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Swedish APCs in Visby harbour on the island of Gotland, Sweden. Click to enlarge

Sweden introduces military draft for both men and women

Sweden to introduce “gender neutral” conscription, ostensibly in response to the threat posed by Russia

Grenade Attack in Swedish Suburb Leaves One Injured

Twenty years ago, if a hand grenade had been thrown in peaceful Sweden, it would be news world wide. Now it’s almost routine

European Parliament Votes to Censor Politically Incorrect Speech

Even though Parliaments are supposed to be forums for open debate, the EU parlaiment is clamping down on “defamatory, racist or xenophobic language”. Conveniently, without defining exactly what they are.

Zuma: SA will allow expropriation of land without compensation

The seizure of Zimbabwe’s white owned farms saw the once agriculturally abundant country reduced to handouts. Now South Africa is preparing to implement the same expropriation policy

Starbucks Brand Crashes After Announcement of Plan to Hire 10,000 Muslim ‘Refugees’

Political posturing backfires

Brit arrested for cyber attack on a million German homes last year

Briton arrested for cyber attacks that Angela Merkel originally blamed on Russia

Burning cars in Rinkeby, Stockholm. Click to enlarge

“It Looks Like A War Zone”: Trump Vindicated After Violent Riot Erupts In Swedish Suburb

Days after the media mocked Trump’s comments on Sweden, rioting erupts in Stockholm and the media barely mentions it

Top Yemen commander killed as rebels hit back

Army deputy chief of staff killed in missile attack by Iranian backed Houthis

Marine Le Pen sees support surge ahead of French elections

If Len Pen wins will she hold a referendum on France’s continued memberships of the EU, as promised?

Marine Le Pen could 'blow up' the European Union, and the fear's starting to show

Marine Le Pen could ‘blow up’ the European Union, and the fear’s starting to show

Fears grow on the financial markets that Le Pen could win the forthcoming French elections and start Frexit

France: Another Ghastly Presidential Election Campaign; the Deep State Rises to the Surface

The same claims against Donald Trump — that Russian ‘interference’ helped him win the U.S. elections — are now being made against Marine Le Pen

Former UK PM Blair begins "mission" to change minds on Brexit

Former UK PM Blair begins “mission” to change minds on Brexit

Former prime minister Tony Blair plans to return to the political arena to lead campaign against Brexit

Ukraine: the Fake News before the Storm

The trouble with the narrative by omission approach adopted by the Guardian and a host of WMSM outlets is that it fails to hide some glaring contradictions, the paramount one being Ukraine is not a NATO member

Russian Jets Buzzed U.S. Destroyer

The Russian aircraft reportedly failed to respond to several radio requests from the USS Porter to halt the overflights

HMS Diamond. Click to enlarge

Theresa May sends Royal Navy warship to Black Sea

Upping the ante with Putin, part of the biggest military build-up on Russia’s borders for decades

Gaystapo Hit Pranksters with $106 million Nuisance Suit

Gaystapo Hit Pranksters with $106 million Nuisance Suit

Christian activism has gotten under skin of elite gay.

He's Been Compared to Hitler. What does a Woman Born in Nazi Germany Think?

He’s Been Compared to Hitler. What does a Woman Born in Nazi Germany Think?

ingrid Andrew who grew up as a little girl under Hitler, has a few choice words for those who compare Trump with Hitler

US official: Iran fires defensive missile

In defiance of White House warnings, Iran test fired a surface-to-air missile Wednesday

Houthi rebel missile strikes Riyadh military base: Reports

Houthi rebels reportedly hit Saudi military base near the Saudi capitol with missiles. Includes video

Rabble rouser who could be the next nail in EU's coffin

Rabble rouser who could be the next nail in EU’s coffin

Geert Wilders is the outspoken politician on course to win the upcoming Dutch elections. If he does indeed win Holland could follow Britain and leave the EU