Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

In Assad’s heartland, villagers see Russians as saviours

Lindsay Hilsum reports from Syria’s coastal region where many believe that the West is behind ISIS

EXCLUSIVE : Russia threatens to shoot down Israeli jets over Syria

Russian fighters intercept Israeli F-15s trying to infiltrate Syrian airspace in the skies over Latakia

British SAS were recently in Djibouti training with French and U.S. Special Forces. Click to enlarge

British SAS Special Forces “Dressed Up as ISIS Rebels” Fighting Assad in Syria

As David Cameron announces that the SAS will be ‘beefed up’ for possible action in Syria a reminder of how history repeats itself.

Russia’s Secret War on the CIA in Syria

Russia targeting CIA backed al Qaeda group, America’s so-called “moderate opposition”. Gordon Duff explains. Includes videos

“They’re Hopping Mad In The US And Saudi Arabia”

This is coup by Russia and Iran wherein Tehran will replace Riyadh as the regional power broker and Moscow will supplant Washington as the superpower puppet master

Exclusive Video highlights Russian air base in Syria

Inside the Russian Air Force compound near Latakia, Syria

Russian Navy Positions off Coast of Syria’s Lattakia for Possible Cruise Attack on Militants

Russian Navy prepares for possible cruise missile attacks on Islamic State militants

Russian Sukoi jets on an airfield near Latakia.

US to Consider All Options for Possible Russian Attack on Syrian Opposition

The Pentagon is reportedly considering the use of military force to protect US-trained opposition fighters

Which groups did the Russians target in Syria ?

Which groups did the Russians target in Syria ?

The baseline in the mainstream media is strikingly similar: the Russians have not attacked ISIS but they have instead targeted “moderate” Syrian rebels

Putin in Paris as Russia carries out further Syria strikes

Putin in Paris as Russia carries out further Syria strikes

Putin has called the West’s bluff. How will it respond?

Starikov: Russia is forcing the Americans to destroy their own project in its infancy

“Two years ago no one knew about this Islamic state. There was Al Qaida and Syrian opposition. Remember the Free Syrian Army, where is it today? Is it so free, that it has dissipated on its own?”

Under the cover of darkness: A picture emerged today purporting to show heavy Russian military equipment in desert camouflage being sent from Novorossiysk port in southern Russia to Syria

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Putin signs decree drafting 150,000 conscripts into the Russian military

As heavy Russian military equipment in desert camouflage spotted being sent from Novorossiysk port in southern Russia to Syria

Putin: Claims Russian jets killed civilians in Syria emerged before airstrikes started

The information war has already begun with claims that Russian warplanes killed civilians – before the planes even took-off

McCain: Arm Syrian Rebels to Shoot Down Russian Planes

Warmonger advocates the same policy in Syria that was used in Afghanistan. That eventually resulted in the rise to power of the Taliban

A frame grab taken from video released by the Russian Defence Ministry October 1, 2015, shows Russian jets hitting a target in Syria, which the Kremlin says includes a list of well-known militant organizations and not only Islamic State. REUTERS/Ministry of Defence of the Russian. Federation/Handout. Click to enlarge

Iran troops to join Syria war, Russia bombs group trained by CIA

Following Russian air strikes Syrian ground forces prepare to move, backed by Hezbollah and hundreds of Iranian ground troops

‘Huge propaganda war’ going on to discredit Russian anti-terrorist efforts in Syria

Readers will note reports are now surfacing in the Western media about how Russia is targeting ‘Syrian rebels’ rather than terrorists.

Russia launches the first air strikes on terrorists ISIS in Syria

Russia launches the first air strikes on terrorists ISIS in Syria

Two brief videos of Russian air strikes earlier Wednesday in Syria

Who Created ISIS?

The fact that President Putin is asking — “Who armed the Syrians who are fighting with Assad? Who pushed for delivery of arms to the area?” — suggests he’s preparing to draw a line in the sand in Syria

For Hassan el-Banna, the Muslim world has been corrupted by the modern world and Western decadence ever since the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate (Treaty of Sevres, 1923). In order to retrieve this « golden age », he created a secret society, the Muslim Brotherhood, whose sole objective is the restoration of the Caliphate by means of jihad. In December 2010, supported by Qatar and the CIA, the Brotherhood launched the « Arab Spring » and attempted to seize power in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Syria. After a year of pulling the wool over everyone’s eyes, the Brotherhood was suddenly rejected by all these states. Certain members of the Brotherhood then decided to risk everything, and proclaimed the Caliphate in Syria and Iraq.

There will be no Third World War

Thierry Meysann explains why it is not going to happen

US-Russia tensions on show as Putin and Obama clash over Syria

Obama says Assad must go. While Putin claims the current Syrian government is vital in the fight against Islamic State terror