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Dieudonne with the quenelle gesture. Click to enlarge

France intensifies crackdown on controversial comic Dieudonne

Following the banning of his shows, police have now raided the home of French comedian Dieudonne on suspicion money-laundering and misuse of corporate assets

Legal Pot Part of Illuminati Agenda?

Legal Pot Part of Illuminati Agenda?

Does the legalisation of marijuana represent an obstacle for the Illuminati or an extension of their agenda?

John McCain can be seen here speaking at a rally organized largely by the Neo-Nazi Svoboda movement in Kiev, Ukraine, Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013. To John McCain’s right is neo-Nazi leader Oleh Tyahnybok and to his left is US Senator Chris Murphy (D) Connecticut. Click to enlarge

Coup In Western Ukraine: The Arab Spring Unleashed In Europe – Analysis

While protesters in Kiev may have some legitimate grievances they are being used by the likes of George Soros and John McCain, allied with neo Nazis, in a larger game to counter Russia. Andrew Korybko explains

Protesters with icons seized from the building in the foreground, stand guard in the Justice Ministry in central Kiev. Click to enlarge

Ukraine eyes state of emergency as ministry seized

Protesters seize control of Justice Ministry building in central Kiev amid continuing unrest

Police, protesters clash after Ukraine’s president offers foes posts

While Western Ukraine has seen widespread protests, the east of the country has been supportive of President Viktor Yanukovich. Is Ukraine heading ultimately toward a break-up?

Protesters seize administrations in six Ukraine regions

Unrest continues amid fears that Ukraine could split

Ukraine protesters expand camp after talks with Yanukovych fail

Will Ukraine go the same way as Egypt? Where popular unrest ultimately resulted in an authoritarian regime with closer ties to the West?

Protesters reported killed amid battles on streets of Kiev

As Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Larov warns that the situation in Ukraine could spiral out of control

Protesters in front of burning police bus in central Kiev during earlier protests. Click to enlarge

Violent Overnight Clashes in Kiev

Ukrainian officials accuse Western intelligence of training and sponsoring militants involved in violent clashes in Kiev on Sunday

Sardine vanish off the coast; squid and anchovy fill the void for fishermen

Fisherman and scientists speculate over what is behind the sudden decline of sardine off the Californian coast: over fishing, El Nino, climate change? Or could it be something to do with Fukushima?

US attacks Israeli minister for ‘offensive’ remarks about Kerry

With characteristic arrogance the Zionists risk alienating their most important ally

Dieudonne with the quenelle gesture. Click to enlarge

Rejection of Zionist Hegemony Goes Viral in France

French comedian Dieudonne (“God given”) has spoken truth to power and power doesn’t like it.

France to step up fight against anti-Semitic comic Dieudonné

The authorities crackdown confirms how they are dictated to by Zionists. Just like the FT headline, which labels Dieudonné “anti-Semitic”

Soviet-era aircraft carrier in India

Soviet-era aircraft carrier in India

Refitted and refurbished, the mammoth 44,000 tonne vessel will become India’s second aircraft carrier

Eight Ministry of Defence chiefs claim £433k expenses as they plan to sack troops

Or as a correspondent noted: the pigs are still feeding at the trough — at taxpayers expense

Inspector Joanna Beaven-Desjardins said 386 minors were removed from harm's way. Click to enlarge

Jews are Prominent in Pedophile Bust

Is there something in Jewish culture or religion that results in disproportionate tendency to pedophilia? Is this tendency contaminating society at large?

The Bête Noire of the French Establishment

However people vote, they get the same policies. Hence concerted efforts are being made to muzzle Dieudonné after he made a laughing stock of the French political establishment

‘Polar vortex’ to hit US Midwest and Northeast with record freezing temperatures

‘Polar vortex’ to hit US Midwest and Northeast with record freezing temperatures

Forecasters warn of a “megastorm” that could bring potentially record low temperatures Monday

Study: Dead sea creatures cover 98 percent of ocean floor off California coast; up from 1 percent before Fukushima

So-called “sea snot,” which is the name given to the masses of dead sea creatures that sink to the ocean floor as food, has skyrocketed since Fukushima

Zimbabwe imports maize to stave off hunger

Zimbabwe imports maize to stave off hunger

Following the seizure of white-owned farms, Zimbabwe has been forced to import 150,000 tonnes of corn to avert starvation