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10 Examples Of The Extreme Incompetence That Now Pervades The Federal Government

You know that things are bad when government employees have to be told not to poop in the hallways.

Timothy Boatwright, center, a trans man, with his Wellesley classmates. Click to enlarge

Gender Chaos: “Fe-Males” Demand Rights at Women’s Collleges

One cannot help but think they’ve brought this upon themselves. After all this is what happens when you upset the natural sexual dynamic

The Black Magic Ringwraiths of Present Time

It’s freaky, how much all of this looks like a movie we’ve seen before but we can’t remember exactly when that was.

US manufactured weapons seized from Islamic fighters. Click to enlarge

How did Islamists receive American weapons?

Robert Fisk reports from the front lines where Syrian rebel forces, now aligned with Isis, are being supplied with U.S. arms

ISIS EXPOSED 100% AS CIA OPERATION: “The Next Bin Laden is Here” – Don’t Be Fooled

History repeats itself: is the public going to be duped yet again?

The Game of Life with the Flesh, the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

The Game of Life with the Flesh, the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

I have to watch myself that I don’t devolve into a constant defamation of the masses. I don’t mean to but when I observe them at their activities, I am at a loss

Arrested by State Counter Terrorism

Australian blogger arrested by State security personnel after he exposes the activities of Masonic-Zionist elements in power. Includes video

West is Silent as Libya Falls into the Abyss

Only a couple of years ago Libya was being held up as an example of benign and successful foreign intervention.

How US Policy Unites Iran and China

Beltway insiders explain how new alliances are forming in opposition to U.S. foreign policy

Participants in the last G20 meeting. Click to enlarge

Globalist Harmony: East-West “Conflict” is a Charade

The supposed “conflict” is a ruse, Larry P lists 30 points that illustrate that the drive for a global federation of states is very much on track

Manufacturing Satanism: A Personal Memoir

Manufacturing Satanism: A Personal Memoir

Satanism and the sexualization of children: what do these two things have in common? Read on, and find out…

Dead Brown Leaves and the Green Flowering Truth

The mysterious strangers move among us, without distinguishing outfits, titles or excessive swag but the roses are blooming on their cross

Mr B No Longer Has Fury At The Politicians – Letter

Interesting letter to Morris108 from a viewer

It's Now Official - I Am now Featured on Pink Floyd's New Album

It’s Now Official – I Am now Featured on Pink Floyd’s New Album

Fame at last for a British Hebrew speaking Palestinian of Jewish descent

Money doesn’t Kill People, Bankers Kill People

Sex is the essential dynamic of civilization. Disrupt the natural order of this and everything else will go haywire. This is the intent of those who ride upon the back of the beast

West making big mistake in fighting ISIS, says senior Israeli officer

A senior IDF officer says the West has made a “big mistake” siding with Hezbollah, Iran and Assad against ISIS

Amos Biderman's cartoon.

New cartoon fuels US-Israel tensions, feeds 9/11 conspiracy theories

Satirising what many regard as a matter of fact, the cartoon has been condemned by the Anti-Defamation League’s Abraham Foxman

Halloween, sex and violence. Click to enlarge

Halloween is a Time of Murder & Mayhem- Coincidence?

Media and law enforcement don’t refer to pet abductions/mutilations as ‘ritualistic’ and never use the word ‘Satanic’. However, Richard Evans spoke with a police detective who said they “see it all the time”

Those Dancing Hypocrites on Invisible Wires of Compliance

Dumbing down is a process, not an event. It happens in incremental stages. One who is not being dumbed down can see the process taking place, as well as the logical outcome

Obama shifting America away from Israel and toward Iran

On the basis of one report, from a known Zionist shill, the corporate media is trying to convince us that good relations with Iran are a priority for the White House. At the expense of ties with Israel