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Selena Gomez as Alex, star of Wizards of Waverly Place

Selena Gomez’s “Fetish” is Symptomatic of a Sick Popular Culture

Popular culture is sick because it is developed intentionally to create a generation that is sick. Selena Gomez perfectly illustrates this

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Old London Town

Presented in the style of the famous/notorious Protocols of Zion, readers might find this anonymous script of interest

Omorgane Oger.

Tranny Activist Blames Christian Activist for Election Loss

You know something is very seriously wrong in society when someone like Morgane Oger can run for office, and only lose by a very narrow margin

William F. Browder, Chief Executive Officer Hermitage Capital Management. Copyright by World Economic Forum by Michael Wuertenberg.

The Untouchable Mr. Browder?

The Browder affair is a heady upper-class Jewish cocktail of money, spies, politicians and international crime.

TRUMP IS THE SWAMP / Trump's Jewish Elite MAFIA & The 5 Dancing Israelis

TRUMP IS THE SWAMP / Trump’s Jewish Elite MAFIA & The 5 Dancing Israelis

Unfortunately, with Donald Trump it’s another case of meet the new boss, same as the old boss

Polish PM Donald Tusk and Putin at the crash site, April 10, 2010.
Tusk evidently wants a fist bump. Putin's expression says it all

Smolensk Crash Was a Coup d’Etat

Pictured at the crash site in 2010, the expession on Putin’s face says it all.

USS Liberty on 8 June 1967, one day after the attack. Click to enlarge

USS Liberty The Unmentioned Parts – A Survivor’s Testimony

Just when you thought you had heard it all, shocking new revelations from a USS Liberty survivor. Including how a US submarine fired torpedoes to sink the beleaguered ship

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Did Trump Launder Money for Putin?

David Livingstone thinks that Putin’s espousal of Christian values may be a charade and that Trump & Putin may be connected by Jewish money

Down The Memory Hole Goes The Truth

German journalist Udo Ulfkotte revealed how journalists are manipulated and the truth is concealed by Western intelligence

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Reuters Suggests But Can Not Find “Iran’s new route to Yemen”

The fake-news item from Reuters claims that Iran is supplying arms to Yemen. It comes with a map headlined “Iran’s new route to Yemen” that shows no route at all.

The US establishment against the rest of the world

The US establishment against the rest of the world

Reince Priebus, was part of the plot to destabilise President Trump, writes Thierry Meyssan. He was the source of daily leaks that were undermining the administration

Life Isn't Fair . . . Or Is It? - Swedenborg and Life

Life Isn’t Fair . . . Or Is It? – Swedenborg and Life

Curtis Childs asks, if God exists and loves everyone then why does it seem as if the odds in life are so stacked against some but favoured for others?

Zion Declares War on British Jazz

Zion Declares War on British Jazz

Until deemed otherwise by the Zionist authorities, everyone is anti-Semitc

Robert Mueller, Conspiracy Theorist

Robert Mueller, Conspiracy Theorist

Justin Raimondo on why former FBI chief Robert Mueller is a bad choice to preside over the “Russia-gate” probe

Sanctions, smoke and mirrors from a kindergarten on LSD

Far from seeing the American people as enemies of Russia, I see them has natural allies, if only because we have the same enemy. Russian born the Saker explains

NEW AGE Agenda Exposed

NEW AGE Agenda Exposed

Windows on the World on how the New Age movement is tied to self-deception, manipulation and the New World Order

Benjamin H. Freedman, 82, center, receiving an award in 1972

Benjamin Freedman: Americans Haven’t Been Free for a Long Time

Jewish insider witnessed how bankers suckered US into entering WW1.

Macron Declares He Will Govern Like a Roman God

Macron Declares He Will Govern Like a Roman God

The former Rothschild banker and now president of France appears to entertain delusions of grandeur

Exactly a year before he was killed, General Fouad Khadour sits in his headquarters outside Palmyra. Click to enlarge

The Syrian army were standing up to Isis long before the Americans ever fired a missile

That so many of Isis’s weapons turn out to have originated in the West provides a cruel irony to this story

B'nai Brith-ADL Does Not Represent Jews

B’nai Brith-ADL Does Not Represent Jews

While pretending to fight anti-Semitism, the B’nai Brith-ADL actually exacerbates it. Henry Makow Ph.D. explains