Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

The Renewed Call for War in Syria is coming. Be ready.

Over a week old but in the light of more recent developments all the more compelling. In fact it verges on the prescient

China steps up ‘military cooperation’ with Assad as top admiral visits Damascus

Chinese military ‘advisors’ are reportedly already on the ground in Syria

Antonov An-124 air freighters. Click to enlarge

After bombers, Russian S-400s for Iranian base

Website with links to IDF intelligence reports that Russia is deploying advanced air defence systems and Spetnaz Special Forces to a forward airbase in Iran

The True Story Of How War Broke Out In Syria

The True Story Of How War Broke Out In Syria

How the CIA and Libyan mercenaries fooled the world into believing that Syria was involved in a dramatic fight for freedom

Henry Lowendorf: What we saw in Syria goes against everything we read in the United States

US Peace Council Delegates who visited Syria recently found a country very different to that portrayed by the Western media

Russia: Striking Syria From Iran Does Not Violate Sanctions

Russia: Striking Syria From Iran Does Not Violate Sanctions

You would think that U.S. hawks and Zionist zealots would welcome Iranian-Russian efforts against Islamic State in Syria but quite the contrary seems true

Russia and Iran Fly Across a Key Threshold in the Middle East

Does this TIME article indicate that the Western elite now view Russia as a target for regime change?

U.S.-backed Syrian forces gave defeated ISIL militants safe passage

Hundreds of militants allowed to leave embattled northern Syrian city after handing over arms. Effectively allowing them to fight another day

Russian Warships Attack Terrorists in Aleppo

Russian Warships Attack Terrorists in Aleppo

Russian naval force in the Mediterranean reportedly launch cruise missile strikes on militants in Aleppo

A civilian breathes through an oxygen mask after an alleged chlorine gas attack in Aleppo. Click to enlarge

Chemical weapons attacks in Syria may normalise war crimes, experts warn

Do the architects of the New World Order, and their lackey’s in the corporate media, think we are idiots? Do they think we’ve forgotten Al Ghouta?

Maximum realism: Russian navy drills in Mediterranean & Caspian to simulate ‘full battle’ conditions

Is Russia preparing for confrontation with the West?

BBC pictures of British Special Forces patrolling near a rebel base close to the Syrian border

Pictures appear to show British special forces on Syrian frontline

Pictured on the perimeter of a ‘Syrian rebel’ base, the ‘rebels’ provide the pretext for a front-line foothold that could be rapidly reinforced should the decision be made

Erdogan’s meeting with Putin will tell us what the future holds for Syria

You only have to read the Russian versions of Erdogan’s grovelling statements prior to his visit to grasp how the sick man of Europe is breathing in the fresh air of the Steppes

Putin Senses Syria Victory That’ll Cement Assad, Confound U.S.

Despite the breaking of the Aleppo siege, with Russian support major military gains may be within Assad’s grasp

Al Nusra Front fighters advance south of Aleppo. Click to enlarge

Rebels say Aleppo siege broken, but others deny claim

Conflicting reports on the situation in and around Aleppo, Syria, suggest that the West hasn’t entirely abandoned the idea of using proxy forces to oust Assad

Behold, a Pale Horse and its Rider’s Name Was Death and Hell Followed Him

Washington STILL intends to overthrow Assad and turn Syria into another Libya and another Iraq, formerly stable and prosperous countries where war now rages continually. Paul Craig Roberts explains

Kerry’s And Al-Qaeda’s “Very Different Track” Attack On Aleppo Fails

Despite its size and decisive bearing, neither the New York Times nor the Washington Post has so far reported on the latest Syrian opposition offensive. Moon of Alabama explains

Wreckage of the Russian Mi-8 shot down over Idlib province. Click to enlarge

Russian helicopter shot down in Syria, fate of 5 unknown

No doubt shot down with U.S. made weapons supplied by ‘Western allies’ in the gulf states

Reports: Iranian General Wounded by Israel or Syrian Rebels Near Golan Heights

For ” Israel or Syrian rebels” read failed assassination attempt by the Israeli backed and Al Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front

Iran accuses U.S. of “deafening” silence over beheaded boy

Too right, and not just the U.S. but the Western media and politicians as a whole have been conspicuously quiet on the beheading of the young Syrian boy