Stockholm braves coldest June weather in 84 years: experts

More indications that ‘global warming’ may not be playing out exactly as we’ve been told

Global warming sceptics are BETTER-informed about science than believers

Naturally. Because the man-made ‘global warming’ propaganda is targeted at the ignorant and gullible

Christian sues NHS over ‘totalitarian’ stance on abortion

Christian sues NHS over ‘totalitarian’ stance on abortion

A Christian mental health worker who was sacked over her opposition to abortion is suing the NHS accusing it of having a “dangerously totalitarian” approach to dissent on the issue

Will's 288 round trip from London used 71 gallons of fuel and released three-quarters of ton of CO2 into the atmosphere. Click to enlarge

Will.I.Am attends climate change talk in helicoper

Arrived at a climate change debate in a private helicopter, producing the same amount of CO2 most people do in a month

Lovelock previously claimed London would be threatened by rising sea levels. Click to enlarge

Gaia theory scientist James Lovelock admits he was ‘alarmist’ about the impact of climate change

‘I made a mistake’, says the environmental scientist. Adding that others, such as former U.S. vice president Al Gore were also guilty of exaggerating their arguments

New Questions Over Global Warming

New Questions Over Global Warming

Scientists discover glaciers in Asian mountain range are actually getting BIGGER

Cold weather kills more than 220 in Europe

Mounting death toll as record lows continue; Danube freezes over; France set to break power consumption records

More than 150 dead in extreme cold snap in Europe

Death toll mounts as parts of Europe shiver in record-breaking cold

Cold weather kills more than 80 in Europe; snow falls over Italy

Most were homeless people who froze to death on the streets but at least seven died in their own homes

New Research Show Earth Has Not Cooled in 15 Years

New research findings look set to challenge the notion of man-made global warming

The Alaskan National Guard helps dig out the town of Cordova. Click to enlarge

Alaska’s tale of two cities: one desperate for fuel, another for big shovels

National Guard called in to help one town dig out from what has been described as “snowpocalypse”

Cold Australian summer sees swimwear profits plummet

This year’s summer has been Sidney’s coldest since 1960, while two weeks ago Brisbane recorded its coldest December day for 123 years

Snow covered fields in County Durham, December 16, 2011

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past

A reminder of what global warming advocates were predicting just ten years ago

The BBC’s hidden ‘warmist’ agenda is rapidly unravelling

An unhealthily close relationship has developed between the BBC and organisations professionally and commercially involved in promoting the idea of “global warming”

Global warming much less serious than thought

A U.S. government funded study has concluded what many have long thought

The Great Carbon Credit Deception

Carbon credit is all about micromanaging every aspect of our lives: with smart meters, energy use can be micromanaged all the way down to the number of minutes people spend in showers, or at what temperature people choose to do their laundry

Australia commits suicide

With a little help from Julia Gillard and ‘global warming’

BUSTED Easy Jet Airlines Caught Spraying Europe, Asia & Africa

Easy Jet caught red-handed: are these aerosol releases a deliberate attempt to force Anthropomorphic Global Warming?

Former Vice President Al Gore: Global warming sceptics are this generations racists

Soon those who don’t buy into the idea of man made global warming will be being compared to “Nazis” and “anti-Semites”. Includes video

It’s a ‘Stinker’: Coolest Summer for Half a Century

So much for “Global Warming”. Metrological reading’s reveal the coolest Irish summer in fifty years