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Melanie Phillips. Click to enlarge

As I see it: ‘Autumn for Jew-bashing’ is beyond satire

Melanie Phillips, one of Fleet Street’s top commentators, is revealing herself as a prime Zionist agent of influence

Samantha Power, US Ambassador to the United Nations, speaks to a meeting of the United Nations Security Council. Click to enlarge

Russia to Samantha Power: We ain’t got time for political whores—go away

Power’s proves the Ayatollah Khomeini was right on target when he coined the term “the Great Satan” more than 30 years ago. Jonas E. Alexis explains

Migrants raise hell in Finland (media cover-up fails)

First hand report from Finland on the impact ‘migrants’ are having on one local community. What it reveals is very different to what the corporate media portrays and shows how ordinary Finns have been betrayed by their media and politicians

Nikolaos Balaskas fired for facebook posts. Click to enlarge

York University fires employee for opposing genocide

University employee fired for Facebook posts that questioned history and blamed Zionists for 9/11. Kevin Barrett explains

No Country for Oil Men

No Country for Oil Men

Alberta resident “Mick” voices his frustration over life under Alberta’s socialist ruling party

The Dissident Catch 22

The elite will not allow anyone to a position of power and influence, without making sure that they are holding him firmly by his balls. That’s where membership in Freemason lodges and Jewish wives come into play. Rebel of Oz explains

Broken Icons and Truly Enduring Archetypes

Broken Icons and Truly Enduring Archetypes

Nothing happens without a reason. There are no coincidences. For some time I have been saying here that I am one of the luckiest men in the world. Today I know that is true…

World Trade Center twin towers burn. Click to enlarge

Egyptian state media claims Isis is ‘made up’

We know this but the fact that the corporate media is now reporting it suggests that they are making preparations before the dam bursts and their lies are exposed

Kevin Annett. Click to enlarge

Saint or Con Artist? Kevin Annett Answers Critics

It’s possible Kevin Annett is neither saint nor con artist but a little bit of both – human. In the meantime, Kevin has provided this update and response to critics.

Creating Frankenstein Monsters in the Laboratory

Creating Frankenstein Monsters in the Laboratory

A mentor once remarked that modern science was “satanic”. In view of developments in genetic engineering it’s worth asking if GM scientists are actually usurping the creator?

A Summer Beach Trip Shows How Badly America Has Declined

A Summer Beach Trip Shows How Badly America Has Declined

Michael Sebastian takes his first beach vacation since his youth and encounters alarming signs of decay at America’s heart

Kevin Annett Rips the Mask from Power

Kevin Annett Rips the Mask from Power

If Christ returned, he’d be crucified again, not by Jews or Romans but by the church, which has been invaded by His enemies. Henry Makow explains

15 years of crime

What would the influence of the United States be in the world today without their auxiliary troops, the jihadists?

Colin Powell leaked emails: Israel has ‘200 nukes all pointed at Iran’, former US secretary of state says

Some observers estimate that Israel has as many as 400 nuclear weapons but Mr Powell’s leaked email is one of the most authoritative sources to date

This, That, The Other and Meetings with The Mother

Nature tells Les visible how sad she is and how she is increasingly faced with a need to make profound and possibly catastrophic changes here on Earth.

Americans’ no longer trust their ‘Media'

Americans’ no longer trust their ‘Media’

No big surprise here. Nor is this confined to America. It reflects a wider pattern

Why Things Always Go Wrong

Why Things Always Go Wrong

Things always go wrong because society has been inducted into a satanic cult. Things are meant to go wrong. And they aren’t meant to get better.

Uneducated Foreign Residents a ‘Ticking Bomb’ for Sweden’s Labor Market

Swedish economist warns of the dire economic consequences of Sweden’s recent influx of migrant .

David Livingstone: Politics is all an Act

David Livingstone: Politics is all an Act

Ann Coulter isn’t an authentic activist, argues David Livingstone. Instead she is playing a role influenced by the trickster archetype (aka the devil)

Forty-Six Important Unanswered Questions Regarding the Nazi Gas Chambers

A few unanswered questions would be enough to cast doubt on aspects of the story. But forty-six unanswered questions calls into question the entire narrative