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No Escape from the Illuminati in Argentina

No Escape from the Illuminati in Argentina

Another ex-pat decides that the place to face the future is at home in America

AP Conspires With U.S. Government to “Spoil” Snowden 2.0 Revelations

The latest example of how the government and the media work together

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset, Moshe Feiglin.

Israeli official calls for concentration camps in Gaza and ‘the conquest of the entire Gaza Strip…’

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset calls for the ‘annihilation’ of Israel’s foes and ethnic cleaning in Gaza

Why Does The U.S. Government Have An ‘Office Of Population Affairs’?

Could it be something to do with ‘population control’?

Clash of Civilisations

Clash of Civilisations

Humanity is faced with a savage tribe that shows a complete absence of empathy yet for some peculiar reason believes itself to be chosen. Gilad Atzmon explains

BBC biased reporting of Israel’s assault on Gaza

The BBC’s bias is becoming ever more obvious

Jewish Passive Aggression

Jewish Passive Aggression

Asim, an Iranian living in the UK, reflects on his extensive professional contacts with Jews

Israel's defender: actor Jon Voight. Click to enlarge

John Voight Shows His True Colours

Actor John Voight has accused Spanish film stars Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem of promoting “anti-Semitism” after they publicly condemned Israeli action in Gaza

When Genocide is permissable, before and after.

“Genocide Is Permissible” Muses Times Of Israel, Promptly Retracts

For a brief moment the masks slips and Zionism reveals its true face

Flight 114. Click to enlarge

“Persecution” Gives Zionists Moral Impunity

With Israel committing atrocities daily in Gaza, I am reminded of when I was living in Jerusalem in Feb 1973. Israel shot down a Libyan passenger jet. The Israeli reaction to condemnation helped me decide to leave.

Ringside spectators: Israelis gather on a hillside overlooking Gaza to view the conflict. Click to enlarge

Israel-Gaza conflict: What has Israel achieved in 26 bloody days?

A great weakness of Israel is that Israelis believe so much of their own propaganda. Patrick Cockburn explains

The Strange Case of the Disappearing Sheetrock

People only see what they are capable of seeing and a lot of that has to do with what they want to see.

OJ Simpson's father was a homosexual who left his mother for a man when his son was three-years-old. Click to enlarge

Children Need More Patriarchy Not Less

A psychologist writes to confirm that feminism flouts the natural order

Israeli soldiers during funeral of soldier Li Mat. Click to enlarge

Richard Silverstein on Israel Murdering its Own Soldiers

Richard Silverstein explains that the IDF isn’t just murdering Palestinians. They’re killing their own men too. With an introduction by Gilad Atzmon

Protest for Gaza, London. Click to enlarge

Dress the Gaza situation up all you like, but the truth hurts

The crisis in Gaza is exposing the double-standards and hypocrisy of the media and Western political leaders

Russian troops on 'exercises' near the border with Ukraine recently. Click to enlarge

Nato unprepared for Russian attack: UK lawmakers

New parliamentary report warns that the 28-nation alliance has become complacent and could be caught off-guard by a sudden Russian move

The so-called Star of David is a Cabalist, i.e. Satanist symbol. Click to enlarge

Israel Is Hated For Flattering Reasons

Israeli snipers boast on Twitter of murdering Palestinian children but Zionists say world revulsion is due to the “Divine role Jews play in history.” The evidence suggests otherwise

The Walking Wounded Victims of Each Other

The Walking Wounded Victims of Each Other

I don’t give a (fill in the blanks) whether someone is Jewish or not, all I care about is what Jesus said, “By their works ye shall know them”.

Palestinians collect body parts in a classroom at the Abu Hussein UN school that was hit by Israeli fire . Click to enlarge

The Paul Craig Roberts Column July 31, 2014

More gems from the pen of America’s most outspoken political dissident. Selected and arranged by Lasha Darkmoon

Israel’s propaganda machine is finally starting to misfire

Even the best propaganda cannot gloss over the wanton slaughter of civilians