Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

Bashar al-Assad says Donald Trump a ‘natural ally’ for Syria alongside Russia and Iran

President Assad welcomes Trump’s campaign promise to fight Islamic State but asks: “can he deliver”?

Damascus | US veteran Jack Murphy on US involvement in Syrian mess

Former U.S. Special Forces veteran on how he and CIA operatives trained “Syrian rebels” — read criminals and racketeers — for “regime change” in Syria

Al-Qaeda morale in Aleppo collapses, Western campaign against Russian bombing ends

Militant morale has collapsed as whatever hope they had of being rescued by direct U.S. military intervention have turned to dust with Clinton’s election defeat

Voices from Syria Refute Western Propaganda: US-NATO Supported Terrorists Involved in Countless Atrocities

Syria looks increasingly like a world war with combatants from across the globe

Raqqa Operation is Aimed at Denying Syria Peace

The latest U.S. operations around Raqqa prove that it wants to keep Syria locked in conflict and to ultimately oust President Assad

Russian navy 'forced Dutch submarine to stop spying on aircraft carrier bound for Syria'

Russian navy ‘forced Dutch submarine to stop spying on aircraft carrier bound for Syria’

No doubt to prevent advance warning of Russian airstrikes being relayed to militants by western intelligence

Russian Navy will hit ISIS targets in Aleppo with cruise missiles within 24 hours

Putin moves to strike while US absorbs the results of the 2016 Presidential election

Boy winces as he recieves treatment at a medical facility in opposition controlled suburb in Damascus. Click to enlarge

Slaughter in the Playground

The latest report from the SOHR bears all the hallmarks of contrived propaganda. Complete with staged photos of injured children and their bloodstained toys

Syrian soldiers stand before their tanks at Quneitra, a few hundred metres from the front line with Nusrah Islamists and only five miles from Israeli troops on the Golan Heights. Click to enlarge

A view of the Syrian war from the Golan Heights

Syrian officer notes how the Israelis attack his army but never attack al-Qaeda linked Nusra

Aleppo’s agony is far from over as Syrian general seeks further battles

Aleppo’s agony is far from over as Syrian general seeks further battles

The four banners adorning the general’s office told their own story: Hezbollah’s green and yellow, the red, white and blue of Russia, the Syrian flag and that of Iran

People walk past damaged buildings in the opposition-held Tariq al-Bab neighbourhood of Aleppo, Syria, October 5, 2016. Click to enlarge

What it’s really like to be in the middle of the battle for Aleppo

Robert Fisk reports from war torn Aleppo

Wrecked ambulance in Aleppo. Click to enlarge

The strange case of the Scottish ambulance found among the rubble of eastern Aleppo

Robert Fisk reports from the ruins of Aleppo

Russia Calls Washington’s Bluff, Moves to Finish Syrian War

With the outcome of the US elections in the balance, expect Russia and its allies to ramp up military efforts to bring the war to an end. Finian Cunningham explains

US Air Force Command Apologizes for Flying Close to Russian Jets over Syria

Reports of Russian jets “flying dangerously close” to U.S. fighters over Syria were all over the Western news media yesterday. This is the other side of the story

Report: Russian, U.S. Jets Have Close Encounter Over Syria

Report: Russian, U.S. Jets Have Close Encounter Over Syria

U.S. and Russian warplanes narrowly avoid midair collision over Syria

The rubble of the smashed town of Mouadamiya

The Syrian town shattered by war that may finally have seen an end to the fighting

Robert Fisk visits a town formerly held by Syrian opposition fighters to find out what caused them to come to terms with the Assad government

Senator speaks of Middle East’s true ‘axis of evil’

US Senator Richard Black says U.S. moves to topple President Assad threatens not only peace in the Middle East but the entire world

Pentagon Ignored Evidence of Civilian Casualties in ISIS Strikes, Human Rights Group Says

Evidence presented by Amnesty International that U.S. led air strikes have left hundreds of civilians dead in Syria has been met with silence by the Pentagon

Trump warns of World War III if Clinton is elected

Clinton’s avowed intent to impose a ‘no-fly zone’ over Syria will indeed bring the U.S. into direct conflict with Russia. That’s why Trump’s plans for rapprochement with Putin will ensure that the vote is rigged against him

Syrian Catholics denounce Western media biased reporting on Aleppo

Carmelite nuns in West Aleppo condemn Western media coverage of the situation there. Bishop Antoine Audo, Chaldean bishop of Aleppo, says those who control the flow of information seem to have a ‘political agenda’