Iran's supreme leader says US has given up on military attack

Iran’s supreme leader says US has given up on military attack

It might seem so but it would only take one false flag to change that

Iran boasts of ‘unmatched’ air defense, warns U.S. its time is limited

This is more than mere “boasting”. Should America decides to use military force against Iran it could be in for a very nasty surprise.

Iran Preparing to Launch Air Defense System More Advanced than S-300

Iran Preparing to Launch Air Defense System More Advanced than S-300

Although intriguingly the deputy commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said the new system would not be displayed and will “remain confidential”, for now

Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan

“Iran is a Nuclear Threshold State”

At a recent symposium former Mossad chief Meir Dagan revealed that contrary to prevailing beliefs “The Americans and the Iranians have been communicating for many years”

Obama lauds Iran talks, says unilateral action still an option

Time is running out for the U.S. to exercise “all options”, as Iran steadily builds up its military technology, so it’s difficult to know if Obama really means this? Or whether he’s just trying to placate Israel and the Jewish lobby

Iran Billionaire Hanged for Fraud

Marked contrast between the way Iran treats its bankers convicted of wrongdoing and the way moneylenders are treated in the West

Iran Unveils New Air Defense Command & Control Systems

Iran Unveils New Air Defense Command & Control Systems

Iran’s air defence technology takes another step toward making U.S. air strikes too costly to contemplate

USS Nimitz aircraft carrier. Click to enlarge

Iran vows to ‘destroy the U.S. Navy’

Senior Iran naval commander reveals that senior U.S. officials wanted to establish a telephone hot line with the Islamic Republic like the one between Russia and the U.S. during the Cold War

Iran’s ‘drone clone’ latest in long line of fakes, experts say

Fox News claims that Iran’s latest drone is a ‘fake’ but as we illustrate, it’s Fox News that’s promoting a fake

Iranian version of RQ 170 drone. Click to enlarge

Iran Displays Advanced New Weapons

Iran has been steadily developing its defence technology. Its latest weapons reveal a growing military sophistication and reach

Iraqi soldier with Sayyad sniper rifle in Fallujah. Click to enlarge

It Seem Iran Is Arming Iraq in Battles with Militants

Adversity makes strange bedfellows and the spillover from fighting in Syria has opened the way for cooperation between two former enemies

Iran says it has built copy of captured American drone, will take it on test flight

“Our engineers succeeded in breaking the drone’s secrets and copying them,” an officer reportedly said. “It will soon take a test flight.” Includes video

USS Nimitz aircraft carrier. Click to enlarge

Experts downplay Iran threat to ships

Does Iran pose a genuine threat to U.S. carriers in the Persian Gulf? Are they an “easy target”, as Iran’s Revolutionary Guards claim? Or are they just bluffing?

Iranian deputy foreign minister Seyed Abbas Araqchi, , one of the country's nuclear negotiators. Click to enlarge

Iran nuclear deal under threat from ‘dark forces’, say Tehran’s negotiators

Deputy foreign ministers hopeful of agreement by 20 July but warn of opposition from anti-Rouhani hardliners and Israel

Iran admiral says if war breaks out, US aircraft carriers in Persian Gulf will be targeted

However, U.S. naval commanders in the region are unconcerned while a Pentagon spokesman mocked the Iranian claims

Commander: IRGC Navy Can Sink US Warships in A Twinkling of An Eye

Because in the words of one Iranian rear admiral they’ve been practicing “sinking replicas of US destroyers, frigates and warships for … years.”

Iran’s frontline has reached Israeli border, declares senior official

Senior military aide to the Supreme Leader says the failure to oust Syrian President Assad represents a victory for Iran

Iran is building a replica of a Nimitz class air craft carrier in a naval shipyard near Banda Abbas. Click to enlarge

Iran to target decoy US aircraft carrier in drills

First spotted by surveillance satellites, the mock-up of a US Navy carrier even features F/A-18 Hornets adorned with skull-and-crossbones livery

Sayyad 2 missile production line. Click to enlarge

Iran: Sayyad 3 Missiles Mounted on S-200 Defense System

If the elite had any plans about igniting the fuse for World War III in Iran they may be having second thoughts

Iranian diplomat: Israel sole obstacle to nuclear weapons-free Mideast

Iran’s U.N. envoy alleges the West provides cover for Israel while it conducts “secret nuclear activities”