Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

Week Nine of the Russian Intervention in Syria: The Empire Strikes Back

Week Nine of the Russian Intervention in Syria: The Empire Strikes Back

Make no mistake, right now we are on a collision course leading to war with Russia

In 2011, Alain Juppé (France) and Ahmet Davutoğlu (Turkey) came to a secret agreement to employ a terrorist organisation (Daesh) to force the creation of a Sunni state and a Kurdistan, both straddling Iraq and Syria. Their project was supported by Israël and the United Kingdom.

The unavowable project for a pseudo-Kurdistan

Thierry Meyssan asks: Is the military intervention by France, Israël and the United Kingdom in Syria legal and what’s the REAL objective?

President Assad Interview

President Assad Interview

“We know from the very beginning that Britain and France were… supporting the terrorists in Syria”, says Assad. That changed with Russia’s intervention

If Iranian jets get close to Israel, security expert says ‘anything can happen’

Kuwaiti newspaper reports that Iran is to send two squadrons of Sukhoi fighters to Syria to join in air strikes against militants.

Russian soldier stands with shoulder fired missile launcher at the ready as the ship crosses the Bosphorus. Click to enlarge

Turkish FM says ‘provocation’ as Russian warship flaunts missile while crossing Bosporus

In the wake of the Turkish downing of the Russian Su-24, many will see it as a basic precaution

Why the US, France and Britain are destroying Syria

The real reason for this war. Includes videos

Shaayrat airbase. Click to enlarge

Report: Russia is building a second military airbase in Syria

Is “mission creep” setting in? Reports claim Russia planning to increase the number of its aircraft in Syria to over 100

Kamov Ka-52. Click to enlarge

Knock, Knock, Daesh: Finest Russian Combat Helicopters Come to Syria

Reaffirming its commitment to supporting Assad, Russia sends state-of-art helicopter gun ships to Syria. Includes video

The US and NATO are now sponsors of state terrorism

The US and NATO are now sponsors of state terrorism

Is there a sinister connection between Washington’s wars in the Middle East and the migrant crisis in Europe? Are refugees being “deliberately manufactured”?

San Bernardino shooting: Attacker pledged allegiance to ISIS, officials say

San Bernardino shooting: Attacker pledged allegiance to ISIS, officials say

How very convenient. Just in time to bolster Western public support for an escalating military intervention in Syria.

Iran has evidence of Turkey-Daesh oil trade: Senior official

Backing Russian claims, Iran says that it also has evidence that Turkey is helping to smuggle oil for Islamic State (Da’esh, ISIS/ISIL)

Coincidence? David Cameron managed to have his portrait taken next to a very macho-looking Typhoon fighter jet at Northolt RAF base on his way back from Paris earlier this week. Click to enlarge

MoD rubbishes PM’s ‘dodgy dossier’ claiming there are 70,000 Syrians ready to fight ISIS

Comparison being made to Tony Blair’s WMD claim. According to one Whitehall source: “It’s got 45 minutes written all over it.”

Russian military officials speak to the media in front of aerial images they say are oil trucks near Turkey's border with Syria at a briefing in Moscow on Wednesday. Click to enlarge

Russia says it has proof Turkey involved in smuggling oil from Islamic State

Russian military presents evidence gleaned from satellite and reconnaissance surveillance

Russian Defense Ministry Briefing 2 Dec

Russian Defense Ministry Briefing 2 Dec

Ignored by the Western corporate media: Russian military presents “irrefutable evidence” of how Turkey funds ISIS and how President Erdogan is implicated

RAF Tornado on the tarmac at RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus. Click to enlarge

British air strikes in Syria: RAF launches first bombing against Isis hours after Parliament vote

Air strikes commence hours after MPs vote to launch air strikes on ISIS in Syria

Syria: Public Support For Airstrikes On IS Wanes

Slowly the British public is beginning to awaken but if Parliament votes against air strikes another false flag will only be a matter of time. Either in Syria, like Al Ghouta, or closer to home

S-400. Click to enlarge

Thierry Meyssan: Why did Turkey shoot down the Russian Soukhoï 24 ?

Thierry Meyssan looks at what motivated Turkey to shoot down the Russian Su-24

Why Turkey wanted to shoot down a Russian plane

In trying to fathom what motivated, Turkey Gwynne Dyer comes up with some intriguing answers

Brother Nathanael: Why Turkey Shot Down Russia’s Plane

Brother Nathanael’s analysis of the crisis in Syria concludes: “It’s a whole new ball game and Putin’s hitting the home runs”

Protest in London against proposed bombing campaign in Syria. Click to enlarge

David Cameron, there aren’t 70,000 moderate fighters in Syria

– and whoever heard of a moderate with a Kalashnikov, anyway?