Donald Doesn’t Know Jack About Iran

Despite its condemnation by Netanyahu and Trump, the nuclear agreement with Iran has been welcomed by a host of Israel’s military and intelligence leaders

Few Options for Israel Against Iran’s Ballistic Missile Program, Experts Say

Israeli analysts say the Zionist state choices are limited in dealing with Iran’s missile program

Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi. click to enlarge

IRGC Commander: Concern about Losses Deters US Iran Attack

This isn’t some idle boast. The IRGC commander’s explanation as to why America hasn’t attacked Iran is sound common sense

S-300. Click to enlarge

Russia to ship first S-300 system to Iran in August-September

Contrary to earlier reports that stated that the ‘game changer’ weapons system would be delivered this month, Russian officials now say it will be delivered Aug-Sept

Report: US preparing to publicly blame Iran for NY cyberattack

US reportedly plans to publicly blame Iran for dam cyber breach in 2013

Iran’s latest missile test launches do not violate nuclear deal, U.S. says

Obama administration labels the latest Iranian tests as provocative but says they do not violate the terms of the nuclear accord

A Qadr H lballistic surface-to-surface missile is fired by Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, during a maneuver, Wednesday, March 9, 2016. Click to enlarge

Iran Test Fires Missiles Marked With ‘Israel Must Be Wiped Out’

Although the head of the IRGC’s aerospace division stressed that Iran would not “start a war”, the drill was meant to show that Israel was within range of its missiles

Iran Test-Fires Two More Ballistic Missiles Wednesday

Iran Test-Fires Two More Ballistic Missiles Wednesday

Iran remains defiant in the face of threats of further embargoes. Includes video

Iranian Emad missile. Click to enlarge

Iran Revolutionary Guards conduct ballistic missile test

Silo launched ballistic missiles fired in response to new embargoes aimed at containing Iran’s missile development. Includes video

Report: Russia freezes delivery of S-300 missile defense to Iran

Kuwaiti newspaper claims Putin has suspended final delivery of S-300 system to Iran

Lebanon mulls Iran's military aid offer: Defense minister

Lebanon mulls Iran’s military aid offer: Defense minister

Saudi Arabia may come to regret its decision to withhold military aid to Lebanon. As Iran prepares to take its place

Report: High-level Israeli delegation secretly visited Saudi Arabia

Adversity makes strange bedfellows and in this case, we suspect, that the adversary happens to be Iran

The Contrived Iran Threat

The Contrived Iran Threat

No one takes the Israelis seriously apart from the U.S. media and Congress, both of which have enabled the stitching together of a tissue of lies regarding Iranian intentions

President Rouhani set for emphatic vote of confidence in Iran elections

Early results seen as a vote of confidence for moderates and a loosening of control by the anti-western hardliners who currently dominate the 290-seat parliament

Syrian government forces cross a retractable military bridge on the outskirts of Aleppo. Click to enlarge

Syria civil war: On the front line with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards battling outside Aleppo

Robert Fisk reports from the front line in Syria where he encounters Iranian Revolutionary Guards

Iran seeks to force more US concessions by building longer-range ballistic missiles

This KRCGTV report makes a crucial omission, making it little better than disinformation in the guise of journalism. We explain how

Iran holds talks with Russia over missile defence upgrade

Iran now thought to be considering acquiring Russian S-400 air defence system

Russian arms sale to Iran without approval would violate ban: U.S

Proposed Russian arms sale to Iran would violate U.N. arms embargo, says U.S. State Department

Iran to Spend $8 Billion on Russian Weapons and Warplanes

Likely items include S-400 air defence missiles, Su-30 air superiority fighters and Mi-8/17 helicopters

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir and a Pakistani Shaheen-III nuclear missile

Fears Saudi Arabia has secret nuke bomb

We’ll know soon enough if there’s substance to this as analysts claim that Saudi Arabia will “carry out its first nuclear test within weeks”