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Only a Broken Heart can find the Kingdom of Heaven

All separation is as temporary as the life in which it occurs. Never imagine that you will not see those you loved again. You surely will.

Flashback — Hope on a Rope: Another Blackout in the British Media

Blair is perhaps the biggest traitor Britain has ever known, which is why he is now being rewarded so lavishly. Tobias Langdon explains

Lena Dunham. Click to enlarge

Celebrity Molester Championed by Sex Abuse Agency

There seems to be a number of women who defend women, no matter what they have done, merely because they are women

Anti-Putin Journalist-Truth About Ukraine

A long time Putin critic reveals the truth about events in eastern Ukraine before an invited studio audience in Kiev, among them Georgia’s former president Saakashvili. Leaving them shocked

A view of an explosion after shelling is seen not far from Debaltseve. Click to enlarge

Pro-Russian Rebels Seize Strategic Town of Debaltseve

As pro-Russian fighters consolidate their gains in eastern Ukraine, the battle lines for the next major military confrontation are being drawn

Iran wields power from Syria to Gulf, raising alarms among Sunni rivals

Regional rivals nervously eye Iran’s growing power and influence

Is the Polio Vaccine Causing Cancer?

Is the medical cartel seeding the sickness upon which its profits depend?

A billboard depicting the late Iranian Ayatollah in central Baghdad. Click to enlarge

Where Saddam Hussein’s statue once stood in Baghdad, there’s now a portrait of Iran’s supreme leader

An indication of Iran’s growing regional power and influence?

Promiscuity is Hidden Agenda of Sex Education

Promiscuity is Hidden Agenda of Sex Education

Sex education is not about preventing disease. It is a social movement. Its goal is to change society

Wesley Clark: “Our friends and allies funded ISIS to destroy Hezbollah”

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander openly acknowledges a fact that many in the corporate media still wont admit.

Russian paratroopers near the border with Ukraine. Click to enlarge

Russia carries out snap check of paratroopers in western Russia

Is Russia readying itself for a more extensive military intervention in Ukraine?

It could be a Ship of Darkness Sails on a River of Light

It could be a Ship of Darkness Sails on a River of Light

Just as people in general are suddenly waking up, nations are also becoming aware of the price paid for having to bend over to Bankers

Nikolai Starikov. Why the West destroys and humiliates peoples.

Russian writer and activist on the power which seizes power on a planetary scale

James Gamble. Click to enlarge

Bizarre “Valentine’s Day Massacre Plot” Foiled

It has been given little publicity outside Canada, but recent events there echo Columbine and Sandy Hook

Lies, More Lies and the Temporary Profit of Falsehood

Bright and early at 5.00 a.m., local time, Smoking Mirrors on Oscar picks and one of the ways that Evil comes to destroy itself.

Putin smiles as Ukraine unravels

Putin Smiles as Ukraine Unravels

An important article by Justin Raimondo with commentary from Lasha Darkmoon

DHS Is Positioning to Secretly Arrest American Dissidents In Preparation for World War III

Dissident roundups are coming but there will be NO Martial Law declaration beforehand and NOR will it be called Martial Law

US-rael’s NWO plans to destabilise & topple Putin’s Russia! Evgeny Fedorov Analysis

Deputy in the Russian parliament, Evgeny Fedorov, says the U.S. will attack Russia this year. Includes videos

The Eternal Jew-A Glimpse Into Jewish Goy Hatred (video)

The Eternal Jew-A Glimpse Into Jewish Goy Hatred (video)

The fear of ‘anti-Semitism’ is an amplified projection of Jewish Goy hatred; illustrated by a video introduced by Gilad Atzmon

Donbass prevents full Ukraine-Russia war. Nikolai Starikov

Interesting. The principle of thesis and antithesis at work on a national scale. With English subtitles