China’s first aircraft carrier completes sea trials

Xinhua said the aircraft carrier had tested its combat system and conducted a formation practice and “attained the anticipated objectives”

Chinese President Orders PLA To Prepare For War

President Xi Jinping has ordered Chinese military to be “ready if called upon not only to fight, but to win”

Chinese naval soldiers man their stations aboard the countrys first aircraft carrier Liaoning. Click to enlarge

China planning 110,000-ton ‘super aircraft carrier’ to rival US naval power

Marking another step to challenge U.S. supremacy, reports emerge of Chinese plans to launch a giant new nuclear powered aircraft carrier to rival America’s most powerful

New study finds alarming increase in breast cancer risk following abortions

Asian studies find significant increase in the incidence of breast cancer among women who’ve had abortions. The more abortions the higher the incidence of breast cancer

China to launch moon rover mission to scout out locations for a lunar base that will one day be used for a mission to Mars

China to launch moon rover mission to scout out locations for a lunar base that will one day be used for a mission to Mars

What does it say about a nation’s ambitions that America’s Apollo is history as China prepares to land its first lunar probe?

China Scrambles Jets for First Time in New Air Zone

China scrambles fighter jets after 2 U.S. surveillance planes and 10 Japanese air force jets enter disputed air zone

China sends warplanes into disputed air defense zone

Upping the ante over the East China Sea

US warplanes defy Chinese air defence edict with B-52 flyover of disputed area

US warplanes challenge China’s expanded air defence zone

China Sets Air Defense Zone Over East China Sea

China Sets Air Defense Zone Over East China Sea

Described as “a very dangerous escalation” in the territorial dispute over a chain of islands claimed by both Japan and China

Chinese nuclear submarine in nuclear safety drill at the Qingdao naval base in Shangdong province, eastern China. Click to enlarge

Inside China: Nuclear submarines capable of widespread attack on U.S.

Chinese state-run media reveals plans for Beijing’s nuclear submarines to attack major U.S. cities

De-Americanised’ world needed after US shutdown: China media

The continuing threat of a U.S. debt default fuels rising anti-American sentiment

China backs Russia over Syria at G20 summit

Widening rift at G20 summit as China joins Russia in demanding convincing proof that Syria, not supposed ‘rebels’, used chemical weapons. Includes video

America Plans Unprovoked Nuclear Attack on China

America Plans Unprovoked Nuclear Attack on China

An edited abridgement of an article by Professor Amitai Etzioni with additional comments by Lasha Darkmoon, Paul Craig Roberts and Dick Eastman

Official U.S. Navy Imagery - The CNO speaks to moderator Michael O Hanlon at the Brookings Institute about the Air-Sea Battle concept. Click to enlarge

Who Authorized Preparations for War with China?

Amitai Etzioni reports that the United States is preparing for a war with China

The Two Faux Democracies Threaten Life On Earth

Because the American press is a corrupt government propaganda ministry, the American people have no idea that neoconized Washington is planning nuclear war

Understanding the Anti-Christ

A recent trip to Beijing brought home a realisation of who the anti-Christ is and why he’s in America

Confidential report lists U.S. weapons system designs compromised by Chinese cyberspies

Many of America’s most secret weapons programs have been infiltrated by Chinese hackers, according to a report prepared for the Pentagon

Top China paper hits back at U.S. accusations on Snowden

China’s top state newspaper praised NSA whistleblower on Tuesday for “tearing off Washington’s sanctimonious mask”

First Chinese stealth drone ‘ready’ for test flight

China prepares for the inaugural flight of its first stealth capable combat drone

Icelandic trade alliance advances Chinese Arctic ambition

Trade pact takes Chinese closer to Arctic’s mineral wealth and resources