Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

U.S. aims to see if Iran, Russia ready to dump Syria's Assad

U.S. aims to see if Iran, Russia ready to dump Syria’s Assad

Neither Russia or Iran are about to dump Assad. So why is the U.S. going through the diplomatic motions? Is it to buy time for its proxy forces in ISIS?

U.S. weighs special forces in Syria, helicopters in Iraq

Following Moscow’s lead the U.S. steps up its efforts against ISIS. But in contrast to Russian and Iranian moves it already seems too little too late. Washington has lost the initiative

Syrian Army: ISIL Militants Transported From Syria to Yemen

Syrian Army: ISIL Militants Transported From Syria to Yemen

Hundreds of IS militants are reportedly being transported from Syria to Yemen via Turkey

Russia’s New Ray Gun To Blind Enemies In Syria

Russia’s New Ray Gun To Blind Enemies In Syria

Russia has just unveiled its cutting-edge weapon in Syria

Abdollah Baqeri_Niyaraki, directly behind former president Ahmadinejad. Click to enlarge

Another Iranian General, 7 Other IRGC Members Killed in Syria

Iranian media reports another senior Revolutionary Guards officer killed in Syria. Plus 7 more IRGC officers, including former president Ahmadinejad’s bodyguard

CHP deputies: Gov’t rejects probe into Turkey’s role in Syrian chemical attack

CHP deputies: Gov’t rejects probe into Turkey’s role in Syrian chemical attack

Two prominent opposition politicians claim Turkey covertly supplied the sarin used in 2013 gas attack in Ghouta, Syria

Russian Air Force technicians service_a fighter jet at Hemeimeem airbase, Syria

New Russian military might on full display in Syria

With high-precision weapons and its soldiers welfare an obvious priority, the Russian military now stands in stark contrast to the one that fought in Chechnya

US Imperial Strategy in Disarray. Russia’s Intervention has Potential Global Implications

Russia has exposed U.S. lies about its war against IS. Washington is reeling, stumped about what to do next. Stephen Lendman explains

Hitler on Syria

Hitler on Syria

If you are a German speaker turn the sound off. The joke is in the subtitles

Secrets of the Syrian War: October 2015

Secrets of the Syrian War: October 2015

Israel Shamir examines Russian military involvement in Syria and the ramifications it will have beyond

An Su-24m takes off from Hmeymim Airbase outside the Syrian port city of Latakia

Combat report: Russian Air Force carries out 53 sorties, strikes 72 terrorist targets in Syria

Militants reportedly using “barrier squads” comprised of their most loyal fighters to prevent mass desertions. Includes videos

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Slaying the First Casualty in War?

As the fighting intensifies in Syria so too does the disinformation

Iran backs Syria’s battle for Aleppo with proxies, ground troops

Supported by Russian air strikes, Iraqi Shiite militia, Hezbollah, Iran’s elite Quds Force and the Syrian Army prepare to recapture Syria’s largest city

U.S. and Afghan troops on patrol near the town Yawez

US Decides to Stay in Afghanistan in Response to Russia’s Success in Syria?

The US has halted the withdrawal of its forces from Afghanistan. Is this in response to recent Taliban gains? Or recent Russian gains in Syria?

Smoke rises after shelling by the Syrian army last week in Jobar, Damascus, Syria. Backed by Russian air strikes, the Syrian army has launched an offensive in central and north-western regions. Click to enlarge

US contemplates failure in the Middle East as Russia rises

Does this mark the beginning of the end of a short-lived American Empire?

Everyone wrote off the Syrian army. Take another look now

Earlier this year, we may remember, Syria’s army was being written off, the Assad government was said to be reaching its final days. With Russian help however, it’s back on its feet and fiercer than ever

Obama Rejects “Cooperation” with Putin on Syria: Washington’s War on Terror is A Fabrication, Zero ISIS Targets Destroyed…

Since Sept 30 Russian warplanes destroyed 451 ISIS targets, writes Stephen Lendman. In contrast to U.S. air strikes, which in over a year of bombing destroyed ZERO

Israeli F-15 used for surveillance and reconnaissance

Russians Threaten to Shoot Down Israeli Plane

Israelis allegedly attempted to spy on Russian ships and aircraft in Syria but were warned off by Russian Jets Sunday

Migrant injured after clash. Click to enlarge

Bloody violence breaks out between Syrian and Afghan migrants as they fight to board trains

Karma coming home? Refugees from two conflicts instigated by the West pour into Europe, bringing conflict with them

WW3 THREAT: Ex-Navy chief calls presence of Russia’s SAMs in Syria ‘extremely dangerous’

Former Royal Navy chief warns that the Syrian crisis could escalate into a much bigger conflict. Includes video