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Hijacked airliner flies into the WTC. Click to enlarge

9/11: The mother of all Big Lies

Using lies to start wars is an American tradition and 9/11 was the biggest. Stephen Lendman explains

Living on the Edge: Update from Tel Aviv

Living on the Edge: Update from Tel Aviv

Word from “Saul”, an American Jew trapped in Israel. Here is an update on his life, and the recent war on Gaza as seen from the sleazy underbelly of Israeli life.

The Guardian of Big Money

The Guardian of Big Money

Is it really a coincidence that Britain is on the verge of tribal and nationalist fragmentation at the time the Middle East is going through the exact same process?

Why Wait for Dawn to Rise on the Beach of Last Resort

The greater the force of Materialism, the greater the state of corruption. This is a fixed and precise mathematical reality and it is easily observable as so by anyone with their eyes at least half open

Netanyahu waxes eloquent Thursday. Click to enlarge

Why is Israel Absent from ISIS Fight?

Why do we suspect that Israel’s opposition to ISIS is for show only?

The British plan to steal Scotland’s independence referendum

Wayne Madsen reports that his sources report that the actual “Yes” vote for Scottish independence is leading the “No” vote by a full 11 percentage points…

Alex Salmond and Jim Sillars (right). Click to enlarge

SNP grandee threatens ‘day of reckoning’ for businesses speaking out against separation

Former SNP deputy leader lashes out at business leaders and asks: ‘Who do these companies think we are? They will find out’

Feminist Claim to Female Suffrage is Bogus

Feminist Claim to Female Suffrage is Bogus

Half the British men who went to the trenches in France in 1914 didn’t have a vote either. Women finally got the vote in the context of both sexes getting it for the war effort.

Breaking The Last Taboo – Gaza and the Threat of World War

“There is a taboo,” said the visionary Edward Said, “on telling the truth about Palestine and the great destructive force behind Israel…”

We already have boots on the ground in Iraq

Words matter when it comes to issues of war and peace. And the Obama administration’s “military action” or “military engagement” in Iraq and Syria is just war by another name

We Celebrate the Anniversary of the Israeli Attack on the USA. USA! USA! USA!

Today we celebrate the incredible and mind blowing ignorance of the American public, and the treachery of one of America’s closest ‘allies’

Michael Gove and the Holocaust

Michael Gove and the Holocaust

80% of the members of Britain’s ruling Conservative Party are members of its Friends of Israel group. The party’s chief whip, Michael Gove included

France calls for new Libya intervention, calls it ‘terrorist hub’ on Europe’s doorstep

Prior to the overthrow of President Gaddafi Libya had been a relatively stable and peaceful state. The NATO led ‘intervention’ helped create this ‘terror hub’

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen and the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron welcome Barack Obama, President of the United States

NATO intends to prohibit Russia’s and China’s Development

The recent NATO summit may not have publicly announced its decisions but you can be sure some were made, in secret. Thierry Meyssan on what may have been decided

Ridden Hard and Put Away Dead

I hear ominous things. I watch the trends and I keep in mind the kind of creatures we are dealing with, like the CEO of Nestles, who insists that water should not be a public right and that it should be privatized

Ray Rice, wife Janay Palmer  and daughter Rayven, age 3. Click to enlarge

Ray Rice: Domestic Violence Whipping Boy

When a man preys on young boys, he is a “pedophile.” He is never a “homosexual” because homosexuality is good

30 Million Americans On Antidepressants And 21 Other Facts About America’s Endless Pharmaceutical Nightmare

There is lots and lots of money to be made from addiction to both legal and illicit drugs

Washington in ruins.

The Truth About Our Future

If we don’t learn the real 9/11 story, the police state is here to stay and so is our slavery

Fee Fi Fo Fum More Dead Lizards and then Some

Mr Apocalypse has got a little list and there’s none of them be missed. There is quite a laundry list of old men …and women, like Madeleine Albright and Barbara Bush who are also on that list.

In Defence of Video Games

In Defence of Video Games

As a nerdy kid video games offered Michael Shaw, now 44, refuge and solace during a difficult time in his life