After 911 it marked the first phase of the War on Terror. But history may be repeating itself: first a British army was defeated here at the height of Empire, then the Soviets were forced to withdraw, now Coalition forces are facing increasing resistance

Rape dogs used by US in Afghanistan

Rape dogs used by US in Afghanistan

After the release of the CIA torture the world is reeling in shock. However as Lasha Darkmoon explains, much has been omitted from the report that’s even worse

Obama Secretly Extends US Combat Role in Afghanistan

Obama has secretly authorised the continuation of US combat operations against the Taliban for another year

The primary purpose of the deal is to permit the US to continue training Afghanistan’s roughly 350,000 security forces. Click to enlarge

US troops to stay in Afghanistan until 2024 after officials sign security pact

The longest war in US history just got a little longer as a new deal will allow US troops to remain in Afghanistan for another decade

New Afghan Attack Kills 7 After US General Slain

The slaying of a US general and wounding of 15 NATO troops wasn’t the only insider attack Tuesday. Hours later an Afghan policemen fired on NATO troops before he was shot; while in Tirin Kot a third insider attack left 7 Afghan policemen dead

A NATO soldier opens fire in an apparent warning shot in the vicinity of journalists near the main gate of Camp Qargha, west of Kabul, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014.

Afghan attack kills US major general, wounds 15

Afghan insider kills U.S. general, wounds 15 other NATO soldiers including a German brigadier general

Taliban storms NATO logistic compound in E. Afghanistan, 4 killed

Taliban steps up seasonal summer offensive, storming compound and torching 25 trucks carrying supplies for coalition forces

Iran tries to block Afghanistan’s opium boom

This Associated Press article omits to mention that the U.S. led invasion of Afghanistan opened the way for the booming opium production. After the Taliban had outlawed the cultivation of opium poppies in 2000

$1 Trillion Motherlode of Lithium and Gold Discovered in Afghanistan

Beyond its lucrative drugs trade, which the U.S. invasion helped revive, it looks like there more rich pickings to be had in Afghanistan

Almost 10,000 troops in Afghanistan next year

Currently there are 32,000 American troops in Afghanistan. Now Obama says he wants nearly 10,000 to remain after the official U.S. withdrawal next year

Haji Gulalai, then Afghan intelligence chief, is in sunglasses to the right of Afghan President Hamid Karzai in 2002. Click to enlarge

Mystery surrounds move of Afghan ‘torturer in chief’ to U.S. amid allegations of spy agency abuse

Payback for the suffering he wrought means that Afghanistan’s former ‘Torturer in Chief’ can now live comfortably in the LA suburbs

UK Government Tries to Stop Soldier Revealing Jaw-Dropping Truth About Afghan War

UK Government Tries to Stop Soldier Revealing Jaw-Dropping Truth About Afghan War

British government tries to block the publication of book that it had itself commissioned

Afghan H-bomb: Record opium harvest, billions burn in ‘war on drugs’

This is the real legacy the U.S. will leave behind in Afghanistan: a booming drugs trade, millions of addicts and a resurgent Taliban

‘Unprecedented increase in opium production’

This is what the invasion of Afghanistan has actually achieved. One might even say that was the objective. To restore the country’s narcotics trade after the Taliban had all but shut it down in 2001

Karzai suspects U.S. is behind insurgent-style attacks, Afghan officials say

Even the Afghan president is beginning to entertain “conspiracy theories”. But then, knowing his U.S. allies as he does, maybe he’s in a position to know

Only US/NATO success in Afghanistan: 40 fold opium increase

After the Taliban effectively shut down Afghanistan’s drug trade in 2001, the U.S.-led invasion revived it. Rick Rozoff explains

Afghanistan’s opium crop sets new records

Forget bin Laden, this was the real reason for the invasion of Afghanistan

Afghanistan's poppy fields produce 90% of the world's opium. Is this why Obama wants nearly ten thousand U.S. troops to remain? To continue to guard the lucrative drugs trade? Click to enlarge

Drug War? American Troops Are Protecting Afghan Opium.

The U.S. occupation has led to an all-time high in heroin production. Includes videos

Afghan opium production hits record

After the Taliban outlawed the production of opium — the one thing Western intervention has brought Afghanistan is a restored drugs trade and record profits

Aussie, New Zealand soldiers wounded in ‘insider’ Afghan attack

Latest insider attack took place at the newly opened Afghan National Army Officer Academy

Only questions remain: A CH-47 Chinook helicopter was the wrong aircraft to fly into an uninspected and unwatched landing zone infested with Taliban fighters, according to family members of some of the 30 Americans killed. The Chinook helicopter burst into flames before hitting the ground. Click to enlarge

Families suspect SEAL Team 6 crash was inside job on worst day in Afghanistan

Did a Taliban sympathiser help set them up? Or did someone in the U.S. government want them silenced to prevent them revealing what really happened during the raid on bin Laden’s compound?