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Max Clifford will be sentenced on Friday. Click to enlarge

Clifford guilty of sex charges

The PR guru who thought himself “untouchable” is the latest in a series of British media figures found guilty of sexual abuse

Satellite image dated April 25 shows Ukrainian armored vehicles positioned near the city of Slavyansk

Russia complains of large Ukrainian troop buildup in east

Russian Defense Ministry says Ukraine has mobilised 15,000 troops around the flashpoint eastern city of Slavyansk

Yet another Betrayal of the Palestinians

US President Obama, walking away from the car crash for which his own political cowardice is entirely to blame, says it’s time for a “pause”. Could there be a more chilling word for America’s impotence in the Middle East?

Russian aircraft violate Ukraine’s airspace: US

Amid mounting tensions, Russian fighters are reported to have crossed into Ukrainian airspace several times in the past 24 hours

New York Times Propaganda Photos on Ukraine Exposed

New York Times Propaganda Photos on Ukraine Exposed

Just as it once did with claims about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, the corporate media is helping to pave the way for war with unfounded claims. Now though it is Russia that is being targeted

Russia’s Lavrov: U.S. ‘running show’ in Kiev

Russian foreign minister claims that the U.S. has “overwhelming influence” in the Ukraine

Russian troops on 'exercises' near the border with Ukraine recently. Click to enlarge

Germany Helped Prep Russia for War, U.S. Sources Say

Western experts admit that they didn’t see it coming. Russian forces have dramatically improved their combat capability in recent years — largely with Western help

US intentionally drove Ukraine to regime change – Russia's envoy to UN

US intentionally drove Ukraine to regime change – Russia’s envoy to UN

Russia’s UN envoy accuses the U.S. of being behind ‘regime change’ in Ukraine

Deadly gun attack in eastern Ukraine shakes fragile Geneva accord

U.S. Vice President Biden scheduled to meet Kiev’s leaders; as Ukraine stares into the abyss following the shooting that leaves the recent peace agreement in doubt

US Defense Secretary Hagel and Polish defense minister Tomasz Siemoniak make the announcement at a joint press conference in Washington. Click to enlarge

U.S. ground troops going to Poland, defense minister says

In response to the Russian military build-up on border with Ukraine, its been announced that U.S. troops will be deployed in neighbouring Poland

President Putin: false opposition?

Is Putin False Opposition?

The Russia-US friction over Ukraine is being used to lay the groundwork for WWIII. The dialectical opposition between the two is a little too neat to be credible, almost as if the USSR and the USA had changed places. Henry Makow explains

Deadly Ukraine gunbattle threatens fragile Easter truce

Five reportedly killed in exchange of fire east of Slavyansk early on Easter Sunday

Who are the Puppet Masters? by Neil Clark

Who are the Puppet Masters? by Neil Clark

And are the puppets beginning to awaken to their manipulators?

Putin’s annual Q&A session 2014 (FULL VIDEO)

Illustrating the hypocrisy of Western ‘democracy’ and its controlled media: President Putin appeared on LIVE TV for NEARLY 4 HOURS to answer questions from ordinary Russians via phone, text and email. Would Western leaders do the same?

Residents in Slaviansk bring flowers to place them on armoured personnel carrier

Ukrainian soldiers surrender armoured personnel carriers to pro-Russian separatists

In a huge loss of face for the government in Kiev, the “anti-terrorist” operation to seize back territory from pro-Russian activists has ground to halt

CIA director in Kiev searching for missing mercenaries

CIA director in Kiev searching for missing mercenaries

After initial White House denials its been revealed that CIA Director John Brennan was in Kiev; seeking information about 20 missing mercenaries who had been in the pay of Greystone Ltd, formerly Blackwater

US considers arming Ukraine forces

US considers arming Ukraine forces

Which would be tantamount to pouring inflammable fuel on a fire

Russia says Ukraine on brink of civil war

Ukrainian government troops and armoured personnel carriers nearing pro-Russian hotspots in eastern Ukraine

Pakistani man arrested for eating baby

Pakistani man arrested for eating baby

A Pakistani man was arrested on Monday on suspicion of cannibalism — three years after he was jailed for the same offence

Nevada rancher, armed militias win standoff with Feds, govt returns cattle

Nevada rancher, armed militias win standoff with Feds, govt returns cattle

What’s telling is that so many of Cliven Bundy’s supporters were armed. If they weren’t it’s unlikely the authorities would have backed down.