds of victims in his trail of abuse that lastest decades and which the powers that be helped conceal until after his death

Former Home Secertary Leon Brittan pictured in London recently. Click to enlarge

Leon Brittan ‘questioned by police over historic rape claim’

The allegation against the former Home Secretary is seperate to a dossier compiled by an MP detailing allegations of a 1980s Westminster paedophile ring

Ex-Home Secretary accused of attacking student in his flat

In addition to rape claims against the former Home Secretary, a Labour Peer is alleged to have sexually assaulted a dozen young boys

Tory MP allegedly found with child porn in 1980s faced no charges, police told

It has taken nearly thirty years but slowly it’s coming out. Senior politicians caught with child pornography and thought to be part of a child sex ring were protected but by whom?

REVEALED Edwina Currie approved Jimmy Savile’s role at hospitals

Ex-minister Edwina Currie, famed for having appeared on Reality TV and for her liaison with then Prime Minister John Major, gave Savile a “free run” in hospitals

Jimmy Savile and a younger William Hague, currently serving as British Foreign Secretary. Click to enlarge

Wilful Ignorance Allowed Savile to Continue His Crimes For More Than Fifty Years

Official report reveals Savile to be the most prolific sex offenders ever with a penchant for necrophilia

Jimmy Savile’s youngest victim was aged two

Jimmy Savile’s youngest victim was aged two

Savile may have been one of history’s most prolific abusers. As new research finds that the BBC did little to curb his activities although the corporation had been warned about him

Max Clifford will be sentenced on Friday. Click to enlarge

Clifford guilty of sex charges

The PR guru who thought himself “untouchable” is the latest in a series of British media figures found guilty of sexual abuse

‘Cover-up’ claims over Blair minister suspected of abusing children at home run by paedophile

Another case that points to abuse at the very highest levels that is only now being exposed decades later.

Lost Prophets frontman and convicted paedophile Ian Watkins. Click to enlarge

Peaches Post-Mortem Inconclusive

Although post mortem proves “inconclusive” for Peaches Gedolf’s “unexplained, sudden death”, we ask: did her role in helping expose Ian Watkins (pictured) play a part? Was she viewed as a liability?

Peaches Geldof Murdered By Illuminati & Knights of Malta?

Peaches Geldof Murdered By Illuminati & Knights of Malta?

Did she reveal too much on the social media?

No 10 aide arrested over child porn

No 10 aide arrested over child porn

One of Prime Minister David Cameron’s senior advisers on family-friendly internet filters has been arrested on child pornography allegations

Lost Prophets frontman and convicted paedophile Ian Watkins. Click to enlarge

‘I showed police pictures of Lostprophets paedophile Ian Watkins abusing a girl, 4, in 2008 but they ignored it’ says his former lover

Was paedophile pop star Ian Watkins a Freemason? Is this why police were reluctant to investigate allegations against him?

Saviles connections: Sir Angus Ogilvy and Princess Alexandra. Click to enlarge

Police blacked out talk of Jimmy Savile’s Princess pal

Police implicated in attempts to conceal Savile’s connections with British royalty

Rolf Harris attends Southwark Crown Court with his wife, in wheelchair, where he faces 12 sex offence charges. Click to enlarge

Beloved pop star ‘abused 10-year-old boy’: Alleged victim and witness have spoken to Savile police officers

The latest alleged victim has come forward to accuse a famous entertainer of abusing him as a boy. Who was the unnamed culprit?

Victim Describes Pervasive Pedophile Network in UK

Victim Describes Pervasive Pedophile Network in UK

A woman who murders an abusive husband is exonerated. Apparently this principle doesn’t apply to children victimized by pedophiles

Jimmy Savile ‘could have abused 1,000 youngsters’ while at the BBC

While ‘the establishment’ turned a blind-eye to his crimes, it has been claimed

BBC ‘edited Dave Lee Travis sex attack out of Top of the Pops’

As with Jimmy Savile: continuing a long-standing BBC tradition with uncomfortable truths

Lord Grenville Janner: was he friends with Sir Jimmy Savile? Click to enlarge

Police raid home of Labour Lord as part of historic sex abuse probe

Another British politician and vocal supporter of Israel has been arrested. However, unlike Ian MacShane he isn’t being investigated for fraud. Lord Grenville Janner was arrested in a child abuse investigation

Revealed: Tape that shows BBC chief ‘did know of Savile probe’

MP says tape proves that there was a ‘cover-up’ and that former BBC director-general, Mark Thompson knew of accusations against Savile but lied to a subsequent inquiry

‘Police gunman told me to ignore paedophiles’, says ex-child protection officer

A former child protection officer tells how police protected elite paedophile rings