Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” is US-backed Sedition

Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” is US-backed Sedition

Who or what is really behind the protests in Hong Kong?

US Now Admits it is Funding “Occupy Central” in Hong Kong

US Now Admits it is Funding “Occupy Central” in Hong Kong

Just as the U.S. stirred trouble for Russia in Ukraine, in the name of “democracy’, it has also been meddling in Beijing’s backyard. Tony Cartalucci explains

Hong Kong: China warns of ‘unimaginable consequences’ if pro-democracy campaign demonstrations continue

Beijing hardens stance in the face of continuing Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong protest sees biggest crowds yet on holiday celebrating communist party

Massive crowds gathered in the biggest yet show of defiance in central Hong Kong

Protesters hold their mobile phones as they block the main street to the financial Central district, outside the government headquarters, in Hong Kong September 29, 2014. Click to enlarge

Protesters Stay Out on Hong Kong Streets

Hong Kong protests pose the biggest challenge to Beijing’s authority since Tiananmen Square protests nearly a quarter of a century ago

Police Unleash Tear Gas in Hong Kong Protests

Police Unleash Tear Gas in Hong Kong Protests

Widespread protests in Hong Kong pose a direct challenge to the Beijing government. Police using tear gas fail to dislodge protestors occupying city’s financial district

Supercavitation. Click to enlarge

Shanghai to San Francisco in 100 minutes by Chinese supersonic submarine

The principle is called supercavitation and Russia has already employed it in an experimental torpedo that reached speeds of 370km/h

Chinese military spending exceeds $145 billion, drones advanced: U.S.

Pentagon estimates that China’s military spending is far higher than it officially acknowledges

Beijing rebukes ‘biased’ Pentagon report on China’s military

While its armed forces undergo unprecedented modernisation, Beijing rejects as “preposterous” a Pentagon report on its military development claiming the authors were “exaggerating the ‘China military threat’

The Great Western Gas Fiasco

The Great Western Gas Fiasco

When I was invited in 1980 by Chinese military intelligence to “exchange views”, writes Eric Margolis, I asked how long it would take for the Chinese Army to take Vladivostok. After a long, uncomfortable silence, a general spat out, “one week”

Who Needs The United States? Not Russia And China

Russia and China have just signed “the gas deal of the century”, and are discussing using their own currencies to trade with one another. This has huge implications for the U.S. economy. Michael Synder explains

Russia sees expansion of ties with China undoubted diplomatic priority

On the eve on joint naval drills in the South China Sea, Russian President Putin lauds ties between the two nations, describing China as “our reliable friend”

Trouble at the Top

Chinese officialdom is in turmoil. Abram N. Shulsky and Gary Schmitt explain

Pacific Fleet Warships Head to Shanghai for Russia-China Drills

The latest in a growing number of joint Russian-Chinese military drills

China Just Tested A Hypersonic Missile Vehicle

China Just Tested A Hypersonic Missile Vehicle

The test makes China the second country after the US to conduct experimental flights with hypersonic vehicles, a technology that could allow armies to rapidly strike distant targets anywhere around the globe

US corn exports to China drop 85 percent after ban on GMO strains – industry report

The whole world is turning away from genetically modified foods (GM). China being the latest country to block the importation of US GMO corn

Four stabbed to death in latest Chinese knife attack

This most recent attack is likely to exacerbate tension in a nation already rattled by the knife attacks two weeks ago

Top Gun takeover: Stolen F-35 secrets showing up in China’s stealth fighter

Latest Chinese stealth fighter uses technology from F-35 obtained through cyber espionage campaign

Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, Flight MH370, disappeared from radar.

Breaking: Interpol Looking at 35 Year-Old Uighur Passenger on MH370 – Trained in Flight Simulation

Earlier this month the Muslim Uighurs from Western China were blamed for a violent attack at a train station

China Starts To Make A Power Move Against The U.S. Dollar

China accumulating vast gold reserves as it prepares to dump the U.S. dollar