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President Erdogan Says Turkey Entered Syria to End “Rule of the Cruel Assad”

President Erdogan admits that Turkish forces have entered Syria but says Turkey has no territorial ambitions and simply wants to restore “justice”

Muslim Somali refugee student unleashes Ohio State attack with a vehicle and a knife

Muslim Somali refugee student unleashes Ohio State attack with a vehicle and a knife

9 hospitalized following attacks in what was supposedly a safe “gun-free zone”.

The heavily armed officers carry semi-automatic SIG Carbine rifles, sniper rifles, shot guns, hand guns and tasers as well as extensive body armour. Click to enlarge

Counter-terror police units set to patrol London’s streets

Looking more like the enforcers of a dictatorship than domestic police officers, armed “anti-terror” police units will soon be patrolling central London

‘US House Seeks Syria-War Escalation’

Moving to trap President-elect Trump into an escalating conflict in Syria, the House rushed through a resolution promoting a U.S.-imposed “no fly zone” that could spark World War III, reports Rick Sterling

Chief of the extreme right Kotleba - People's Party Our Slovakia (LS NS) Marian Kotleba arrives for a television debate after Saturday's parliamentary elections in Bratislava, Slovakia. Click to enlarge

Slovakia comes to grips with proudly neo-Nazi party

Far-right gathers momentum across Europe, particularly in Slovakia where an openly Nazi party now attracts growing support

The Liberation of the Slaves

We were all slaves, but slaves of two kinds: slaves willing and unwilling, house slaves and field slaves of the NWO. The “Not My President” crowd are house slaves

Jo Cox Murder Accused Will Not Give Evidence

More or less confirming that the accused has been psychologically set up. So that he can be convicted, sentenced and silenced for the rest of his life

Kanye West Handcuffed and Hospitalized, Under “Psychiatric Evaluation”

Kanye West Handcuffed and Hospitalized, Under “Psychiatric Evaluation”

Vigilant Citizen warned over a year ago: when you get involved with a family that is controlled by the occult elite, bad things often happen. Watch out Kanye

Japanese troops arrive at an airport in South Sudan on Monday.  Click to enlarge

Japanese Troops Deploy to South Sudan Risking First Overseas Conflict Since World War 2

Although WWW III seemed almost certain under Clinton, Michael Krieger explains that we still tread a dangerous path

The 1% plotting to halt Brexit & bring back Tony Blair, leaked memo suggests

After an absence from the political arena of nearly a decade, Tony Blair may return to head an anti-Brexit campaign

Why These Jewish Mystics Think God Helped Trump Win

Why These Jewish Mystics Think God Helped Trump Win

The rebuilding of Third Temple would require the demolition of the al-Aqsa Mosque, one of Islam’s holiest sites, triggering apocalyptic conflict. Has Trump signalled his approval?

New Russia missiles in Kaliningrad are answer to U.S. shield – lawmaker

Russia deploys S-400 and Iskander missile systems to the enclave of Kalingrad. In response, says Putin, to the Western threat to Russia

The U.S. Remains Deeply Complicit in the War on Yemen

Without U.S. help in refuelling planes, supplying weapons, and intelligence, and the contractors to service the coalition planes Saudi Arabia wouldn’t be able to wage this war. Daniel Larison explains

Voodoo Adept Foresees Civil War Part One

Voodoo Adept Foresees Civil War Part One

Hillary’s job isn’t over. Her role is to fan the flames

Trump’s Decent Willing Executioners, Liberally Explained

Trump’s Decent Willing Executioners, Liberally Explained

Why is it a mystery to some that other people with no more hate in their hearts than the rest of us, allied themselves with foul Trump?

Can Trump succeed?

Although we were inundated with the idea that a vote for Trump was a vote for the hatred of minorities, at least a third of these minorities voted for him

Donald Trump’s Victory: Hope for America

Michael Hoffman reflects on the meaning of Donald Trump’s election win

Ireland doesn't look like this anymore

Irish Soon Facing Ethnic Extinction

Exactly the same phenomenon has occurred in country after country across the Western world, entirely without debate. Is this fate awaiting all white people?

Al-Qaeda morale in Aleppo collapses, Western campaign against Russian bombing ends

Militant morale has collapsed as whatever hope they had of being rescued by direct U.S. military intervention have turned to dust with Clinton’s election defeat

Obama trying to provoke confrontation with Russia to preempt Trump: Writer

James Petras says that Obama is trying to sabotage Donald Trump’s plans for warmer relations with Russia with a sudden US military build up in eastern Europe