Iranian Zolfaghar missile launch targeting ISIL/ISIS/Daesh in Syria. Click to enlarge

Iran mocks reports its Syria missile strikes fell short

Iran mocks Israeli “experts” who claim their missiles broke up and fell short of their targets, saying the two stage missiles did exactly what they were designed to do

Iran IRGC Aerospace Division "Defenders of the Velayat Skies" drill

Iran IRGC Aerospace Division “Defenders of the Velayat Skies” drill

Footage from recent drills illustrate Iran’s increasingly sophisticated air defence capabilities. All weapons and hardware shown are locally deveolped

Iran preparing to publish evidence US supporting ISIS – Revolutionary Guard media adviser

According to the Revolutionary Guard Corps media advisor, Commander-in-Chief Hamid Reza Moghadam Far, Iran is planning to publish papers exposing US support for ISIS

All Signs from Trump Point to a Coming Conflict with Iran

“We will end up going to war with Iran because we have people who don’t know what the hell they are doing” — Trump said that in 2013 and now his words are turning into an ironic, self-fulfilling prophecy

Downing of drones in Syria threatens to draw U.S., Iran further into war

Although Islamic State may be facing defeat on the battlefield, the Syrian conflict may be far from over. Instead of winding down it could soon escalate as the U.S. and its allies seek to contain “Iranian expansionism”

US shoots down second Iran-made armed drone over Syria in 12 days

As Isis is dislodged from its current strongholds and outside powers compete for control of the vacated territory, the potential for clashes has escalated rapidly

Zolfaqar missile unveiled at a parade in Tehran last year. Click to enlarge

Iran Says Its First Known Ballistic Missile Strike in Syria Sends Message to USA

Beyond its obvious military impact, Iran’s recent missile strike on terrorists in Syria was also intended as a warning to those covertly supporting them

Iranian Zolfaghar missile launch targeting ISIL/ISIS/Daesh in Syria. Click to enlarge

ISIL’s Senior Commander, 360 Terrorists Killed in IRGC Missile Strikes in Deir Ezzur

Senior Islamic State commander and at least 360 terrorists were killed in Iran’s missile strike on Sunday

Iran IRGC missile strike Dayr al-Zawr Syria terrorist HQ

Video of missile launch in western Iran to ISIS command centre in Syria. In Farsi with footage from Iranian drone taken as the missiles hit their targets

A handout photo from Iranian state TV showing a Zolfaqar missile launched against IS bases in Syria. Click to enlarge

Iran targets ‘terrorists’ in missile strike on Isis-held Syrian town

Tehran claims to have killed “a large number of terrorists” with missiles fired from western Iran onto ISIS command centre in eastern Syria. Includes video

Iran fires missiles at militant groups in eastern Syria

In response to recent twin terror attacks in Tehran, which left 18 dead, Iran laumches missile strikes on militants in eastern Syria

Picture of explosion at Iranian parliament shown on Iranian TV. Click to enlarge

Iran Braces For Renewed Offensive By ISIS And The CIA

While the CIA’s war on Iran will be fought mostly in the shadows, repeated terror attacks may well force an open confrontation

US President Donald Trump sits down for lunch with troops during a visit to the US Central Command  at MacDill Air Force Base on February 6, 2017 in Tampa, Florida.
Trump on Monday paid his first visit to US Central Command, meeting officers who will form the tip of the spear in implementing his new strategy to defeat the Islamic State group. / AFP PHOTO / MANDEL NGAN

The US risks war with Iran in eastern Syria

Some in Washington hope the US can cut off Iran’s regional influence in eastern Syria, but that’s a recipe for endless war

Leader’s Top Military Aide: War against Iran Brings Threat to All US Bases in Region

This is more than an empty threat, and Washington knows it. That’s why they’ve changed their tactics but not their end objective. The U.S. still wants “regime change” in Tehran

Iran’s supreme leader calls US fight against ISIS ‘a lie’ as allegations intensify

“America is a terrorist country and backs terrorism”, says Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as senior Iranian official accuses Washington of using ISIS as proxies

Commander: Iran Has Proof of US Direct Support for ISIL Terrorist Group

Following the Tehran terror attacks Iran’s military commanders are now saying what “conspiracy theorists” have been suggesting for some time

GOP lawmaker: Wasn’t ISIS terror attack in Iran ‘a good thing’

Fuelling Iranian suspicions that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia may have had a hand in the recent attack on Iran’s parliament. Includes video

America and Iran Hurtle Toward Confrontation in Syria

Potential for escalation of the conflict between Tehran and Washington is very real now

Iran says 5 Tehran attackers had fought for Islamic State

Disclosure will only add to tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, given claims that the Saudis bankroll Islamic State (otherwise referred to ISIS or ISIL)

Iranian drone purportedly shadowed a US drone over Syria. Click to enlarge

Hezbollah says footage shows Iranian drone tracking U.S. drone over Syria

Footage appears to show U.S. Predator drone, unaware that it was being shadowed by what Hezbollah claims was an Iranian drone