BBC Reported Collapse of WTC7 Before It Fell

How the BBC reported the collapse of WTC 7 BEFORE it actually fell and the controversy that ensued when this was exposed

Internet Archives Authenticates BBC Video

The Director of Collections at an Internet Archive, responsible for video and audio files confirms that the BBC was reporting the collapse of World Trade Center 7 twentysix minutes before it actually fell

BBC Has Lost Tapes Of 21st Century’s Defining Moment

Due to a “cock-up”, or so they claim; or it maybe they are just trying to cover the fact that the BBC announced the collapsed of World Trade Center 7 twenty six minutes before it actually fell

Time Stamp Confirms BBC Reported WTC 7 Collapse 26 Minutes In Advance

What’s emerging here is that Flight 93 was planned to crash into WTC-7. When Flight 93 had to be shot down instead because the crew regained control, WTC-7 still had to come down or the pre-placed explosives inside would have given the whole game away