China steps up ‘military cooperation’ with Assad as top admiral visits Damascus

Chinese military ‘advisors’ are reportedly already on the ground in Syria

China Readies First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier and a Fleet of Destroyers

Ready for the South China Sea, the new carrier is in addition to the Liaoning, which China bought from Ukraine, upgraded and which it is now using as a carrier training platform

Vietnam moves new rocket launchers into disputed S.China Sea – sources

Vietnam has deployed mobile missile launchers to the disputed island chain

Looking back on the Great Leap Forward

Looking back on the Great Leap Forward

The gradual opening of Chinese archives has revealed the appalling truth about Chairman Mao’s rule. He was a more prolific mass-murderer than Hitler or Stalin

Chinese official: Prepare for a ‘people’s war at sea’

Fighting talk over the South China Sea; with threats that if Australia intervenes it will become an “ideal target for China to warn and strike”

Japan Warns China Over ‘Territorial Aggression’

China warned that its aggressive stance over maritime dispute could have “unintended consequences”

China’s new stealth fighter another step toward completion

China’s new fifth generation stealth fighter could become operational in the next two years. Includes video

Russia to Join China in Naval Exercise in Disputed South China Sea

Joint Russian Chinese naval drills planned amid mounting tensions in the South China Sea

H-6K long range nuclear bomber over South China Sea. Click to enlarge

Beijing Launches Combat Air Patrols Over South China Sea

Chinese Air Force to fly regular combat patrols over the contested South China Sea

Beijing vows to continue South China Sea construction

China embarks on new war games in the waters of the South China Sea as officials affirm that China will “never” stop building in the region prematurely

China's military gets boost with huge new transport plane

China’s military gets boost with huge new transport plane

Capable of flying 8,000 kilometres when carrying 40 tons of freight, the Y-20 will give China the ability to project its military power far beyond its shores

Beijing threatens air defence zone over South China Sea

In a move that could sharply escalate tensions, Beijing says it could declare an Air Defence Identification Zone over the South China Sea

Beijing will not ‘step back’ in South China Sea: media

China will not take s “single step back” in the dispute over territorial waters in the South China Sea, says state-run media

China should prepare for ‘military confrontation’ in South China Sea, newspaper declares

Editorial says China should let the US it will “pay a cost it cannot stand if it intervenes in the South China Sea dispute by force”

China Is Able to Deploy Up to 10000 Troops in the Middle East

Word is that China is preparing to deploy 10,000 troops in the Middle East as soon as its military base in Djibouti is ready. Includes video

British Ruling Class Rammed Through Brexit to Set the Stage for New Imperial Adventures

While Webster Tarpley makes some good points here he also makes some glaring omissions. We highlight one and leave readers to decide if this is simply an oversight

World’s Fastest Supercomputer: China Surpasses US With Homegrown Chips

In 2001, China had no presence on the list of the top 500 supercomputers in the world. Today it tops the list with the world’s fastest supercomputer

F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets and E-2D Hawkeye plane are seen on the U.S. aircraft carrier John C. Stennis during joint military exercise called Malabar, with the United States, Japan and India participating, off Japan's southernmost island of Okinawa. REUTERS/Nobuhiro Kubo

China spy ship shadows U.S., Japanese, Indian naval drill in Western Pacific

The show of U.S. naval power comes as Japan and Washington worry China is extending its influence into the western Pacific

New Defense Shield Could Spark Conflict in South China Sea Very Soon

New Defense Shield Could Spark Conflict in South China Sea Very Soon

Rising tensions could soon erupt into open conflict says military expert

Chinese DF-41. Click to enlarge

New Chinese ICBM can destroy entire U.S. cities with less than 30 minutes’ warning

China preparing to add a new, more powerful generation of ICBMs to its nuclear arsenal