Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

‘OK, big brother’: Turkish military cooperate with ISIS on border, telephone calls reveal

‘OK, big brother’: Turkish military cooperate with ISIS on border, telephone calls reveal

From an ongoing Ankara court case, phone transcripts confirm Turkish military liaising with Islamic State (formerly ISIS/ISIL)

Syrian 'opposition' forces attack the headquarters of President Assad's forces in the villages of Nubul and al-Zahraa. Click to enlarge

Syria: The untold story of the siege of two small Shia villages – and how the world turned a blind eye

Those who remained loyal to Assad paid a heavy price. Robert Fisk talks to inhabitants of the recently recaptured villages

Report: Putin Threatens Turkey With Tactical Nukes

Report: Putin Threatens Turkey With Tactical Nukes

Moscow warns Ankara that it will fiercely resist an invasion of Syria

World War 3 Could Very Easily Turn Into The Very First Nuclear War In The Middle East

Adding a dangerous new dimension to tensions in the Middle East. Includes videos

The story of a teacher evicted from Raqqa illustrates so much about the conflict in Syria

An Alawite teacher tells Robert Fisk about her experience living under militant rule

Syrian government soldier relaxes after the recapture of Salma from IS

On the road to Aleppo – where people have abandoned all in the shadow of Isis

You can learn a lot about the Syrian conflict by driving from Damascus to Aleppo. But you must drive fast, very fast

New recruits train to fight in Aleppo Syria

The media are misleading the public on Syria

Appearing in no less than the Boston Globe, this article is a real watershed. It openly acknowledges that the corporate media has been lying about events in Syria

Syrian troops in al-Rabiaa. Click to enlarge

Syrian soldiers on the Latakia Front finally taste the fruits of victory

– But they know Isis is not dead. One of the few western journalists on the ground there, Robert Fisk reports from the front lines in Syria

UK airstrikes in Syria ‘have killed or injured seven IS fighters’

SEVEN!! Compared to the THOUSANDS that Russian airstrikes have hit you’d be forgiven for thinking that Britain was trying to avoid hitting terrorists

The War on Syria, Waiting for “Washington’s Green Light”:

“We Want a Ground Operation. … Turkey will Take Part.”

Full Europe Road Cargo Blockade On Russia – Morris

Morris on a covert and little publicised blockade imposed on Russia. With some succinct and incisive reflections on the wider implications

Merkel says supports some kind of no-fly zone in Syria

Like those imposed over Iraq prior to the U.S. led invasion, and over Libya prior to the overthrow of Gaddafi

WWIII Could Start This Month: 350,000 Soldiers In Saudi Arabia Stand Ready To Invade Syria

WWIII Could Start This Month: 350,000 Soldiers In Saudi Arabia Stand Ready To Invade Syria

Multinational force gathering amid reports that Saudi Arabia and Turkey are preparing to invade Syria

Russia air strikes target ISIS oil tankers in Syria, disrupting a major source of revenue for the militants. Click to enlarge

Week Eighteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: a dramatic escalation appears imminent

The Saker explains how the Russian task force in Syria is about to be very seriously challenged

Putin could end Syrian war with one phonecall, says Philip Hammond

The West could end the war just as easily, by withdrawing support for its proxies

Turkey strikes Kurdish militia in Syria, demands it withdraw

Syria has now officially complained to UN over Turkish shelling, saying that Turkey had also shelled Syrian Army positions

Syria: Turkey and Saudi Arabia consider ground campaign following border strikes

Mounting indications that Turkey and Saudi Arabia are considering sending troops into Syria

Saudi Arabia moves troops to Turkey as ‘base for Syria invasion’

Meanwhile Adel al-Jubeir, the Saudi foreign minister, has told a German newspaper: “There will be no Bashar al-Assad in the future”

Dennis Ross

Why Are The Neocons so Desperate to Rescue Al-Qaeda in Syria?

Dennis Ross may be a member of the Washington Institute but make no mistake, like David Ignatius, in an underhand way he also supports Jihadists

A Syrian Breakthrough

A Syrian Breakthrough

Cruise-missile liberals and their favourite newspaper, the Guardian, already published a few articles in the same weepy tone they used agitating for invasion of Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan