London Terror Attacks

Jermaine Lindsay and the Piccadilly Line blast

Did someone plant the evidence implicating Jermaine Lindsey in the 7/7 bombing? Along with his passport and his driving licence? Nick Kollerstrom on the unanswered questions posed by the 7/7 Inquest

Force Reconnaissance Regiment insignia

The British Army’s FRR Go Trough The Looking Glass

Nick Kollerstrom presents a convincing case that elements of the British Army’s own Force Reconnaissance Regiment may have been behind the 7/7 attacks

J7 is “Controlled Opposition”

J7 is “Controlled Opposition”

It’s an old ploy: set up a campaign group and then use it to discredit opposition to the official narrative. It happened in the aftermath of 9/11 and now seems to be happening with 7/7 and those who dispute the official version of events

Right next to the ‘bomb’: Shehzad Tanweer and William Walshe

The Inquest has heard over 70 testify on the Aldgate blast but it does not wish to hear from the man who was sitting right next to the alleged ‘suicide bomber?’ Why? Could what he witnessed be at odds with the official version of events?

Two holes in the floor of the Edgeware Road coach

UPDATED: More evidence emerges at the 7/7 Inquest, which is at odds with the official version of events. And yet again it is given virtually zero coverage in the mainstream media

July 7 – The Truth At Last

While the corporate media studiously avoids reporting on it, the official version of the 7/7 attacks is rapidly unravelling. Nick Kolerstrom explains

July 7th Inquests - 'Life Extinct'?

July 7th Inquests – ‘Life Extinct’?

Body Counts at Aldgate and Edgeware Road blasts both short by one –’the bombers’. However the inquest ruling that ‘identification of bodies’ was ‘outside the scope of the proceedings’ leads one to ask: is this an inquest or a cover-up?

The Phantom Image of Khan and the Movable Crater

How the Inquest struggled to keep the lid on their Edgware Road story

The Alleged Identification of Shehzad Tanweer

Why did the Metropolitan Police announce they had found forensic evidence indicating the involvement of Shehzad Tanweer in the 7/7 attacks before the forensic evidence had even been examined?

A CCTV Fuss About Nothing?

Transcripts from the 7/7 Inquest reveal more questions than answers about how police knew what they did and when

The Jaguar at Luton

Not many will believe that an Al-Qaeda operative drives a Jaguar. Especially one who acts as a ‘minder’ to four unwitting ‘patsies’. But as we shall see, on 7/7 there is evidence of just such a ‘minder’ guiding four ‘patsies’ to their deaths

The Aldgate Blast

Nick Kollerstrom presnts evidence to help explain why no journalist or member of the public was allowed to inspect the blasted coach remains from 7/7

7/7: Practise Makes Perfect

Its been revealed that prior to 7/7 there were 4 drills that simulated terror attacks at the very stations that were later to be targeted. Coincidence? Or were these drills – unbeknown to most of the participants – practise runs for the 7/7 attacks?

New Support For The Canary Wharf Story

On 7/7 news reports claimed that “suicide bombers” had been shot at Canary Wharf. Cited by various witnesses, the reports came complete with dramatic accounts of how the entire area was ‘locked down’. Yet hour’s later police were denying the reports

Government offers new (still unbelievable) version of train times

The British government have rewritten the official account of the 7/7 attacks, with a whole new timetable. Had they not done so the alleged ‘suicide bombers’ would have arrived too late to carry out the bombings. Nick Kollerstrom explains

The luckiest man alive

The luckiest man alive

To make up for its lack of cogency, evidence presented at the 7/7 inquest sounds more horrific as it gets more outlandish. Like the banker who claims he was next to a suicide bomber when he detonated his explosives – but survived virtually unscathed

The Final Curtain – “CCTV Rich” to “CCTV Fail”

The first week of the 7/7 Inquest has revealed why the authorities have been so slow in releasing evidence – there is none. Transcripts from the inquest reveal CCTV cameras were either “switched off” or “malfunctioned”

Germaine Lindsey at King’s Cross

Last week evidence was presented to the 7/7 Inquest that was completely at odds with the official version of events. Researcher Nick Kollerstrom suggests a convincing and plausible explanation

The 7/7 Inquests

Central London is covered by literally thousands of CCTV cameras. The fact that there are only a few blurred CCTV images of the alleged bombers that could easily have been photo-shopped raises serious questions over the official version of events

7/7 The Big Picture

Victims and relatives of those killed in the 7/7 bombings are still calling for an independent public inquiry, as so many questions remain unanswered. Keelan Balderson’s video comprehensively exposes the flaws and contradictions in the official account