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Christopher Bollyn 2015 "Solving 911 Ends the War”

Christopher Bollyn 2015 “Solving 911 Ends the War”

In the name of 9/11, “wars have been waged, governments overthrown, and an untold number of lives sacrificed.” Yet 9/11 is an unsolved crime

Victorious Netanyahu. click to enlarge

Bibi’s Comeback

Last week we learned that the vast majority of British Jews support Bibi and his Likud party. Apparently, the Jewish State is no different

CHAPPiE Movie-- Illuminati Will Overcome Death

CHAPPiE Movie– Illuminati Will Overcome Death

Movie expresses theology of global elite: transhumanism

Hello Barbie. Click to enlarge

Hello Barbie : The Creepy Doll That Spies on Kids … and their Parents

Mattel’s latest doll talks with children, records their answers and sends the information back to a database via Wifi and Bluetooth.

Against Masturbation

Against Masturbation

If pornography is an Illuminati ploy, does that apply to masturbation as well? One of Henry Makow’s readers thinks so and Chinese Medicine suggests with good reason.

Communists Conceived Women's Liberation Movement

Communists Conceived Women’s Liberation Movement

The success of Communism proves it is a tool of corporate cartels

Vladimir Putin says Russia was preparing to use nuclear weapons ‘if necessary’ and blames US for Ukraine crisis in Crimea documentary

Putin’s comments made in a pre-recorded documentary broadcast Sunday night

Hagmann & Hagmann Report - March 9, 2015 Guest host Dr Ted Broer

Hagmann & Hagmann Report – March 9, 2015 Guest host Dr Ted Broer

Featuring an interview with Henry Makow Ph.D.

Intelligence Officer: Every Single Terrorist Attack In U.S Was a False Flag Attack … Or Egged On By the Government

Features interview with Max Keiser

The Past and Future Flow out of and Into the Present

Nothing has more impact on our lives than the day to day. Things get in our way. Gravity and time conspire to wear us down

Sason Bear Bergman, 40, formerly Sharon Jill, is a Jewish woman who "changed" into a man and then married a man.

“I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children” – LGBTQ Activist

This article proves homosexual activists are intolerant. It doesn’t matter if you tolerate them, they do not tolerate you.

Russian Su-5S Flanker-E. Click to enlarge

Killer in the Sky: Russia’s Deadly Su-35 Fighter

U.S. pilots envisage problems if they have to take on Russia’s most potent fighter. Includes video

Israeli Election-Diaspora Jews Vs. Israelis

Israeli Election-Diaspora Jews Vs. Israelis

The inevitable conclusion is pretty devastating. The recent election polls reveal that Jews, at large, are very unhappy wherever they are.

The only Middle East democracy? Click to enlarge

Jewish newspaper calls on Israel to nuke Iran and Germany

Writing in Hebrew, author Chen Ben-Eliyahu calls for the nuclear destruction of Iran and Germany. With pictures, captions and commentary by Lasha Darkmoon

What's Behind Harper's Hate Speech?

What’s Behind Harper’s Hate Speech?

With an election in October, why would Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper deliberately alienate a million Muslim Canadians, a constituency his party has assiduously courted in the past?

On Beauty, Palestine and Controlled Opposition

On Beauty, Palestine and Controlled Opposition

Gilad Atzmon features on the latest Pink Floyd album. Here he talks about working with the band, Charlie Hebdo, revisionist history and more…

Jonathan Freedland, the Guardian's opinion editor, is an apologist for ethnic cleansing. And note he is giving his speech at Chatham House: the Royal Institute of International Affairs, a globalist think tank. Click to enlarge

How The Guardian told me to steer clear of Palestine

A former contributor to the Guardian describes how a supposedly progressive newspaper is in thrall to the toxic ideology of Zionism

Zehaf-Bibeau. Click to enlarge

Ottawa Shooting Film Raises More Doubts

A reminder that terrorism is staged and why

This Thought Born Universe

This Thought Born Universe

Observe the “entertainment industry” or the news media. Consider the state of art and literature. They are tightly controlled. Can you see how powerful an effect it has? Some of us aren’t affected. That is an oddity

Professional feminist. Click to enlarge

Young Woman Rages Against Feminist Subversion

Rebecca’s testimony confirms that men prefer women who are masculine because men have been feminized. Both sexes eschew marriage and family