London and UK Terror Attacks

Firearms instructors are pictured playing the part of terrorists as part of the Metropolitan Police training programme for armed officers responding to an ISIS attack. They can be seen carrying machine guns and mock explosives, including suicide vests. Click to enlarge

“Terror” training exercise? Or drill for the next false flag?

More “terror” on the streets of London? Was it an “anti-terror” drill, a psyop or preparation for the next false flag?

Is “Islamic Terrorism” a Myth?

“Islamic terror” has helped pave the way for wars and the modern surveillance state. But is it all the corporate media would have us believe?

Tenth anniversary of the London Bombings

State-fabricated terror events tell us about who controls our world, writes Nick Kollerstrom. There is a frightening evil wisdom here

The alleged 7/7 bombers at Luton station. Click to enlarge

7/7 Repost: Fair questions for Any British M.P.

On the 10th anniversary of the July 7 London bombings, Kevin Boyle has 7 questions that STILL haven’t been answered

Jihadi John unmasked. Click to enlarge

Brutal Jihadi John had links to failed 21/7 London terror attacks

So Jihadi John was under surveillance by the security services and we are supposed to believe he evaded them to end up in Syria?

Chris Spivey and the Murder of Lee Rigby

Chris Spivey and the Murder of Lee Rigby

It is MI5’s policy to ‘own’ the leadership of those investigating their crimes. Do we now have a (manufactured) voice “exposing” the Woolwich terror event?

MPs rebuke social media giant for failure to act on online activities of Lee Rigby’s murderer Michael Adebowale

In preparation for stricter control of the Internet?

7/7: Made in Israel

7/7: Made in Israel

For years I steered clear of this subject. However, a slip of the tongue by a former Mossad agent about the London bombings has changed everything

Calmly confronting the Woolwich killer. Click to enlarge

‘Angel of Woolwich’ detained amid mental health concerns

Someone with mental health problems would be an ideal candidate to participate in a staged “terror outrage”, as some have suggested Woolwich was

Tony Farrell shouts the Truth from Froggatt Edge, Derbyshire, UK

Tony Farrell – From Whistleblower to Disciple?

Tony Farrell, the former Principle Intelligence analyst for South Yorkshire Police, was hounded from his job for speaking out about 7/7. That didn’t stop him speaking out however. So now he’s been arrested.

The Trial: Lee Rigby Killing

The Trial: Lee Rigby Killing

Nick Kollerstrom attended the trial of the two men accused of killing Lee Rigby. His account of the proceedings provides some revealing insights that you won’t find in the corporate media

Fair Questions for Any British M.P.

Kevin Boyle left these questions with his M.P. over a year ago with a request that he get back to him. The M.P. still hasn’t replied

7/7 Ripple Effect 2

An updated and expanded version of an investigation that has become something of a classic

The 7/7 London Bombings and MI5′s “Stepford Four” Operation

The 7/7 London Bombings and MI5′s “Stepford Four” Operation

While the 190 victims of the Madrid bombings were identified within 24 hours, it nearly 2 weeks to identify the 52 victims of the 7/7 bombings. Was it because British police could not find bodies they were looking for?

Tafazel Mohammed – Handler of the Four?

Tafazel Mohammed – Handler of the Four?

Who lured the 7/7 patsies to their deaths in their deaths in the false flag attacks? Nick Kollerstrom looks at a prime candidate

The Woolwich Terror Hoax

The Woolwich Terror Hoax

Like 9/11 or 7/7, we are confronted with a constructed terror event where nothing is what it seems. Nick Kollerstrom examines the Woolwich beheading

Kent Freedom Movement investigate the Woolwich false flag psy ops

Nick Kollerstrom and Deborah William discuss the glaring anomalies in the Woolwich beheading in this 20 minute video

Woolwich murder, the MI6 connection: Younger brother of Michael Adebolajo 'was paid thousands to spy in Middle East'

Woolwich murder, the MI6 connection: Younger brother of Michael Adebolajo ‘was paid thousands to spy in Middle East’

More links emerge between Britain’s ‘security’ establishment and killer

Terror in Woolwich: Internet is the vital frontline in war against extremism

Is the web raising too many questions about recent terror outrages? Does an article in Sunday’s Independent foreshadow a clampdown on the Internet?

Daily Mail Headline: Now force Google to block sick websites of hatred

If nothing else the Woolwich horror could lead to tighter control of the web as British MPs demand tighter control from internet giants.