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RAF Typhoon shadows a Russian intelligence gathering aircraft over the Baltic on June 8, 2015. Click to enlarge

RAF Typhoon jets intercept Russian spy plane on an intelligence gathering mission over the Baltic

NATO continues its steady encroachment into Russia’s traditional sphere of influence

Bilderberg 2015: Full Attendee List & Agenda

Full list of those attending this year’s annual meeting in Austria. Topics for discussion include ‘Russia’ and ‘Iran’, although none of the 140 participants from 22 countries come from either

B-2, B-52 bombers deploy to Europe for military exercises

U.S. long-range bombers deployed to Europe for drills over the Baltic intended to demonstrate Amercia’s “long-range global strike capability”

Mediterranean migrants. Click to enlarge

Backlash grows as Italy migrant arrivals top 50,000

How many are taking a calculated risk in crossing the Mediterranean? Gambling that if they run into difficulty they will be rescued and allowed to remain in Europe?

Police face anti-G7 protestors in southern Germany, June 6, 2015

Massive demonstration flood German resort town ahead of G7 summit

17,000 German police deployed to protect the G7 summit. A further 2,000 placed on standby

Saudi Arabia says it shot down Scud missile fired by Yemen Shia rebels

In a potentially dangerous escalation Saudi Arabia claims to have shot down a Scud missile fired at it by Yemen’s Houthi rebels

Iran launches anti-Isis cartoon competition 'to expose true nature of Islamic State'

Iran launches anti-Isis cartoon competition ‘to expose true nature of Islamic State’

Includes a selection of some of the competition entries

Iran’s military mastermind promises a ‘surprise’ in Syria

Qassem Soleimani’s promise may prefigure a more direct Iranian involvement in Syria

Rioting in Ferguson after Michael Brown was shot dead. Click to enlarge

The New Nationwide Crime Wave

The so-called “Ferguson effect’ has seen a surge in violent crime. In Milwaukee, for instance, homicides were up 180% by May 17 over the same period the previous year

Six Baltimore Police Officers Charged with Freddie Grey Death

Fatal Shootings By Police Twice As High As Official Number, Report Says

Since the beginning of the year U.S. police have shot dead 385, both armed and unarmed

Iranian report: Israeli arms found in Saudi embassy in Yemen

Iranian report claims Saudis asked Israel for ‘state-of-the-art weapons to supply the terrorist groups in Yemen.’

Why The Netherlands Just Banned Monsanto’s Glyphosate-Based Herbicides

Joining a growing list of countries the Netherlands has become the latest to ban Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicides.

US defense chief Ash Carter says China’s island-building erodes security

U.S. Secretary of Defense calls for halt in construction on reclaimed land in disputed island chain

Baltimore Gets Bloodier As Arrests Drop Post-Freddie Gray

Baltimore has seen an upsurge in homicides and violent crime as residents worry they’ve been abandoned by the police they once accused of harassing them

Arrests by US as FIFA mulls giving Israel boot

While the past few days have seen the arrest of officials from world football’s governing body on corruption charges, another drama has been playing out in the background. Jonathan Cook explains

In Yemen, at least 75 people killed in Saudi-led aerial onslaught

Taking their cue from earlier Western campaigns, the Saudis have led a ferocious air assault that has brought little military gain on the ground but many civilian casualties

Illuminati Plot to Destroy Boy Scouts

Illuminati Plot to Destroy Boy Scouts

The fact that former U.S. Secretary of Defence and CIA veteran Robert Gates is leading this assault indicates the extent of Western decline

Greece can’t make €1.6B IMF payment, refuses to budge on rescue aid terms

“This money will not be given … It does not exist,” Greek Interior Minister Nikos Voutsis commenting on the IMF repayment Sunday

Saudi warplane downed by Yemeni army NE of Sa'ada

Saudi warplane downed by Yemeni army NE of Sa’ada

Iranian aligned Houthi forces claim to have downed two Saudi warplanes over Yemen Sunday

Veterans: Heroes, Mercenaries or Dupes? Click to enlarge

Memorial Day Requires a Rethink

When NATO fomented and led a revolution in Libya in 2011 it was one of only four countries in the world that didn’t have a Rothschild central bank. Now it does