The Contrived Iran Threat

The Contrived Iran Threat

No one takes the Israelis seriously apart from the U.S. media and Congress, both of which have enabled the stitching together of a tissue of lies regarding Iranian intentions

President Rouhani set for emphatic vote of confidence in Iran elections

Early results seen as a vote of confidence for moderates and a loosening of control by the anti-western hardliners who currently dominate the 290-seat parliament

Syrian government forces cross a retractable military bridge on the outskirts of Aleppo. Click to enlarge

Syria civil war: On the front line with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards battling outside Aleppo

Robert Fisk reports from the front line in Syria where he encounters Iranian Revolutionary Guards

Iran seeks to force more US concessions by building longer-range ballistic missiles

This KRCGTV report makes a crucial omission, making it little better than disinformation in the guise of journalism. We explain how

Iran holds talks with Russia over missile defence upgrade

Iran now thought to be considering acquiring Russian S-400 air defence system

Russian arms sale to Iran without approval would violate ban: U.S

Proposed Russian arms sale to Iran would violate U.N. arms embargo, says U.S. State Department

Iran to Spend $8 Billion on Russian Weapons and Warplanes

Likely items include S-400 air defence missiles, Su-30 air superiority fighters and Mi-8/17 helicopters

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir and a Pakistani Shaheen-III nuclear missile

Fears Saudi Arabia has secret nuke bomb

We’ll know soon enough if there’s substance to this as analysts claim that Saudi Arabia will “carry out its first nuclear test within weeks”

Massive US-planned cyberattack against Iran went well beyond Stuxnet

Massive US-planned cyberattack against Iran went well beyond Stuxnet

Planned cyber-assault reportedly targeted Iran’s air defenses, communications, and power grid

Exclusive: Israel’s rash behavior blew operation to sabotage Iran’s computers, US officials say

New documentary reveals Israeli arrogance and rashness prematurely exposed operation and created a Frankenstein-like virus that crippled computer networks worldwide

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was caught on camera in 2014 unintentionally pointing his finger to form a shadow looking like a 'Hitler moustache' on Angela Merkel's face. The photo went viral as it seemed like this was Netanyahu's way to make Merkel feel guilty so as to extract more reparations from the German chancellor.

Iran must recognise Israel’s existence – Angela Merkel

Looks like Israel has Germany doing exactly what it wants. Giving them subs capable of firing nuclear cruise missiles and now condemning Iran for not recognizing the Zionist state

Did Republicans ask Iran to delay Saeed Abedini’s release until elections?

A senior Iranian official claims a senior U.S. politician wanted the release of U.S. hostages delayed, for political advantage at home

Two Russian Su-30s land at Hmeimin Air Base in Syria. Click to enlarge

Can the Sukhoi Su-30 have the edge over U.S. fighters in aerial combat?

Iran is in the process of buying Russian Su-30 air superiority fighters. A look at how it measures up to potential Western adversaries

New video from Iranian state television shows captured U.S. sailor crying

State TV broadcasts footage of U.S. sailors weeping after being captured by Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Includes video

Iran to Purchase Sukhoi-30 Fighter Jets From Russia

Filling the one obvious gap in Iran’s defences, a state-of-the-art air superiority fighter capable of confronting just about anything the U.S. or Israel could throw at it

A large consignment of Nasr air launched cruise missiles have been delivered to Iran's Air force

Iran Air Force equipped with Nasr cruise missiles

There is absolutely no comparison between Iran’s defence standing today and Saddam’s Iraq or that of Afghanistan in 2001

Littoral combat ship

New U.S Navy Ship Struggles in Test to Fend Off Attacking Boats

Tests reveal that the U.S. Navy’s latest $362 million Littoral Combat Ship would have difficulty fending off numerous small attack craft. Of the type used by Iran

Iran eyes own tank production, instead of buying Russia’s T-90

With over $100 billion in frozen funds in hand Iran’s military looked set to go on a spending spree. However, one item at least appears to have been crossed-off their shopping list

Launched early in 2013, the Iranian built submarine can reportedly launch cruise missile (pictured). Information from the Iranian launch was probably used in the development of North Korea's missile. Click to enlarge

Top Commander Highlights Iranian Navy’s Best-Kept Secrets

What are these secrets? We make some informed suggestions

Al Durrah father and son fired on by IDF

Knesset child’s rights panel head: West hypocritical for courting Iran as it executes minors

From the regime that routinely shoots or imprisons Palestinian juveniles this really takes the cake for hypocrisy