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Tony Blair and wife Cherie. Click to enlarge

Tony and Cherie Blair named in secret terror trial as potential targets

The proceedings reported on here would not have been out of place in Stalin’s Russia. Except now instead of undercover informants we have secret surveillance devices

Breast Cancer Scam Artistes and Honky Tonk Sweathogs

When empires die everything turns into a cartoon. Our leaders are ridiculous. The religious leaders are posturing pederasts. The entertainers are just teeth and sunglasses

How Shlomo Sand Ceased Being a Jew -- Or Did He?

How Shlomo Sand Ceased Being a Jew — Or Did He?

Gilad Atzmon reviews the testimony of a morally awakened Israeli Jew. Includes video

The Globalization of War. Michel Chossudovsky

The world is at a dangerous crossroads. The United States and its allies have launched a military adventure which threatens the future of humanity. A clear exposition from Michel Chussudovsky

Amanda Bynes outside LAX on Friday Oct 10

Amanda Bynes Tweets About Father’s Abuse and Microchip in Her Brain; Now Under Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

Bynes has been displaying erratic behavior that is typical of a MKULTRA meltdown

Oscar Levy. Click to enlarge

The Agony of a Righteous Jew: Oscar Levy

In 1920, Oscar Levy confronted a painful truth: “we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.”

Consciously Hosting the Presence of the Already Resident

Consciously Hosting the Presence of the Already Resident

I want to share one of my finer secrets with you today.

Jacques Derrida. Click to enlarge

Jacques Derrida- Father of Our Cultural Breakdown

How pseudo-intellectual “Deconstructionist” philosophies helped incapacitate modern culture

The Hideous Bacchanals of the Twisted Freaks in Power

The Hideous Bacchanals of the Twisted Freaks in Power

When law enforcement becomes worse, far worse, than the criminals they were once entrusted to monitor and apprehend, the nation is in deep bat guano.

Rumors Swirling About Israel’s Shocking ‘Endgame’ Plan for Palestinians in Gaza

Reports, in part corroborated by the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, suggest that Egypt may be at the heart of plans to solve the Palestinian problem on Israel’s behalf. Jonathan Cook explains

Lee and Anson Chan belly up to the table with US Vice President Joseph Biden in Washington DC earlier this year. During their trip, both Lee and Chan would attend a NED-hosted talk about the future of "democracy" in Hong Kong. Undoubtedly, "Occupy Central" and Washington's support of it was a topic reserved for behind closed doors. Click to enlarge

Hong Kong’s “Occupy Central” Fooling No One

China’s People’s Daily says “Occupy Central” is a US-backed color revolution. But like the “Green revolution” in Iran this also seems to have faltered

Kitzhaber and Hayes. Click to enlarge

Women: The Time Bombs We Love

Any man can get the wool pulled over his eyes by a say-anything gold digger. Philip Wyeth explains

The Pinhead Infantry of the Ignorant Armies of the Night

It’s not the evil that troubles me as much as does the self righteous good. They are the ones who make it possible for the dark side to be so successful

Alarmist headlines and dramatic pictures help stir up feelings of anger from the Western world.

ISIS : A CIA Creation to Justify War Abroad and Repression at Home

The name itself is symbolic and revealing: ISIS. Why is an “Islamic” group named after an Ancient Egyptian goddess?

The Talmud and the Israeli secret police

For the first time in history, all top Israeli secret police posts (Mossad, Shin Bet etc.) will soon be held by Orthodox followers of the Talmud.

("Educating girls will change the world," Malala,17, told the UN in July 2013. "Change" is satanist code for social & cultural degradation. "Peace" is code for total submission to Illuminati world tyranny.)

Malala – Illuminati Psy Op Wins Nobel “Peace” Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize has become a joke. The latest recipient to join ‘peacemakers’ Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama is Malala Yousafzai. Who’s next? Madonna?

Israel, Here Comes the End

Israel, Here Comes the End

An Israeli Facebook page launched earlier this month to assist Israelis in escaping their apocalypse through migration has now gone viral reaching more than 700,000 Israelis

Sticky Web Syndrome and the Dimensions of Dream

Observation pays proof to the phrase, “youth is wasted on the young”. The good news is, if you are walking the alternative dreamway mentioned, your youth could well return to you. Everyone else gets senility

The Crazies 2009. Click to enlarge

Ebola: A Zionist-French Connection?

Think Ebola just happened? Mike King reveals some amazing examples of predictive programming in the run up to the recent outbreak

9/11, ISIS, ISIL and the Black Art of the Reversed Kabala

A lot of dark entities have been brought on to the playing fields of the manifest plane through the medium of massive blood spills