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George Soros should be arrested and charged with inciting riots for financing protests

How the billionaire financier donated millions to keep racial tensions simmering in the U.S.

French Anti-Terrorist Police Demand Destruction Of Nice Evidence

Paul Craig Roberts on reports that French anti-terror police are demanding the destruction of CCTV footage of the Nice attack

Trump - Mossad's Mussolini?

Trump – Mossad’s Mussolini?

Illuminati use blackmail to control their members who include most politicians.

The Entirely Fake Owen Smith

The Entirely Fake Owen Smith

Craig Murray explains that the current challenger to lead Britain’s main opposition party is not what he is being promoted as.

Is the Saudi 9/11 Story Part Of The Deception?

Is the Saudi 9/11 Story Part Of The Deception?

Are we being deceived again with a story inside a story? What else in the official story is false?

Erdogan has military troubles of his own, but he still defends the Ottoman army over the Armenian genocide

Robert Fisk examines a new book on the Armenian genocide

Putin, Erdogan and the Plot Against the Rest of Us

Putin, Erdogan and the Plot Against the Rest of Us

We are bombarded by a plethora of global propaganda networks. The more news channels we have the less we know. Gilad Atzmon explains

The People Will Decide in Turkey

Israel Shamir reflects on the coup attempt in Turkey, Brexit and the forthcoming U.S. elections

Two French Mirage F-1 fighter jets fly over the Libyan coast on April 9, 2011.Click to enlarge

Three French Soldiers Killed in Libya: French Official

The deaths of three French Special Forces soldiers in Libya serves as a reminder of precisely what Western ‘intervention’ has brought Libya

In Pursuit of Everlasting Praise of the Everlasting

We said, long ago that Trump could well be a stalking horse for Hillary. It becomes more and more evident that that is the truth at some level

Erdogan’s Staged Coup Has Resulted In A Purge Of 50,000 Teachers, Judges, Soldiers And Government Officials

Erdogan embarks on purge of educators to secure his position

Jim Stone - Terror a Setup for War

Jim Stone – Terror a Setup for War

The ruling elite need war to stay in power and the recent flurry of “terror attacks” means war is really close.

Behind the CIA's Failed Coup in Turkey: Was It Only a Dry Run?

Behind the CIA’s Failed Coup in Turkey: Was It Only a Dry Run?

In 2015 former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds predicted that the West would engineer a coup to oust President Erdogan. Here she talks about what may happen next in Turkey

Police and ambulance on the scene of the Wurzburg train attack. Click to enlarge

German train attack puts plight of young migrants in spotlight

Media attempts to play down a migrant knife attack in Bavaria and focuses instead on the problems faced by migrants

Brexit: A Workers’ Response to Oligarchs, Bankers, Flunkies and Scabs

James Petras explains why rule by EU fiat is the epitome of oligarchical rule

Jesus has a Political Platform

Jesus has a Political Platform

Have Christians deliberately forfeited the world to Satan?

The Metaphysical Mortgage Brokers of Material Profit and ...

The Metaphysical Mortgage Brokers of Material Profit and …

Visible Origami on the divine feminine in the Aquarian Age. Includes video

The youngest victim was 8 years old. She is reported to be in a critical condition.

Woman and girls stabbed ‘for wearing shorts and T-shirts’ at Alps resort

Renowned for being a liberal bastion, this Guardian report illustrates how elements of the corporate media are now censoring themselves

There Will Be No Second American Revolution: The Futility of an Armed Revolt

Make no mistake, the government is ready for a civil uprising. Indeed, it has been preparing for this moment for years


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French authorities paint complex picture of attacker

The more we learn about the Nice attacker the less he sounds like a recruit to militant Islam