Somnolent Europe, Russia, and China

Paul Craig Roberts predicts that Russia and China will soon be confronted with an unwelcome choice: either accept U.S. hegemony or go to war

China to Get Russia's Lethal Su-35 Fighter This Year

China to Get Russia’s Lethal Su-35 Fighter This Year

According to one U.S. Air Force official, the Russian Su-35 will pose a serious challenge for the latest American jets like the F-22 and the F-35

The northwest side of Mischief Reef showing a 1,900 foot seawall and newly-constructed infrastructure including housing, an artificial turf parade grounds, cement plants, and docking facilities are shown in this Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative January 8, 2016 satellite image released to Reuters on January 15, 2016. REUTERS/CSIS Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative/Digital Globe/Handout via Reuters. Click to enlarge

China could build nuclear plants for South China Sea, paper says

Nuclear power ‘platforms’ could soon be used to power China’s growing network of harbour facilities, runways and lighthouses in the disputed South China Sea

Netanyahu and Xi Jinping, President of PRC. Click to enlarge

Are the “Tiao-Kiu-Kao”(TKK) Jews Running China?

Whether or not you accept that a network of crypto Jews is running China, some little known background on Jewish influence there that stretches back almost 2,000 years

US defense chief lands aboard aircraft carrier in the bitterly contested South China Sea

U.S. defence chief Carter’s second visit to the South China Sea in five months, sends a deliberate message to Beijing about U.S. power in the region

Chinese Type 052D destroyer

Can China’s ‘Dreadnought’ Tip the Naval Balance?

As Chinese and U.S. naval rivalry intensifies the Chinese have a potent new destroyer in the pipeline

With an identity caught between China and the West, Hong Kong is not at ease with itself – or its future

What will happen in 2047, when the 50 year agreement with Britain – runs out?

U.S. military leaders voice concern about readiness of forces

The U.S. is not ready for a “great power war” with China, Russia, Iran or North Korea, the nation’s top general warns

China able to project ‘substantial offensive power’ from Spratlys in months: U.S.

US official says China will soon be able to “project substantial offensive military power” from fortified islands in the South China Sea

A U.S. B-1 bomber

U.S. in Talks to Station Long-Range Bombers in Australia

China expresses ‘concern’ over plans under discussion to base U.S. B-1 bombers in Australia

China's first aircraft carrier, purchased from the Ukraine, refitted and modernised. Click to enlarge

How China is transforming its military

While 73% its military manpower is in the army an expansion of China’s air and sea forces is envisaged. Partly in response to perceived threats to its interests in the South China Sea

Navy aircraft carrier group moves into contested South China Sea

The US Navy says the carrier is carry out a routine patrol of the South China Sea. China has called the patrols “provocative”

South China Sea: China sends fighter jets to disputed Woody Island in 'clear militarisation' of area

South China Sea: China sends fighter jets to disputed Woody Island in ‘clear militarisation’ of area

China’s military build-up in the disputed island chain escalates

China is thought HQ-9 ground-to-air missiles to an island in the South China Sea.

China deploys missiles on contested South China Sea island

Mounting regional tensions reflected in military spending. The Asia Pacific share of global defence spending will grow from a fifth in 2010 to nearly a third by 2020

US admiral warns against Chinese fighter flights from South China Sea runways

Chinese fighter jets expected to use the newly completed runways raising questions about Beijing’s intentions

China warns Soros against ‘declaring war’ on its currency

Although Soros hasn’t directly threatened to bet against China’s yuan, his reputation as the investor who broke the Bank of England might have been enough to draw Beijing’s attention

Chinese Communism--  Indoctrination into Satanism?

Chinese Communism– Indoctrination into Satanism?

From an early age Chinese youngsters have to endure tests and ordeals or face ostracism. Are they unwittingly being groomed to serve a darker force?

Rouhani and China's Xi Jingping

Iran’s leader says never trusted the West, seeks closer ties with China

Two emerging powers pledge to forge stronger ties

Jiang Zemin, the main culprit in the persecution of Falun Gong. Click to enlarge

Falun Gong Persecution Bad Harbinger for Christians

Horror stories from Mao’s China reveal that his ideology had the same origins as that of his supposed Capitalist adversaries

An aging Mao. Click to enlarge

Sordid History of Illuminati Depravity in China

Essentially Chinese communism has its roots in the same ideology that secretly governs the West today.