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700 migrants feared dead in Mediterranean shipwreck

The result, in part, of Western backed regime change in Libya, which saw the formerly stable regime of President Ghadaffi replaced by chaos and civil war and sparked a massive exodus

HMS Argyll. Click to enlarge

Russian warship tracked by Royal Navy in the Channel

Until last year the passage of Russian naval vessels through the Channel was regarded as routine. However events in Crimea have changed that

NY cabbie ordered to pay lesbian couple $10,000 for telling them to stop kissing in his cab

As his lawyer pointed out: ‘The fine amount is completely unfair given that there was no real injury here.’ But that is price that’s paid when a new social order is imposed

Jewish Billionaire Finances Ukraine’s Aydar SS Nazi Troops

Jewish Billionaire Finances Ukraine’s Aydar SS Nazi Troops

Proving that ‘ZioNazi’ is more than just a slur: Nazism is resurgent in the Ukraine, financed by Ukrainian-Israeli billionaire Ihor Kolomoysky. Eric Zuesse explains

Iran disputes US nuclear deal ‘fact sheet’

Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif takes issue with the “fact sheet” released by the U.S.

Obama receives an update from John Kerry in Iran inside the Situation Room on April 1st. Click to enlarge

Iran’s Persian statement on ‘deal’ contradicts Obama’s claims

Days after signing the agreement and already U.S. and Iranian versions of the “texts are diametrically opposed”

Pentagon tested biggest ‘bunker-buster’ bomb in its arsenal in January: Report

So despite the recently agreed nuclear accord, the U.S. is stil keeping “all options” ready

On Hitler’s Birthday, US to Begin Openly Training Neo-Nazi Integrated Forces in Ukraine

On Hitler’s Birthday, US to Begin Openly Training Neo-Nazi Integrated Forces in Ukraine

US Zionists openly flirting with Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

US Navy Joined the Strikes Against Houthi Positions on Monday

U.S. warships reportedly launched cruise missile strikes against rebel positions in Yemen

What happens if nuclear talks with Iran fail?

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf says “all options” are still on the table

Special forces set to swarm Southwest and operate undetected among civilians in massive military exercise

It may well be a psyop but what was significant about Jade Helm was that it made headlines in one of Britain’s biggest selling newspapers, the Daily Mail — complete with quotes from Alex Jones and links to his website

Egyptian navel vessels carry out maneouvers in this 2012 photo. Click to enlarge

Egyptian, Saudi Vessels Approach Yemen Coast

Saudi and Egyptian warships sail to Yemen as the oil price climbs amid growing fears that the conflict might escalate

Saudi Arabia’s coalition against Yemen’s Houthis

Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Kuwait and Qatar join Saudi Arabia in the fight against insurgents in Yemen

Iran-backed rebels loot Yemen files about U.S. spy operations

Saudi Arabia launches air strikes against rebels aligned with Tehran as militants seize intelligence files

A French gendarme helicopter flies over the crash site of an Airbus A320, near Seyne-les-Alpes, March 25, 2015.  REUTERS/Emmanuel Foudrot. Click to enlarge

Recording shows pilot locked out of crashed Airbus cockpit – NYT

“The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door and there is no answer,” an investigator said, citing the recordings. “And then he hits the door stronger and no answer”

U.S. House Votes 348-48 To Arm Ukraine

Despite Russian warnings that lethal aid will “explode the whole situation”, U.S. House votes to provide “lethal defensive weapon systems”

Yemeni pro-regime fighters reinforce the southern city of Aden. Click to enlarge

Hadi forces check Houthi push towards Yemen’s Aden

Battle lines appear fluid in a conflict that pits Iranian aligned rebel fighters against Yemen’s Saudi-backed government

Jewish Judge Orders Release of Muslim Torture Photos

Jewish Judge Orders Release of Muslim Torture Photos

This is not to defend the torturers but the question is why release the photos now? Is it, as Henry Makow suggests, to inflame tensions and start more wars?

Britain to bolster Falklands defences, reports say, due to ‘increased threat’

Britian to reinforce island garrison after Argentina strikes arms deal with Russia

Tunisia shooting: When Isis attacks a museum to destroy the ‘culture of its disbelievers’, what treasure of the Western world is now safe?

Robert Fisk on Wednesday’s terror attack in Tunisia