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GCHQ: the British government's listening post in Cheltenham. Click to enlarge

British spy service says claim that it wiretapped President Trump is ‘utterly ridiculous’

If Julian Assange’s claims are true, then GCHQ are simply covering for their counterparts in U.S. intelligence

Dutch vote may have slowed the rise of the far-right, but it remains a powerful force across Europe

The march of “rightwing” populism may have stalled in Holland but has it been entirely halted across Europe?

Give the falling CIA APUSH

Give the falling CIA APUSH

APUSH” is short for Advanced Placement United States History. It’s that moment when your paranoia turns out to be a perfectly tuned intuition.

John McCain: Rand Paul ‘Is Now Working for Vladimir Putin’

John McCain: Rand Paul ‘Is Now Working for Vladimir Putin’

McCain accused the Kentucky senator of ‘working for Vladimir Putin’ after Paul opposed bill supporting Montenegro’s bid to join NATO

Izumo, Japan's helicopter carrier. Click to enlarge

Report: Japan to send its largest warship to train with the US Navy in the South China Sea

The deployment will be Japan’s biggest show of force in the region since World War II

Dutch riot police face pro-Erdogan protesters outside the Turkish consulate in Rotterdam. Click to enlarge

Is the Netherlands about to take a big jump to the far-right?

The current diplomatic spat with Turkey and protests by Turkish émigrés will only aid anti-immigrant populist Geert Wilders in the March 15 election

Investigation Into Obama Spying on Trump Would Reveal Mass Surveillance of All Americans

Investigation Into Obama Spying on Trump Would Reveal Mass Surveillance of All Americans

Fears that investigation of claims that Obama spied on Trump could expose the full extent state surveillance

Catherine Austin Fitts interviews the Saker for the Solari Report

Catherine Austin Fitts interviews the Saker for the Solari Report

The Saker on the emerging multi-polar world and Washington’s Russia meltdown

TV screen broadcasts news report on a North Korean missile launch at a railway station in Seoul, South Korea. Click to enlarge

North Korea fires four missiles into sea near Japan

Three of the missiles landed in the sea, 186-217 miles from the Oga peninsula in Japan’s Akita prefecture

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. Click to enlarge

Le Pen’s Globalist Rival: Don’t Worry About Mass Migration, Newcomers ‘Renew Our Society’

The establishment’s candidate and former banker Macron also voiced support for positive discrimination and ‘mixing’ neighbourhood demographics in cities

Repost: The 5 Awkward Questions They Won’t Answer About The Drowned Boy, Syria And Our ‘Moral Duty’

More than a year has passed and the official story no longer stands up to scrutiny. James Delingpole looks at what we were told about Aylan Kurdi. Includes video

Swedish APCs in Visby harbour on the island of Gotland, Sweden. Click to enlarge

Sweden introduces military draft for both men and women

Sweden to introduce “gender neutral” conscription, ostensibly in response to the threat posed by Russia

Grenade Attack in Swedish Suburb Leaves One Injured

Twenty years ago, if a hand grenade had been thrown in peaceful Sweden, it would be news world wide. Now it’s almost routine

European Parliament Votes to Censor Politically Incorrect Speech

Even though Parliaments are supposed to be forums for open debate, the EU parlaiment is clamping down on “defamatory, racist or xenophobic language”. Conveniently, without defining exactly what they are.

Zuma: SA will allow expropriation of land without compensation

The seizure of Zimbabwe’s white owned farms saw the once agriculturally abundant country reduced to handouts. Now South Africa is preparing to implement the same expropriation policy

Starbucks Brand Crashes After Announcement of Plan to Hire 10,000 Muslim ‘Refugees’

Political posturing backfires

NHS Privatisation Means No Pensions For Workers

Workers in Britain’s National Health Service have been presented with a stark choice: forego promotion or forego your pension. Includes video

Brit arrested for cyber attack on a million German homes last year

Briton arrested for cyber attacks that Angela Merkel originally blamed on Russia

Burning cars in Rinkeby, Stockholm. Click to enlarge

“It Looks Like A War Zone”: Trump Vindicated After Violent Riot Erupts In Swedish Suburb

Days after the media mocked Trump’s comments on Sweden, rioting erupts in Stockholm and the media barely mentions it

Top Yemen commander killed as rebels hit back

Army deputy chief of staff killed in missile attack by Iranian backed Houthis