Health and the New World Order

Health care, disease and disease control as a means to augment totalitarian power or implement New World Order policies

Communist propaganda type painting commemorating Bush Sr.'s occult call for a "thousand points of light"

Did Bill Gates Just Pledge Allegiance to the Illuminati?

Because it’s new technology, Gates said that in order to ensure success, “we should let 1,000 new ideas blossom”. Now where have we heard that before?

Seasonal flu vaccine fairy tale rapidly collapsing as the truth comes out

Seasonal flu vaccines do serve a purpose, it seems. It’s just not the purpose we’ve all been led to believe

Dr. Andrew Wakefield with his wife, Carmel, at the General Medical Council in January in the U.K.

Lynching Good Men Is What They Like To Do

How the pharmaceutical giants are silencing dissent while working hand-in-glove with Bill Gates so that they can identify every baby worldwide to be vaccinated

WikiLeaks: U.S. should retaliate against E.U. for genetically modified resistance

Weakleaks diclosures reveals U.S. ambassador to France recommended punative action over Europe’s resistance to Genetically Modified foods

Europe to ban hundreds of herbal remedies

Ensuring a continued monpoly for pharmaceutical giants and their own lucrative “remedies”

Food safety bill invokes Codex harmonization and grants FDA authority to police food safety of foreign nations

Legislation is being prepared that will enable the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to set up offices overseas and dictate food safety plans to foreign governments! Mike Adams explains

Los Alamos Scientist: TSA Scanners Shred Human DNA

Los Alamos Scientist: TSA Scanners Shred Human DNA

Destroying your health while of protecting you from alleged “terrorists”

Radiation scientists agree TSA naked body scanners could cause breast cancer and sperm mutations

The news about the potential health dangers of the TSA’s naked body scanners just keeps getting worse, writes Mike Adams

Urgent call for action, last chance to defeat S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act

If passed into law it will become the Patriot Act of the food industry, turning raw milk producers into felons and small organic farmers into “seed smugglers.” Mike Adams on why the S 510 Food Safety Modernization Act must be stopped

The pill that reminds you when it’s time to take your next dose

A new era of “intelligent medicines” has been heralded with the disclosure that trials trials will begin with pills that contain a microchip, reminding patients when to take them

WHO advisors Who Warned of Swine Flu Epidmic Tied to Drug Firms

Up to a third of the World Health Organisation advisers who warned of the swine flu epidemic that never was received support from Pharmaceutical firms

Deja Vu: Government Poisoning Americans

Looks like Isaiah 30:25- “in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall”, is upon us. Keith Howe explains

Ministers ‘wasted millions … for epidemic that never arrived’

All those stories about an impending Swine Flu epidemic proved very profitable for the pharmacuetical giants

Choosing healthy foods now called a mental disorder

Shut up and eat your Soylent Green

WHO to tax your internet usage to fund vaccines in third-world countries

Consider it a reverse Robin Hood ploy: They’re stealing from the working class and giving to the ultra wealthy drug companies!

Now independent thinkers are considered diseased by psychiatry

The day may be coming when Western political dissidents will be detained in mental institutions, just as they were in the Soviet Union

Big Brother to track your medication compliance with electronic transmitters in pills

It’s not enough for the government to monitor your phone calls, scan your emails and watch you sunbathing on your back porch with spy satellites; now they want to snoop into your bloodstream and monitor what you’ve been eating and drinking

Poland Refuses Swine Flu Vaccine

Mistrustful of drug companies, Poland was the only country worldwide to refuse the vaccine. Was this the reason virtually all its leaders were wiped out in one plane crash? While Britain agreed to pay hundreds of millions for vaccines it never needed?

Stupak’s Health Care Vote Aborts the Pro-Life Movement

The life expectancy of millions of the unborn under ObamaCare will begin and end in their mothers’ wombs

Why heavens above, our leaders are trying to kill us

“We have too many people” says Ted Turner. “That’s why we have global warming. We need less people using less stuff.” In other words he’s talking about controlling population growth or culling – dressed up a health care to make it more palatable