Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

Analyst: ISIL Evacuating Raqqa at US Order

Military analyst describes U.S. led campaign against ISIL in Syria as theatrical. With militants often retreating before U.S. backed proxies’ advances without fighting and as if coordinated

Troops loyal to Assad celebrate on the edge of Palmyra. Click to enlarge

The US is dropping calls for Assad to go

The “Assad has got to go” routine is changing. We haven’t heard many Americans saying that recently, and we’ve hardly noticed it.

Kerry Threatens War-Without-End on Syria

Kerry Threatens War-Without-End on Syria

America’s supposed ‘peace-maker’ warns of unending war in Syria — unless it accepts U.S. demands for regime change. Finian Cunningham explains

You won't see cartoons like this in America, but this is how the Middle East and Islamic Africa sees ISIS, America, UK and Israel. Click to enlarge

Hezbollah Captures CIA Officer in Aleppo, Commanding al Qaeda

In addition a high level FBI whistleblower says they have evidence that the CIA is directly involved in Syria “on the ground”

Syrian base used by Russia damaged in IS attack: report

There is good reason to doubt this report. The giveaway is that it is being carried by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights — a known disinfo outfit

International Syria Support Group meets in Vienna May 17 2016

Towards the end of the Geneva negotiations

On the 7 April, the US delivered 2,000 tonnes of weapons to the “moderate armed groups” in Syria, of which half was redistributed to Al-Nusra (Al-Qaïda) and ISIS

Only one in 8 UK militants prosecuted after returning from Syria, Iraq

Of the 800 plus British nationals who have joined terror groups in Iraq and Syria, only a tiny fraction have been prosecuted on returning to the UK

Scores dead in Isis attacks on Syrian coastal cities

Scores killed in two key Assad strongholds and, although the Guardian doesn’t mention it, Syria has specifically named Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey as responsible

Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind: Russia and Israeli Planes Near Dogfight

Twice last month Russian and Israeli warplanes came close to combat in the skies over Syria

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Clinton: Destroy Syria for Israel

A recently-released Hilary Clinton email confirmed that the Obama administration has deliberately provoked the civil war in Syria as the “best way to help Israel.”

Daesh (Islamic State, ISIS or ISIL) fighter treated in Turkey. Click to enlarge

Daesh Terrorists Secretly Treated at Turkish Hospital

Like Israel, Turkey has also been treating those wounded in the Syrian conflict. Although, of course, it doesn’t call them Daesh but ‘Syrian opposition’ fighters

Libya has been in chaos since the death of longtime dictator Col Kadhafi in 2011. Click to enlarge

World powers ready to arm Libya in fight against IS

Are the Western powers really going to assist Libya in its fight against IS? Or are they going to use this as a pretext to covertly provide more aid to terror groups?

The imminent return of Russian planes to Syria

The imminent return of Russian planes to Syria

Russia forced to deploy the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov to the eastern Mediterranean as Washington has continued to supply militants with sophisticated arms

Sources: Terrorists in Syria to Receive Advanced Western Missiles Supplied by S. Arabia, Qatar, UAE

All three gulf states are supposedly allies of the West. Revealing the duplicitous double-game that the West is playing with its fraudulent “War on Terror”. Waging a war on one hand, while on the other hand its allies are arming the terrorists

Hezbollah members carry the coffin of commander Badreddine. Click to enlarge

How the life of Hezbollah’s Mustafa Badreddine tells the political history of the Middle East

While Hezbollah feted his memory last week as a martyr and resistance fighter – and others gloated at his death

Syria captures Turkish aid cargo heading to Daesh in Iraq

Syria captures Turkish aid cargo heading to Daesh in Iraq

Turkish medical supplies intercepted en route to Islamic State fighters in Syria – official

Iran Has More Volunteers for the Syrian War Than It Knows What to Do With

Even as casualties mount, Iranians volunteer in their thousands to join the conflict in Syria. Where for many, acting as “advisors” means leading from the front

Mustafa Badreddine

Hezbollah military chief killed in blow to Damascus regime

Hezbollah commander who led the fight against IS in Syria — and a prime target for Israel — killed in blast near Damascus airport

In Syria, Russia Defends Civilization – the West Sides with Barbarism

Today Russia stands for all of civilization. Even the western one

The antique «Silk Road» linked Iran with the Syrian coast by crossing Iraq and passing by Palmyra. It is geographically impossible to open other main communication routes across the desert. Consequently, the city has become the central challenge of the war in Syria. After having been occupied for a year by Daesh, it was liberated by the Syrian Arab Army, and has just presented two concerts , televised in Syria and Russia, to celebrate the victory over terrorism. Click to enalrge

Syria – the war can be limited

Although Assad’s forces now have the upper hand, new Daesh fighters keep arriving. Meaning that the conflict is being fed by external forces. Thierry Meyssan explains