After 911 it marked the first phase of the War on Terror. But history may be repeating itself: first a British army was defeated here at the height of Empire, then the Soviets were forced to withdraw, now Coalition forces are facing increasing resistance

Afghan Plan C: divide up the country

More divide and rule. Proposed by a British Foreign Office Aide the plan would effectively divide Afghanistan into 8 separate regions, some of which would be ruled by the Taliban!!

NATO Halting Program to Train Afghan Recruits

Recruitment of Afghan police halted after a spate of attacks when local police have turned on NATO ‘allies’

Another ‘Green-on-Blue’ Attack

In the latest incident of its kind a member of the Afghan security forces has killed three Australian troops

Two More U.S. Soldiers Killed by Renegade Afghan Soldier

The latest in a string of such incidents recently must have Coalition commanders concerned over loyalty and morale in their forces

Two hurt as rocket hits plane of US general in Afghanistan

Taliban propaganda coup as rockets damage the C-17 military transport plane of the visiting head of the U.S. Joint Chief of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey

Gen. Dempsey in Afghanistan over Blue-on-Green Attacks

The head of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff has flown to Afghanistan amid concern over the mounting number of International Security Assistance Force casualties, killed by their supposed Afghan allies

2 US troops killed in Afghan police attack

An Afghan policeman has killed two more U.S. soldiers in the latest ‘blue on green’ incident. The sixth in the past two weeks

Afghan police and US soldiers killed by attackers in uniform

The day after Afghan servicemen kill six of their U.S. ‘allies’, an Afghan police officer kills at least ten of his fellow officers at a remote checkpoint

Rise of ‘green-on-blue’ attacks in Afghanistan

In the last week 17 foreign soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan. SEVEN of them have died at the hands of their Afghan ‘allies’

Attacker in Afghan Uniform Kills 3 U.S. Troops

An increasingly familiar story plays itself out yet again as a man in an “Afghan uniform” kills three American Special forces soldiers

Deadly air strike colonel to be promoted

The German officer who ordered an air strike that killed more than 100 Afghan civilians is to be promoted to general next year

Another ‘Green-on-Blue’ Attack on Another Bloody Day

Another ‘Green-on-Blue’ Attack on Another Bloody Day

Another American soldier killed by two supposed Afghan ‘allies’ in what is essentially a War FOR Drugs

Flashback: The US Government Sent Blackwater Veteran To Fight With Rebels In Libya And Syria

Flashback: The US Government Sent Blackwater Veteran To Fight With Rebels In Libya And Syria

Background on mercenaries recruited by Blackwater, armed by the U.S., funded by the Gulf States and now fighting in Syria

Afghan Soldier Wounds Two US Soldiers

Afghan Soldier Wounds Two US Soldiers

In the latest in a string of similar incidents, an Afghan soldier has turned his weapon on members of the International Security Assistance Forces, wounding two U.S. soldiers

Three British Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

Three British Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

In the latest incident of its kind three British soldiers were killed by a man in an Afghan police uniform. Raising further concerns about levels of trust between NATO forces and their local ‘allies’

Afghan civilians killed in Nato airstrike

The Western media resounds with condemnation of Syria over the latest civilian deaths, in contrast to its coverage of collateral casualties in Afghanistan. In the latest incident, a NATO airstrike wipes out an entire family of eight

Poppy fields in Helmand Province. Click to enlarge

Why Britain’s pledge to end Afghanistan’s deadly heroin trade has failed

Because Britain along with other Western powers didn’t invade Afghanistan to close down the drugs trade, the invasion was to restore the drugs trade after the Taliban had all but closed it down

Two More British Servicemen Killed By Afghan Security Forces

An increasingly familiar story plays itself out in Afghanistan’s Helmand province

AP: US Soldiers Promised Massacre, Including Children, Days Before Bales’ Alleged Rampage

“The Americans told the villagers, ‘A bomb exploded on our vehicle. … We will get revenge for this incident by killing at least 20 of your people,””. Includes video

Secret U.S. program releases high-level insurgents in exchange for pledges of peace

“We look at detainees who have influence over other insurgents — individuals whose release could have a calming effect in an entire area,” one U.S. official said. “In those cases, the benefits of release could outweigh the reasons for keeping him detained.”