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British troops during the opening ceremony of NATO military exercise 'Saber Strike' in Adazi, June 9, 2014. Click to enlarge

Tanks, troops, jets: NATO countries launch full-scale war games in Baltic

“We can’t take this military buildup by the alliance next to Russia’s borders as anything but a demonstration of hostile intention,” said the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov.

U.S. sends stealth bombers to Europe

The U.S. has begun deploying B-2 Stealth and B-52 Stratofortress bombers to bases in Europe in an effort to reassure allies

Dozens killed in two Pakistani attacks

Dozens killed in attack carried out in revenge for Taliban leader killed in a U.S. drone strike late last year

Obama’s Billion Dollar Cold War Begins

Brother Nathanael on how Obama’s billion dollar pay-off revives Poland’s centuries old ambitions to become the central power in a Baltic to Black Sea federation

First trial to be held in secret: Closed terror case branded ‘outrageous assault’ on open justice…

The identities of the accused, as well as details of their alleged crimes, to remain secret. All that is known is that the accused have been detained on suspicion of involvement in “terrorism”

With an F-16 fighter in the background, U.S. President Barack Obama and Poland's President Bronislaw Komorowski (R) shake hands upon Obama's arrival at Chopin Airport in Warsaw June 3, 2014

Obama pledges $1bn for more troops, military drills in E. Europe

U.S. to bolster its military presence in Eastern Europe to allay fears over Russia with a joint US, UK and Ukrainian military drill due to take place next month

Christians warned over ‘dangerous’ new secularism

The new secularism doesn’t just want to promote atheism, says Scottish minister. It wants to eradicate all spiritual belief, especially Christianity

Ukraine: Zionist America's New Jewish Colony

Ukraine: Zionist America’s New Jewish Colony

Both the new president and prime minister have now been “outed” as Jews — and this in a country, where as illustrated by Right Sector fascists, there is deep-seated hatred of Jews. This is surely a recipe for disaster

Obama Considers Training Syrian Rebels

Obama Considers Training Syrian Rebels

Even as the U.S. ostensibly withdraws from Afghanistan — ostensibly because Obama wants nearly 10,000 troops to remain — plans are underway to escalate U.S. involvement in the Syrian conflict

Ukraine army deflated as guerrilla warfare unfolds

Ukrainian government struggles to contain insurgents in the east of the country as pro-Russian separatists prove to be ruthless and adept

Smoke rises from the downed Ukrainian army helicopter Thursday

Russia Withdraws Most of Forces From Ukraine Border: U.S.

The “majority of the Russian forces” have now withdrawn from the Ukrainian border, says Pentagon spokesman, as pro-Russian separatists shot down Ukrainian helicopter.

Revenge Killer Traumatized by Porn as Child

Revenge Killer Traumatized by Porn as Child

We’ve heard a lot about tightening gun legislation in the wake of the Virgin Killer slayings but there one aspect the media are pointedly silent about. How Elliot Rodger’s exposure to porn at a young age resulted in sex addiction

‘I was trained as a spy’: Whistleblower Edward Snowden says he worked undercover for the CIA and NSA

Given that he was trained as a spy in the ways subterfuge and deception: one has to wonder if Edward Snowden is still practising the same?

Slowly, Slowly: Russia Troops Pulling Back from Ukraine Border

So slowly that the greater part of more than 40,000 Russian troops still remain close enough to move into Ukraine quickly, should Putin give the order

Ukrainian Mi-24 gun ship over Donetsk Airport. Click to enlarge

Dozens Dead After Ukraine Forces Retake Donetsk Airport

Helicopter gun ships, paratroopers and air strikes used to wrest control of terminal buildings from pro-Russian separatists

UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Nigel Farage reacts as election results are announced in Southampton. Click to enlarge

EU Elections: Eurosceptics Seize Ground, Ukip Unleashes ‘Political Earthquake’

What’s significant is that the Ukip’s sweeping gains come after they were belittled and smeared as “racists” by commentators across all shades of the media spectrum.

What the media isn't telling you about Elliott Rodger, the psycho killer who murdered six in a soulless rampage

What the media isn’t telling you about Elliott Rodger, the psycho killer who murdered six in a soulless rampage

Is it a coincidence that he was son of the Assistant Director of a film series that depicts young people killing each other as a sport?

Zionist/NATO Vultures Reclaim Libya Carcass

The UK, France and the USA are now going to “save” Libya from the mess made by them when they toppled Ghadafi. JoAnna Moriarty explains

U.S. Sees No Sign of Russian Troop Pullback From Border

Days after Madeleine Albright — infamous for replying “we think the price was worth it” when asked about 1 million dead Iraqi children — is named as monitor for the May 25 vote, conflicting reports over Russian troops withdrawal

Russia defence minister orders troops away from Ukraine border – report

After President Putin ordered troops to return to their home bases not once but on three occasion, and each time they remained on the border, we wait to see what happens