Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

It's notable that those photos published in the Western media of the protests usually only feature individual protesters, like the above, or small groups not large crowds. Suggesting that the protests may not be as large as reported. Note also that protesters faces are conveniently covered, to prevent identification of participants. click to enlarge

Two Iran protest deaths ’caused by foreign agents’, local governor says

Are we about to see a replay of recent events in Iraq and Syria now play out in Iran? Is the corporate media preparing us mentally for regime change in Tehran?

A U.S. Special Forces Soldier with Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan and Afghan National Army Commandos with the 3rd Company, 3rd Special Operations Kandak move toward a compound during a clearance operation in Bahlozi, Maiwand district, Kandahar province, Afghanistan, Jan. 1, 2014. (DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Bertha A. Flores, U.S. Army/Released)

All Is Not Quiet on the Syrian Front: US to Launch Another War

The U.S. has not only maintained an illegal military presence in Syria, it appears to be creating new forces to fight against the Syrian government

Fighters from US-backed SDF describe unimpeded ISIS exodus from Raqqa on their watch

Fighters from US-backed SDF describe unimpeded ISIS exodus from Raqqa on their watch

Assured, no doubt, that they would be able to travel uninterrupted by Western air-strikes. Includes video

US lets militants train, mount attacks from its Syrian bases – chief of Russian General Staff

The head of Russia’s General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, says US forces in Syria are helping to shield and protect ISIS militants who fled from Raqqa

Church in Aleppo. click to enlarge

PHOTOS the mainstream media will not show you. Christians in “regime-held” Aleppo hold Christmas celebrations

Christians celebrate Christmas without facing the ire of Western-backed militants

US military presence in Syria ‘must end’, says Russia envoy

Alexander Lavrentiev says US troops have no legitimate reasons to be in Syria, and US justifications are ‘just excuses’

Ridiculous Guardian Smear Piece Results In Epic Satire

The Guardian is more than a byword for liberal gullibility. It’s also doing work for Western intelligence by providing cover for their creation: the Syrian White Helmets

Syrian War Report – December 18, 2017: Iran-Syria Supply Road Launched

Previously Iran supplied Hezbollah and its Syrian allies via air. Now however, Tehran has established a road supply route

Russia’s Victory and the Western Denial Habit

Russia’s Victory and the Western Denial Habit

Russia defeats terrorism, the West creates terrorism, and the abhorrent debacle requires the endless habit of Western denial, which the media helps perpetuate

MSM Whitewash Admits US Funds ISIS But There Is Much More To The Story

MSM Whitewash Admits US Funds ISIS But There Is Much More To The Story

ISIS is controlled by the U.S. and NATO, writes Brandon Turdville, and the corporate media has been complicit in this deadly deception

Nearly a third of all weapons used by Isil on the battlefield were manufactured in EU, report claims

The Telegraph’s claim that this is an indication of “how easily weapons can end up in the wrong hands” is a poor cover story. This is more evidence of how the militants were covertly armed, financed and supported by the West and its allies

Putin drafts bill for expansion of Russian navy base in Syria

Giving Russia a fully-fledged Mediterranean naval base capable of berthing up 11 ships at once, including nuclear vessels.

Russian Su-35 chased away rogue US F-22 jet: MoD blasts US Air Force for hampering Syria op

A Russian interceptor was scrambled to stop a US fighter from disrupting air strikes against Islamic state, says Russian Defense Ministry

Former SDF Spokesman Talat Silo speaks out after defecting to Turkey. Click to enlarge

Defector says thousands of Islamic State fighters left Raqqa in secret deal

A high-level defector from Kurdish-led forces says thousands of Islamic State terrorists left Raqqa in a secret, U.S.-approved deal

Click to enlarge

Syria – ISIS Is Defeated – The U.S. Is Next In Line

ISIS has been defeated in Syria. Where please is the “deal” that allows the U.S. to indefinitely occupy north-east Syria as it now officially demands?

When Washington Cheered the Jihadists

Washington helped unleash hell across the Mideast in the naïve belief that jihadist proxies could be controlled and used to do its dirty work

US New Moves: War with Iran May Be Much Closer Than We Think

The US is deploying its forces in order to prevent Iran from establishing a land link to the Mediterranean via Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Former SDF Spokesman Talat Silo speaks out after defecting to Turkey. Click to enlarge

SDF spokesman defector: US armed Kurdish terror groups to fight Daesh and SAA

Former SDF spokesman exposes the US hoax of the Syrian Democratic Forces

A convoy of US armoured vehicles near the northern Syrian city of Manbij. Click to enlarge

US military to stay in Syria ‘as long as we need to': Pentagon

Although the ostensible reason for U.S. ‘intervention’ is defeated and despite the fact that this was largely accomplished without Western help, U.S. forces will stay

With reported airstrike, Israel puts Syria, and Iran, on notice

Unconfirmed reports of an Israeli missile strike on an Iranian military base being constructed in Syria. The installation, which is not operational yet, was unmanned