Real Life X-Files

A Child and Spirit

A Paranormal investigator and exorcist explains the ties between blood and lower astral entities and his first encounters with them as a child

Spooked businessman flees ‘haunted’ mansion

A millionaire businessman claims the screams of ghosts forced his family to flee their mansion. “We were like the family in The Others”, says Anwar Rashid. “The ghosts didn’t want us to be there and we could not fight them because we couldn’t see them”

Glauco S’s NDE

Brazilian Glauco S had a Near Death Experience aged eight. Now, nearly forty years later he talks about what happened

Witness to a Miracle

Ricky Randolph’s Near Death Experience

Psychic Forces at Work? – A Memoir

Kevin Annett is a former priest who exposed church involvement in the murder and abuse of Native Canadians. After being defrocked he then became the target of psychic attacks – launched from hi-tech devices housed in underground military bases

The truth really is out there as Britain’s ‘X-files’ released

The truth really is out there as Britain’s ‘X-files’ released

Prompted by a “deluge” of Freedom of Information requests, extensive but no doubt incomplete files have been released by the Ministry of Defence on UFO sightings

Residents of rural Texas town abuzz over UFO sightings

Dozens of credible witnesses report seeing a flat metallic object with one witness, a pilot, estimating it was a mile long and half a mile wide

Flying Humanoids Filmed Over Mexico

Watch footage of UFO’s over a cemetery in Mexico coupled with the testimony of shaken cops: is this how the architypal idea of witches on broomsticks originated? Because they don’t look like flying saucers, more like witches in pointy hats on broomsticks

Admiral Richard B. Byrd’s, Diary Feb. Mar. 1947

Admiral Richard B. Byrd’s, Diary Feb. Mar. 1947

Fact or fantasy? Admiral Richard B. Byrd’s account of his flight over the North Pole and discovery of a “land beyond the poles” is legend. For those still unfamiliar with it we present his classic account and leave you to decide

Blue Ghost Gas Station Video

Is it a ghost or an angel? Whatever it is, the images caught by CCTV cameras at a gas station in Parma, Ohio, have everyone puzzled

UFOs are not just a case of science fiction, say pilots

An international group of pilots and aviation officials have reopened the debate on UFO’s by sharing their experiences

Legendary lake ‘monster’ is captured on camera

China’s very own version of the ‘Loch Ness Monster: includes video link

UFOs attacking Ukraine

Well, not real hostility however, rather a collection of strange tales from the Ukraine

Texan Claims to Have Found Mythical Beast

Phylis Canion believes she may have the head of the mythical, bloodsucking chupacabra

Why being out of the body is all in the mind

Has modern science finally put paid to the idea of “out of body experiences”? Or have scientists revealed their own limitations in trying to explain the phenomenon?

Norwegian UFO-mystery solved?

Norwegian scientists claim they are nearing a solution to the Hessdalen UFO-mystery which has puzzled experts for more than 25 years. But despite these claims, they still don’t what causes the phenomenon

Roswell aliens theory revived by deathbed confession

Renewed interest surrounded the Roswell incident last week as an affidavit was released with the death of Walter Haut, the lieutenant in charge of public relations at Roswell in 1947