Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

Tu-154 crashed as a result of NATO’s covert operation?

Tu-154 crashed as a result of NATO’s covert operation?

The weather was fine, the pilots were experienced, and the aircraft was technically sound: so why did the Russian Tu-154 crash? Was NATO responsible asks Pravda?

U.S./UK Paid “White Helmets” Blocking Water To 5 Million Thirsty Syrians

Entirely unreported in the corporate media: bogus Western-backed ‘aid’ group reportedly blocking water supplies to millions in Damascus

Buoyant Putin and Sinking Western Mis-Leaders

President Obama predicted that Russian intervention in Syria would turn into a quagmire. Instead 2016 marked a year of crowning success for Putin

Turkey's about-face

Turkey’s about-face

Only months ago Putin and Erdogan were at odds over Syria. Turkey even shot down a Russian Su-24. Now they’ve agreed a cease-fire. Whence the turnaround?

Al-Qaeda Cut Leaves 5 Million Thirsty In Damascus - Western Media Unconcerned

Al-Qaeda Cut Leaves 5 Million Thirsty In Damascus – Western Media Unconcerned

There is a humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Syria and the “western” media ignore it.

Native Syrian: “It was Never a Revolution nor a Civil War. The Terrorists are sent by your Government”

We thought you are against al Qaeda and now you support them

Syrian Army soldier holds captured al Nusra Front (al Qaeda) flag in Old City, Aleppo. Click to enlarge

The Syrian ceasefire agreement has shifted the balance of power to Assad

Turkey is distancing itself from the armed opposition groups who have depended on its support or tolerance since the uprising against Assad started in 2011

Russian Sappers Discover US-made Weapons in Terrorists’ Headquarters in Aleppo (Video)

Russian Sappers Discover US-made Weapons in Terrorists’ Headquarters in Aleppo (Video)

Stockpile of U.S., West German and Bulgarian-made arms found in former terrorist headquarters in Aleppo

Turkey’s Erdogan: ‘Confirmed evidence’ US-led coalition supports ISIS & other terrorists in Syria

Turkey had also covertly helped militants in Syria, but with these allegations Erdogan seems to shifting away from his former Western allies and realigning with an emerging Moscow-Tehran axis

"Syrian rebels" (terrorists) with shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles

Russia calls U.S. move to better arm Syrian rebels a ‘hostile act’

Russia joins Erdogan in openly accusing the U.S. of supporting terrorism as Washington prepares to supply militants with shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles

Ambassador Andrei Karlov before the shooting. With the gunman in the background moments before he shot the Russian envoy. Click to enlarge

Liberate Idleb after East Aleppo

Did Tel-Aviv order the assassination of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Ankara, as Thierry Meyssan claims?

Russian Envoy Assassin Visited Qatar Several Times

Qatar also happens to be one of the most important backers of terrorist groups in Syria

Aleppo: another false flag “Srebrenica,” perhaps barely, averted

Aleppo: another false flag “Srebrenica,” perhaps barely, averted

Is it finally the demise of the “men and boys” mantra?

Former UK ambassador to Syria accuses Foreign Office of lying about the country’s civil war

Former British ambassador to Syria, from 1999 to 2003, says the government has completely misjudged the situation and its policies have now “made the situation worse”.

White Helmets: Fraudsters Serving Western Spy Agencies

Hailed as heroic rescuers rushing to the aid of injured civilians in terrorists-controlled parts of Syria, the White Helmets are nothing else but an elaborate deception.

“There were no green buses in Gaza”: Former UK ambassador to Syria debunks Aleppo propaganda

BBC forced to honestly confront the real situation in Aleppo

Freedom Rider: Syria, Russia and American Desperation

If it is true that Trump is a fascist he won’t be the first one in the White House. His predecessor fits that description just as well

An al Qaeda Christmas: the Touching Tale of How Hate Figures Became American Heroes

Chris Floyd on how those who murdered Americans have become America’s newest heroes, the brave defenders of freedom in Syria

The bogus and Western-backed "humanitarian" group, the Syrian White Helmets pose for the cameras. Click to enlarge

George Clooney to make movie about Syria’s White Helmets

Hollywood is reportedly considering making a movie about the Syrian White Helmets, not exposing them but celebrating these humanitarian fraudsters

Egyptian police arrest five people for using children to stage fake ‘Aleppo’ footage

Reportedly admit to having planned to distribute their work on social media, pretending it showed scenes of the injured and destruction in Aleppo. Updated with video