Iran sanctions bill: Big test of the Israeli lobby’s power

If it doesn’t break the Zionist Lobby’s power, a new bipartisan bill authorising renewed sanctions against Iran could take the U.S. closer to military conflict

Iran developing new centrifuges for uranium enrichment

Iran is developing a new generation of centrifuges for faster uranium enrichment. However, they have yet to be mass produced; leading some observers to suspect that they are being used as a veiled threat against the imposition of renewed sanctions

Iranian Ayatollah: “If Christ were Alive today He would Fight America”

Although in their ignorance most of America’s so-called “Christians” may not realise it, the Koran treats Jesus Christ as a figure of respect. As does the Ayatollah in this latest speech

Iran MPs want higher enrichment in case of new sanctions

In answer to some U.S. lawmakers who have argued that tougher sanctions be imposed

Iran Rejects Reuters Report on Rouhani’s Willingness to Mend Ties with West

Senior Iranian officials have rejected a Reuters report allegedly written by President Rouhani as “completely untrue”

F4 armed with Qader missile. Click to enlarge

Iran Successfully Test-Fires 200-KM Range Air-Launched Cruise Missiles

Adding to its ability to close the Persian Gulf, Iran successfully test-fired air-launched anti-ship cruise missiles with a 200 kilometres range Saturday. Includes video

Iran says it’s losing faith in Washington

The United States can’t be trusted to honor its commitment to an interim nuclear deal, says a senior Iranian cleric said during Friday prayers in Tehran

Report: Israel gets ready for ‘short, sharp war’ against Hezbollah

However, Israel’s Institute of Technology has warned that Iran and Hezbollah could overcome the Zionist state’s missile defence systems

Iran kicks off major aerial drill over Persian Gulf

Iran kicks off major aerial drill over Persian Gulf

Iran’s Air Force started large-scale drills Friday, involving fighter jets, drones, transport aircraft and reconnaissance planes from all its airbases

Iran Unveils New Long-range Radar System

Iran Unveils New Long-range Radar System

This the latest in a series of indigenously developed advanced radar systems, suggests that Iran may be in the process of building an integrated national air defence network

Iran’s S-300 Missile’s 1,240 Mile Range War Dance

Actually the headline is misleading as the S-300 referred to has an effective range of 93 miles (150 km). Nonetheless it would undermine Israel’s air superiority and some could soon be delivered to Iran

Iran committed to continuing nuclear talks – foreign minister

Despite the U.S. blacklisting people and companies under existing sanctions in what Iran describes as “unsuitable actions”

‘MI6 spy’ captured by Iran

The capture of the alleged ‘spy’ comes at a highly embarrassing moment. His arrest taking place just as Britain and Iran were in the process of re-establishing diplomatic ties

Retired-FBI agent Robert Levinson, who disappeared in March 2007, appears in an undated photo. Click to enlarge

Missing American Jew in Iran was on unapproved CIA mission

Retired CIA agent missing in Iran said to be on an ‘unofficial’ mission in the Persian Gulf

Will Les Clintons Scuttle U.S./Iran Rapprochement?

They will if they can, and in league with the US Zionist lobby they well might. Franklin Lamb explains

Iran nuclear talks hit snag after U.S. sanctions move

Tehran says new U.S. moves on sanctions violate the spirit of the Nov 24 interim accord. While Moscow says they could seriously hinder its implementation

New Iran sanctions bill stalls in US Senate

The drive to impose new sanctions on Iran has stalled for now but expect a renewed push in the new year

Iran Insists on Taking Delivery of S-300 Systems

Iran Insists on Taking Delivery of S-300 Systems

Speaking at a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart on Wednesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said talks were ongoing on the delivery of the S-300 air defence system

Saudi delegation visits Israel over Iran: Reports

The Saudi deputy defence minister and military officers are reported to have secretly visited Israel. Prompting speculation of Saudi cooperation in preparation for a strike on Iran

Iran: Guards Chief Criticizes Foreign Minister

Differences emerge over the military’s ability to withstand a U.S. attack