Iran stated that it held the Saudi monarch personally responsible for the deaths of more than 2,300 people, 464 of them Iranians. Click to enlarge

The untold story of the deaths at Hajj

Robert Fisk on an Iranian diplomat who met his fate in Islam’s holiest city.

Speeding Up: Why Iran Wants to Receive Russia’s S-300 as Soon as Possible

Delivery of the S-300 system to be accelerated in response to what Iran sees as a growing threat from Saudi Arabia

Iran’s Strait Games

In 2002 simulated exercise, based on a Hormuz Strait-closure scenario, the U.S. suffered massive losses, including an aircraft carrier and 10 cruisers. Since then, U.S. capabilities in the Gulf region have only diminished while Iran’s have increased

Saudi King Salman (C) attends a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia May 31, 2016. Saudi Press Agency. Click to enlarge

Saudi Arabia expands its anti-Iran strategy beyond the Middle East

The Israeli’s double-standards and hypocrisy takes some beating but the Saudis come close. Is it a coincidence that both are bitterly at odds with Iran?

Iran’s top leader rules out cooperation with U.S. against ISIS

Question: why has Khamenei rejected cooperating with America in the fight against ISIS? Answer: because he knows that the U.S. was instrumental in its creation and that U.S. allies, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, help sponsor it

Iran’s Khamenei says U.S., ‘evil’ Britain can’t be trusted: state TV

Referring to the U.S. and Britain, the Supreme Leader said it was a “huge mistake” to trust either as “They use human rights, terrorism … as pretexts”

IRAN: Donald Trump can’t renegotiate the nuclear deal

Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif also criticised Saudi Arabia’s call for Iran to withdraw from Iraq, saying, “We’ll leave whenever Iraq asks us to leave”

Abducted Iranian Diplomats Held in Israeli Jail

Recent disclosures substantiate claims that Israel had Iranian diplomats kidnapped more than 30 years ago and has held them hostage ever since

Trump launched presidential campaign to fight Iran deal

Comments by Donald Trump’s son reveal that if elected the real estate mogul is likely to be a big a Zionist lackey as any recent U.S. president

Iran Deal Shows Illuminati/Zionism not Identical

Iran Deal Shows Illuminati/Zionism not Identical

Why did Soros and Rockefeller want the US-Iran nuclear deal?

Indian Navy ship docks in Bandar Abbas in August 2015. Click to enlarge

US lawmakers question India’s Chabahar port agreement with Iran

U.S. concerns about India’s development of a port in southern Iran could become more pronounced as the Indian Navy prepares for joint naval drills with Iran

Iran fighting terrorists created by US, Israel: Academic

James Fetzer tells Press TV that Qaddafi was ousted because he was introducing the gold dinar. And the western banking dynasties were unhappy about that

Russia: Iran To Receive S-300 air defenses by year’s end

The first battalion has already been delivered and paraded in Tehran. More will follow

Classified details of how Iran treated kidnapped U.S. sailors will SHOCK Americans, says Congressman

We suspect that it’s not the treatment meted out by the Iranians but rather the U.S. sailors response that will shock. It’s classified because it shows the Americans in a very poor light

Iran Accuses Kim Kardashian of Acting as Instagram Spy

Actually this is not as “bizarre” an accusation as the Western media would have us believe

One of the cartoons in the Holocaust cartoon contest 2016

Iran ‘preparing another Holocaust,’ Netanyahu charges

Iran “denies the Holocaust, mocks the Holocaust, and is preparing another Holocaust,” Netanyahu told ministers Sunday

Iran to use Russian S-300s to protect its missile plants

Russian expert believes the recently delivered S-300 missiles will be used to protect Iran’s missile production and nuclear facilities

Iran Has More Volunteers for the Syrian War Than It Knows What to Do With

Even as casualties mount, Iranians volunteer in their thousands to join the conflict in Syria. Where for many, acting as “advisors” means leading from the front

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gestures as he leaves a news conference in Istanbul, Turkey May 9, 2011. REUTERS/Murad Sezer/File Photo

Ahmadinejad’s return to public eye in Iran fuels talk of a comeback

This is something the West does NOT want. So it may have to help bolster Rhouhani by delivering its part of the nuclear accord, by releasing withheld Iranian assets

Iran To Mass Produce Home-Grown ‘Bavar-373′ Air Defense System This Year

U.S. air superiority may soon be called into question and with it U.S. global military pre-eminence