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Why Did Churchill Have Josslyn Hay Murdered?

Why Did Churchill Have Josslyn Hay Murdered?

Early in WWII, why was it so important for Churchill to silence this man?

This is how Sheikh al-Nimr described the life of the Shiites in Saudi Arabia - « From the moment you are born, you are surrounded by fear, intimidation, persecution and abuse. We are born into an atmosphere of intimidation. We are even afraid of the walls. Who among us is not familiar with the intimidation and injustice to which we have been subjected in this country ? I am 55 years old, more than half a century. From the day I was born until today, I have never felt safe in this country. You are always being accused of something. You are always under threat. The Director of State Security admitted as much to me. He told me when I was arrested - “All of you Shiites should be killed”. That’s their logic. »

Towards the collapse of Saudi Arabia

For Thierry Meyssan the fall of the kingdom has become inevitable. It will probably be accompanied by a long period of extreme violence, he writes

Bear Market: The Average U.S. Stock Is Already Down More Than 20 Percent

The next financial crisis is not coming. The next financial crisis is already here

The Guardian's caption reads: A Syrian man carries a baby wrapped in a blanket (or maybe just a blanket. Ed.)  following airstrikes on the town of Douma, a rebel stronghold east of Damascus. Click to enlarge

Suspected Russian air strike kills eight Syrian children in Aleppo

More disinformation in the guise of “news” dutifully reported by the mainstream media

Sam's Club CEO Rosalind Brewer

Sam’s Club CEO is a racist bigot who hates white people …

Racist bigots come in every color. It’s past time to stop excusing some bigots just because they aren’t pale-skinned.

Hungarian Top Economist: CIVIL WAR IS COMING 2016

Straight-talking on the European migrant crisis. With English sub-titles

Exposing Major Politically Correct Cover-up in Sweden

Cologne wasn’t the first instance of mass sex assaults. But leading Swedish Daily Dagens Nyheter refused to report on similar assaults in central Stockholm last summer

‘Regrettable’ is as far as our criticism of Saudi Arabia is allowed to go

Lucrative weapons contracts help keep British criticism of Saudi Arabia restrained and ensure double-standards regarding beheadings

Angela Merkel named TIME magazine's Person of the Year. Click to enlarge

Word From a Correspondent in Germany

Is it a coincidence that Germany is inundated with migrants, courtesy Angela Merkel’s open door migration policy, just as she’s named TIME magazine Person of the Year?

Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Prince Mohammed bin Salman: Naive, arrogant Saudi prince is playing with fire

Intelligence memo warns that the “impulsive” policies of “arrogant” Saudi defence minister risk widening conflicts in Syria and Yemen

Gold and her father. Click to enlarge

Empire of Porn and Perversion

Did you know that Prime Minister David Cameron is closely associated with Jewish pornographers? Lasha Darkmoon takes a closer look at some of his backers

Your Inside is Out and your Outside is ... Uh ... I Forget

Your Inside is Out and your Outside is … Uh … I Forget

The ineffable told me yesterday that he let me go to Hawaii so I could understand that that was then and this is now. I got it.

Why Germany can’t face the truth about migrant sex attacks

Even before the Cologne attacks, a correspondent wrote that Germans seemed unwilling to even mention “migrants” for fear of being labelled “racist”

CNN Op-Ed Calls For Obama to Declare “National State of Emergency” to Gut 2nd Amendment

CNN Op-Ed Calls For Obama to Declare “National State of Emergency” to Gut 2nd Amendment

Martial law-style move would “scare” gun rights groups into submission

Amber Amour. Click to enlarge

Amber Amour: Woman ‘live-blogged her rape on Instagram’

The corporate media accepts the alleged victims claims without question or scrutiny. Are they, and their readers, being taken for a ride?

It All Rests on Who and What you Dedicate Your Life To

It All Rests on Who and What you Dedicate Your Life To

The new age is slipping in under the cover of all of the strange and curious events taking place. One day it will be completely here and few will remember how that came to happen

Thanks to My Wife, I Looked Death in the Eye

Thanks to My Wife, I Looked Death in the Eye

My wife is a vicarious hypochondriac; she imagines I’m sick

Can a month go by without Miley taking part of demeaning, agenda-pushing crap? Apparently not. On this cover of Plastik magazine, Miley appears to be asphyxiating herself. Abuse, dehumanization, self-destruction. All part of the Agenda. Click to enlarge

Symbolic Pics of the Month 01/16

In the first SPOTM of 2016: Miley Cyrus, Willow and Jaden Smith, Charlie Hebdo and more …

The Rule Of Law No Longer Exists In Western Civilization

Paul Craig Roberts on why Putin is correct when he says America and its vassals are lawless

Escalation in Syria may lead to WW3 in 2016

Plausible analysis from Russia Insider on the crisis in Syria