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The Silence of the Israelis on ISIS

Tel Aviv has been curiously quiet over Islamic State, even though the militants are conquering territory very close to Israel’s own border. Stephen J. Sniegoski reflects on this reticence

Why is there no Affirmative Action for Jews?

Why is there no Affirmative Action for Jews?

Why indeed? In the tradition of another Irishman, Jonathan Swift, the Irish Savant uses satire to make a telling point.

The Red And Black Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Working in Tandem

The Red And Black Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Working in Tandem

Major players are conducting war drills right now: it’s “war theatre”, but it is also a warning of what is approaching.

"Sex Education," i.e. promoting sex to children before they are mentally and emotionally mature, is state-sanctioned sexual abuse of children. Click to enlarge

Britain Normalizes Sex for Children

The object being to rob children of their precious innocence before they are ready. Bringing them more directly under the influence of social engineers while they are still in their formative years

Robot Catamites, Open Borders and Programming your Subconscious

Herewith some lines written thousands of years ago which perfectly encapsulate the times we live in

Alleged 'bullet holes' in Ottowa Parliament. Click to enlarge

Bogus TV Report Casts Doubt on Ottawa Shooting

“Bullet holes” in the wall of the Ottowa Parliament building were there long before the shooting took place.

On the Way to the City of Dis Across the Sea of Moral Relativity

Is Angelina Jolie a reincarnation of Marie Antoinette? Smoking Mirrors wonders whether she will meet the same fate.

George Orwell quote. Click to enlarge

You must know by now

A checklist to run past your favorite local elected official to make you realize how important it is to vote him (or her) out of office as soon as humanly possible

Turkey’s President Erdogan Moves into New Palace

Judging from his new presidential palace, it appears that President Erdogan has aspirations to become like the Ottoman’s of old

The Jew, The Left and Whatever is Left

The Jew, The Left and Whatever is Left

Gilad Atzmon offers insights into Jewish tribalism and Yeshu, the name Jews call Jesus. Includes videos

Angelina Jolie and William Hague. Click to enlarge

President Jolie? Angelina ‘open’ to career in politics

Is she about to do what Ronald Reagan did and aim for the White House?

Noam Chomsky calls US ‘world’s leading terrorist state’

The aging activist condemns the U.S. while carefully avoiding any mention of its main ally in the Middle East

East-West Tensions Designed to Increase War Spending

East-West Tensions Designed to Increase War Spending

Good cop, bad cop – how the West and Russian are pitching increased military spending in the drive toward world government

Non-EU migrants waiting to try and enter Britain at the French port of Calais. Click to enlarge

New Report Tries To Gloss Over the Negative Impact of Mass Immigration

Migrants from outside the EU have taken £120billion more from the state than they paid in taxes over 17 years

The Doors of Perception are not for Everyone

Some people aren’t meant to travel through The Doors of Perception. Like a consciousness version of The Wild West or a roller coaster ride, it leaves some screaming in fear and a few screaming from excitement

Natali Cohen

If You Think You Had Enough of Jewish Left Just Follow This Story…

As we know, cosmopolitan Jews do not approve of national belonging. So this young woman spread her crap on the flags of every possible country, not just Israel

Anti-Netanyahu mural in France, 2012. Click to enlarge

Ebola’s Real Reason

There’s a quote here that explains why Israel wont find peace under Netanyahu and raises questions about the fate of his psychiatrist. Yes, he had a psychiatrist

10 Examples Of The Extreme Incompetence That Now Pervades The Federal Government

You know that things are bad when government employees have to be told not to poop in the hallways.

Timothy Boatwright, center, a trans man, with his Wellesley classmates. Click to enlarge

Gender Chaos: “Fe-Males” Demand Rights at Women’s Collleges

One cannot help but think they’ve brought this upon themselves. After all this is what happens when you upset the natural sexual dynamic

The Black Magic Ringwraiths of Present Time

It’s freaky, how much all of this looks like a movie we’ve seen before but we can’t remember exactly when that was.