Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

U.S. and Afghan troops on patrol near the town Yawez

US Decides to Stay in Afghanistan in Response to Russia’s Success in Syria?

The US has halted the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan. Is this in response to recent Taliban gains? Or recent Russian gains in Syria?

Smoke rises after shelling by the Syrian army last week in Jobar, Damascus, Syria. Backed by Russian air strikes, the Syrian army has launched an offensive in central and north-western regions. Click to enlarge

US contemplates failure in the Middle East as Russia rises

Does this mark the beginning of the end of a short-lived American Empire?

Everyone wrote off the Syrian army. Take another look now

Earlier this year, we may remember, Syria’s army was being written off, the Assad government was said to be reaching its final days. With Russian help however, it’s back on its feet and fiercer than ever

Obama Rejects “Cooperation” with Putin on Syria: Washington’s War on Terror is A Fabrication, Zero ISIS Targets Destroyed…

Since Sept 30 Russian warplanes destroyed 451 ISIS targets, writes Stephen Lendman. In contrast to U.S. air strikes, which in over a year of bombing destroyed ZERO

Israeli F-15 used for surveillance and reconnaissance

Russians Threaten to Shoot Down Israeli Plane

Israelis allegedly attempted to spy on Russian ships and aircraft in Syria but were warned off by Russian Jets Sunday

Migrant injured after clash. Click to enlarge

Bloody violence breaks out between Syrian and Afghan migrants as they fight to board trains

Karma coming home? Refugees from two conflicts instigated by the West pour into Europe, bringing conflict with them

WW3 THREAT: Ex-Navy chief calls presence of Russia’s SAMs in Syria ‘extremely dangerous’

Former Royal Navy chief warns that the Syrian crisis could escalate into a much bigger conflict. Includes video

Russian SU-24 fighter: blinded Aegis radar on US destroyer in Black Sea, knocked out guidance for Tomahawk cruise missiles. Click to enlarge

War Party Taking Control of US Government as Obama’s Power Wanes

Russia deploys new weapon to Syria able to blind U.S. radars, sonars and other systems. Webster Tarpley reveals cruise missile strikes now effectively blocked

Fueling a Russian Su-34 strike fighter before a mission at the Khmeimim airbase in Syria.

Syrian jihadists feud & bomb each other over funds as Russian jets destroy supply lines

Russian air strikes reap mounting toll. Latest updates with videos

Syrian archbishop pleads for UK to stop backing anti-Assad Islamist groups

Syrian archbishop says the West is in fact aiding “jihadis who want to kill everyone who is not similar to them”. Will the British government even acknowledge his plea?

Obama is adamant: Russian and Iranian military meddling ‘won’t work’ in Syria

Survey in the Washington Post reveals how Putin is completely outmanoeuvring Obama on the public relations front

Russian Caspian Sea Corvette Astrakhan

This tiny Russian warship just shocked the world

U.S. navy ships that fire similar missiles weigh in at 9,000 tons. In contrast the Russian ships weigh of that a fraction but punch way above their weight

Putin is Defeating More than ISIS in Syria

He’s exposing the Emperor’s new clothes. For nearly a year the US claimed it was waging war on ISIS, with little apparent effect. Now Russian air strikes, in coordination with Syria, have stopped in its tracks in less than a week. F William Engdahl explains

Russian Mi-24 helicopter

Russian Mi-24 Helicopter Pilots in Syria Wow Western Analysts

Western observers impressed by the skill and capabilities of Russian pilots and aircrew

Iran ramps up troop deployment in Syria in run-up to ‘anti-rebel offensive’

Reports that a renowned Revolutionary Guards general is in now Syria, suggest that a new stage of deeper Iranian involvement may be beginning

David Wurmser

Seize the Chaos

How Israel and the Neocons benefit from regional strife and their part in the refugee crisis engulfing Europe

Report: Islamic State Seizes U.S. Missiles in Iraq

Report: Islamic State Seizes U.S. Missiles in Iraq

To be more precise: the Iraqi Army found advanced U.S. missiles when they overran the terror group’s stronghold near Fallujah

U.S. Caught Faking it in Syria

Yes, the US and Israelis, have been “faking it” in Syria for a good long time now. And Putin has come along and called their bluff.

Lavrov: Little doubt US arms delivered to Syrian opposition to fall into terrorists’ hands

The U.S. charade that it is “fighting terror” is not fooling the Russians

Airdrop. Click to enlarge

U.S. air drops ammunition to Syria rebels

There’s no guarantee that U.S. airdrops are falling to the Western approved “Syrian rebels”. There have however, been numerous reports of airdrops to ISIS