Where the “War on Terror” has transformed into a war of terror funded and supported by the West against Syria’s President Assad

Middle East map. Click to enlarge

A Soft Landing in the Middle East?

Israel Shamir with some really interesting insights into Russia’s involvement in Syria, vis-à-vis Iran, Israel and the declining U.S. Empire

U.S. Urges Saudi Arabia-Iraq to Join Alliance Against Iran

U.S. Secretary of State visits the Middle East to help forge an alliance against growing Iranian influence in the region

Worlds MOST ADVANCED F-35 Jet DAMAGED BY CHEAP 1960s Missile Technology

Israeli F-35, supposedly one of the world’s most advanced and certainly most expensive warplanes, forced to return to base after being hit by Syrian S-200 missile

Saudi Money In Syria – Sowing The Seeds Of ISIS 2.0

ISIS has not been completely defeated, but the seeds for its next incarnation are already being sown with Saudi funds. Moon of Alabama explains

Isis has lost Raqqa with the fighting taking much of the city’s history too

There will, however, apparently be no “forgiveness” for the foreign fighters in Raqqa

US cruise missile launched at the al Shayrat air base near Homs in Syria. Click to enlarge

Syrian Idlib chemical incident ‘likely staged’ – Moscow

Russia says there is evidence that the gas attack on Khan Shaykhan, which was used to justify the US cruise missile strike on Syria in April, was staged

Free Passage Deal For ISIS In Raqqa - U.S. Denies Involvement - Video Proves It Lies

Free Passage Deal For ISIS In Raqqa – U.S. Denies Involvement – Video Proves It Lies

U.S. involvement in Syria in the fight against ISIS (Islamic State, Daesh) is built on lies and hypocrisy.

Syria – Turkey Violates Astana Agreement – Renews Alliance With Al-Qaeda

Turkey is becoming a byword for treachery and double-cross. First it downed a Russian near the Syrian-Turkish border. Then it joined a Russian-Syrian alliance against ISIS. Now Turkey appears to have renewed its ties with Al-Qaeda

Lieutenant-General Valery Asapov. Click to enlarge

Is there truth in the conspiracy theories about who killed Russian Lieutenant General Valery Asapov in Syria?

Russia took the death of its highest-ranking officer in Syria very seriously indeed.

Syria – Russia Issues Third Warning Against U.S. Cooperation With Terrorists

The bear is a docile animal. But it should not be provoked. America’s covert collusion with terrorist proxies in Syria appears to have resumed and could draw a harsh response

Russian Pantsir-S Goes Hunting In Syrian Skies

Russian Pantsir-S Goes Hunting In Syrian Skies

South Front looks at Russian air defence systems in Syria, revealing that they not only downed at least three Israeli drones but may have shot down a U.S. drone too

Updated battlemap showing U.S.-backed troops nose-to-nose with Russian-backed Coalition forces. Click to enlarge

Washington’s Iron Curtain on the Euphrates

Moscow has already drawn its own conclusions about Washington’s role in General Asapov’s death. There will be retaliation, that much is certain

Sputnik interviews the Saker

This is the full version of an interview which, according to the Saker, was edited by Sputnik, removing essential elements

Buildings and roads in ruin after airstrikes were carried out in Idlib, Syria on 25 September 2017. Click to enlarge

Israel is struggling to adapt to the end of the Syrian conflict

Rather than come to terms with an Assad-Hezbollah-Iranian secured peace Israel may try to reignite the conflict on another front

Inquiry Into Death of Russian Lt. Gen. Asapov Shows Data Leaks to Daesh

US and Russia had agreed to share info about their forces locations so as to avoid accidental clashes. However, the US leaked this info to militants who then targeted Gen Asapov’s position

Get Ready For Phase II of the Syrian War

ISIS may be in retreat but the war isn’t over. Washington plans to use the Kurdish independence referendum as a springboard for the next phase of its war on Syria

Aerial images of ISIS positions appear to show equipment from U.S. Army Special Forces. Click to enlarge

‘US military high-tech consistently ended up with terrorists during Syrian war’

Russia now openly accuses the U.S. of supporting militants in Syria

Syria – U.S. CentCom Declares War On Russia

Moon of Alabama explains why the killing of a Russian general and two senior aides in Syria amounts to a virtual declaration of war

The Saker: Very dangerous escalation in Syria

The Saker: Very dangerous escalation in Syria

Russian general and two aides killed in very precise mortar attack. As Russia is accusing the U.S. of being behind the attack things could turn very nasty, very soon

US special ops equipment seen on aerial images of ISIS positions. Click to enlarge

US special ops equipment seen on aerial images of ISIS positions north of Deir ez-Zor – Russian MoD

More evidence that the U.S. isn’t fighting the terrorists but actually collaborating with them