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Capture of Isis leader’s wife is another murky tale from the pit of marital scandals

Will the Lebanese offer Baghdadi’s wife – if it is her – in return for their own soldiers held captive by Isis?

Zen and the Art of Cancer and other Living Things

Cancer is a living thing too. It keeps on living until the host organism dies and then it dies too, in the zero sum game in which it is a player

The Palestinians Have Managed to Topple Another Israeli Government

The Palestinians Have Managed to Topple Another Israeli Government

Strong nations tend to unite behind their leaders in times of crisis. The Israelis are spoiled. They prefer to turn against their leaders in times of conflict.

Color Coded Slot Cars to the Sewers and the Stars

It is likely that in many cases, those travelling on these roads, especially the roads that are going down don’t have a clue about where they are headed

Drill at Sandy Hook. If 20 children & 6 teachers had actually been slaughtered, they would be running away in terror. Click to enlarge

Sandy Hook Film Exposes a Deeply Subverted Nation

Updated with suppressed video that YouTube took down now replaced

Hitler pictured in LIFE Magazine. Click to enlarge

Hitler was a Billionaire

Hitler projected the image of being selflessly devoted to the Nazi cause but by the mid 1930′s, he was fast becoming one of the richest men in Europe

Is News Coverage of Michael Brown Killing Being Deliberately Manipulated?

Is the corporate media presenting and manipulating news coverage in order to heighten racial friction?

Guess What Happened the Last Time The Price of Oil Crashed Like This?

Then it was 2008 and it preceded the great financial collapse later that year

Demonstrators defy curfew in Ferguson. Click to enlarge

Anatomy of a riot

The primary question I have is — when you punch a cop in the face and try to steal his gun, shouldn’t you expect to be shot? It would seem to be a reasonable expectation to me.

The symbol of the winged-sun inside a Masonic lodge.

Freemasonry – The Elephant in the Room

What’s incredible is the notion the world ISN’T controlled by a satanic cult.

Reporter Had Enough of Banks

TV journalists raw thoughts on why he’s sick of dealing with the banks and bankers

The Siamese Twins of Satanism and Materialism, Dancing a Clockwork Orange

The Siamese Twins of Satanism and Materialism, Dancing a Clockwork Orange

The first things that Materialism kills are, every one of the human virtues; those qualities that identify you as human

Prospects of 3rd Intifada In Palestine-Khaled Waleed & Gilad Atzmon

Prospects of 3rd Intifada In Palestine-Khaled Waleed & Gilad Atzmon

Is a third Intifada about to erupt in Palestine? Gilad Atzmon discusses the prospect with Khaled Waleed on Press TV

Satan's mother, the "Whore of Babylon,"known otherwise as the Chaldean Ishtar, the Caananite Astarte,Isis, Venus, or the Phrygian Cybele. Click to enlarge

The Satanist Mind

A leading police association has received expert estimate, that of all known murders, one in five is a ritual murder…

Killing for Krap and the Wrath of Tamerlane

Black Friday just got transplanted across the Atlantic, to another land where materialism is a disease. Materialism is nearly indistinguishable from Cancer. In fact it is a cancer. It eats your soul

Why Is Russia Banning GMOs While the US Keeps Approving Them?

President Putin says “Russia must protect its citizens from GMOs” even as the US Congress considers preempting state GMO labeling laws

The Holocaust Narrative: Politics Trumps Science

The Holocaust Narrative: Politics Trumps Science

High praise: Jim Fetzer reviews a “brilliant” scientific study of the Holocaust by Nick Kollerstrom, whom Fetzer describes as “the world’s leading iconoclast”

May you be Ever Thankful, Today and Always

The talking heads, are all using the term, ‘Turkey Day’, because there could well be an unspoken prohibition against the use of the word ‘Thanksgiving’, just as there is against the word, ‘Christmas’

This could be the official logo of Sex Kitten Programming. The face of a cat that has a thunderbolt (representing electroshock torture) splitting its head in half (representing the fracturing of the psyche of MK slaves).

The 2014 American Music Awards Were Littered With Illuminati Symbolism

Award shows do not exist to reward the most deserving artist, they are a carefully planned to celebrate those behind the music industry and the forces they serve

What If America Declared Itself Christian?

What If America Declared Itself Christian?

Israel is the only Western country allowed to define its national character in law.