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Rep. Jim Traficant Vs ADL

Starts slowly but features an increasingly rare breed: an honest U.S. politician

On a Clear Day you can see Armageddon

I can’t shake the premonition that somehow, somehow, it’s going to work out, not everywhere and not for everyone but somewhere and for someone. May it be so for us

It’s perfectly reasonable to negotiate with villains like Isis, so why don’t we do it and save some lives?

In this part of the world exchanging captives goes back to the time of the Crusades. So what’s stopping the West?

North Northwest of the Grind Factor

North Northwest of the Grind Factor

Look at some of the political flunky’s presently disporting upon the world’s stage. They are inextricably woven into the fabric of evil and damned activities

Chutzpah! "Anti Semitism Proof Jews are Fulfilling Divine Mission"

Chutzpah! “Anti Semitism Proof Jews are Fulfilling Divine Mission”

As Henry Makow explains, this is a prime example of pathological self delusion

‘Peace’ President? How Obama came to bomb seven countries in six years

He entered office promising “change” but in terms of foreign policy he has simply continued where his predecessors left off

The Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums of the Dark Side

Kali Yuga is The Clean Up Zone. It’s where the population expands to a ridiculous number because everyone wants to be here for reasons they forgot as soon as they arrived

Gilad Atzmon on Muhammad and Friends (Nation of Islam TV)

Gilad Atzmon on Nation of Islam TV talking about ISIS, Jewish power and how the Left is controlled opposition

Will Russia and China Hold Their Fire Until War Is the Only Alternative?

The US economy is a house of cards. It is possible that Russia, China, and the rest of the world will be saved by American economic collapse?

The Hot Pursuit of Hamster Swine with the Treadmill Spinning Blues

Movies weave a spell on the mind. Sometimes they titillate. Most often they disappoint and at increasingly rare intervals, they educate. These days, mostly, they indoctrinate

Protesters masquarading as Murdoch manipulate puppets representing David Cameron and former Culture Secretary Jeremy-Hunt. Click to enlarge

“Lies”, says Cameron, as he launches another war

Every time they say it’s different this time, and it never is. They say the first casualty of war is truth, but it’s not true; the truth is dead before the war even begins

Strange New “2014” Addition to the Georgia Guidestones

Strange New “2014” Addition to the Georgia Guidestones

This eerie and mysterious monument just became even more eerie and mysterious.

David Cameron delivers his UN speech. Click to enlarge

Cameron Calls for Clampdown on “Non-Violent Extremists”

Something has obviously rattled David Cameron’s cage and we think that we’ve played a part

How Putin is Part of the NWO

How Putin is Part of the NWO

Alex Newman explains why Putin’s opposition to Zionist hegemony is not what it seems

Making a war on the world a war against ourselves!

Ordinary people have really no idea what’s going on, argues John Kaminski

Rouhani's calm considered address at the UN was in distinct contrast to his predecessor. Click to enlarge

Iran’s Rouhani blames ‘certain intelligence agencies’ for rise of global extremism

These are the very “agencies” that claim to be fighting terror on our behalf

In the Garden, Quiet Morning, Alone with the Speaking Heart

Even in the quietest moments

Is ISIS Good For The Jews?

Brother Nathanael ponders a new twist on a perennial question

This fashion shoot entitled “The Wrong Turn” by photographer Raj Shetye accomplishes something the fashion industry loves to do : Glorifying abuse and making it fashionable. These pictures were clearly inspired by the 2012 gang rape that took place in a bus in New Delhi. The assault led to the death of the victim. Here’s a great idea : Let’s dress up some models really nice and let’s recreate this horrendous crime.

Symbolic Pics of the Month 9/14

Vigilant Citizen on how high fashion is glorifying abuse and making it trendy

NFL Commissar Roger Goodell makes $10 million a year to globalize the all-American game.

How the NFL Went Communist

How an all-American sport has been turned into a politically correct pastime