Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

Timing & other aspects of US strike on Syrian army suggest intentional provocation – Churkin

Russia’s UN Ambassador says the air strike that killed 62 Syrian troops looks “highly suspicious” and was “NOT ACCIDENTAL”

A-10 Thunderbolt, otherwise known as the 'Warthog'. Click to enlarge

Russia says 62 Syrian forces killed in US-led coalition raids on army positions

Was the coalition air strike carried out in coordination with Islamic State? As Russia notes: “Straight after the coalition’s strikes… militants launched an offensive.”

U.S. admits carrying out airstrike that Russia says killed 62 Syrian soldiers

A U.S. Defense official said the strike “appears to be an intelligence failure.” But Russia’s U.N. ambassador said the strike could be evidence of U.S. support for Islamic State

U.S. air strike in Kobani, near the Turkish-Syrian border in 2014. Click to enlarge

US-led coalition hits Syrian army position: state media

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the air strikes took place but omitted to say who carried them out. However Syrian sources have blamed the U.S.

Syria ‘shoots down Israeli aircraft’ in disputed Golan Heights

Israel denies Syrian claims that it has shot an Israeli jet over the Golan Heights

United States and Russia reach Syria deal

United States and Russia reach Syria deal

Pause in fighting due to take place on Monday. Whether the ceasefire will hold or not is another matter though

The Kurds are an integral part of Syrian society. This is the statue of Kurdish General Saladin the Magnificent at the entry to the old city of Damascus. He liberated Damascus in 1174 and founded the dynasty of the Ayyoubids.

The Kurdistan projects

The current Kurdistan project is no more than a Western bribe intended to turn the Syrian Kurds against Damascus. Thierry Meyssan explains

Pentagon And CIA at War in Syria

U.S. and Russian warplanes are dodging one another in the skies over Syria, creating an ideal scenario for a head-on clash at a time when the US neocons are agitating for war with Russia. Eric Margolis explains

The left-hand part of this photo has been widely published by the Atlantist Press. The victim, a Syrian Kurd child, Aylan Kurdi, is supposed to have been washed up by the sea. However, his corpse is perpendicular to the waves instead of being parallel. On the right-hand part, the presence of an official Turkish photographer reinforces the suggestion of a staged event. In the background we can see people bathing.

The 5 Awkward Questions They Won’t Answer About The Drowned Boy, Syria And Our ‘Moral Duty’

A year on and the official story no longer stands up to scrutiny. James Delingpole looks at what we were told about Aylan Kurdi

World must take urgent action on Syria, says aunt of drowned refugee boy

More proof, if any were needed, that the supposed death by drowning of a Syrian child refugee was a staged propaganda ploy. Now his relatives are calling for “urgent action” on Syria

Selling imperialist propaganda in an anti-imperialist wrapper

Selling imperialist propaganda in an anti-imperialist wrapper

Why are Counterpunch and the Socialist Worker presenting a piece on Syria that reads like a briefing from the Clinton campaign or Kagan’s Foreign Policy Initiative?

A man carries an injured child after the bombing in the rebel held Bab al-Nayrab neighborhood of Aleppo, or so the Independent claims. Click to enlarge

Syrian war: At least 15 civilians killed as barrel bombs hit funeral for children killed in air strikes in Aleppo

Is this report being used to prepare for direct Western military intervention in Syria?

‘PsyOps to build case against Assad’

Retired CIA and US State Department official says the West has “enabled, and in some cases directly supported,” militants in Syria who’ve used chemical weapons

Chinese Air Force to Join Anti-Terrorism Operations in Syria

Citing Israel’s Debkafile, Iran’s Fars News reports that a Chinese delegation has just visited Damascus to discus the involvement of China’s air force in strikes against ISIS

Another staged execution? Click to enlarge

The White British ISIS Child Executioner

Like earlier “beheading” videos is this intended to further fuel the phoney war against ISIS (Islamic State, ISIL)? Includes video.

Provoking nuclear war by media

Having created jihadism in Afghanistan in the 1980s – to destroy the Soviet Union – the US is doing something similar in Syria. Like the Afghan Mujahideen, the Syrian “rebels” are America’s and Britain’s foot soldiers. John Pilger explains

Clintonites prepare for war on Syria

Assuming that she wins the election, the Neocons and Clintonites have launched a campaign to promote the idea of direct US military intervention in Syria

Russian Tu-22M3 conducting air strike over Syria. Click to enlarge

Have Russian Planes Really Left Iran?

Despite Iran’s public rebuke of Moscow, we wondered whether the Russian Air Force planes returned home, as claimed. Now our suspicions have been confirmed

Russian warships fire Kalibr missiles against terrorist targets in Syria

Russian warships fire Kalibr missiles against terrorist targets in Syria

Missiles launched from Russian warships in the Black Sea. Includes video

In this frame grab taken from video provided by the Syrian anti-government activist group Aleppo Media Center (AMC), a child sits in an ambulance after being pulled out or a building hit by an airstirke, in Aleppo, Syria, Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2016. Syrian opposition activists reported an airstrikes on the al-Qaterji neighborhood in Aleppo late Wednesday. (Aleppo Media Center via AP)

How the Media Manipulates Public Sentiment for War

Make no mistake: the media is now an integral part of modern war and journalists are active participants