The Rotten Royals

Britain’s corrupt, decadent and criminal royal house of Windsor

Death of a nurse: 'I am devastated by the loss of my beloved wife'

Death of a nurse: ‘I am devastated by the loss of my beloved wife’

The nurse found dead following a prank call by DJ’s posing as royalty came from a stable happy home. She was not the ‘suicide’ type. Or as a neighbour put it: “I can’t help thinking there is more to this”

Kate hoax nurse found dead: Includes transcript of the call

Nurse who was fooled by 2 DJs on air into thinking they were royalty has been found dead. If nothing else her ‘suicide’ should deter others from trying to embarrass the royals

Illuminati: Inbreeding and Genocide

Illuminati: Inbreeding and Genocide

Humanity is paying the price for allowing inbreds to run our planet

Romania to use royal links to Dracula to attract British tourists

No big surprise to find that the British Royal Family is linked to Vlad the Impaler, the Romanian prince who slaughtered thousands and is thought to have been the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula. In fact it seems fitting

Topless Kate, 2 Massacres and an Initiation

An interesting perspective on the current furore surrounding the photos of a topless Kate Middleton and more…

Secret royal veto powers over new laws to be exposed

More than mere figureheads, its now been revealed that Britain’s royalty have the power to veto proposed new legislation after the government lost a legal case to keep the matter secret

Our Jewish Queen

In the wake of the Queen’s ‘ Diamond Jubilee’ celebrations, Kevin Boyle’s poses some questions that the British Royals might find awkward. Includes video

UK has changed for worse under Queen Elizabeth: poll

UK has changed for worse under Queen Elizabeth: poll

A poll has revealed nearly half of Britons believe that the country had changed for the worse during Queen Elizabeth’s reign. While just over half of those questioned said they would not be going to any event celebrating her Jubilee

Queen attacked over ‘drug money fortune’

Claims by a candidate in the French elections that part of the Queen’s wealth is drugs money can’t be lightly dismissed. Her bank, Coutts, was recently fined for failing to carry out checks on ‘politically exposed persons’ to prevent money-laundering

Are The Royals Above Questioning? Dead Body Found At Sandringham

Are The Royals Above Questioning? Dead Body Found At Sandringham

A body has been found on the Royal Estate in Sandringham, “just a stone’s throw” from the Royal residence. So why are the residents not being questioned?

Jewish banishment and the City of London

Jewish banishment and the City of London

Contrary to popular opinion, “The Crown” doesn’t refer to Queen II but to a committee of twelve to fourteen men who rule the independent sovereign state known as ‘The City of London’. If anything she is answerable to them

Elizabeth 2 – Go Ripple Effect

A few weeks ago a jury-rejected charges that the maker of groundbreaking video 7/7 Ripple Effect had attempted to ‘pervert the course of justice’. Now Muad’Dib, Anthony John Hill, has a new video that looks to upset the authorities again

Alex Salmond and Queen Elizabeth II. Click to enlarge

How the Queen will help see off Scottish independence

The Queen’s reportedly warm relations with Alex Salmond should ring alarm bells for Scots. Regardless of whether Scotland achieves independence or not, it signals that the leader of the Scottish Nationalists may have the same goals as the monarch

Ireland Royal Visit: Peace or Reoccupation

In asking if the Queen’s visit to Ireland is all it seems, Kevin Boyle reveals a little-known and largely unpublicised fact about British royal males

The Unlawful Killing of Princess Diana (Sneak Preview)

Royal wedding: three arrested for ‘mock execution’ plan

Britons peacefully protesting against the monarchy have been arrested and jailed

Bahrain ‘torture service’ official to attend royal wedding

While the royal wedding invitation for Syria’s ambassador has been withdrawn, ostensibly for his country’s “human right abuses”, the former head of Bahrain’s NSA, which has been accused of torture, remains a guest of honour

Why The Zionist British Royal Family Should Hang

Mike James explains in no uncertain terms why as a patriotic Englishman he won’t be celebrating the upcoming royal wedding

EU farming subsidies for the Royal family must stay secret

An Information clampdown has been ordered on massive farm subsudues paid to the world’s wealthiest landowner: the Queen of England

Royal Family granted new right of secrecy

Legal reforms are being drafted to provide the Royal Family protection from public scrutiny, after it was revealed that the Queen had asked for funds to heat her palaces from a fund set up to assist low income groups and hospitals pay heating bills