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Russian military helicopters flying over Crimea. Click to enlarge

NATO warns of ‘very sizeable, very ready’ Russian force

Although Moscow has denied the claims, NATO’s Supreme Commander in Europe warns about Russian forces massing at the Ukrainian border

Coups for export: US has history of supporting anti-govt upheavals

U.S. is very selective where it provides support. Providing billions to pro-Western groups in Ukraine and Latin America while dismissing Crimea’s vote for reunification with Russia

Putin Cool to the Idea of Further Retaliation over Sanctions

Cementing Crimea’s reunification with Russia, Putin signals the opportunity for a temporary truce in the tit-for-tat exchange with the West

Legal experts ‘can’t believe’ US general avoided jail time in sex assault case

Given that sexual assaults carried by U.S. military personnel are at an all-time high this raises further questions about the prevailing ethics in the ranks

Sexual Assaults In The Military Are At An All-Time High And Most Of Them Are Male On Male

What does this say about the depths to which modern America has sunk?

Secretary of State John Kerry (here during his stopover in Rome) has no predefined policy. He takes the initiative on all subjects, not to achieve decisive victories, but to find opportunities to advance his pawns. Thus, having supported the the CIA coup in Ukraine, he is now not concerned about the future of the Crimea, but how his overall economic plan can benefit from his local political defeat. Click to enlarge

John Kerry has a Tactic, Not a Policy

In the globalized world, every conflict is linked to the others. Thierry Meyssan on how Washington wants to turn its defeat in Ukraine into a victory for its economy

Kenneth Bellando. Click to enlarge

Young banker’s suicide becomes twelfth in financial world this year

Do they know something we don’t? Or could it be the very nature of the beast they serve in the world of finance has driven them to take their own lives?

Maldives location. Click to enlarge

Possible MH370 sighting as Maldives residents report ‘low-flying jumbo’

Residents on remote island in Maldives ‘saw jet matching missing Malaysia Airlines plane’s description’

A woman is reflected in a mirror as she casts her ballot during voting in a referendum at a polling station in Simferopol March 16, 2014.(Reuters / Thomas Peter)

What the Western Media Won’t Tell You: Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians Also Voted to Join Russia

Simple math indicates that Crimean Tatars and the Ukrainian population of Crimea also voted heavily in favour of reunification with Russia. Prof Michel Chossudovsky explains

Candid admission: the United States has already spent five billion dollars ($5,000,000,000) to subvert Ukraine

Notorious for her “f!*k the EU” comments, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, wife of one of the main advocates for the Iraq invasion, openly admits the U.S. has spent 5 billion dollars trying to undermine the Ukrainian government

Missing Plane’s Tracking Device Disabled Before ‘All Right’ Radio Call

As the search widens and with no sign of the missing plane it has been revealed that the pilot spoke to air traffic controllers after data system was shutdown

Russia claims to have intercepted a US drone in Crimea

Russia claims its defence forces seized control of the drone from its U.S. controllers

Malaysia's Department of Civil Aviation's Director General Azharuddin Abdul Rahman briefs reporters on search and recovery efforts. Click to enlarge

Malaysian plane disappearance linked to 9/11: Barrett

Dr Kevin Barrett spells out the disturbing parallels between the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines MH370 and what happened on 9/11

The carving up of the Ukraine

Vlad the Bad Outwits the West, by Eric Margolis

Russia, which used to be adept at subversion, has lagged in recent years but it still knows the signs. The Kremlin is convinced that Ukraine’s latest revolution was engineered by Washington

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 deliberately flown off course: PM

Plane’s movements suggest it was hijacked, says Malaysian prime minister

Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777. Click to enlarge

Breaking: Interpol Looking at 35 Year-Old Uighur Passenger on MH370 – Trained in Flight Simulation

Earlier this month the Muslim Uighurs from Western China were blamed for a violent attack at a train station

Malaysian Airliner Veered Off Course

Malaysian military says tracked plane hundreds of miles off course, which may explain why no debris has been found yet

Two Invasions: The Ukrainian Pendulum

Two Invasions: The Ukrainian Pendulum

Israel Shamir with the untold story of recent events in the Ukraine, including the involvement of Blackwater mercenaries on the streets of Kiev. A must read

Independence Square, Kiev Feb 20th,2014. Click to enlarge

Nazis Back in Europe

The new Ukrainian government, recognized by the Western powers, includes several members of explicitly Nazi organizations. Nick Kollerstrom explains

Luigi Maraldi, who had his passport stolen in Thailand last year shows, his current passport next to Thai police officers. Click to enlarge

Malaysia Airlines plane crash: terror experts home in on fake passports as debris found

Suspicions grow that the aircraft may have “disintegrated” in mid air