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The Plan: Exterminate "Religious Extremists"

The Plan: Exterminate “Religious Extremists”

Insider Carolyn Hamlett describes the “compassionate plan within The Plan.”

The Invocation of Beast Nature and the Unnatural course of Empire.

The Invocation of Beast Nature and the Unnatural course of Empire.

These days so many people have no fear of being seen as selfish and despicable. Their frenzy for position, power and gain is like watching starving hyenas eat

Paris Match Interview with Syrian President Assad

President Assad echoes Alexander Prokhanov, an aide to Russia’s Putin, when he accuses the West of being behind the terror ravaging the Middle East

Alexander Prokhanov. Click to enlarge

Mossad training ISIL terrorists: Putin aide

Readers will note that while these allegations are being made in many quarters, they are rarely being reported by the Western news media

Chomsky According to Dershowitz

Chomsky According to Dershowitz

It is clear that the ‘hawk’ Dershowitz and the ‘Left wing icon’ Noam Chomsky are simply different sides of the same coin. Includes video

No Truer Words; By Their Works Ye Shall Know Them

Though we are all a part of the body of God, we are not all the same parts. We do not have the same duties. We do not have the same faces or the same interests. The creator expresses differently in each of us

Reckless Congress Declares War on Russia

Ron Paul, former US congressman, writes that the U.S. has just moved closer to war with Russia

The Basic Income

The Basic Income

There are two sides to Basic Income. Whether it is positive or not is really depends on the way it’s financed. Anthony Migchels explains

Proof: Internet Trolling and the War Against God

The Protocols may offer a clue as to what is behind a systematic online campaign to denigrate Christianity. Kevin Boyle explains

The Kansas City of the Heart and Mind

We are not able to see how near to the event we are. We cannot know how rapidly it may occur. If you are not taking steps on the various planes of existence, steps ARE BEING TAKEN that will affect you

"How can a man concentrate on the news when he's thinking
about bedding the beautiful young woman reporting it?"

Sex- Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

Henry Makow on how a little visual abstinence can be liberating

Ukrainians have been marking a year since the start of protests that brought down President Yanukovych

How can the West solve its Ukraine problem

In contrast to most of the BBC’s news analysis, this is an uncharacteristically balanced appraisal. But that maybe because it’s not written by a BBC staffer

Hardly A Debate – Gilad Atzmon vs. Geoffrey Alderman

Hardly A Debate – Gilad Atzmon vs. Geoffrey Alderman

Not a single supposed anti Zionist Jew has ever had the guts to debate me, writes Gilad Atzmon. But hard-core Hasbara agents are made from different stuff. Includes video

Racing Down the Highway in Stolen Cars

I have watched people in their bravado head into situations more powerful than they were. You can’t argue with them and it appears there is no other way for them to learn

Neocons love Carter. Click to enlarge

The Ugly Record of the Next Defense Secretary

It looks like 2015 is shaping up to be a very interesting year, and for all the wrong reasons

Wife's Infidelity is Blessing in Disguise

Wife’s Infidelity is Blessing in Disguise

When his wife told him about her affair, Eric Carver thought his life would fall apart. Instead, it became an opportunity to reach a better place.

Capture of Isis leader’s wife is another murky tale from the pit of marital scandals

Will the Lebanese offer Baghdadi’s wife – if it is her – in return for their own soldiers held captive by Isis?

Zen and the Art of Cancer and other Living Things

Cancer is a living thing too. It keeps on living until the host organism dies and then it dies too, in the zero sum game in which it is a player

The Palestinians Have Managed to Topple Another Israeli Government

The Palestinians Have Managed to Topple Another Israeli Government

Strong nations tend to unite behind their leaders in times of crisis. The Israelis are spoiled. They prefer to turn against their leaders in times of conflict.

Color Coded Slot Cars to the Sewers and the Stars

It is likely that in many cases, those travelling on these roads, especially the roads that are going down don’t have a clue about where they are headed