World’s most profitable bank is ICBC, a state-owned Chinese bank

China’s burgeoning power reflected in the fact that its banks now account for third of global profit

U.S. grants Iran sanctions exceptions to China

With Thursday’s decision to grant exceptions to China, the Obama administration has now spared all 20 of Iran’s major oil buyers from its unilateral sanctions

Ambition Has Never Scaled Such Heights

Ambition Has Never Scaled Such Heights

China plans to build the world’s tallest tower – and complete it in just THREE MONTHS

Chinese Upgrade Conventional Missile Capability

Chinese Upgrade Conventional Missile Capability

China beefs up its conventional missile capability in anticipation of increased U.S. naval presence in the Pacific

China willing to enhance ties with Iran

Even as the West readies to impose sanctions, other emerging powers are ready to step up cooperation with Iran

China Eyes Wide Open Spaces

Until now, the Chinese have focused on opening up farmland in South America and Africa to meet the demands of the burgeoning Chinese middle class. But now their gaze is shifting

Pentagon says China may build aircraft carriers

China is likely to build a number of aircraft carriers in the coming years to further project its power, say analysts

China developing Internet for offensive operations: Pentagon

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for East Asia and Asia Pacific told reporters that China’s military modernization had ‘surprised’ US experts and ‘we may very well be surprised in terms of seeing new weapons and equipment in the future’

Why Is The Obama Administration Allowing The Chinese Government To Buy Up U.S. Oil And Gas Deposits Worth Billions Of Dollars?

Just as the U.S. strives to end its addiction to foreign oil

China shippers profit from sanctions on Iran petchem trade

China shippers profit from sanctions on Iran petchem trade

Western sanctions against Iran helping to strengthen the country’s ties with China

Australia, Europe trade with China in Yuan, bypassing $.

The dollar’s decline and the rise of the Yuan marks the beginning of the end for the American empire

Reports: New DOD intelligence office to focus on China, Iran

Under plans approved last week, a new intelligence service will be formed that will focus on new emerging threats. Yet the following report on that is used to spread pure disinformation. We explain why

With eye on China, India tests new long-range missile

Growing rivalry between the two emergent powers

The Dragon’s New Teeth

Matching its economic growth, China moves steadily toward becoming a global military power too

U.S. Underestimates China Military Growth: Study

In other words the U.S. could be in for a very nasty surprise should it decide to attack Iran

China steps up pressure to prevent any attack on Iran

In its strongest warning yet, China warns of “retaliation” and an “even greater military clash” should Iran be attacked

China's first aircraft carrier, purchased from the Ukraine, refitted and modernised. Click to enlarge

China’s first aircraft carrier undergoing tests: official

Undergoing sea trials before being commissioned in August, when the carrier will be deployed with 30 J-15 fighters, the Chinese variant of Russia’s Su-33 and helicopters

China's DF-21 missile, reportedly capable of sinking US aircraft carriers. Click to enlarge

How to Kill China’s ‘Carrier-Killer’ Missile: Jam, Spoof and Shoot

If the U.S. were to embark on military action over Iran China would likely get involved. If that were to happen the DF-21D would be China’s weapon of choice

In return for campaign contributions Clinton transferred secret military technology to China.

Illuminati Use China to Loot the West

The Chinese government is colluding with Western elites and Oriental criminal gangs to take over crucial sectors of the West’s economy and obtain secret technology

Double-digit rise for China’s defence spending

However, China’s real military budget is “at least double the published one”, says one leading expert