Implants and surveillance technology

Global Hawk to fly 1st mission over U.S.

Global Hawk to fly 1st mission over U.S.

The aerial surveillance drones have been a feature in the skies over Iraq and Afghanistan but soon they’ll be seen regularly in US skies too

National ID Cards & RFID Chips

The “Real ID Act” takes effect in May 2008. From then Americans will be issued a National ID Card, without which, they will not be able to board a plane or an Amtrack train, open a bank account, or enter a federal building. And that’s just the beginning

‘We are waking up to a surveillance society all around us’

Maybe that should be rephrased, the “mainstream media” is waking up to a surveillance society, because this has long been a topic for independent Internet news outlets

Britons ‘could be microchipped like dogs in a decade’

Drawn up by a team of respected academics, a recent report claims Britain is a world-leader in the use of surveillance technology and its citizens the most spied-upon in the world. It also paints a grim picture of what life may be like there soon

IBM, Verichip and the Fourth Reich

In building the Nazi war machine, IBM Germany leased punch card machines to Hitler’s concentration camps that matched worker skills and locations. They were the forerunner of the modern computer and the origin of proposed digital implant, the Verichip

Kids Buy Lunches With Scans of Fingers

The never-ending march of technology now means school children here can pay for their cafeteria sloppy joes with their fingers. Rome City Schools is switching to a scanning system that lets students use their fingerprints to access their accounts. In the past, students had to punch in their pin numbers. “The finger’s better because all […]

NWO Plans for the 6-6-6 RFID Chip

The technology is ready and we are closer to the day when everybody will be chipped, bearing the mark of the Beast. The Alpha Omega Report details how moves are underway to control society and every aspect of life

Barcelona clubbers get chipped…

Or how the BBC is now being used to further the agenda of the New World Order

More Americans to Receive Implanted Microchips As Powerful New Religion Grows In United States

Sorcha Faal reports that the so-called “mark of the beast” is becoming an ominous reality

Are Christians Being Groomed To Accept the Coming Anti-Christ?

The day foretold in the Bible when everyone…”small and great, rich and poor, free and bond” will receive a mark “in their right hand, or in their foreheads”, without which “no man might buy or sell”, might coming sooner than most would like

Blueprint for a Prison Planet II

The Future – Chips with Everything? In the previous passages, I’ve looked at a few aspects of our recent history with the intention of demonstrating that there may be a pattern of organization in the background that could give many people grounds for concern. At this point, I would now like to address the question: […]

Mexico Attorney General Has Microchip Fitted in Arm

In what some see as a cynical ruse to gain wider acceptance for microchip implants, Mexico’s attorney general has had a microchip implanted in his arm

The Mark of the Beast?

A prototype of an implantable biometric chip capable of marking an individual’s precise location and of monitoring him or her for life is gaining support. It was named Best in Show of 170 International Science Exhibitors last year, and released in its “First Phase” wristwatch format called Guardian Angel soon after. Beta testing with an […]