Japan nuclear operator aims for cold shutdown in 6-9 months

Ultimately TEPCO plans to cover the crippled reactor

Radiation levels jump in Japan’s groundwater

Radiation levels in groundwater around Fukushima Daiichi plant soar as Toshiba, which helped build the crippled nuclear reactors, says decommissioning them will take at least 10 years

Japan raises nuclear crisis to same level as Chernobyl

And we believe that the consequences could ultimately be more far reaching and severe

Fukushima: A ‘nuclear sacrifice zone’

Fears grow that Japan’s ongoing nuclear disaster may be worse than Chernobyl

Fukushima Daiichi Reactors 5-6 Stability Under Threat 04.04.11 (Video fixed!)

A telling admission by a TEPCO official – just watch his face – underscores how the situation at Fukushima could soon deteriorate still further

Japan: It may take months to stop radiation

On Sunday, Japan’s government warned that it may take months to stop radiation leaking from the crippled nuclear plant

Tepco fails to block Fukushima crack

The bodies of two employees who have been missing were discovered as radioactive water continues to pour into the sea

Nuclear Fuel Pool Has NO WATER, RODS EXPOSED – Plutonium Could Become Volatile

A former chief nuclear engineer gives his assessment on the situation unfolding at Fukushima. Informed commentary

A 100-year battle awaits Fukushima while suicide workers are needed to keep up the rescue efforts

A 100-year battle awaits Fukushima while suicide workers are needed to keep up the rescue efforts

Natural News’ Mike Adams with some of the latest developments from the unfolding crisis at Fukushima

Japan nuclear crisis: Fukushima 50 ‘expect to die’

Workers who have been fighting to bring the reactors under control at Japan’s strick nuclear plant expect to die from radiation sickness, according to the mother of one of the men

Radiation rising beyond exclusion zone

Emissions continue to climb climb with the International Atomic Energy Agency saying radiation had reached evacuation levels in one village 40 km from Fukushima

Confidence Slips Away as Japan Battles Nuclear Peril

In an admission of how long the cooling process may take, Hidehiko Nishiyama, deputy director general of Japan’s nuclear regulator, said late Tuesday: “We will have to continue cooling for quite a long period. We should be thinking years”

‘Worse Than Chernobyl’: When the Fukushima Meltdown Hits Groundwater

Fukushima was a disaster waiting to happen, writes Dr Tom Burnett and now that it is it’s likely to dwarf Chernobyl

Japan finds plutonium in soil at stricken nuclear plant

Bad news piles up as pressure builds on the Japanese government to widen evacuation zone around Fukushima

Radiation detected in Massachusetts rainwater as Fukushima crisis worsens

As the disaster around Fukushima unfolds many nations are now rethinking their plans for nuclear power

Radiation in seawater may be spreading in Japan

An earthquake of magnitude 6.5 rocked Japan early Monday amid growing concern over the levels of radioactive contamination

Workers flee Japan nuclear plant as false readings say radiation levels are 10 MILLION times higher than normal

Nonetheless radiation levels around Fukushima are still dangerously high

Fukushima Reactor No. 3 suffers likely core breach, now leaking water at 10,000 times normal radiation levels

The situation at Fukushima worsened Friday as the radiation threat now nears that of Chernobyl

Japan reactor nuclear core may have breached

Japanese nuclear safety officials raised the possibility of more severe environmental contamination on Friday with their latest announcement

Iodine protects thyroid and glandular system from radiation damage: Here’s where to get some

Why you need to boost your iodine intake and how to do so