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Ukraine crisis: US sends fighter jets to Baltic and increases pressure on Vladimir Putin

U.S. will deploy 12 F-16 fighters to Poland next week to take part in a “military training program” that has been expanded in the wake of the crisis

Ukraine People Reject both their Government & Russia

Ukraine People Reject both their Government & Russia

We reserve judgement on this and simply offer as one perspective on the situation in Ukraine, from a Ukrainian

Russia Starts Massive Air its Defense Drills Amid Crimea Standoff

As Iran has done frequently in recent years, Russia is staging these drills to prepare its air defences for possible air strikes and as a signal that it is ready to deter Western powers if they are considering such action

This supporter of the Ukraine joining the EU has received her reward: a 50per cent cut in her pension. Click to enlarge

The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun

Washington’s stooges in Kiev have reportedly prepared an economic austerity plan that will cut Ukrainian pensions from $160 to $80

Turkey grants US warship permission to enter Black Sea

US moving its naval forces closer to the disputed Crimea. Among the vessels an amphibious command ship

Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders – leaked EU’s Ashton phone tape

Estonian Foreign Ministry confirms authenticity of leaked call

Ukraine Crisis Could Spark World War III, by Lasha Darkmoon

Ukraine Crisis Could Spark World War III, by Lasha Darkmoon

One false move could plunge us all into the abyss…

The photo left is from Tahrir Square; the right from Kiev and here below is the English original used by the Belgrade CANVAS NGO:

Ukraine Protests Carefully Orchestrated: The Role of CANVAS, US-Financed “Color Revolution Training Group”

William Engdahl reveals that students and the unemployed have been helping fund protests. Where they get the funds from is the question?

Russia drafts law to seize EU, U.S. assets in case of sanctions

Russia may have stepped back from brink over Crimea but it is considering economic reprisals against the West if sanctions are imposed

A document that stated Britain will not impose sanctions or support military action against Russia was revealed by accident. Click to enlarge

Revealed in error, the official files that show Britain will NOT support military action against Russia

Limited sanctions are all that’s on British agenda

Russia Ukraine Ultimatum: Get Out of Crimea or “Face Storm”

Meanwhile British Foriegn Secretary William Hague visiting Kiev described the situation as “the biggest crisis in Europe in the 21st century”

Rule by oligarchs: Kiev appoints billionaires to govern east

A case of meet the new boss, same as the old boss. The difference being that Ukraine’s newly appointed billionaire regional governors are orientated toward the West rather than Moscow

US Government Caught Funding The Coup In Ukraine

US Government Caught Funding The Coup In Ukraine

US Agency for International Development (USAID) played a major role in funding Ukrainian opposition groups prior to the ousting of President Victor Yanukovich

Russian Parliament Approves Military Action in Ukraine

Russian lawmakers vote unanimously to give Putin the go-ahead to use military force in Ukraine

Ukraine Finds Its Forces Are Ill Equipped to Take Crimea Back From Russia

Although Ukraine may be unable to square up to Russia on its own right now, it doesn’t rule it out as a point of future contention with the West

Russian Legislator Present Bill To Facilitate Annexation of Ukrainian Crimea

As U.S. warns Russia to avoid “provocative actions”

Russian military helicopters flying over Crimea. Click to enlarge

U.S. warns Russia: Ukraine intervention would be ‘grave mistake’

From the nation that ‘intervened’ in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and covertly in Syria and with around 2,000 personnel currently active in Djibouti; one wonders if U.S. hypocrisy will only rile Russia. Includes video

Armed men stand guard at the airport in Simferopol, Feb 28, 2014. Click to enlarge

Armed men seize two airports in Ukraine’s Crimea, Russia denies involvement

Russian naval forces reportedly seize Crimean airports although Moscow denies involvement

Russia Prepares for Naval Drills with China, India, ASEAN

Strengthening military ties with emerging Asian superpowers

Thousands protest against Ukrainian upheaval on Sunday in the Ukrainian port city of Sevastopol, the main base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, on February 23, 2014. Click to enlarge

Russian Citizen Elected Sevastopol Mayor Amid Pro-Moscow Protests in Crimea

Thousands protest against the upheaval in Ukraine with banners that (translated) read “Putin is our president,” and “Russia, we have been abandoned, take us back.”