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Russian police investigate the body of Boris Nemtsov, a former Russian deputy prime minister and opposition leader at Red Square with St. Basil Cathidral in the background in Moscow on Saturday, 28 Feb, 2015. Click to enlarge

Who Killed Nemtsov?

Israel Shamir reporting from Moscow offers his view on Who Killed Nemtsov

Has Brazil blown it? Click to enlarge

Marxist-Run Brazil is in Crisis

Marcos, a resident of San Paolo, reviews a situation which is making Brazilians very nervous and is growing worse

NATO Europe commander General Phillip Breedlove. Click to enlarge

Breedlove’s Bellicosity: Berlin Alarmed by Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine

Germans are reportedly uneasy over NATO’s top U.S. commander in Europe belligerence

Germany plans to put Bush and Cheney on trial for war crimes

Germany plans to put Bush and Cheney on trial for war crimes

Will Germany, a nation still occupied by US troops after WWII, dare to put Bush and his cronies on trial for war crimes? With commentary from Lasha Darkmoon

How a US-Iran nuclear deal might transform the balance of power in the Middle East

Israel and the Arab powers might respond by escalating their proxy wars against Iran, writes David Blair

Repost - "Women's Day" Today is Old Soviet Propaganda Ploy

Repost – “Women’s Day” Today is Old Soviet Propaganda Ploy

International Women’s Day (March 8th) is a longtime Soviet Communist holiday. What does it say when an old Soviet holiday is enshrined in our mainstream culture?

RT's Going Underground: Gilad Atzmon, Gaza Mon Amour & Zionist intimidation

RT’s Going Underground: Gilad Atzmon, Gaza Mon Amour & Zionist intimidation

Gilad Atzmon talks with Afshin Rattansi on Russia Today. Plus dates and venues for upcoming gigs with Orient House Ensemble

Melanie Phillips on Israel TV

Unbelievable! Zionist agent of influence columnist Melanie Phillips sounds downright delusional. Incredible example of double-talk, double-think. Starts at 00.45

Crazed Washington Drives the World to the Final War

Crazed Washington Drives the World to the Final War

The Nazis have returned, writes Paul Craig Roberts, in the introduction. They are ensconced in the governments in Washington, London, and Germany

Smartphone Apocalypse.

Smartphones Have Debased Society

Thanks to smartphones, people are always distracted. They are not interacting with people or places in the moment. Baby boomers like David Douthit have banished them from their lives

Who can the Saudis trust when they find themselves on Netanyahu’s side?

In their golden palaces, the Saudis fear.

Behind Israel’s Hostility Towards Iran

For a decade after Iran’s Islamic revolution, Israel quietly armed the regime which Prime Minister Netanyahu now condemns as an “existential threat.” What caused the shift?

You … are the Manifest Expression of what You Live According to

There is a mysterious force in the cosmos that shapes our destiny and how that turns out is decided by how we handle our end of it.

Seeing Death in a Positive Light

Seeing Death in a Positive Light

If we went to a popular restaurant, we wouldn’t dream of keeping our table forever. We would enjoy our dinner and leave. The same applies to life. Henry Makow explains

Israeli Air Force aircrew. Click to enlarge

Obama-Netanyahu “Fallout” is Theatre — Planned in 2009

Tensions between Washington and Tel Aviv are a ruse, writes Tony Cartalucci. Designed to distance the US from a ‘unilateral’ US supported Israeli strike on Iran

Netanyahu makes his case to Congress. Click to enlarge

Were Illuminati Jews Behind the Nazis?

Netanyahu uses the holocaust as a weapon even though his backers were responsible for it.

Lord Rothschild Warns Investors of ‘Most Dangerous Geopolitical Situation Since WWII’

The head of the Rothschild dynasty is probably in a better position than most to know what will unfold

Putin prefers a bad peace

Putin prefers a bad peace

I had a meeting with a well-informed and highly-placed Russian source who shared with me some inner thoughts, for your benefit, on condition of his anonymity

The Future of the Middle East

In retrospect, it appears that the terminology “moderate opposition” meant, not civilized fighters, but the Syrians ready to betray their country in alliance with Israel. Thierry Meyssan explains

Binnie the Rat and the Glueboards of History

Binnie the Rat and the Glueboards of History

Insatiable curiosity can be a good thing, depending on the direction of inquiry. It can also get you into a whole lot of trouble