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North Miami police shoot unarmed caretaker who said he was helping autistic man

North Miami police shoot unarmed caretaker who said he was helping autistic man

This latest shooting by U.S. police defies belief. Are they really this stupid? Includes video

The People Will Decide in Turkey

Israel Shamir reflects on the coup attempt in Turkey, Brexit and the forthcoming U.S. elections

The youngest victim was 8 years old. She is reported to be in a critical condition.

Woman and girls stabbed ‘for wearing shorts and T-shirts’ at Alps resort

Renowned for being a liberal bastion, this Guardian report illustrates how elements of the corporate media are now censoring themselves

Axe-wielding teenager who attacked passengers on German train was ’17-year-old Afghan refugee’ – authorities

It needs to be emphasised that the problem isn’t “Islam”. It’s Western politicians, like Merkel, who’ve allowed this problem to develop with unrestricted immigration

U.S. Military Breeding Black Racist Assassins

In a troubling sign predicted by some in the patriot movement, the beginnings of a violent race war have begun to erupt across America

Turkey’s Erdogan considers death penalty as 6,000 held in swoops after failed coup

Erdogan embarks on crackdown in the wake of failed coup

Military Coup Defeated By The People

Military Coup Defeated By The People

Gilad Atzmon reflects on the implications of the failed coup attempt in Turkey

POWER DRILL: Nice ‘Attack Theater’ Preceded by Massive DRILLS

Just as there were terror drills running prior to 9/11 and 7/7, recent events in Nice were preceded by terror drills in nearby Cannes in April

Terror - We are Being Suckered

Terror – We are Being Suckered

Henry Makow asks: what do the Illuminati hope to achieve from terrorism?

Turkey coup ‘plotters’ claim asylum in Greece after flying in by helicopter

Despite Turkish demands for their immediate deportation, Greece has said that it will examine the soldiers asylum requests

Topol and Topol-M were among more than 400 vehicles taking part, along with troops and drones. Click to enlarge

Putin prepares for World War III

Are we surprised given the West’s military build-up on Russia’s borders?

Britain Is Now A One Party Political System

Britain Is Now A One Party Political System

Political infighting has reduced the Labour Party from being the official opposition to a party at odds with itself. Gilad Atzmon explains

Who's in Theresa May's New Cabinet?

Who’s in Theresa May’s New Cabinet?

Some key appointments after new Tory Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle

Nottinghamshire police to count wolf-whistling in street as a hate crime

Political correctness begins to show its real face — and it’s not about tolerance but quite the opposite

Beijing threatens air defence zone over South China Sea

In a move that could sharply escalate tensions, Beijing says it could declare an Air Defence Identification Zone over the South China Sea

Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon ignored in Europe

This has received little publicty but Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon was roundly snubbed when she approached other EU leaders with proposals for Scotland to remain in the EU following Brexit

A protester throws rocks next to burning tyres during a demonstration on July 6 2016, in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Residents clashed with police after the arrest of two political activists staging a protest in the City centre. Zimbabwe police fired warning shots and teargas as a protest strike against President Robert Mugabe's economic policies gripped the country Wednesday, closing businesses and crippling public transport. The strike follows days of unrest over the government's failure to pay civil servants' salaries, a currency shortage, import restrictions and multiple police road blocks reportedly extorting cash from motorists.

The end is coming for Robert Mugabe: Zimbabwe could be on the brink of revolution

A military coup looks increasingly likely. Although whether that will improve life for ordinary Zimbabweans is another question

Nigel Farage reveals he feared being ASSASSINATED so stood down as UKIP leader

Those fears were justified after knives were found smuggled into a campaign rally: evidence that Farage was NOT controlled opposition

Micah Johnson. Click to enlarge

U.S. Army reservist named as lone gunman in Dallas police ambush

Another “lone gunman” — now dead so he can’t contradict the official version of events — seems at odds with early reports that spoke of “at least two snipers”

Britain lifts ban on front line close combat roles for female soldiers

Like so many fine sounding ideals I suspect that the change in legislation shrouds a much darker objective