Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

U.S. troops on Turkey's border with Syria. Click to enlarge

Iran considering deploying ground forces to counter US intervention in Syria: reports

Coupled with this does the deployment of US troops on Turkey’s border with Syria foreshadow the break up of Syria?

Documentary - Aleppo Renaissance

Documentary – Aleppo Renaissance

Prior to the Syrian conflict there were 65,000 factories in Aleppo employing a million staff. The conflict has laid to waste to what was the region’s industrial heartland

Assad: Trump is “A Puppet of the Deep State”

Assad: Trump is “A Puppet of the Deep State”

And Paul Craig Roberts concurs. Elsewhere the former assistant US Treasury secretary writes ” The CIA has reduced Trump to a nobody, a nothing, a total irrelevancy”

Iraq Seizes ‘World’s Largest’ Ransom on Route to Royal Kidnappers

Officials at Baghdad International Airport became suspicious when their X-ray machines could not see into 23 large bags unloaded from a Qatari plane. Turns out they contained dollars and euros in cash worth a total of $500 million

Britain could join Donald Trump bombing the Syrian regime says Boris Johnson – without a vote by MPs

The Western campaign against Syrian President Assad shows no sign of letting up and may soon intensify

Israeli strike hits Iranian arms supply depot in Damascus: source

Massive blasts rock Damascus airport. Includes video

The Pro-War Twist of the 'Resistance’

The Pro-War Twist of the ‘Resistance’

James W. Carden on the neo-liberal warmongers who vehemently opposed Trump’s election but who are now enthusiastic supporters of his missile strikes on Syria

Report: Pro-Assad militia base targeted in alleged Israel airstrike

Unconfirmed Israeli air strike leaves three pro-Assad militia dead

Major Evidence That Assad Did Not Conduct Chemical Attacks

Lest we forget: the truth is the Syrian government had absolutely no rational reason to use chemical weapons

Israeli Warplanes Launch Missile Attack on Syrian Army in Quneitra – Source

Allegedly after a missile from Syria landed in an Israeli occupied part of the Golan heights

The Mother of all Hypocrisy

Some dead Syrian babies mean more than others. Robert Fisk on the West’s selective moral outrage on the murder of Syrian children and babies

U.S. Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Halley with previous 'evidence' that Assad gassed his own people. Click to enlarge

How the U.S. Government Spins the Story

U.S. Ambassador, Nikki Haley display of photos before the UN was reminiscent of Colin Powell’s performance in 2003, but with hindsight, far less convincing

Member of Free Syrian Army posing with Looted Christian cross and priests robes. Click to enlarge

Syria: Horrific Onslaught on Aramaic Christian Community of Ma’aloula at Hands of Western Backed “Moderate” Terrorists

Karmic forces are going to exact a heavy toll on the West for what it has done in Syria

CONFIRMED: US sharply cuts air operations in Syria fearing Russian missiles

US sharply reduces air operations in Syria because of presence of Russian missiles after Moscow closes hotline.

Attack on Russian Embassy Foiled ‘at Last Minute’ After Security Forces Storm Migrant Camp

Attack on Russian Embassy Foiled ‘at Last Minute’ After Security Forces Storm Migrant Camp

Moroccan migrant in Germany had planned to attack Russia’s Berlin embassy in revenge for Moscow’s support for Syrian President Assad

Coincidence? White Helmets Work Only in 'Areas Where Islamist Groups Operate'

Coincidence? White Helmets Work Only in ‘Areas Where Islamist Groups Operate’

The Syrian White Helmets are a propaganda outfit rather than a humanitarian group, says activist German Joachim Guilliard

It’s WMD all over again. Why don’t you see it?

Today’s frenzy over alleged use of poison gas in Syria is the 2017 version of Anthony Blair’s WMD in Iraq. Peter Hitchens asks: will we never learn?

US Intel Source: Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Launched From Saudi-Israeli Base

US Intel Source: Syria Chemical Weapons Attack Launched From Saudi-Israeli Base

Analysts believe that the attack was carried out by a drone launched from a joint Israeli-Saudi base in Jordan

Image released by the Syrian White Helmets which shows rescue workers handling victims with their bare hands and inadequate gas masks, undermining claims of sarin usage

Russia claims there is ‘growing evidence’ that Sarin gas attack was staged

Despite all the accusations against Assad, experts have STILL NOT inspected the site of the alleged attack

Russian Foriegn Minister Lavrov (left) in a news conference with Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif. Click to enlarge

Russia, Iran and Syria issue warning to US

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warns that any further U.S. strikes on Syria “will have grave consequences not only for regional but global security”